F3 Knoxville

Partners Coupon


50 and clear

SSH x 20
Imperial squat walkers x10
Baby Arm circles forward x 10
Baby Arm circles backward x 10
Hand claps x10


Grab a partner and go to block pile
Exercise 1 – One partner does farmer carry while the other bearcrawls across parking lot. (switch at opposite end or as needed.)
Catch me if you can(Squats) to top of hill complete 5 Bro-Pees with partner then back to CMU pile
Exercise 2 – Complete exercise 1 then add Brickbarrow(2 parking spaces
Run to top of hill complete 5 Bro-Pees with partner then back to CMU pile
Exercise 3 – Complete exercise 1&2 then add back to back curls with CMU
Catch me if you can(Squats) to top of hill complete 5 Bro-Pees with partner then back to CMU pile
Exercise 4 – Complete exercise 1,2&3 add 15 4 count CMU Flutter kick
Run to top of hill complete 5 Bro-Pees with partner then back to CMU pile
Exercise 5 – Complete exercise 1-4 and add 10 Hand release partner mericans
Catch me if you can(Squats) to top of hill complete 5 Bro-Pees with partner then back to CMU pile
10 CUM squat Press

Captain Thor x 5

How different would our lives look if we put others needs before our own.  Show someone love today especially those who might not have show it to you.
Let each of you look out not only for his own interest but also for the interests of others. Philippians 2:4

​Welcome Buns and Glitter 

Hardship hill sigh up DO IT!

48 is the new 12

THE SCENE: Crisp (29) and clear.  Perfect!

SSH (4 ct) x 48; couple of laps around the parking lot; Squats (4 ct) x 32 (4×8=32)

#1:  12s – Like 11s, but more awesomer.  Burpees and Hello Dollies (4ct) with a run from one side of parking lot to the other in between.

#2:  Mosey to the cloud:  48 LBCs

#3:  Mosey to the back parking lot. 32 Speed Skaters.

#4:  More 12s with Merkins and Squat Jumps, but this time, run a quarter lap between exercises.  Check the time and abort early so we have time for . . .

#5:    Mosey to Cardiac.  4 stops up the hill with 8 reps of each: Manmakers, Flutters (4ct), Sumo Squats (4 ct); Dips (4 ct).

Captain Thors till we reach 8 BBS and 32 AHs.

In my 49th trip around the Sun, I’m going to try to get out of my comfort zone.  This is difficult for me.  I love being comfortable.  I think about Paul’s exhortation from Philippians 4:13 and the level of discomfort Paul took on.  If God saw Paul through his discomfort, then he’ll surely see through any that I have.  Push on!
I’m proud to share a birthday with High-Heels!  Continued prayers for Cheatsheet’s grandmother and daughter.
Polar bear plunge on New Year’s and sign-ups open for Hardship Hill.

Deck the Asphalt


34 and clear

Welcome & Disclaimer


SSH 4ct x30 IC
Chinooks Squats 4ct x15 IC
Tempo Merkins 4ct x15 IC
Line up on curb
Rocky Balbos x20 IC
Merkins  x 4ct 10 IC
Rocky Balbos x20 IC
BAC Fwd x10 IC
BAC Bkwd x10 IC
Rocky Balbos x20 IC
One lap around the parking lot

Line up on the curb.


Deck the Asphalt
The deck of cards determines our destiny!
For all suits with a card value of 1-6 = Suicides based on the value of the card

  • Example: draw a number 4 card (4wo Cone touches): Run to Cone 1, back to Start, run to Cone 2 and back to start. run to Cone 3, back to Start, run to Cone 4, back to start. Done.

For the rest of the deck, perform the number of reps based on the value of the card according to the list below:

  • Hearts: Burpees
  • Spades: Squats
  • Clubs: 4ct Flutter Kicks
  • Diamonds: Merkins
  • Face Cards = 15 reps
  • Jokers = run to the top of the hill, perform 1 burpee and back to the curb.

