F3 Knoxville

Stone , Steel & Silence

THE SCENE: Couldn’t ask for a better 56 degrees Gloom beatdown weather.

Various things on way to CMU pile.  Inchworms, Bear Crawl, R Bear Crawl, Side Straddles (both sides), Kereokee both sides, Bernie
THA-THANG: Steel & Stone Biscuit:  Like the tree biscuit, we travel as a group going around the campus tagging a steel light pole instead of a tree.  We do two Blockees after we tag a pole.  Call out the running total.  Circle up for 25, 50, 75, 100 milestones.  Mosey with CMU’s in-between light poles.

We finished 100 Blockees – ie we tagged 50 poles.
CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Find the Silence

How will you hear if you don’t listen. How can you listen if you don’t sit still.  How can you sit still if you are moving and doing a bunch of stuff.  Today MAKE time to sit still and listen to the Lord.  He’s a whisperer.  Put your cell phone to the side. Turn off the music. Turn off every digital thing you have.  Find the quiet.  Go get the quiet.  I’m often times over caffenated — which causes over anxiousness — which causes over stress and unrest.  This bleeds into everything. Dont’ do this.  Instead, stop the nervous hemorrhaging.  Be Still – Know that God is there . Take hold of his gentle voice.  Know that peace and quiet is his specialty.  In contrast this world and everything in it wants to spin you like a top into a dizzying pace — it always has a million things to offer and busy you with.  Don’t fall for it.  Pace yourself, slow down, gain back your sanity.   Listen in the silence.  He will light your way.


  1. Hardship is coming fast Oct 3. https://dirtybirdevents.com/hardship-hill-ocr/
  2. Shamrock still needs to build it’s props for HH.
  3. The last IPAX is happening now https://f3greenwood.com/  Be sure to watch the video to prep yourself.


The Monsters Men Fear

THE SCENE:  65 and clear.  Perfect for an IPC beatdown.

Warmup OYO while we talk through the workout.


IPC Week 3




Me and 6 of the best men I know


I have a routine that I follow when I leave the house in the morning.  I make a cup of coffee, pack my lunch, grab my stuff, and I’m out the door.  In one hand, I have my duffel bag with a change of clothes and my lunch – in the other hand I have my morning coffee.  I leave through the back door, walk across the deck and down the steps, turn the corner around the house, and get into my car which is sitting in the driveway. That’s my routine…and it almost never changes.

A few weeks ago – on a Tuesday before F3 – my routine did change just a bit.  For a reason now long forgotten, I didn’t make coffee that morning.  That meant that I had something I almost never have when I leave the house – a free hand.  And I used that hand to do what I almost never do – shine my phone’s flashlight to light the dark path through the backyard and around to my car.  I remember having a sense that morning – a sense that I wanted to see within the darkness – like something was there that I needed to be on a high-state of readiness for.  A skunk? A raccoon?

I used my flashlight to shine across the deck, down the steps, across the yard, to my car.  Nothing…my instinct was clearly misfiring.  I turned off the flashlight, put my bag in the backseat, got into the front seat, and turned the key in the ignition.  Then, in the bright glow of the headlights, I saw…A PERSON STANDING IN FRONT OF MY CAR AND STARING AT ME.  For a moment, my blood froze, and I was stiff with the shock.  It quickly thawed when I realized that the wild-eyed pajamaed person was my 7-year old son.  He’d heard me leaving the house and ran out to say “goodbye” and “have a good day”.  Sweet kid – but he startled me half to death at five in the morning.

Driving to meet you guys for the workout that morning, I was reminded of a couple of things.  The first was a bit of scripture that I am working with that 7-year old to help him memorize; “2 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and sound judgment.”  The second thought came from a book that I read him each night for a few weeks earlier this year, Sails of Capri.  In the book, the characters fear sailing their small ship into a cove which is said to be cursed.  Local myth was that man-eating sea monsters lived in a cave within that cove.  The reluctant adventurers finally sail into the cove and into the mouth of the cave, where they discover a breathtaking blue grotto (the real Grotto Azzura in Capri).  One of the main characters reflects about their adventure with these words, Most of the monsters men fear are in their minds.  They would vanish like smoke if we would only let them”. 

