F3 Knoxville


THE SCENE: 60s and misty


Cherry Pickers x7 (IC), Windmills x7 (IC), Tempo Squats x7 (IC), Tempo Merkins x7(IC)
Divide PAX  (24) into 3 teams.  Mosey to bottom of Mt. Juconte.  Three stations separated by a comfortable distance.  Each team starts at a different station.  Teams rotate stations (1-2-3) every time station 1 is completed.  Stations:

  • Station 1 (cardio) – Mosey up Juconte, 3 Burpees at every tree (21 Burpees total). When complete, mosey to Station 2 and bump that team to Station 3.
  • Station 2 (core) – At one cone perform 100 LBCs, Frog Jump to next cone and perform 100 Flutters. Repeat until Station 1 team is done. When “bumped” by Station 1 team, mosey to Station 3 and bump that team to Station 1.
  • Station 3 (strength) – 6 trees in the median.  Teams work their way up one side performing 10 merkins at every tree, then back down the other side performing 10 squats at every tree. Repeat until bumped to Station 1.

Each team got to do each Station twice.  Mosey back to shovel flag parking lot.

JELLY ARMS/JELLY LEGS – (ARMS) PAX hold six inches for time, then perform reps of merkins as called by the Q (three rounds), PAX hold an Al Gore for time, then perform reps of squats as called by the Q (three rounds).

MARY:  Freddy Mercury (assist from Erector – thanks, dude!), Flutter Kicks

24 HIM

Words are powerful.  God says so.  Throughout the Bible we see a constant theme where gossiping, talking too much, and careless mouths are warned against.  This is something that I struggle with.  It is very easy to get sucked into gossip, especially if it’s true.  But does truth matter when we are using our words to tear someone down? Let’s look at Scripture:

Proverbs 18:21 “The tongue has the power of life and death”

Ephesians 4:29 “Let no unwholesome talk come our of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their deeds, that it may benefit those who listen”

Exodus 23:1 “Do not spread false reports”

James 1:26 “Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves”

Proverbs 10:19 “Sin is not ended by multiplying words, but the prudent hold their tongues”

Proverbs 11:9 “With their mouths the godless destroy their neighbors”

Proverbs 16:28 “A perverse person stirs up conflict”

Psalm 141:3 “Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips”

As you can see, the Lord treats our words and the intent behind them very seriously, even if what we are saying is true.  I would encourage each of you to consider your words wisely, use them to build others up (even if we “feel” they deserve to be torn down).  There is a lot of wisdom in keeping our mouths shut, living a quiet existence and letting our actions speak for us.  There have been so many times in my 39 years I’ve wished I could take something I said back.  Be mindful of what you speak and learn to tame the tongue.


Prayers for Kick-Flip and his family.  We are with you, brother.  Psalm 34:18 “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”

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Bearing Burdens

THE SCENE: clear and mid 50s


15 SSH, 15 Imperial walker, 15 Moroccan night club, 10 mountain climbers, 10 tempo Merkins, 10 tempo squats, 15 Harry Rockettes
Mosey to the recruitment center parking lot. Grab a block. Each exercise below is performed at on end of the parking lot or the other. After completing one exercise, take your block to the other end and perform the next exercise. AMRAP!

  • 20 Merkins
  • 10 Staggered Merkins on block each side
  • 20 Overhead presses
  • 20 Tricep extensions
  • 20 Curls
  • 20 Rows
  • 20 Squats
  • 20 Lunges (10 each leg)
  • 20 Heavy Freddie’s (2-ct)
  • 20 Heavy big boys

15 Flutter kicks IC, 15 Heels to Heaven IC
5 crushed it today!

Galatians 6:2 – “Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.”

YHC can be really selfish sometimes when it comes to building relationships.  I expect others to come to me and ask me how I am doing.  This verse helps remind me that the opposite is the goal.  I should be reaching out to others to develop relationships.  Then, we will be comfortable with sharing each other’s load.  I encourage you to reach out to people often to check on them, especially while we are more isolated than usual.  Let’s build each other up!

Chaco, we miss you!  Will Samaritan return from the Fartsack sometime this summer?


THE SCENE: 50s and no Q in sight.

LBACF, LBACB, OHC (ALL IC, x25), Tempo Merkins x20, Cherry Pickers x7,  Tempo Squats x20, High Knees with a Burpee x3
Separate into two groups of 9 and mosey to assigned parking lot for 4 corners (1 Exercise, 40-30-20-10). Once corners are complete, switch parking lots and do another 4 corners of different exercise.  We did Merkins/Squats, Hello Dollies/4ct Flutters, Mountain Climbers/SSH.

