F3 Knoxville

Around the World

THE SCENE: Nice and cool

SSH x20 (4ct IC)
-hip flexors
-tempo squat x5 (8ct IC)
-some of these/some of those
-a little of this/a little of that

Mosey around baseball fields

Partner suicides x1
-one partner burpees
-one partner does parking lot suicides

Go while people on Kenya are running

America – Navy seal burpees/merkins
Turkey – Turkish get ups/pistol squats
Romania – Romanian deadlifts/up-downs
Bulgaria – Bulgarian split squats/walking lunges
Eqypt -shpynx push ups/tricep push ups
India -hindu push ups/CCD
Kenya -run around the field/jump rope
Russia – full KB swings/ Russian KB swings
Canada – bear crawl across field/hold low bear position
Ireland -“bar”bell snatches/cleans/highpulls

Australia – Handstand holds 3x30seconds/elevated pike

Enter to worship, leave to serve

The happiest of people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything



Taking the ‘Next Step’


Nice and warm

– Cherry pickers (4ct IC) x5
– SSH (4ct IC) x20
– some of these/some of those
– bent over back stretch


5 T-merkins
5 Navy seal burpees



-field suicides (end line, 18 yard, 50 yard, opposite 18 yard, full field)
-> navy seal burpees (5)
-> bear crawl
-> T merkins (10)
-> run back
-> Navy seal burpees (5)
-> bearcrawl
-> air squats (50)
-> run back
-> Navy seal burpees (5)
-> lunge
-> T merkins (10)
-> run back
-> Navy seal burpees (5)
-> run full field
-> Navy seal burpees (5)
->Run back
-> abs until six gets back


60 seconds on 20 seconds off


->Tire flips

->Rope tire pulls

->Weighted jumping jacks with battle rope

->Plate ground to overhead

->Single arm KB clean

->Overhead DB lunges


->American hammers


3 sets of 30 sec handstand holds

Variations: Handstands, Elevated pike position, CDD


Today I wanted to get everyone doing something different than what we normally do. One of the key points of F3 is to grow ourselves and help others grow.

We focused on that ‘Next Step’ today, being better than we were yesterday. I bet if I asked you yesterday if you could do the workout you just did that you would say that you couldn’t do it. This was meant to be the “progress, not perfection mentality”.

To often do we find ourselves becoming comfortable with where we are and not taking that next step. Just because we feel like we aren’t getting closer to that next plateau. We are farther than we were.

So an example I saw that really had a profound effect is the distance we have to get to God. So every time we take that step toward God, so does God. So even though we are still some distance away from God, we are much farther away from Sin than we were. And every day we can take this next step and be somewhere that we thought was impossible.

Clothing donation for Mend’s house. Ask Tank or Doubtfire.
Welcome FNG Freshman

Five in the Nave

THE SCENE: Clear and still cool – Promise of a beautiful day! Let’s get it started right!

Mystery Q this morning… Nobody signed up! Let’s see if a Q materializes.


While we wait for a Q to show up, each PAX picks an exercise:

Waxjob – SSH x25 IC
Charger – Merkins x25 OYO
Mayberry – Cherry Pickers x5 IC
Wall Ball – This and That stretches
Biscuit – Imperial Walkers x15 IC


Still no Q…. Let’s get on the mosey. Maybe Q will arrive and catch up.

Pit stop at the concrete bleachers. YHC suggests 11s while we wait for the Q. Box jumps at the bottom of the hill, V-ups at the top.

11s complete, back to mosey. Pit stop at the restrooms – Charger suggests another set of 11s while we wait for the Q. Easy-ups and Merkins.

11s complete, Wall Ball suggests holding pattern in the parking lot: Bear crawl to the top, 25 merkins, lunge back, and 25 squats.

Still no Q, back to mosey. Biscuit suggests 5 merkins and 5 big boys at every light post, to keep us from moving too fast for Q to catch up. Followed this pattern all the way from the restrooms around the park by the flagpole to the AO.

Still no Q. Mayberry suggests rolling the exercise die while we wait. Many planks.

Hey, it’s 7:00. Oh well. No Q ever showed up. Maybe next week!

Planx and Planx and Planx
5 PAX today
Garrison Keillor sign-off: “Be well, do good work, and keep in touch”. Plus, in light of his harrassment scandal: “Keep your hands to yourself”. Which is also appropriate in today’s environment.
Extra kudos to Charger… Right up until 6 it looked like a choice between a beatdown and donuts. Charger picked a beatdown.
Murph on Memorial Day at the Pound. 10th anniversary at Cape Fear in January.

A Numbers Game – Truck Stop Edition

THE SCENE: Suspiciously chilly……character-building chilly.


  • Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith
  • My name is Steam and I’ll be your QIC this morning – thanks for having me.
  • Couple of things before we begin:
    • Not a professional
    • You’re here on your own volition
    • If you need to modify anything we do this morning – feel free to do it – but push yourselves and the men around you – we have some work to do.
  • No FNGs
  • Reminder of social distancing guidlines – 10 PAX present so that’s good


  • SSH: 11×4 IC
  • Rockette: 11×4 IC
  • Imperial Walker: 11×4 IC
  • Squat: 11×4 IC
  • Merkin: 11×4 IC
  • Baby Arm Circles: 10×4 forward IC // 10×4 backwards IC


[ The Truck Stop 500 ] 

  • Around the median of the AO parking lot
  • POC (Points of Contact)s:
    • Both ends of the median
    • Middle light in between the 2 ends
  • Each POC = 2 exercises – 25 reps each
  • Ends: SSHs & Squats
  • Middle: 4 count Merkins (Army) & Bobby Hurley’s
    • ^^^These sucked ^^^ – character was built and arms and shoulder were destroyed
  • 2 laps = Truck Stop 500

(Mosey up towards the fields)

(Every light = 5 squats —> 3 lights of this)

(Q gave PAX the choice of executing the Tunnel of Love across the soccer field or doing 11s – you’ll never guess which one was the unanimous decision…..)

[ 11s ]

  • Burpees & Squats
    • 1 burpee & 10 squats to start

(Continue Mosey towrds the playground by Watt Road)

  • Every light = 1 good merkin (good form)
    • 3x

[ Nickel – Dime – Quarter ]

  • 3 POCs within the parking lot off of Watt Road
    • 1st POC = nickel (5 reps)
      • 8 Count Body-Builders/Man-Makers
    • 2nd POC = dime (10 reps)
      • Hand Release Merkins
    • 3rd POC = quarter (25 reps)
      • Squat Jumps
  • Rinse and Repeat once

(Continue mosey around baseball field)

  • 1st light = 5 SSHs
    • 2nd light: 25 SSHs
      • 3rd light: 125 SSHs
        • 125 SSHs broken up into increments of 25 – with 5 incline merkins in between

(American Indian Run back to AO parking lot)

(10 minutes to go)

  • 1st 5 minutes:
    • Mirroring the Truck Stop 500 – at each end of the median in the AO parking lot = 25 squats
    • Slow mosey around to the other end
    • Hit 100 total squats or until 5 minutes is up
  • Last 5 minutes: Mary below


[ Core 4 Finisher ]

  • Flutter Kicks: 25×4 IC
    • 5 seconds of rest in between
  • American Hammers: 25×4 IC
    • 5 seconds of rest in between)
  • Hello Dolly’s: 25×4 IC
    • 5 seconds of rest in between
  • LBCs: 25×4 IC



10 PAX – No FNGs


The story of Jacob, Rachel, and Leah —> What happens when your will is Rachel but God’s will is Leah?


The story about Jacob, Rachel and Leah (Genesis 29:15-25)

I’ve been listening and following some sermon series’s by a guy named Jerry Flowers in TX. I’ve really enjoyed his sermons and how they’ve challenged me to think and reconnect during this time. This one in question for the BOM today comes from his “Try Me” series, the first one actually – talking about the story of Jacob desiring and working 7 years for Rachel, but actually receiving Leah instead. Jerry had such an interesting and powerful take on this, that it was too good not to share, so let’s break it down. Here are some of my initial notes:

  • Jacob wanted Rachel so bad. So bad he worked 7 years for this woman. 7 years of hard labor for this woman. 84 months. I’m pretty sure I’ve never worked for a woman (or anything consistently) for straight-up 7 years> Married men – maybe/probably.
  • Jacob loved Rachel – but his desire to pursue Rachel was distracting him for what God actually needed him to focus on – Leah.
    • Jacob did not want Leah – he wanted Rachel. But he was given Leah. Unpack that mentally for a moment in real life.
    • BUT….when he was given Leah – he still chose to pursue Rachel – at the cost of 7 years of his life.

Now this part really gets me – I’ve never made this connection before and dang y’all….hold on.

  • Leah has a son named Judah with Jacob.
  • PAUSE – go to Matthew 1 to read the lineage of Jesus.
    • Matthew 1:1-2 —> ” The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. Abraham was the father of Isaac, and Isaac the father of Jacob, and Jacob the father of Judah and his brothers, “
    • Fast forward through the lineage to verse 16 —> “and Jacob the father of Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom Jesus was born, who is called Christ.”


  • Without Judah being born by Leah, with Jacob, the lineage of JC isn’t complete. ………….


  • So check this —> Judah was the son of Leah –> the woman that Jacob never wanted —> but what he didn’t want, the Father needed —> it was so critical for Jacob to get Leah, because it brought in the Messiah
    • What Jacob didn’t want – the Father needed. Jacob Didn’t want Leah, but God needed Leah for Jacob’s life for a MUCH bigger purpose/story, then just working 7 years for a woman.