Let’s talk about monsters that we fear.  No – not bats, or snakes, or spiders…  Here are the five most common fears that men have.  

  1. Failing.
  2. Being Incompetent.
  3. Being Weak (or Being Perceived as Weak).
  4. Being Irrelevant.
  5. Looking Foolish.

I can relate to each of those.  When I’m being honest with myself, I’ll admit that those fears manifest in a facade of coolness or disinterest.  Ultimately, what those fears cost me is deep intimacy in relationships.  Why wouldn’t I be silly with my kids or dance with my wife?  Fear of looking foolish.  Why wouldn’t I lean in and be a better mentor of that younger man at work?  Fear of being irrelevant.  Why the heck do I find it so hard to consistently lead my wife spiritually?  Fear of being incompetent.  If you are like me, the irrational fears that you harbor are keeping you from enjoying your relationships to their fullest potential. 

Yet… “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell.  When I do allow myself to be unguarded with close relationships, I find that the fear was all in my mind and that my loved ones delight in the most unguarded version of me (bad dance moves and all).  The closeness that I crave was there all along – masked by insecurities which ended up being paper monsters.

When I saw that apparition in the dark a few weeks ago, I was afraid.  Then it turned out to be my son, and I realized that there is nothing more precious to me than that figure standing in front of me (which I first feared).  Likewise – when you courageously step through your fears and experience healthy relational intimacy (which you thought was a monster) – it may, in fact, lead to something that you cherish deeply.

Most of the monsters men fear are in their minds.  They would vanish like smoke if we would only let them”.

Here’s 2 Timothy 1:7 again, this time from The Living Bible translation, “For the Holy Spirit, God’s gift, does not want you to be afraid of people, but to be wise and strong, and to love them and enjoy being with them.”

Be willing to let down your guard with those closest to you and experience relational intimacy.



Do it again this Friday at JUCO – Wanderer is hosting IPC Week 3, his VQ!

Hardship Hill

Opt-In at Shamrock


Partly Cloudy Temperature Humidity Feels like Wind Speed Wind Direction
69 ℉ 99% 71 ℉ 3.1 mi/h NNE

I am not a professional.

25 SSHs.
10 Baby Arm Circles forward.
10 backward.
10-15 Double bounce Squats.
Mosey to main parking lot.  While running laps, each lap PAX has to complete exercise from below list.  First lap, however, was 50 burpees.  So, 50 burpees while doing lap.  Then next laps were as chosen from below list.

Chest Arms
120 Merkins
75 Dive Bombers
100 Carolina Dry Docks
60 Jumping Spiders
100 Diamond Merkins
150 Squats
100 Monkey Humpers
80 Bonnie Blairs (Jumping Lunge)
150 Calf Raises
75 BBS
80 LBC
100 Pickle Pounders
75 Box Cutters
80 Dolly Partons
60 War Hammers (BBSU with Amer Hammer at Top)

Mosey to coupon pile.  Grab a CMU.  Lined up on edge of parking lot. Gorilla Complex.  As many rounds as possible.  All with CMU except Merkins and Mosey.

  • 8 Curls
  • 8 High Pulls
  • 8 Overhead Press
  • 8 Tricep Extension
  • 8 Merkins – sans CMU
  • Mosey to other side of parking lot and back.

At time, recover and mosey back to AO.
2 minutes of ab work including:
30 Flutter Kicks
15 Dolly Partons
25 or so Bicycles ending at high rep rate.


18 HIMs
Kyle Korver is an 18 year veteran of the NBA.  He wrote an article entitled ‘Privileged’ back in April of 2019.  The article tells of his relationships with his fellow players and talks of his thoughts concerning the Privilege he has because he is white.  The privilege is described as the ability to opt-in or opt-out when it comes to things related with Black Lives Matter.  I appreciated reading it.  Kyle Korver – Privilege.