Stay in assigned parking lots, groups travel across lots as called by the Q.  We did 3 rounds of Bear Crawl down, Lunge Back.

Burpees! x10, x8, x6
18 Strong
Commission volunteered to do the BOM.  What is God calling you to do that you keep giving an excuse (a “but”) NOT to do? We see this several times in the Bible and the results that come from not following God’s call.
Fingerfood’s alarm let him down!
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Homeschool (6th Grade Math) – Heavy PT @ The Project

THE SCENE: Perfect gloom – 50 and foggy in the ‘Kridge.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Regular stuff + New stuff for Corona

  1. 15 SSH – 4ct, IC
  2. 10 Tempo Squats – 4ct, IC
  3. 10 Tempo Merkins – 4ct, IC
  4. 10 Plank Jacks – 4ct, IC
  5. 10 Seal Clap – 4ct, IC
  6. 10 Moroccan Nightclub – 4ct, IC
  7. 10 “Projectivator” (The Project Motivator – much better than the regular Motivator in the Exicon. Just sayin’…)
  8. Mosey to RC (Recruiting Center Parking Lot)


2 CMUs per PAX. Begin Exercise 1 at STARTEX (Parking Lot Island), when complete Farmer Carry (pinch grip) (FC) to other Parking Lot Island and execute Exercise 2. Farmer Carry (FC) back to STARTEX. 2 Rounds each pair of exercises. Rinse/Repeat for each pair of exercises. (We made a few modifications along the way…)

  1. Blockees x10/FC/Pliometric Push-ups x20 (REPEAT)
  2. Kettle Swing x20/FC/American Hammer x20 (2ct) (REPEAT)
  3. Thrusters x20/FC/Tricep Extension x20 (REPEAT)
  4. Lateral Step Up x20 (10/leg)/FC/Single-Arm Row x10/each arm (REPEAT)
  5. Overhead (Military Press) x20/FC/Curls x20 (REPEAT)

No time for Mary – too busy bustin’ CMUs…

Kickflip, Rocket, Slappy, and Snaggletooth!


This season of expected homeschooling and online learning has taught me several things: 6th Math happened for me a very long time ago. I didn’t do so hot the first time around, lo, these never-you-mind-how-many-years-ago. My daughter and I have spent 20 hours in the last 3 days working on her math assignments (with a few back assignments to catch up on). After several hours of her old man showing her how it’s done, we took the test and we scored a whopping 50%! Major hit to my self-esteem – my anger and irritation demonstrated that I did not appreciate the humor in it all. Looking back, I owe her an apology for being so cranky. But I am learning her strengths and weaknesses, and I’m gaining a compassion that motivates me to help her in a way that helps her, and not just cater to my ego. I am learning to love her by seeing her, what she needs, how she learns, what she avoids and what motivates her, and I know better how to love her and pray for her. But there’s something else going on that’s pretty important: I am learning that God is at work in me, shaping, teaching me. I am hearing Him. He has been teaching ME during this homeschool season.

What’s He teaching you in homeschool?


We shared and prayed – and we’re believing God for a miracle and for the grace, peace, and strength to keep believing that He is good and faithful in all things. That’s better than the workout!

GroupMe is a sinking ship – all rats abandon ship! SLACK is the new GroupMe. Get on board.

The PRoject Q 05/12/2020

THE SCENE: no rain, cool morning high 40s.

•Side straddle hops (IC) 4ct
•Squats (IC) 4ct
•Hand release merkins
•Cherry pickers
•Wind mills


Form a line and mosey to the track field.
At the start line, will do the F3 Individual Medley: Swimming has the individual medley (IM), swim all 4 strokes in one event. Start with 7 reps of each exercise.
  • 7 Burpees
  • 7 Merkins
  • 7 2 count flutter kicks,
  • 7 SSH,
  • start a new set every 1:30
  • add a rep until you get to 10 of each or run out of time. If you’re fast you get loads of rest.
Get a 10 count break then mosey to stairs.
11’s with dry docks and bobby Hurley
At the track, sprint 50 yards, bear crawl 30 steps, then mosey to starting point for a rinse and repeat for each exercise.
  • 50 SSH’s, mosey to cone, sprint hill and continue routine until the 80 yard cone, then army crawl to 3rd point. Mosey back to start,
  • 30 Merkins then rinse/repeat.
  • 50 LBC’s, rinse/repeat.
  • 50 squats

Only had limited time for Mary, we did heals to heaven, flutter kicks and leg lifts

For the word, commented on recent experiences where well intentioned services projects can fall apart due to ego. Folks being more worried about how they are perceived and who gets credit over the success the of the project. We challenged each other to evaluate our own egos, and how that lens influences our actions
Discussed the transition to SLAC