F3 Knoxville

No lightning in sight

THE SCENE: 65 degrees and a good constant rain for 30% of the workout

Not much warmup. SSH, cherry pickers and then took off for cover
We started off with sevens including Merkens and squat jumps. Running about 50 yards in between under the nice porch of 2 Rivers Church.

We did it a second set of sevens including Burpee‘s and lunges but extended the run outside the porch for a total of 80 yards.

We then mosey back over to the parking lot and did some agility work on the parking lot lines shuffling sideways and touching each line.  We did this a couple times then Bernie Sanders to the bottom of the trail leading up to field one.

Sevens again, this time with diamond Merkins and Iron mikes 4ct.  Running up the hill to the bench

We then moseyed to field 1

at every horizontal line on the field (5) we switched from bear crawls to sprints for the full length x2. THEN same thing (dropped two lines on switching) and did sideway Gorilla crawls and Bernie Sanders the full length x2

We did a ring of fire until time came up with Merkins and planks
5 total, cornhole, sweeper, cosmo, tailpipe and Tank
We talked about not making assumptions of people others second and third chances as Christ does that for us in an hourly basis.
Cosmo has no problem doing Merkins under an overflowing gutter.


THE SCENE:  low 60s

Oyo stretch

Station work.  1 min at each station and then rotate.  All while jamming to 90s tunes.

  • Bent over row
  • KB swing
  • OH Press
  • Curls
  • Squats
  • Calf raise
  • Turkish getup
  • Derkin
  • Jump rope



Tweet-E, Junk, Tailpipe, Cosmo, Wallball, Slugger, Peekaboo, Abacus, Bartman

Don’t be lazy.  Take initiative and be a leader.



A Lot of Work and a Little Fun

THE SCENE: mid 60’s & clear



  • SSH x 20
  • Tempo Squats x 10
  • Tempo Merkins x 10
  • OYO stretches


  • 3 laps around the long island doing 10 reps of the following at each end (6 total sets)
    • Plankjack (4ct)
    • Single arm/leg/plank raise.   Don’t know the real name for these, but they’re good for your core!
    • Spread eagle merkins
  • Mosey to concrete bleachers
  • Elevators
    • R1 – 20 Derkins, run the hill
    • R2 – 20 Derkins, 20 single leg squats, run the hill
    • R3 – 20 Derkins, 20 single leg squats, 20 Incline merkins, run the hill
    • R4 – 20 Derkins, 20 single leg squats, 20 incline merkins, 20 squat jumps, run the hill
    • R5 – 20 single leg squats, 20 incline merkins, 20 squat jumps, run the hill
    • R6 – 20 incline merkins, 20 squat jumps, run the hill
    • R7 – 20 squat jumps, run the hill
  • Mosey (take a few steps) to the soccer field
  • DORAs.  Partner A does exercise, partner B run across soccer field & do 5 SSH.  Flapjack.
    • 200 Smurfjacks
    • 200 Shoulder taps
    • 200 Slutter kicks
  • Mosey to the far end of soccer field
  • Dizzy bat challenge
    • Each PAX takes a turn – must spin 10ish times around the bat and try to hit a ball off a tee
    • PAX alternate holding plank or Al Gore while their brother is spinning/batting
    • If you hit it:  PAX all run to the ball and do 5 burpees
    • If you miss:  PAX do 10 merkins
    • Rules of what to do on a hit/miss change at the Q’s discretion…


none, out of time

11 strong:  La-Z-Boy, Tailpipe, Cornhole, Cosmo, Gibbler, Blacklung, Dreadlock, Stitches, Shooter, Swirlie, Bartman


Sometimes in life you hit a home run, and sometimes you strike out and fall on your face.  Celebrate the home runs.  When you strike out…pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try even harder.



Mental Toughness

TTHE SCENE: Mid 60’s. Humid.

