F3 Knoxville

Tony Hawk

THE SCENE: A balmy 40 degrees with a light drizzle. Perfect beatdown weather!

30x SSH IC
10x Failure to Launch
10x Hindurkins IC
20x LBAC each way
20x OHC
10x Crabettes IC
20x Cossack Squats (10 each leg)
Toady-hop across the parking lot (not Tony Hawk, although that sounds much cooler. I’ll have to work on that…)
Bear crawl across the parking lot

Mosey over to the large parking lot. Battle buddy up.
Broken Wheelbarrow (partner holds only one leg) from one line to the next, 5 merkins on arrival.
Switch places with partner.
Repeat with other leg.
Squats for the Six.

Mosey to the courtyard. Divide into groups of 3.
One PAX under one shelter, other under shelter across the courtyard. Third PAX runs between (plus 2 burpees) and switches out.
Exercise pairs:

Iron Mikes – Cossack Squats
Diamond Merks – Carolina Dry Docks
Gas Pumpers – LBCs
Superman Swim – Sundial
Ran outta time! Hustle back to the AO!

Ruckers were doing something or other at the AO when we got there… But time was up!
6 for Motherruck’n Monday: Sergeant Slaughter, Mermaid, Mandolin, Booster, Ginger, and Judge Judy. 19 for the standard beatdown (as tagged)
Stolen from Tank’s contribution to the weekly email, because it hit home:
Close your eyes.
Imagine you have a daughter.
Now imagine she’s dating someone just like you.
Did you smile?
Then change!

Some things we lack the power to change on our own. We need the help of the Holy Spirit inside us. Without Him we can do nothing!

Never had a nosebleed before today, but it bled like a stuck pig the whole way from my house to the AO! Managed to get it stopped just in time for the beatdown… could have been a gory mess!
Pullup Bars installation at the Dog Pound next month! Feb 29!

Lake Quarters

Warm o Rama

  • Start Super slow to increasing to super fast on ALL these:
  • 10x Dancing Burpees (3 ct High Knee + Burpee on 4)
  • 10x Cherry Picker
  • 10x Ferris Wheel (4ct @ 9 , 12, 3, 6) Wide stance – huge stretch.
  • 10x Side 2 Side (4ct Toe Touch – like Speed Skater )
  • 10x Freddy Mercuries (4ct – long stretch)
  • 10x Moon Dancers (4ct – inverted Freddy Mercuries)
  • 10x 180 Leg Lifts (4ct 90, 180, 90, 0 )
  • 10x Merkin Rolls (3ct)
  • 10x Bruce Lee’s (Side Kick with rear elevated dismount) 4ct (1 side kick. 2-3-4 by 4 your foot is behind you after being spun back around behind you all the while in the air at the same level you kicked)
  • 10x Rocky Balboa’s (4ct punches – in fighter stance – Jab cross jab cross) @ rep 5 switch to Jab cross jab upper-cut.

Transition to Lake: Indian Race Run

The indian race run is like the indian run but with two races added. The last person in line sprints up to front and back to back and keeps going around back up to the front. So each person does two loops around the train. When that sprinter gets to the back the first time, the next person in line races him back up to the top. Upon reaching the beginning the first person stops and the second person begins his loop to the back where the next last person will race him up to the top. (Repeat).

The Thang – Big Quarters

An AMRAP around the lake for time 20 Minutes. At each quarter mark around the lake there is one exercise. Each one increases by 25.

  • @3 O’clock do 25 Burpees
  • @12 O’Clock do 50 Merkins (or 2ct Iron Mikes)
  • @9 O’Clock do 75 Flutter Kicks (single count)
  • @6 O’Clock do 100 LBC’s
    Start at 6 O’Clock with no LBC’s.

Transition to State Farm Stairs:

  • Merkin Centipede: In single file plank line. AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Last person does merkin roll (from warmup) and sprints to the front of the line. As soon as the sprinters feet passes the next persons head, the next person Merkin rolls to the side to a sprint to the front. (Repeat).
  • Baby Merkin Centipede: Same thing but on elbows.
  • Sun Bathing Centipede: Same thing but in reverse plank (belly up – or stiff straight crab)

Mary – Thor Slappers

  • At top of small stairs do 10x Thors (BBS + 4 Hammers)
  • Run to top of big stairs
  • At top of large stairs do 10x Clap Jacks (clapping merkin + Star Jack)

Transition back to AO: Three lines with this JODY

  • F3 F3 – F3 Beatdowns are the best
    Always Free but you give up some rest
  • F3 F3 – Jesus Christ is His Name
    Givin Glory to Him is our Aim
  • F3 F3 – High Impact Men Givin glory to His Name
    Day by Day We give Christ the Fame
  • F3 F3 – I hope my wife don’t get mad today
    Cause I woke her up goin to F3
  • F3 F3 – We hope our wives don’t get mad today
    Cause I’ve gone to F3 five times this week
  • F3 F3 – Gettin up before dawn is what we do
    It don’t seem right if it ain’t in the gloom
  • F3 F3 – Iron Sharpens Iron Day by day
    Sprints and Burpees all the way
    Sprints and Burpees all the way
  • F3 F3 – God Help us Trolley’s on Q, 200 Burpees is what he wants us to do.


