F3 Knoxville

Heavy B-Ball

THE SCENE: Still hot, still humid

Cherry Pickersx7, Hairy Rockettes x15, LBAC fwd/bck x15, SSH x20, Tempo Squat x10, Tempo Merkin x10
Reverse Indian Run: Ran to the dock reverse Indian run style. Front man drops for five merkins then pops up to join the back of the line. Next HIM counts to five and does the same.

Suicide Ladder: In the parking lot adjacent to the dock, performed a suicide ladder of Mtn Climbers and American Hammers (both 4-count). Perform 5 mtn climbers in the top lot, run down the hill, perform 5 Am. Hammers, Crawl-Bear up the hill, rinse and repeat adding 5 reps each round until you complete the round of 25’s.

Mosey to the basketball court for a little game of Heavy B-Ball.

Heavy B-Ball: Performed some circuit training on the court with the following exercises.

  1. 20lbs Slam Ball – Ten shots at the basketball goal. All PAX move to the next exercise once ten shots were attempted. Each miss = 1 burpee during transition for the whole PAX. Each shot made = 1 merkin
  2. BBS
  3. 30lbs DB – Kettlebell Swings
  4. 60lbs Sandbag – Over the shoulder toss
  5. CMU – Overhead Press
  6. 30lbs Sandbag – Sandbag Slams
  7. 30lbs Ruck Plate – Curls
  8. Gas Pumpers
  9. Iron Mikes

We completed one full circuit of the above workout. Shooting the ball was harder than most PAX expected and we got plenty of burpees in.

Mosey back towards the Shovel Flag with the weights.

Completed one lap around the soccer field to cool-down.

Doubtfire led some Imperial Walkers
9 HIMs with 1 FNG. Welcome Training Wheels! This guy already has the HIM part of F3 down to a science, glad to have him on board.

At our church’s family retreat this weekend one of the speakers discussed the differences in the needs of men and women, specifically as they relate to marriage. The top 5 emotional needs for men and women are very different and when we don’t take that into consideration in our marriages it is easy to neglect the needs of our spouses. Below are the top needs identified by the author of His Needs, Her Needs:

Become aware of each other’s needs and learn to meet them.

  • Men’s 5 most basic needs from his wife:
    • Sexual fulfillment
    • Recreational companionship
    • An attractive spouse
    • Domestic support
    • Admiration
  • Women’s 5 most basic needs from her husband:
    • Affection
    • Conversation
    • Openness and honesty
    • Financial security
    • Family commitment

Thanks ToeBox and Doubtfire for joining me on the pre-run. It was great to hear Doubtfire talk about F3 Dad’s camp. I’m really looking forward to taking my little one here in a couple years.

Sprinting through 2nd hand smoke

THE SCENE: Low 70’s & muggy



  • Tempo Squats
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Rockettes
  • Tempo Merkins


  • Sprints on the Matterhorn.  8 cones up the hill – sprint to each cone in descending order.  Stop & wait on the 6 at the bottom between rounds.
  • Route 66 around the parking lot.  Merkins & Big Boys at each light pole increasing by 1 at each pole.
  • 7’s on baby Everest.  Carolina Dry Docks @ top;  Squats @ bottom.
    • Had to call this after 2 rounds due to time


  • Dealers choice
    • Boxcutters – Sparky
    • Row, row, row your boat – Waxjob

12 HIMs.    Tweet-E, La-Z-Boy, Driftwood, Sparky, Ribbed, Waxjob, Bowflex, Tank, Mouthwash, Mustard, Wagon Wheel, Bartman


Talked about the fact that we are made for relationship and to be looking out for other men who share common experiences with you.  We often think we are going through hard times alone and that no one could understand our situation.  The fact is, other people have dealt with similar situations to those that cause us worry and pain.  It could be the reason you are going through your current bout with pain is so you can support a fellow man when he is struggling and needs someone to lean on.   So, if you find others dealing with the same issues you have dealt with….use that as an opportunity to engage with them and lift them up.


We had a first today:  while sprinting the matterhorn a car came down the hill following a dog.  Turns out they were “walking” the dog while chain smoking a pack of cigarettes.   Nothing quite like sprinting through 2nd hand smoke!


Truckin’ To The Pound this weekend.   6am at the Truck Stop.

