F3 Knoxville

Worry Free at Equalizer

Workout Date: 9 Mar 2020
QIC: Driftwood

THE SCENE: Perfect, Cool and Dark

Completed – one new FNG


  • Motivators to 6
  • 10 iron Mike
  • 10 Wind mill
  • 10 Cherry picker
    Began with a little aerobic partner run around the loop:

At the Track loop –

Partner up – Partner 1 runs clockwise, partner 2 runs counter clockwise; when you meet each other drop for 15 partner Merkins.  Begin as a group with 15 Merkins and go until four sets of Merkins complete.  Finish by running with partner to lighted flag.

At the flag –

  • 15 Burpees
  • 15 dips
  • 15  mountain climbers

Run to playground/jungle gym

  • 15 pull-ups
  • 15 BBS
  • 15 Imperial walkers

Rinse and repeat – from playgroup run to splash pad

At the splash pad – Partner one does stationary exercise and partner 2 does movement exercise (from covered benches to far fence across splash pad) 5 exercises – Shout out to Kick-flip for this exercise routine I re-used from JUCO

  • flutter kicks and bear crawl
  • sprint and Carolina dry docks
  • Broad jump and squats
  • Lunge and Merkin
  • Sprint and mountain climber

Mosey to back parking lot –

4 sets of 50 yard wind sprints

Mosey back to flag pole droping at the loop for a set of 15 merkins and at flag pole another 15 merkins, then mosey back to AO.

I was gassed and needed help from Striped, Tank, and Woodshack to finish off the last 2 minutes. (great Mary but I forgot exercises …)

FNG – Chuggs; Benchwarmer, Striped, Tank, Tap out, Wil-e, Woodshack, Proton, Driftwood
I will work on a better bomb, but worry was the bomb for today..Based on Mathew 6:27 Can anyone of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?  I did a poor job of quoting and could only paraphrase; however in this time of Covid-19, political disgrace, and the continual need to trust in the workouts and not worry if it will be good, good weather, you can make it through or not … one should practice good judgement but not worry for this only creates additional stress that works against our health.
I wish I could cadence, but I have two left feet and no rhythm, something I will work on for next time (and a better BOM).  Shout out for Tank jumping in and helping and for Woodshack finishing it off so everyone can hear what a good cadence sounds like, thanks HIM’s!
Convergence at Juco later in March.

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  1. Great Q Driftwood. Took me a while in the cadence thing too…..I still mess up! Your did great and it was a very good workout

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