F3 Knoxville

The 220 Mile.

Workout Date: 26 Mar 2020
QIC: Trolley

Virtual Q –


Off the books. 100% voluntary. 100% free. Definately not a professional.


  • SSH
  • Mosey to quarter mile track
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Wind Mills
  • Twisting Pickers – Kind of a combination of a windmill and a cherry picker. Done to the 8 count. Starting position is just like cherry picker – legs spread – torso up. Extend the arms straight up. 1. Turn torso left. 2. Turn torso right. 3. Arms lowered to shoulder height – turn torso left. 4. Turn torso right. 5. Drop arms down to toe level – touch left toe. 6. Touch right toe. 7. Touch ground directly underneath you (like cherry picker) 8. Touch ground behind you.
  • Clap Jacks – just for good measure to get heart rate up – Its a combo of a clapping merkin and star jack. It’s pretty evil and starts to hurt after about the third or fourth one.

The Thang: The F3 220 Mile.

Basically a mile broken up into 8 even 220 yard segments. It is preferable to do this around a track because of all the crawling.

  1. 220 yards of backwards lunge
  2. 220 yards of forwards lunge
  3. 220 yards of forwards crab walk
  4. 220 yards of backwards crab walk
  5. 220 yards of backwards bear crawl
  6. 220 yards of forwards bear crawl
  7. 220 yards of bernie
  8. 220 yards of sprint (ha if you can)


We’ll see if we have time.


Stay safe out there! This would be on my list of F3 Knoxville challenges if we were to create a challenge series for the F3 Nation like Greenwood does. The other one I’d suggest is the 100 Burpee Pullup + 100 CMU Thrusters for time one..