SSH x 25 IC
OH Claps 4-ct x 25 IC
Squat x 25 IC
Dips x 25 IC
Alt Deadlift Squat x 25 IC
Calf raise x 25 out/fwd/in IC
Little this/that
Michael Phelps
Each man grab a station. AMRAP 1 minute at each station. Hit each station 4 times.
1. Shrug the twins/buckets of rocks
2. Weighted squat ruck or sandbag front load
3. Weighted dips ruck or sandbag
4. Sandbag deadlift
5. Lawnmowers with plates alt each 10
6. Weighted calf raise alt each 20 in/straight/out
30 seconds of LBCs
16 brothers
6 exercises to improve mental toughness:
1. Get rid of extrinsic motivators – no music, no training partner. Suffer in silence alone
2. Develop good habits – Mentally tough people are more consistent than you. They create habits and relentlessly stick to them
3. Learn to ignore things you cannot control – Stoicism is the ability to endure pain and hardship without display of fellings and without complaint
4. Ruck – put a heavy pack on and go walk for hours.
5. Farmer carry – pick up some heavy shit and go for a mile walk.
6. Hang – grab and pullup bar, a tree branch or some playground equipment and start a timer. Work up to 60 seconds.
No cardio but still worked up a great sweat and burned a lot of calories.
OEW night at Abridged May 9 at 6pm.

Embrace the Challenge

Embrace the Challenge

THE SCENE:Oh the weather outside is weather…


SSH IC x 20

Cherry Pickers IC x 4

Randomly selected 2 HIMs to lead 10 minutes of the Q. (Yes, it was random @Cavelier, you selected my favorite number so it was out of my hands)


Evolution #1: @Wallball

Run slow, then run fast, recover

@Butters arrived on the run, he accepted 10 minutes of the Q.

Grab the gear and mosey to MRSA field 1

Evolution #2: @Wallball

The Frenchman’s charge + 50 Gorilla Humpers at each end

Evolution #3 @Wallball – 28 minutes up to this point

Split into 2 teams.

1 man strap into a ruck towing 90-100# sandbags, bear crawl to light, drop it and run to mid field, running summersault, run back, strap in and Berne back. Tag out.

PAX alternates between merkins, big boys, Squats, flutters. (20ea)

Evolution 4: @Cavelier – 10 minutes

Side shuffle the lines off the end line and goalie box, sprint to mid field along sideline, lunge to true mid, 5 burpees, lunge to other sideline. Rinse and repeat sprints and shuffles.

LBCs at midfield, back to true mid for 10 more burpees, somehow we made it back to the baseline but I don’t remember how

Evolution 5: @Waxjob (10 minutes)

Indian PAX hurdle the field (jump over planking PAX, full field)

15 pickle pounders

Bear crawl Slalom back to other end line

Evolution 6: @Butters (10 minutes)

PAX plank shoulder to shoulder, pull through sandbags and rucks from one end to the other. Reverse and repeat.

7’s to mid field 8 count body builders and diamond Merkins

MARY: (2 minutes)

Bust it back to the AO. Made it with 7 seconds to spare.


Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!


I have been challenged at work recently with an expectation additional leadership. Basically, have to figure out what I need to be doing on the fly. I have come to see the correlation of this to life in general. We say a lot: “Embrace the suck” but we should also include “Embrace the challenge”. Today’s PAX embraced the challenges that were thrown at them and excelled. HUGE shout out to everyone for encouraging those thrust into these positions this morning.


Praise for prayers answered:

Waxjob has a contract on his house!!!

My father has had some heart trouble recently and we got some good news this week. Diagnosis isn’t as dire as originally suspected but still serious. Thanks to all the prayer warriors, it was drastically impactful and immensely appreciated.

Prayers needed:

Family that @Bartman works with had an unexpected death in the family. It’s hard to lose someone but especially hard when that family should have had a much longer time with them.

Waxjob needs a place to live for a month. If you know anyone that can rent a spot for a month, let him know.


Hardship Hill is coming up. Team Dog Bite is ready to get after it.