F3 Knoxville

Backstage – Guest Q

Note: Backstage from central Illinois was our Q.



Motivators, Mountain Man Poopers, Tappy Taps, Plank Line Jump Overs (200 yards)

Thang 1:

Conductor Dueling: 2 Pax raced to 10 Blockees while everyone else does whatever exercise is called. Losing Pax does 3 more blockees.

Tree Trimmers
Boot beaters
Over Unders
Slo Mo Throws
Turkish Getups
Big Boys

Thang 2:

Murder Kings / Dr Ws
Cusack Carry / T-Bombs-Bear Crab Rolls

Thang 3:



One Calls
Twerkin-Sun Salutations
10 Reverse Snow Angel Toe Touches


When your in the wrong truck you can pretend you’re not, be demanding or admit it and get out. Pretending is Sadclownism. Being demanding (blaning others) is a mid life cridis. Tge most correct thing to do is get out. Thats what F3 is all about! Aye!?

The Mental Grinder

THE SCENE: 55, clear sky’s. apparently there was a storm no one knew about because there was a huge tree laying in the middle of the AO.

  • Frankenstein sideline to sideline
  • walking quad stretch with hand raise- side line to sideline
  • Lunge with twist- side line half way
  • side lung L/R rest of way to other side line
  • Mosey to Spaghetti Hill
    Bill Murray at Spaghetti Hill- Complete the exercises than run to the top of the hill and jog back down. Rinse and repeat for time- 25 min
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Squats
  • 10 BBSU
  • 10 Burpees

Mosey Back to Grindstone- stopped at park entrance to complete the Mary
2 Min Tabata ( due to time)- Switched between Boat to Cannon and Starfish Crunches – 20 seconds work , 10 seconds rest. switching experiences each time.

Leadership, its what F3 is built one. Yes we are here to get stronger and improve our fitness but the main goal is to build community leadership. Often people wait to be told to lead, however if you are waiting to be told to lead its to late. I found a wonderful quote this morning that really shows this principle. “A position of authority is neither necessary nor sufficient for the exercise of leadership”-Eric Werkowitz

Don’t wait to be told to lead, find those voids of leadership and fill them. no mater if its at work, home, family or community. Be bold.

Regional Nan’tan from Tri-County will be leading beatdowns on 4/13 and 4/14. Bring a CMU to the Arsenal on Wednesday.

How to Lunge

THE SCENE: Clear & 59.

SSH IC x30, IW I.C. X10, Tempo Merkins x10, Peter Parker’s I.C. X10, LBAC 4-ct x10, LB(ankle)C x10, Tempo Calf raises x10, tempo side stretch x10.
1) Howling Monkeys- Group performs monkey humpers while one PAX does 5 merkins. Rotate clockwise until all PAX took their turn.

2) Angry Gorillas- everyone groaned so we repeated above. This time, gorilla humpers with x10 lat pull-ups. We Mosey’d into the park.

3) BB Up. One partner performs the circuit below while the other catches a breather by lunging. Once the circuit was complete, trade places.

  • BBS x20
  • Merkins x20
  • leg raises x20
  • burpees x10

We completed 6 rounds per team to lunge from Alcoa Rd to Faraday St. we did SSH until the 6 caught up. Meanwhile, Hundo hid behind a tree. mosey back to grindstone. Someone mentioned bear crawls so we did some of those along the way.

4) Dora w/ battle buddy: one runs to troll bridge & back. The Other…

  • 50 Alpo’s
  • 100 Curls
  • 150 CMU Presses

40 ankle taps OYO, 20 Hello Dolly’s I.C. X20.

7 & 1 FNG
Summary: Your level of “Grit”= persistence + passion. F3 requires persistence as seen at every beat down this week. Apply that same persistence to other areas of your life & see massive change.


The 2000’s

THE SCENE: 60 and amazing. Stars in the sky. perfect gloom weather.

F3 Gotcha- Pax lined up, first two have basketballs. goal is to make your shoot before the guy behind you makes his. SSH while you wait for your turn. If you get knocked out you have 5 burpees than rejoin the group. play till one guy has not been knocked out. Needless to say Q’s basketball experience made this a little unfair!
Millennium- Pax does all exercises together, 100 reps for each. work till the FIRST guy is done. Than the pax runs a 100m lap around the track back to start spot.  Last set is Burpees ( we did not make it here) they are done all together IC, rotate Q for burpees.

  • SSH
  • Lunges
  • Merkins
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Mountian Climbers
  • LBC’s
  • This is as far as we got today. Total was 600 reps and 600meters running. We will work to reach the 2k mark as a pax.
  • 20- Gas Pumps
  • 20- BB’s
  • Starfish sit ups for time


continuing to reflect on Gratitude and how to express that. One of the best was is to be specific in your gratitude. For me F3 has continued to be more than a fitness thing. in July i had major knee surgery, which put me out of any kind o f fitness program. Around the same time i was pushed go see my GP DR to get a physical. My blood work showed elevated cholesterol. My DR was concerned since my father died of a heart attack in his mid 50’s and with me being 35 at that time wanted to get ahead of any issues. However his suggestion was to put me on stations. I have never taken any long term medication and i knew that i could change my situation through exercise. I was convinced that my lack of working out due to my surgery was the driving factor to my elevated levels. I finally took the plung into F3 a couple months later and have not turned back. I recently went to redo my blood work and not only have all my levels dropped but they are all in the good ranges now. I credit F3 and the pax with pushing me to grow and put my fitness first but also to hold me accountable for showing up in the gloom every week. F3 will change your life if you lean in and I’m more than grateful for that.
Regional Nan’tan from Central Illinois will be here leading two Q’s next week. One on Tuesday at Bombshelter and Wednesday at Arsenal. Make sure we show up and show out.

Maximum Route 66

THE SCENE: Weather = good

SSH’s and the classic Cherry Picker
Started off with a round of 7’s to get the juices flowing. Ran back and forth across basketball courts.

  • Should Tap Merkins
  • BBS

4 rounds of Route 66 along the light poles on the greenway. Exercises for each round were as follows:

  • Merkins
  • Iron Mikes (2 ct)
  • V-ups
  • Burpees

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8 Total!
Find something in your life that brings you real happiness and joy. Money can bring you happiness when you get that new car or go on that new vacation, but eventually that will diminish. For me, having my son has brought me that happiness. No amount of money can take that away from me, and I would spend every dollar I had to keep it. Find that thing in your life and embrace it.
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Arsenal shirt order going on!