F3 Knoxville

Impact and enunciate

THE SCENE: 41* which was nice and toasty in comparison to the last few days

Shoulder taps
Tempo lunge



Mosey out of the SP and toward the Big Ball.  Lots of chalk at the base of the stairs for the escalator.  Each exercise is 10 reps, picking up a new exercise each iteration through and running the stairs to the top of the Big Ball after completing each exercise.  Final iteration is 10 reps of all six exercises followed by the run to the top and back down for Mary.  Exercises as follows:

  • Imperial squat walkers
  • Merkins
  • Pickle pounders on 4-ct
  • Alternating shoulder taps on 4-ct
  • Crab cakes on 4-ct
  • Tricep dips

Short mosey up to the middle platform of the stairs beside big ball.  Circle up for contra burpees.  Start with normal burpee, then add a merkin each repetition until you reach 10 merkins at the bottom of the burpee.  Recover back down to the bottom of the big ball to pick up laundry.

Mosey across bridge and over to the amphitheater.  Line up across the front of the stage.
15 Bulgarian split squats (15 each leg), 15 wide merkins
15 jump squats, 15 Carolina dry docks
15 side step ups (15 each leg), 15 legs on stage sit ups and touch stage

Recover and mosey the long way around and up behind the amphitheater heading back to start point for Mary.

Recliner flutter kicks (not laid back completely)
Recliner Edward scissor-legs
12 strong including a visitor from Charlotte: Operation, G6, Singlet, SiPad, Careless, Swanson, Brooks, Amazon, Reverb, Cowbell, Red Writer, Abort
Impact is forcible contact to strong effect.  Thank the PAX for the impact they have all had on me recently, where I know I’ve taken small things from each of them and emulated to try to improve my character.

Big Ball Circuit

THE SCENE: cool but warmed up quickly
25 – Side Straddle Hop, A little bit of stretching, and I cant count to 8 while doing body builders

  • Disclaimer
  • Warm up
    • Side Straddle hop – 25
    • Stretching
  • 8 count Body builders – 5
  • Mosey to the big ball
  •  Circuit 1 – lap around pond after circuit with bear crawl down stairs, R & R
    • Toe touch sit ups – 12/15
    • Plank – 30/45 sec
    • Jump squats – 12/15
    • CDD – 12/15
  • Circuit 2 – lap around pond after circuit with bear crawl down stairs, R & R
    • Squat thrusters – 12/15
    • Bear crawl shoulder taps – 12/15
    • Plank row – 30/45 sec
    • Hello dolly – 12/15 4 count
  • Circuit 3 – lap around pond after circuit with bear crawl down stairs, R & R
    • Frog squats – 12/15
    • Flutter kicks – 12/15 4 count
    • Plank one arm – 30/45 sec
    • Pull-ups – 12/15
  • Mosey to fountain

7 FNG’s

be present in someone’s life. take the time to find out what is going on.

Leg day at the ball

THE SCENE: 73 or so (I think) and not too muggy

Tempo squat x10 IC
Tempo merkin x10 IC
Michael Phelps
SSH x21 IC
Take a hot lap around the WFP infield.  Upon getting back to the fountains, line up along the edge of the sidewalk.  Lt. Dan (4 lunges, 2 squats) to the cones about halfway across the infield.  Hold Al Gore waiting for everyone else to make it to the cones.  Then all PAX Devin Hester to the far side of the infield and then jail break all the way across.  Recover and 10 count.

Mosey out of the fountains and toward the lots where we park, across the railroad tracks, and to Preacher’s parking lot (at The International).  Five cones set up, routine is the reverse suicide ladder.  PAX line up across the parking lot, run to the furthest cone and perform exercise at the cone.  Run back to the start line.  Run to the furthest cone, again performing exercise and pick up the exercise at the next cone, then return to the starting line.  PAX continue routine, picking up one more exercise set each iteration until they’ve done all five exercises on the way back.  Exercises as follows:

  • Hand release merkins x10
  • Jump squats x10
  • Burpees x10
  • Air squats x20
  • SSH x30

Jack rabbits perform Mary and then instructed to start the regular suicide ladder (going to first cone, perform exercise, run back.  Then pick up an exercise each time going a cone further, but performing half the number of reps at each cone).  Once the six has completed the routine, recover and 10 count.