Hardship Hill work day this coming Saturday.  See Slack for details.

Tree Biscuit – The Quacken

THE SCENE: Warm 83
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Covid-19 as well as welcome
WARM-O-RAMA: SSH, Windmills, Cherry Pickers, Phelps, Big Arm Circles

The Tree Biscuit

As a group, Run to an un-slapped tree, slap it, everyone call out the running burpee total,  do A single burpee, repeat.


  • A tree only gets tagged once
  • Scaling/Modification: Skip a burpee if you need to but stay with the pack always.
  • Taggers: Be sure to take turns tagging/slapping a tree
  • In Cadence: The group also calls out the running total, not just the tagger. The tagger calls it out first though. the louder the better.
  • What’s a Tree: Don’t waste time & energy on shrubs – skip the shrubs – tag the trees
  • No Poison Ivy: Pass trees that are surrounded by shrubs, ivy, waist high grass.
  • Terrain:  Be careful when running not to twist and ankle – trees have lots of bumpy roots around them.  And don’t hit your face on a rock or root when doing a burpee in the dirt.
  • Milestones: At 50, 100, 150, 200 make sure the group catches up and circles around the tree, wait a few seconds. Do the burpee.  Celebrating these milestones adds to the encouragement factor.

It’s not about the numbers but in the spirit of healthy competition here they are:

Previous Tree biscuits from other AO’s

In the interest of more burpees, “the Mary” is skipped.

Circle of Men

1 Corinthians 9:24 Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win! 25 All athletes are disciplined in their training. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize. 26 So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing. 27 I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. Otherwise, I fear that after preaching to others I myself might be disqualified.

Announcements :

VQ for Honeydew

THE SCENE: Clear morning, low humidity, temp in the mid 60’s

I’m not a professional

Modify your workout for your injuries

Keep social distancing in mind during the COVID pandemic

It’s my first Q so bear with me.

20-Side-straddle-hops IC

15-Baby Arm Circles forward IC

15-Baby Arm Circles Backwards IC

5 Cherry Pickers IC

20 Merkins IC

Mosey over to the CMU pile near the buses. Each person grabbed 1 CMU and proceeded to the adjacent parking lot. 4 stations were set up and a speaker was in place to begin a time using the Tabata Timer App. 3 exercises at each station. the first exercise was done for :45 seconds with a :10 second rest x 3 sets then moved to the next station and repeated :45 seconds of work :10 second rest for 3 sets for all stations. CMU is carried to each station and.

  • Station 1
    • Decline Merkins
    • Vertical Press (From Iron PAX video)
    • Overhead Press
  • Station 2
    • Goblet Squats
    • Rocky Balboas
    • Lunges
  • Station 3
    • Curls
    • Alpos (From Iron PAX video)
    • Dips
  • Station 4
    • Big Boys
    • Plank
    • Freddie Mercury

MARY:American Hammers 4 Count x 15 back at the AO

Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!
CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Treat others with respect and lead by example. I would not be where I am today without a positive role model in my life. By being good examples and role models we can help end racism, sexism, and hate.
Being raised in home with 2 working parents in a small town in southern West Virginia my parents didn’t have resources like a daycare, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club or anything like that.  My parents relied on a a baby sitter, a black lady named Lucille. This lady was a woman of God and very religious and treated me as one of her own children and I often referred to her as my other mother. She was a leader in her church and when I met her family everyone knew who I was because she kept up with my achievements in the paper and would continue to guide me long after being my babysitter.  When Lucille passed away I was unable to attend the funeral but discovered through her obituary that she had made me one of her God Children. My parents weren’t even aware of this fact, but we took it as an honor and privilege. For this reason I never thought someone was different because of their color, heritage, or religious belief. This role model never told me to not hate she showed my how to be good to people and how to treat people with respect. When my daughter was born I was so happy and honored to that my wife agreed and allowed my daughter to be named Lucille, because my wife could see how much love I had for this great lady. Sorry if this is too long again my first time doing this, but thanks again for giving me the opportunity to lead today and thanks for all the guys to push me to lead this workout today