F3 Knoxville

Coupons with Joan Allen

THE SCENE: 72 and sweaty

SSH x20 IC 4CT

Moroccan Night Clubs x20 IC 4CT

Cherry Pickers x10 IC 4CT

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That
Mosey to coupon pile at the comic shop on Broadway.

Pick a coupon. Mosey to bottom of Joan Allen Rd by Broadway / Garden for some 11s.

  • 1 squat with coupon at the bottom
  • 10 overhead presses with coupon at the top

Mosey back to coupon pile for:

25 curls with coupon

15 tricep presses with coupon

Discard coupon and mosey to AO.

Some 7s for time –

Lunges on one end and Merkins on the other. 1 & 6.

Wilson, Swanson, Herbie, Filter
“You have to decide that you’re going to be in control. That you are going to do what YOU want to do. Weakness doesn’t get a vote. Laziness doesn’t get a vote. Sadness doesn’t get a vote. Frustration doesn’t get a vote. Negativity doesn’t get a vote.” – Jocko Willink “On mind control”
I’ve felt this over the past week with illness, job stuff, and otherwise. It’s up to me how to respond. I get to choose how to move forward. It’s ok to feel those things for a little bit, but it’s up to you to choose how to go ahead.

Lincoln logs

THE SCENE: 82* and humid as crap

20 curls
10 squats
10 merkins
Ruck up and grab two 60 lb sandbags.  Walk over to bridge where we have Swanson’s log stored and grab it as well.  Everyone gets to carry something.  Head up towards the L&N building and up the stairs to reach Western Avenue.  Head west toward the Emerald Youth soccer fields.  Swap the log for a sandbags at the halfway point and continue on to the soccer field.  Ground everything once there.

Continued warm up thanks to Pfeiffer, we did 10 three count merkins, rushed to the 50 yard line, 10 three count merkins, rushed to the opposite base line, 10 three count merkins, rushed to the 50 and then walked back to the near side where our coupons were.  Three count merkin begins laying prone, go up halfway and pause, go to the top and pause, go down halfway and pause, back to prone.  Pausing hurts in case you were wondering.

Two ruckers perform log PT while the other two bear crawl sandbag drag to the 18 yard box, turn and come back, then do 3 cling and press explosions with the sandbags (cling and overhead press but launch the bag and step back, let it hit the ground and start next rep).  Log PT as follows:

  • Bench press: place rucks on your chest (no straps) and lay the log across your ruck.  Together with your partner bench press the log 10x
  • Curls: just partner curl with log 10x
  • Ground up and over: pick the log up from the ground and shoulder it, OH press and down to the other shoulder, OH press it back to original side then lower it back to the ground 10x

Repeat this through doing log PT and bear crawls twice.  I gave everyone the option of rucking with the log or doing more log PT, we decided to stay for more PT.

With same partners (poor Swanson got stuck with me the whole time), burpee sandbag toss back and forth until the other pair finishes their log exercise.  New log exercise begins with PAX laying on your six with ruck on your feet, log across your chest.  Bench press the log, do a sit up with the log, OH press the log, then back down.  10x and swap with burpee bag throw.  Again, repeat through twice.

Ruck and log up, head back the way we came.  Once back to the bridge, we put the log back to bed and finish the last few minutes with just sandbags and covered a little more distance, swapping every 2:30.  I know by the time we got back, I was drenched from sweat.

4 weirdos: Amazon, A Rod, Swanson, Abort

Return the ring to Mordor

THE SCENE: 72 degrees. Heckin sweaty

SSH – x25 IC

Cherry Pickers – x10 IC

Annie’s – x7 ea front and back IC

Imperial Walkers – x15 IC 4CT

Captain Thors – x5 IC

Indian run with the One Ring (my 3-y/o’s hula hoop) held high over head to the bridge that crosses the creek below the hill. Welsh Dragon across the bridge. Mosey to bottom of Stairs to Mordor for some Dora.

  • 150 LBCs
  • 150 Merkins
  • 150 American Hammers 4CT
  • 150 Jump Squats
  • 1 PAX does the exercise while partner runs to the top of the stairs for 1 burpee and then back down to pick up where partner left off. Repeat until finished.

Indian run back to AO with the One Ring – stopping at bridge to Welsh Dragon across.

Flutters – x15 IC 4CT

Edward Scissorlegs – x10 IC 4CT

Boat / Canoe for time


Half Caff, Swanson, Abort, Reverb, Jenner, The Voice, Cowbell, Filter, Amazon on ruck.

From Gandalf –

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till. What weather they shall have is not ours to rule.”


a duck’s opinion

THE SCENE: Upper 60s and less humid, ready to rock

Shoulder taps x15 IC
Imperial walkers x10 IC
Plank merkins x10 IC
Bend and reach x12 IC
SSH x15 IC
Mosey out of park area, and start up the hill on Hotel.  When we finished our last warm up exercise, I asked if everyone felt sufficiently warm.  I didn’t really get much response so as soon as we got a stop I had everyone stop for 20 merkins and 20 squats to make sure the warm up was complete.  Safety first and all.  Continue mosey up the hill towards Gresham Middle School.

