F3 Knoxville

Springbrook Legacy

THE SCENE: 48 degrees F, 64% humidity, dark

SSH, Little baby arm circles, Windmills, Inchworm merkins with extra stretch.
Mosey to the upper field and stop at the fountain.

Route 66 #1:  With the fountain light pole as a home base do a compound Route 66 up the Greenway.  Run to first light pole and do 1 merkin and 11 WWII situps, run back to starting point and then run to the second light pole to do 2 merkins and 10 WWII situps.  Continue back to the starting point before running to each successive light pole to increase by 1 merkin and decrease 1 WWII situp.

At light pole 7 we all recovered and then ran cross country to the source of the Springbrook stream.  After some comments we ran back to the home base at the fountain.

Route 66 #2:  With the fountain light pole as a home base do a compound Route 66 down the Greenway.  Run to first light pole and do 1 dry dock and 11 squat jumps, run back to starting point and then run to the second light pole to do 2 dry docks and 10 squat jumps.  Continue back to the starting point before running to each successive light pole to increase by 1 dry dock and decrease 1 squat jump.

Around light pole 7 we all recovered and ran back to the fountain to learn a few things about the fountain construction and the King’s and Queen’s Chairs rock formation above the fountain.

We ran back to the AO via the Troll Bridge, another structure from the early Springbrook era.

At the scrapyard we did 20 pull ups and 20 step ups per leg before circling up at the Pavilion side for Mary.

In reality, no one was able to complete all of the prescribed beat down due to time constraints.  No complaints were registered.

Edward Scissorlegs, flutter kicks
13 HIMs and no FNG’s
Springbrook was an area owned and developed by the Aluminum Company of America starting in the 1910’s.  Company executives at the time decided to set aside one acre of park land for every 100 employees.  What is now Springbrook Park from Hunt road past Springbrook Pool originated from the ALCOA promise. Many of the structures like the fountain, stone bridges, and pool date back to the early 1930’s with much of it being built by company employees.  When orders were low during the Great Depression, management would assign workers to perform construction work at the park.  We also need to remember that most of the infrastructure of the area was provided and build by ALCOA because none existed prior to the company’s arrival.

This is a significant difference from our day and time.  Now, companies want concessions from local governments before they commit to moving in.  They want tax reductions and improved infrastructures.  They expect the communities to already exhibit those things that add up to good quality of life for their employees.  Seldom do we hear of a company starting from scratch and providing all those things.

It is good to know our beginnings.  It is good to know of our legacy.  F3 is leaving a legacy in Springbrook Park (the Bomb Shelter).  The great thing is that F3 is adding to the legacy of Springbrook Park with its goal of providing Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith to anyone that shows up.  I think it is a legacy that those who poured and will pour their effort into Springbrook Park will be pleased to see.

No man left behind; no man left unchanged.

Prayers for Swerve as he officiates a funeral and for Woodshack and Dreamer and their families in the death of David White.
3rd F at JUCO on March 28th.

Slow Down

THE SCENE: Cool and frosty, 32 degress

10 x Windmills, Knee-to-chest-to-lunge(10 yds), Inchworm merkins back

    Mosey to Mt. Crumpet
  • 2 sets of everything
    • 20 hand-release merkins, run Crumpet, plank at top
    • 15-20 Iron-Squats, run middle hill, plank with leg-lift
    • 5 burpees, run third hill, squat hold for the 6
  • Mosey back to grinder
  • Set 1 (x2)
    • Over-CMU merkins, 8ct. IC x3
    • Squat hold, tempo curls, IC, x10
    • Calf-raises, IC, 4ct-10x, 3 positions(toes neutral, in, out)
  • Set 2 (x2)
    • Slow lunge with CMU press x10
    • Slow Dips, IC, 4ct x10
    • Slow Water pumps, IC, 4ct, x10
  • 1 min, leg-under plank

In the craziness and and business of the holiday season we all need to intentionally take time to SLOW DOWN: take time to reflect on God sending Christ for us at Christmas, take time to spend with your family without distractions of technology, take time to be alone and simply reflect on what God has blessed you with.


THE SCENE: Dry and about 37 degrees outside

  • 30x Side-straddle Hops

We attempted a modified version of the Army’s new CFT (Combat Fitness Test). We partnered up and split between the 5 stations. Each station we had 2 minutes to complete as many reps as possible then ~1 minute to reset the station and get to the next station. The Stations are in order below.

  1. Throwing Balls (Throw a 10lb medicine ball backwards over your head as far as you can then sprint to it and throw it back. There were 2 medicine balls, 1 per partner)
  2. Sprint, Drag, and Carry (Sprint 25 yards down and back, then drag 2 CMUs with a ratchet strap backwards 25 yards down and back, then farmer carry 2 CMUs 25 yards down and back)
  3. Leg Tucks (Hang from the pull up bars with an alternate hand grip and tuck your knees to your elbows)
  4. Hand-Release Merkins – Arm Extends (A normal Hand Release Merkin but with a twist. When you release your hands, extend them out sideways without them touching the ground until your elbows lock then bring them back in and complete the Merkin)
  5. Deadlifts ( A normal deadlift with a CMU in each hand)