  • God’s will for Jacob’s life was always Leah – even as Jacob was chasing tirelessly, working extremely hard, and pursuing Rachel. The entire time. Even in those 7 years.

So the question has to be asked men – when we want Rachel for our life, but are given Leah, what do we do?

  • We might have worked for “Rachel” SO HARD – pursued and chased after it for so long – but what if God’s will in our life is actually Leah?
  • And a lot of times I think it’s easy for us (me for dang sure) to come to the Father saying “I wanted this” or “This is what I thought you had for me and wanted for me” or “Do you not see how much I have been working towards this?” – BUT if God’s will for our life doesn’t lie with whatever our “Rachel” is, it will die. Because sometimes when we’re focused on the wrong thing, God will allow certain things to die so we can focus on what’s going to help us to live – His will for our life. When God doesn’t have your attention – He will disturb what does
    • I mean – take a look around – our world is interrupted/disturbed. What has your attention?
    • For such a time as this – I think we are literally in the middle of this – an invitation to refocus our intention on what matters. The Lord is orchestrating this for a reason – and I think it has something to do with the invitation to refocus on me and come to me and find rest. Lay down your Rachel and let me bless your life with my will – “Leah” – whatever that may be.
    • Because what you may not want (this COVID situation, work situations, fill in the blank) – the Father may need to produce Judah out of your life and story for a much larger purpose.

So what is your Rachel, your Leah, your Judah? Maybe it’s still being fleshed out, maybe you’re in the middle of this wrestle like I am. I didn’t stumble on this sermon/message on accident I can tell you that. This hit home in a way I didn’t know home could get hit. 1000%. I’ve included the sermon link below, if you care to watch it – I hope it challenges and moves you as much as it did me.

Sermon link tied to the BOM —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O0f1FWO_hI



  • 2020 F3 Dad’s Camp: get in touch with Gibbler for more info. Great time for the kids!


  • 2020 Murph Challenge: Monday, May 25th –> Dog Pound AO – get in touch with Mayberry for any questions. “If not me, than who?”


  • F3 Hike: Saturday, May 16th – get in touch with Abscess or Steam for more info. There’s a cal event in the main F3 GroupMe – look for an event in Slack soon.


  • F3 Morristown Pre-Launch Q101/GrowSchool: Saturday, May 23rd – Frank Lorino Park, Morristown, TN – 7am. Clown cars and HIM highly encouraged to go if able


  • F3 Morristown Launch: Saturday, June 6th – Frank Lorino Park, Morristown, TN – 7am. Clown cars highly HIGHLY encouraged to show out for the initial launch Q for this new region we’re helping plant

Not my timing, but yours…

THE SCENE: 40 and brisk

Quick demonstration of the exercises while the PAX shook their arms to stay warm.
Modified Kraaken

Exercises in the circle:

La-Z-Boy curls

CMU Squat Press

CMU Tri-lunge


kettle Bell Single OHP

medicine ball jump shot

hula hoop (sling 40# sandbag around the waist, grab behind the back with the other hand and repeat around the horn)

60# Sandbag Clean and Press x12

Clean and Press was the timer, everyone continue until the C+P guy is done. Then one lap around the circle with the CMU overhead. Pick a new station and keep going.

25 4 count CMU LBCs

25 4 count CMU flutter kicks
Mayberry, Wallball, Excitebike, Frank, Aladdin and Junk

“Though he slay me, I will hope in him”
‭‭Job‬ ‭13:15‬a
Many times over the last few years I have considered this little snippet of scripture. Sometimes while teaching a lesson on the sovereignty of God, or considering my sin in comparison to His eternal goodness, or simply recognizing that I am His creation/soldier/son to will and to do of His good pleasure. I have considered challenges, illnesses or even persecution’s and in my hubris thought, “yeah, I would respond that way. Though He slay me yet will I trust Him.” I realized last week, I have never once allowed for “though He slay HER, yet will I trust Him.” There is something about being a man that we can consider ourselves being sacrificed and see it as noble, tough, even our duty. But as I consider the potential loss of my wife, or the loss of a child…it becomes so much more real. The tears come fast and easy. Finding the joy of the Lord is hard; hope seems so distant. How shallow of me to be willing to give of myself, but not to give of what I love so dearly. In a way, giving my own life costs me nothing – and I am reminded of David’s insistence that he would not give what cost him nothing. So, while I am confident in Kim’s diagnosis and treatment plan and know that this should not take her life – I will spend these months trying to learn to say and believe that “though He slay her/them, yet will I trust Him.”


This was my first Q in a while. Many of the PAX have stood by Lady Junk and Me during this battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma and we are grateful. What a wild ride.

Brolympics Saturday

Butters’ son’s heart/lung condition