Once across the intersection of Hotel and Holbrook (at the base of the stairs and hill) knock out some leg blasters, exercises done with no rest:

  • 15 squats
  • 10 lunges each leg
  • 10 jump squats

Then sprint the stairs and hill to the top at Gresham.

Once there, circuit set up with cones and chalk.  We did a quick walk through to explain and then started the circuit:

  • 15 inverted rows on the hand rails
  • Burpee broad jump up the hill beside the school, roughly 15 yards then run to the next cone
  • On the stairs at the school entrance, crawl bear up the stairs and around the planter, then bear crawl down the other side
  • Run to the stairs at the auditorium entrance, do 10 (on 4 count) stair taps
  • Run to brick/stone bench for 10 dips and 10 derkins
  • Run most of the way back down the hill, start bear crawl at first cone and finish at second cone rotating bear crawl orientation 90* at every parking stripe

Go through circuit twice.  Plank and wait for 6 to complete.  Move on to ab circuit at the rails we started first circuit.  All exercises done together, but not in cadence.

  • 10 leg lifts hanging from rails
  • 15 BBSUs
  • 10 leg lifts left side, hanging from rails
  • 15 flutter kicks
  • 10 leg lifts right side, hanging from rails

Recover.  Had planned to go another round of the first circuit but time was getting short so we started the mosey back to start point.

20 box cutters
20 LBCs on 4 ct
Boat/canoe ring of fire with PAX leading: Wilson led 10 BACs in canoe, Herbie led James Bond left/right/middle in canoe, Swanson led 5 OH claps in canoe.  Q realized that boat/canoe and variations is much easier to do when you’re leading, the PAX had me ready to die.
Four strong: Wilson, Herbie, Swanson, Abort
Since we were at the Quacken, I wanted to include the mascot if possible. Fortunately, I was able to find a very profound quote from the great philosopher Mitch Hedberg: “I find that a duck’s opinion of me is very much influenced by whether or not I have bread.”

While that is obviously a joke, it is also true both for ducks and people.  Too often people, ourselves included, have a tendency to let their opinion of someone be determined by their utility. There are (at least) two problems with that: their utility may not be obvious especially at first; just because someone can’t be a benefit to you, that should not lessen your opinion of them.  I’ve seen a lot of folks who will hear one comment a person says and completely write them off.  I would imagine I’ve also been guilty of similar things.  We all need to be open to listen to opinions, even if they are the opposite viewpoint.  If for nothing else, you practice understanding.  But a lot of times a differing viewpoint has facets you might agree with.
Carrot’s daughter will be having surgery Monday, Mr. Wedgie along with the Cahoon family and that community, the Reagan family in Maryville.. all kept in TAP

Knowing the difference

THE SCENE: 75* and about 98% humidity, perfect for sweat

Windmills x10 IC
BAC forward and reverse 10x IC
Static even/odd stretches
Tempo merkins x10 IC
SSH x15 IC

Grab key bag and mosey over to the Big Ball stairs to build a pyramid.  Start at the bottom with 10 squats, run to the top and do 10 merkins, return to the bottom.  Rep count goes 10, 20, 30, 20, 10 of each exercise running up and down stairs.  We all finished basically at the same time so no Mary and no 10 count.  Just grab keys and mosey over toward amphitheater for circuit work.

Four locations with four difference exercises in and around the amphitheater.  AMRAP for time.

  • Wall squat OH claps x15 on 4-count at the bridge underpass, mosey to wall beside amphitheater
  • Dips x15 on wall, mosey to amphitheater stage
  • Catalina wine mixers x10 on stage (wood hurts less, barely), run up stairs of amphitheater
  • Inverted rows on rails x15, mosey back down to underpass and lather rinse repeat

We all made it through 4 rounds of this before starting our return mosey to the start point.

American hammers x20 IC
Edward scissor legs x20 IC
Merkins x20 OYO (needed an ab break…)
Flutter kicks x25 IC (did an extra five to hear some complaining)
Boat/canoe ring of fire: Swanson led some canoe paddles, Puddle flutter kicked some water out of the canoe, and Cowbell through in the very awesome kayak style paddle for our canoe
4 ballers balling: Swason, Puddle, Cowbell, Abort

Short and simple word on a last minute Q.  “Courage is knowing it might hurt, and doing it anyway. Stupidity is the same. And that’s why life is hard.” – Jeremy Goldberg.  This quote is 100% true in my opinion, but just the quote is not the point.  The point is either having or developing the wisdom to know the difference.  Do not to let fear of pain or fear of the unknown prevent you from doing something, but also don’t let stupidity take over and risk injury (be it physical or emotional) doing something unnecessary.