F3 Knoxville

Lake View Schmake View

THE SCENE: Low 30’s and clear, giant moon in the sky.

SSH x25 IC
Cherry Pickers x6 IC
TN Rocking Chair x15 IC
LBAC x15 each way IC
Failure to Launch x8 IC
Mountain Parkers x15 IC

Mosey around toward the Matterhorn, but stop just after the entrance to Lakeside Tavern.
Boo Boo Bear Crawl up the treacherous slope, switching legs halfway.

Continue on to the rock, and pair up in groups of 3. One PAX at the rock, one at the bottom of the hill, and one runner between. With each visit to the top or bottom of the hill, do next exercise until relieved.

Top exercises:
Carolina Dry Docks

Bottom exercises:
Iron Mikes
Side Lunges

After 2 rounds, return the way we came, audible to regular bear crawl back down the hill.

Just before the AO, stop for 10x Hand Release Derkins on the guardrail OYO.

Nice visit with Mary this morning:
50x 4ct flutter kicks
2 rounds Row your Boat
15x LBCs IC
15x Side Crunch each side IC

13 PAX at the Pound today, including special guest from Charlotte area Kilowatt
Waiting for our house to sell has been a real test of patience. We are learning to wait on Him, not just with a passive “doing nothing” kind of waiting, but seeking Him to try to understand His will for us. If you’re waiting too, try to seek God during that time rather than just passively waiting as though you’re waiting on a bus or something…
I realized as I stood up from an exercise at the top of the hill that I should have swapped the up/down exercises. Same work, but we would have gotten to enjoy the view out over the lake doing the standing exercises vs. the ones where you’re just looking at the ground!
Don’t forget to sign up for Hardship Hill! Also, Habitat opportuinity in Alcoa this weekend, and Convergence/3rd F on March 30!.

Reverse Sea Biscuit



Cherry Pickers


Mosey to the track across Northshore


10 Burpees, 10 merkins, 10 squats then run a lap

15 burpees, 15 merkins, 15 squats, then run a lap

increase number or reps by 5 then run a lap.  Once you hit 30 reps start reducing the reps by 5 after each lap.

No time

Insert the WORD here.
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Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Trick or Treat

THE SCENE: Clear & 40



  • Cherry Picker x 5
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • LBAC x 10 each direction
  • OYO Stretches

It’s time to Trick or Treat!   QIC had index cards in hand – each card had a Trick exercise and a Treat exercise listed.  PAX blindly chose “Trick” or “Treat” and then we did that exercise

  1. Warm Up Circle – TREAT
    • Shock & Awe Burpees.   10 Burpees, 9 Burpees, 8 Burpees….. all the way down to 1 Burpee
  2. Pee Rocks – TRICK
    • Pee Rock Inchworm Merkin.  Grab a rock and slide it forward…do a merkin on the rock…then walk your feet up to the rock.   Rinse & Repeat the length of the parking spaces and back to the start line.
  3. Baby Everest – TRICK was chosen but we quickly audibled and did the TREAT
    • TRICK:  backward bear crawl up the hill x 5.   Dumb idea…we could barely do it once….audible…
    • TREAT:  7’s on the hill.  Thrust Merkins at top – Starjacks at bottom
  4. Long Island – TREAT
    • 3 laps around the island.  At each end of the island do increasing reps of burpees:  3,6,9,12,15,18.  Time ran out…we didn’t make it past 12.


    • Captain Thor
    • Side Crunch x 10
    • Pickle Pounder x 15

12 brothers.   Tweet-E, Bueller, Wallball, Bluecross, Tonka, Ribbed, Waxjob, Podium, Judge Judy, Mayberry, Tank, Bartman

Is your Christian walk a cruise ship or a war ship?   It is so easy to slip into complacency and comfort as a Christian in America.  The Bible continually tells us we are at war with the evil one – our lives should reflect this.  On a cruise ship the captain is the head entertainer, on a war ship the captain leads us into battle.  On a cruise ship the crew is there to meet your needs, on a war ship you are expected to hold up your brothers up and hold them accountable.  A cruise ship docks when the war begins, a war ship sails headlong into battle.  As men we should all have a warship mentality – Christ promised us this life would be tough if we chose to follow him.  I pray that you find your strength in Christ as you put on Gods armor and go headlong into battle each day.