Jumping Into Risk


THE SCENE: Insert info about the weather, etc.

15 SSH, 15 mountain climbers, 10 tempo merkins, 10 tempo squats, 10 windmills
Mosey to the back parking lot. AMRAP workout starts at northeast corner.

  • 10 burpees
  • Run to Southeast corner
  • 20 merkins
  • Bear crawl to Southwest corner
  • 20 heels to heaven
  • Run to northwest corner
  • 20 squats
  • Run up the hill and then to the coupon pile
  • Grab a coupon and do 20 curls and 20 overhead presses
  • Run up the stairs and tag the building
  • Run back to start


Ring of fire with two merkins while all other PAX hold a plank.  Then, we made an attempt to do a 6″ plank while the PAX did a merkin around the ring, but it didn’t work all that well (poor instructions given by the YHC).  We finished up with 10 flutter kicks.

33 HIMs at JUCO.  Welcome FNG, Hound Dog!
Proverbs 28:23 – “He who rebukes a man will afterward find more favor than he who flatters with the tongue.”  Confrontation is sometimes a difficult thing to overcome, but sugar-coating the truth may be worse.  Correcting a brother, may help him to direct him back to the right path and may help save their soul.  As a result, a stronger, more meaningful relationship may flourish.
It was great to get to Q once again at JUCO.  It is amazing what a year has brought to this AO!
Sign-up for Hardship Hill.  Judge Judy has your Brolympic shirts if you ordered one.

Army Training Sir

THE SCENE: About 35 degrees, but we warmed up quick.

SSH x 20
Mt Climbers x 15
Merkins x 15
Freddy Mecury x 30
Tempo Squats x 10


Formation Run to Sophmore Hill (Jodies such as C-130, Copperhead Road, etc)
4 Corners — 20 Burpees > 30 Squats then lunge to 40 Merkins > 50 flutter kicks
Formation Run to Large Parking Lot Cross Campus
4 Corners in reverse order
Formation Run to back to AO


  • Row Your Boat in honor of Waxjob
  • Hello Dolly x 50 then time ran out

30 HIMs in attendance (counting the RUSH folks)
2 Tim 3:16 – stressing all Scripture
Challenge to read through the Bible in a year as a family


Perseverance is the Back Up Plan

THE SCENE: 40° and Cloudy

Seal Clap SSH X 20, Imperial Squat Walker x 15, 4 count Merkins x 10, 10 Burpees In Cadence .
Grab a coupon and mosey to golf course

  • Par three Burpee Course- carry coupon to each cone and do 3 Burpees = 8 Cones & 24 Burpees…transition with roll of Exercise Dice- 15 MTN Climbers and 10 Merkins…mosey across parking lot
  • Using guard rail- Bo Knows w Battle Buddy- one maintains wall sit while holding coupon and BB does 100 High Knees, switch, RR…mosey w coupons toward the restaurant
  • Start w roll of dice 25 Crunches/ 20 Dips, Dora Trifecta at bottom of hill- 100 Curls, Triceps, Presses While BB runs to the top and does 10 Dive Bombers
  • 10 jump squats hold Al Gore 10 sec, 9 Jump squats hold AG 10 sec, then 8, 7, 6, 5,4,3,2,1…mosey back to AO

Box cutters x 20, Leg lifts 6 in, 45°, 90°- till hearing moaning and grunting, flutter kicks x 20
Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!
Perseverance is the back up plan when we are struggling to accomplish our New Years Resolutions.

Tips for Persevering

  • Clarify your goal. Base it on your purpose, needs, and abilities. Know why you want this goal and how you and others will benefit.
  • Intend to achieve your goal.Outline your goal, strategies, and timeline. Know resources that can help you attain it, including individuals and the Internet. Break the goal into small steps, working backward form your desired outcome and attainment date.
  • Maintain optimism. Expect good things. Keep a daily diary of good experiences.
  • Live in the present. Don’t dwell on the past or worry about what might happen. Let go of attachments. The more attached you are to something, the greater the fear of losing it.
  • Acknowledge your accomplishments. Judge these against personal standards of self improvements. Have the courage of your convictions. Don’t change for others or compare yourself with them.
  • Try new experiences.Experiment with new ways of improving a product or service at work or other activities. Investigate how successful individuals or teams have achieved similar goals.
  • Care for you mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Schedule quiet times to think and reassess. Practice stress relievers such as deep breathing and exercise. Get sufficient sleep, eat healthy, and take time for fun and friends.
  • Experience yourself living your goal today. Hold your desired outcome firmly in your mind. See, smell, touch, and hear aspects of your goal. Each morning upon rising, review your goal. Repeat the process at night.
  • Persist. Focus on goals daily. At regular intervals, ask yourself whether your activities are moving you forward.

Romans 12:12 be joyful in hope, patient w afflictions, faithful in prayer. Prayers Lady Junk, Pinto, and Flashback and family
Tanks Party this Friday (postponed til next Friday), Contributions to Pull Up Bars go to La-Z-Boy, Waxjob, and Abscess. Also


@FThree-Knoxville (Venmo)