We then went for a Indian Run for about 1.5ish miles around the park with a small 45 sec pit stop to hold an Al Gore. At the end, we Jailbroke the last hill to the Grinder


We then attempted the PFT (Physical Fitness Test) which was the following

  1. 2 Minutes of Big Boy Sit-ups
  2. 2 Minutes of normal Merkins

We then finished the work out with a 30 count of Tempo Squats


  • 25x Box cutters
  • 25x Fast Tempo Side-Straddle Hops


In the military, they are like brothers. Before I started coming to F3, I was going to try out for the Knoxville Rugby team. I played Rugby in college and was really looking forward to playing again. When I went to the first summer practice several months ago, the guys there were not very welcoming. I was the last one picked for the pickup game and no one even tried to introduce themselves. I knew no one and no one knew me. They all had their own little cliques. By the end of the second practice I was so discouraged because I was not having fun and pretty much just standing by myself.

When I came to F3, I was very skeptical because of my experience with the Rugby team. I was very happily surprised that the F3 Brotherhood was so welcoming. My first day at the Bomb Shelter was amazing! Very Difficult, but amazing. Everyone was so friendly and genuinely wanted to get to know me and any new person than came out. It was like being welcomed into a new family of brothers that always have each other’s back. I am so thankful to have found a brotherhood like this and I hope everyone else can appreciate it as much as I do!


Checking In

THE SCENE: 33 degrees F, Partly Cloudy

SSH, Cherry Pickers, Inchworm Merkins, Little Baby Arm Circles

Jog across grinder, skip across grinder, bear crawl to CMU storage and claim one.


Mosey with your CMU on the Block Party circuit while stopping at the following 20 stations:

    • Bent rows x24
    • On the shelf x6 each side
    • CMU toe tap x67
    • Squats x24

    Road Block merkins, x18

    • Clean and press x12
    • Roll over merkins x6 each of 4 CMU ends

    Run to Springbrook fountain w/o CMU and then return to retreive CMU

    • Dead lift x6 per arm
    • Triceps extensions x12
    • Dips x24
    • Straight arm overhead lift x12
    • Upright rows x24
    • Burpee press x12

    Interlude: Mt Crumpet count off by 2’s.

    #1 run up, #2 farmer hold – switch.

    #1 Bernie up, #2 farmer hold – switch.

    #1 bear crawl up, #2 farmer hold – switch

    • Curls x24
    • CMU swing x12
    • Overhead press x12
    • Lawn mowers x12 per side
    • Squat press x12
    • Lunge to grinder with CMU

Box Cutters, Floor Wipers, Flutter Kicks, LBCs to cash out.
Total of 15 HIMs including Knoxville visitor Umbro.
When I first started with Alcoa, Inc in 1974 the Engineering and Maintenance Manager was Dick Taylor.  In his late 40’s, Dick was three levels of management above me and reported to the Operations Manager.  Dick was sharp, energetic, smart, confident, experienced, driven, and demanding.  He was also introverted.  Like many of us, we are often required to function out of our personality comfort zone.  Dick did and he did it well.

Dick had the habit of touring around the plants to maintain a pulse on things.  Often he would show up in an engineer’s office, say hello, and take a seat.  And he would be quite.  We have heard of the pregnant pause.  This seemed longer.  When it happened to me the first time, I was taken off guard.  What did he want?  Why was he in my office?  What should I do or say?

In short order I started telling Dick what I was into from a work perspective.  I talked about the projects that were consuming my time.  I asked for any advice he might have.  After that we might get into a little conversation about life things outside of Alcoa, Inc.  Dick used these impromptu meetings to touch base, to learn some details, to connect with his entire staff.  Over a period of 5 years, Dick probably stopped in 3 or 4 times.  Each one got easier and more beneficial to me.  Perhaps for Dick also.

Years later I looked back at the time spent with Dick and it hit me that this is a good way for me to spend time with God.  Instead of Dick sitting across the room from me, what if it was God that just came in and sat down.  I know, He was there all the time, just like He is here as I type this.  But the difference is that I act like He is in front of me.  There are certainly things I need to tell Him; not for His sake since He already knows it, but for my sake.  By telling Him, I can bounce things off of Him, ask Him for advice, and understand His will for me.  I need that kind of relationship with God and I know He wants that from me.

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It’s not my Birthday but we can party

THE SCENE: Early and humid

Lap around the field.  tempo Merkins, cherry pickers, rockettes
Mosey to playground for 7s. Pull ups and 4-count LBCs.. in between, Run up to circle stopping at each cone to do a burpee.

Mosey to the splash pad for a kraken of 25 reps. Do exercise and then run around perimeter of splash pad. Exercises are:

  • Dips
  • OH presses
  • V-ups
  • Merkins
  • Step ups per leg
  • 10lb ball slams
  • lunges per leg

finish with Indian run to AO, and 10 decline, 10 incline and 10 dips x2 and 30 calf raises

dealers choice: side crunches, hello Dolly’s , Freddy Mercurys

pax of 9


We’re all busy so don’t use “too busy” as an excuse for not doing something. Too busy just means it isn’t a priority. It’s not as important to you as something else.

Spend time in prayer, with your wife, kids mom etc.


prayers for junk’s wife, butters family being sick, friends with losses and issues, Bartman’s daughter

TTTP, F3 Dad camp