F3 Knoxville

The Bernie Bear

Workout Date: 25 Nov 2019
QIC: Trolley

THE SCENE: 31 degrees and misty mountain madness all about.

Welcome to another episode of “Torture with Trolley”


  • Circle Burp – for about 25 burpees
  • 51 merkins
  • 51 guardrail dips
  • 25 Australian mtn climbers
  • 25 dancing crabs ( crab position with kicking legs )

Introducing The Clap Jack – a burpie, clap merkin, to star jack.

5 Clap Jacks

THA-THANG: The Bernie Bear

Up Jucomanjaro, switch every hundred feet

  • Bernie
  • Bear crawl

To corner

At corner do teams of four 100 foot sprints with mosey back. About 6 reps.

Then going down,  do mosey and crawl bears alternating every 100 feet to bottom

Through parking lot do 5 more Clap Jacks and 15 more Australian Mtn Climbers


  • 51 Side Crunches
  • 51 Bay City Scissors (4ct at 45 degs, 4ct at 1 degs)
  • 15 Break Dancer Merkins (from lexicon)
  • 51 Flutters
  • 25 Crunchy Frogs (from lexicon)
  • 51 Slutties – spread eagle flutters
  • 20 Bropees (from lexicon – groups of two burpees with High Ten finish)

As I pray, make me willing to speak up, lift up, show up, and stand up for the ones Jesus loves and died for.  Help me to forget myself and my needs so that I can enter their lives and their need to know their deliverer and experience new freedom”


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  1. “Torture with Trolley” sounds like a scary spin-off from Mr Roger’s Neighborhood. But it’s a real thing. That dude is crazy-creative with exercise as torture. One of these days, he’ll be leading a JUCO workout that is all handstand sprints and exercises that are all upside-down! “Sorry-Not-Sorry” to miss all the fun… But I like the “misty mountain madness all about.” Great job, Trolley! Good work, JUCO!

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