F3 Knoxville


THE SCENE: 76 degrees F, 78% humidity

SSH, Imperial Squat Walkers, Cherry Pickers

Run length of the grinder and do one merkin at each concrete joint (every 19 feet for a total of 15)

Return to the Pavilion and do one Bobby Hurley at each concrete joint

Everyone grab a numbered CMU and mosey to Mt. Crumpit for a partner workout.  Partner #1 starts the exercises listed below while Partner #2 starts the first ascent of Mt. Crumpit and does the 3 burpees.  Each team is challenged to complete all of the listed exercises.

100 Squat Trusts

200 Bent Rows

100 Upright Rows

200 OH CMU Flutter Kicks

200 Curls

100 Derkins

100 Dips

100 Triceps Extensions

100 Russian Swings


Run up Mt. Crumpit to back side of Tree, do 3 Burpees, run back down, and switch with partner

No time for Mary.  Returned to AO just as time expired.
Total of 14 HIMs
I shared the other magazine/paper clip that I carry in my wallet.  A few weeks ago I shared the one that I have been carrying around for 50+ years.  This one is relatively new; it came from the newspaper in January 1999.

“America first proclaimed its independence on the basis of self-evident truths.  America will remain a beacon of freedom for the world as long as it stands by those moral truths which are the very heart of its historical experience.  And so America:  If you want peace, work for justice.  If you want justice, defend life.  If you want life, embrace truth – truth revealed by God.”              Pope John Paul II, St. Louis, MO  January 1999

Excellent words to ponder.
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Iron Meets The Hulk

THE SCENE: Beautiful Morning with a Little Gloom

  • Grinder Work
    • Mosey to 5 Merkins
    • Mosey to 10 Tempo Squats
    • Millennial Run to 5 Burpees
    • Millennial Run to 10 Froggie Hops
    • Bernie Sanders to 15 CrossFit Big Boys
    • Bernie Sanders to 10 Bobby Hurley’s


  • Mosey the Greenway & Battle Buddy with Someone of Similar Speed
    • 10 Hill Sprints with Decreasing Burpees at the top.
    • 1st Hill Sprint – 10 Burpees
    • 2nd Hill Sprint – 9 Burpees
    • 3rd Hill Sprint – 8 Burpees
    • Complete 10th Sprint – 1 Burpee and Continue Mosey to Rock Pile
  • At the Rock Pile – Find a Rock for Each Hand:
    • Iron Hulks (1:4 Merkins and Push Press) Worked up to 5 Merkins and 20 Push Press (IC!!!)
    • V-Ups (OYOx10)
    • Overhead Squats (OYOx15)
    • CrossFit Big Boys (OYOx20)
    • Side Straddle ROCK Hops (ICx20)
    • Iron Hulks (1:4 Merkins and Push Press) Worked down from 5 Merkins and 20 Push Press (Single Count!)
  • Mosey Greenway Back to Grinder for Lazy Dora:
    • 100 Merkins (P1 does 10 While P2 Holds Plank; 100 total for group)
    • 100 Ankle Touches (P1 does 10 while P2 holds 6″; 200 total for group)
    • 100 Squats (P1 does 10 while P2 holds air chair; 100 for total group)


10 Pax!
You don’t know what you have; until it’s gone!  Shared a little about a few things that I have gone through in the past month.  My GR1 was stolen and recovered, but the feelings attached to that bag were unknown until this occurred. The loss of our dog, and all the difficult and frustrating times in his last couple years or life and how all that looks on the other side…I would do it all over again!


Merkin Madness

THE SCENE: about 40 and light rain


SSH X 20

TN Rocking Chair x 15

Merkins x 10

Burpee x 5


Do next leg exercise by pavalon then do next chest exercise by scrapyard then run down the stairs and back up the path to the pavalon.


Merkin X 20

Derkin x 20

Ranger Merkin x 20

Side to side Merkin x 20

Wide fly Merkin x 20


Alt side Lunge x 20

Split squat x 20

Jump squat x 20

Calf raise squat x 20

Iron mikes x 20


BBS 20-1

Heels to heavens 20-1

15 men including FNG Peekaboo! Our boy MIB who got named at the Asylum convergence came back out too. Backup killing it with the EHs.

Talked about dark days to come, but there is a light at the end.
We did about 2 rounds of the thang and then started the 20-1. Got down 3-4 rounds and took a lap. Did a few more rounds after that.
MAARC fun ruck on April 20. 12pm at Target in Maryville. About a mile each way. Patches are $20.