Finishing deck results in: 85 Merkins, 85 Squats, 85 4ct Flutter Kicks, 85 Burpees, 20 suicides and 1 Hull Run in under 45 minutes.


Number off and Name-O-Rama – 24 PAX


Golden Rule: Do to others as you would have them to do to you. (Matthew 7:12)
Golden Result: In general, people will treat you in the same manner that you treat them.

The importance of knowing the Golden Result is it reminds us that in many ways we are creating the world around us.  When it seems like everyone around us is “out to get us” that’s a cue to look inward and reflect on how you are relating to others.  As a HIM we seek to be men of impact, not men of excuses.

Today, be the type of person that changes the relational temperature of the room. Bring grace, humility and love where every you go and see if it is not returned back to you 10 fold.

Submitted by
Cap’n Crunch

West Hills Park 2.0

THE SCENE: Everyone was dragging a bit from Turkey Day but the weather was perfect 50’s and sunny




Circled up and ran through the following:

  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Baby Arm Circles
  • Merkins


  1. Mosey’d down to the open field for a game of Turkey Tag:
    • First game everyone was on their own. You get tagged, you do 10 merkins and hold plank till the last Pax is tagged.
    • Second game we did 2.0s vs 1.0s. They dominated us. There was no chance at survival…
  2. Mosey’d over over to the hill by the tennis courts for a little Dora/Kora- the 2.0’s partnered up and the 1.0’s partnered up for:
    • 100-LBCs
    • 75-Squats (why don’t squats have a silly name??)
    • 50-Merkins
  3. Mosey’d back to the open field by the Volleyball net and played a little game of Retriever- Q punts soccer ball and which ever PAX gets their first gets to call out a workout, to make it fair each Pax can only retrieve once:
    • Gridiron selected SSH x 10
    • Alabama selected Freddy Mercury’s x 10
    • xxx selected Pistons x 20
    • Ninja selected Arms Circles x 20


  • Flutter Kicks
  • Supermans T-W-I


7-2.0s : Gridiron, Cheddar, Flipper, Marshal, Raphael, Ninja and Tumble

5-1.0s: Kentucky, Archie, Tollbridge, FullHouse. Doubtfire made a showing but got distracted by the playground..

2-FNK’s Kentucky’s 2.0s have been appropriately named Tennessee and Alabama

We went around and all in one word told that PAX we were thankful for…examples are family, God, friends, sports, mac & cheese etc..
Post Q we played in FullHouse’s backyard and had a load of fun!


Grinders and Circuits

51 and clear but wet


Welcome & Disclaimer


SSH x30 (IC)
Imperial Squat Walkers x15 (IC)
Merkins x15 (IC)
4ct Side Lunges x15(IC)
Dive Bombers x15 (IC)
BAC Fwd x12 (IC)
BAC Bkwd x12 (IC)

Mosey to the curb.


Partner up with Battle Buddy.  Battle Buddy lunges to the first cone, then sprints to 2 second cone, does 2 reps of the exercise while Battel Buddy 2 is jumping air rope.  Switch.

Each round increase by 2 reps until each man does a total of 8 reps.  Three rounds:

  • Rd 1 = Diamond Merkins
  • Rd 2 = Squat Jumps
  • Rd 3 = Dry Docks

Mosey to pavilion area and circle up around the flag pole.


Circuit Corners
Divide up and head to 4 Stations.  Compete AMRAP in 15 min.

  • S1: 15 Burpees / 20 Reverse Pickle Pounders
  • S2: 20 Superman Swims/ 20 4ct Flutter Kicks
  • S3: 10 Chin-ups / 25 Prisoner Squats
  • S4: 25 Derkins / 20 Let Me Ups

Mosey back to SP and circle up


American Hammers  x20 (IC)
Merkins x10 OYO
4ct Box Cutters x20 (IC)
Merkins x10 OYO
Right Side Crunches x15 (IC)
Left Side Crunches x15 (IC)
Merkins x10 OYO


Number off and Name-O-Rama – 27 PAX