IronPAX Training

THE SCENE: Beautiful

  • SSH IC x 25
  • Windmill IC x 15
  • Mountain Climbers IC x 25
  • Merkins IC x 10


Mosey to lower turf MRSA field and watch Wagon Wheel & Swirlie dominate the Week 1 Iron PAX Challenge. Just before we do a twisted version ourselves.

  • Set 1 (Start at the baseline)
    • Hand Release Burpees OYO x 10
    • Sprint to Midfield recovery mosey the remainder of the field
    • R&R x 3
  • Set 2 (Start at the baseline – 2 Burpees w/ every change in direction)
    • Bearcrawl to Goal Box
    • Backpeddle to Baseline
    • Run the entire length of the field
    • R&R to Goal Box and return back to start
    • Bearcrawl to Midfield
    • Backpeddle to Baseline
    • Run entire length of the field
    • R&R to midfield and return back to start
  • Set 3 Descending Reps (start at the corner of the field)
    • Burpees x 10
    • Merkins x 10
    • Walking Lunges x 10 (R&L left leg is one rep)
    • Run a lap around the field
    • R&R exercises descending by 1 rep (9 Burpees, 9 Merkins, 9 Walking Lunges etc.)
    • We got down to 3 and finished remaining reps as a PAX before returning to AO


  • Bart – Gas Pumpers
  • Swirlie – Flutter Kicks
  • Cosmo – Peter Parker Merkins




When we first come out, it’s about survival. Then we get to the point that we can go for a whole workout. It’s important that we don’t stop there and that we continue to push ourselves to improve.

FNG Rosetta showed up after receiving a Flying EH from “the Snowman” Frosty. Some mumble chatter about how eerily similar this was to the Killer B’s. However, if you want to be the Iron PAX, you have to train like the Iron PAX!
Next week is the CSAUP – show up and be ready!



F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER almost forgot it
WARM-O-RAMA: intro to Spread Eagle Merkins 

Mosey to the trail head.  Hit the trail with flashlights on a mosey, stopping to do 20 3-ct merkins. High knees when we hit the grass at Admiral park.

5 station loop. Stop at each cone and do (reg,wide,diamond and spread eagle merkins) qty of 20 on first lap, 10, 5. On each lap stop at pavalon for 10 pull-ups.

Take a lap with only pull-ups and finish with flutters to 30. Take another lap w/o exercises.

Mosey back doing imperial walkers thru grass then mosey Thru woods back to CC Park. Stopping for 20 tempo squats and some rocketts. Bernie once out of the woods from pole to pole and then snake around the trail back up to the splash pad for 20 dips, 10 inclines and 10 declines. Snake around to the AO.

100 LBCs, circle of pain with 5 Merkins

8 in attendance


“Be careful to thank God what you ask for”  many times we are quick to ask God for  things that will help us or others, we tend to forget about going back and thanking God for his intervention. Let’s  make a greater effort to appreciate what God does for us and thank him for his many answered prayers.



Don’t leave a Q in drafts or someone will stalk you. I found this message in my Q notes.

Tank, I’m watching you….always watching you! Waaa ha ha ha.

Im guessing it’s Woodshack or Doubtfire
Dad camp, dirt circuit, TTTP.

No chalk, no problem

THE SCENE: 70 degrees and moist like Bowflex likes it.
Imperial walkers, slow Merkins , this and that

grab CMUs and mosey to tennis courts. Partner up. One does OH carry around court while other runs  suicides until his partner finishes lap. Switch. Repeat doing presses then curls while walking with cmu until both have carried CMUs 3x

Mosey to base of matterhorn. Suicides up the road incline towards the restaurant stopping at cones for 10 reps of each exercise. They are:

  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • dry docks

Run back in zig zag pattern long way around, up and back to Dwayne (the rock) and quick mosey back to the AO.

At AO, curl the CMU 2x  pass it to your left and do a burpee. Repeat

no Time (possibly on purpose so we don’t have to sit in the water)
16 pax
Following Christ requires action from us according to new standards, developing new habits, and a conscious change of our thinking. Christian maturity is not shown through our beliefs or declarations, but through our behavior and personality. Results are the products of our actions! To grow spiritually, we need to change our priorities and thinking. To be more like Christ, you need to think according to His standards.
It is so good to see members of the pax getting better physically. Seeing where they have improved and become faster, stronger and have more stamina.
Prayers for Lady Junk and the Junk family.

TTTP, 2.0 workout, HHOCR,  Goliath at the gorge