Where Do You Want to Go

THE SCENE: 33 degrees F, 97% humidity, overcast skies

SSH, Cherry Pickers, Little Baby Arm Circles, Overhead/Forward Hand Claps

Run to Dalton Street and then down to the base of Waxjob Hill for a set of 7’s.  Started with one BBS at the base and 6 Burpees at the top.  Each time was Bear Crawl up and Mosey down.

Three stations using CMU’s

Station 1 (Touch It)

  • Incline Merkins – x17
  • Toe touches – x17/foot
  • Decline Merkins – x17
  • Dips – x17
  • Crossover Planks – x17
  • Bobby Hurleys – x17
  • Shoulder Taps – x17

Run length of the Grinder and return to Station 1.  Bear Crawl with CMU to Station 2.

Station 2 (Lift It)

  • Bent Rows – x12
  • CMU Swings – x12
  • Squat to OH Press – x12
  • Dead Lifts – x12/arm
  • Triceps Extension – x12
  • Curls – x12
  • Goblet Squat – x12

Run length of Grinder and return to Station 2.  Overhead carry CMU to Station 3.

Station 3 (Throw It)

  • Two hand CMU push throws toward West direction.  Throw six times.  Retrieve and OH carry back to Station 1 then run length of the Grinder.

Return to Station 1 and repeat stations 1 through 3.

Flutter kicks, box cutters, LBC’s, ABC’s (capital letters), LBC’s
Total of 18.  No FNG’s.
I try to read two books a year.  I just made it under the wire in 2018 when I finished “Everybody Always” by Bob Goff on December 30th.  In the book Bob mentions that he recognized each of his 4 children’s 10th birthday in a special way.  His question to them was, “where do you want to go?”  His 4th child is an adopted boy from Uganda who had been mutilated by a witch doctor in that country.  His genitals had been cut off when he was 8 years old and left to die.  Charlie at age 10 wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  After a few days they made it to 16,400 feet when Charlie decided he could not go any further.  At that point Bob holds a ceremony and gives Charlie medals for his efforts.  Medals for bravery, for effort, for strength.  He proclaimed him a Mountain Climber.  Bob Goff finishes Chapter 23 with this encouragement:

The most important part of our ceremony wasn’t what I said or all the medals.  It was what I didn’t say.  You see, I didn’t tell Charlie how far he had to go.  I said, “Charlie, look how far you’ve come.”  People who are becoming love celebrate how far the people around them have come.  They’re constantly asking the question, “Where do you want to go?”  Then they help the people around them get there.

Go do that with the people you love, including your enemies.  Don’t talk to them about their failures and the dark places they’ve been.  Talk to them about who they’re becoming and the bright hope that is their future.  Speak truthful and wise words over them.  Bring a few medals too.  As you put the last one on their chest, look them in the eye and tell them, “Look how far you’ve come.”  Knowing that the journey you and I are on never really ends, we can ask the people we love one of the most important questions ever conceived.

“Where do you want to go?”

I personally want to add that I see a lot of this going around with the Bomb Shelter HIM’s.  Sometimes we even intuitively know where our partners in the gloom are going.  We are there for them and we help them get there.

Continued to lift Derrick up in prayer as he endures a long recovery from an auto accident  We added Tony for surgery recovery and also Rainman from F3 Knoxville.
Partnership construction with Blount County Habitat for Humanity has been cancelled for this Saturday.  A reschedule for late February is anticipated.

Kraken at the Scrapyard

THE SCENE: It was like 60

SSH x 15
Squat 4-ct x 15 IC
OH Claps 4-ct x 15 IC
Bodybuilders x 5 IC
Kraken at the scrapyard
2 different sets of exercises to alternate each round. Run down to the street for a single bodybuilder then run back for the next exercise:
First round
1. Merkins 2. Squat touch jumps 3. Mt climbers 4. Burpee 5. Lunge 6. V-up 7. Diamond merkin 8. Split squat
Second round
2. Dry dock 2. Squat 3. Ww2 sit-up 4. Derkin 5. Deadlift touch 6. BBS 7. Pull-ups 8. Plank jack
LBCs x 20
Repeat twice
18 HIMs came out on an oddly warm January morning. Couldn’t tag Potato.
“There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Nelson Mandela

“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” Michael Jordan

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Thomas A. Edison