3rd anniversary celebration 11/3 & 11/4

Bridge to Nowhere

THE SCENE: Very sauna like

Overhead Claps x 20 IC

Partner Up and Mosey to the Outhouse

A – 20 Derkins, B – 20 Step ups  Complete your set then alternate with your battle buddy.  Do a total of 50 reps of each exercise

Mosey to bottom of Matterhorn with your battle buddy

Bridge to Nowhere

Partner A does the exercises at the bottom of the Matterhorn while Partner B is bear crawling up and down the Matterhorn if he’s as fast as Booger.  Once Partner A has completed the set of exercises, including running to the top of the Matterhorn, he switches with Partner B and continues the bear crawl.  Partner B runs to the bottom of the Matterhorn and does his set of exercises.  Continue until 100 reps of each exercise has been completed.  Should be 5 trips up the Matterhorn per partner.

  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 BBS
  • 10 Squats
  • Run to top of Matterhorn

Mosey to AO stopping twice for 10 merkins, 10 BBS, 10 Squats

20 LBC’s led by Tonka

Marge/ Homer by Toto

World’s Greatest Merkin by Mayberry


We aren’t just trying to raise our children to have successful careers and be good adults.  It is much more important than that.  We are responsible for raising them to have a successful eternity.


1/2 a SeaDangus

THE SCENE: Just imagine perfect, thats what it was


My usual thing

SSH IC x20

Cherry Pickers IC x 10

T-merkins IC x10

T squat IC x 10

THis and that OYO
Mosey to Iculus the rock next to lakeside

  • Route 66 squats to Matterhorn
  • Seadangus on Matterhorn  (10 burpees, 20 merks, 30 squats- 1 lap, exercises, 2 laps….)
  • Some flutters and box cutters after 1/2 the SeaDangus was slayed
  • Mosey back to Iculus the rock
  • Mosey to the mighty rail—– Dips IC and merks OYO
  • Mosey to AO
  • Ribbed lead us in some LBCs  thank ya very much Ribbed

We dont wait for Mary, I sprinkle her in there

Recycle from Monday, but I love this book and this particular section.


Frankl writes from Man’s Search for Meaning-
“Let us first ask ourselves what should be understood by “a tragic optimism.” In brief it means that one is, and remains, optimistic in spite of the “tragic triad,” as it is called in logotherapy, a triad which consists of those aspects of human existence which may be circumscribed by: (1) pain; (2) guilt; and (3) death. This chapter, in fact, raises the question, How is it possible to say yes to life in spite of all that? How, to pose the question differently, can life retain its potential meaning in spite of its tragic aspects? After all, “saying yes to life in spite of everything,” to use the phrase in which the title of a German book of mine is couched, presupposes that life is potentially meaningful under any conditions, even those which are most miserable. And this in turn presupposes the human
capacity to creatively turn life’s negative aspects into something positive or constructive. In other words, what matters is to make the best of any given situation. “The best,” however, is that which in Latin is called optimum—hence the reason I speak of a tragic optimism, that is, an optimism in the face of tragedy and in view of the human potential which at its best always allows for: (1) turning
suffering into a human achievement and accomplishment; (2) deriving from guilt the opportunity to change oneself for the better; and (3) deriving from life’s transitoriness an incentive to take responsible action.”
This is why I love F3 and all of you men. It seems that all of this applies to my time with you all.

Link to the pdf of the book is below. http://www.fablar.in/yahoo_site_admin/assets/docs/Mans_Search_for_Meaning.78114942.pdf


Kickball- 18th

TTTP- 25th

F3 Anniversary- 11/3-4