Mosey back to the fountains and find a bench.

  • Left leg step ups x15
  • Right leg step ups x15
  • Calf raises x15 (on the ground)

Rinse and repeat through again.

Flutter kicks x25 IC
Hello Dolly x25 IC
Pickle pounders x20 IC
Boat/canoe and variations (flutter canoes, OH clap canoes) until PAX hates me
18 STRONG: Red Writer, G6, Amazon, Passport, Filter, The Voice, Frank, Duggar (Lexington Duggar), Half Caff, Swanson, Wilson, Steam, Petey, Sneaky Pete, Quarantine, Singlet, Purple Rain (FNG), Abort
If you believe in Santa Clause for 8 years of your life, you can believe in yourself for 45 minutes.  Or longer.  We’ve all been new guys and we’ve all had to grind through things we didn’t think we could.  Believe in yourselves and see what you can accomplish.

AO challenge workout of the month is the HR merkin.  F3 anniversary party and F3 Olympics will be November 3-4.  Big Ball needs Q’s to sign up for next week, encourage all to sign up and ask for Co-Q if they haven’t led before.

Another unneeded garage sale

THE SCENE: 70 and rain in the forecast, but no rain

Tempo lunge x12 IC
Shoulder taps x12 IC
Monkey humpers x10 IC
SSH x20 IC

Get keys in the bag and mosey south toward 11th Street parking garage.  Once inside the garage, circle up for a super easy 3 minute workout.  Workout consists of alternating planks: high plank (front leaning rest/merkin position) for 15 seconds, followed by low plank (resting on elbows) for 15 seconds, then flapjack every 15 seconds until 3 minutes are up.

Slow mosey up the ramp to the next level of the parking garage for a Hot lap around that level.  Each exercise is a way to move to the next corner.  Jack rabbits wall sit while waiting on the 6 to complete each leg of the lap.  Exercises as follows:

  • Bear crawl
  • Duck walk
  • Burpee beam jump (at each overhead concrete beam, stop and do a burpee, on the jump portion you jump up and touch the beam overhead)
  • Inch worm

Mosey up another level for the four corners routine.  Simple run between each exercise.  Exercises as follows:

  • Box cutters x20
  • Alternating hand merkins x20 (10 each hand.  Start with one hand on the curb and one hand on the ground and perform a merkin, switch high and low hands each rep OR do 10 with one hand high then switch for the remaining 10)
  • Bobby Hurleys x10 (deep deep squat jumps – squat down and put palms flat on the deck, pause then jump)
  • Jump lunges x20 (10 each leg)

Rinse and repeat for three laps around.  Recover and 10 count.  Begin mosey back to start point.  Pause for squats while waiting on Preacher who took a wrong turn in the garage.

Captain Thor up to 3:12
19 strong including 1 FNG: Passport, Soot, Swanson, Preacher, Amazon, Reverb, Quarantine, Red Writer, Guano, Jenner, G6, Gutenberg (FNG), Singlet, Butterfly, Moana, The Voice, Careless, Petey, Abort
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Ups and downs

THE SCENE: 62* and clear, perfect for a beatdown or some more SWAT training

SSH 20x IC
Temp squats 10x IC
Peter Parker merkins 10x IC
Imperial walkers 10x IC
Large group and plenty of mosey in store, had PAX number off prior to leaving AO to ensure we leave no one behind.

Mosey out of the SP towards amphitheater, making right turn up the hill.  Stop and Al Gore at red light at 17th street while waiting for the 6 to catch up.  Cross 17th and mosey around parking garage to the pedestrian bridge at the bottom of The Hill.
PAX lunge across bridge
First person across (Petey) clears the ramp and begins merkins, PAX join in as they clear the bridge.

Continue mosey to the west side of Ayres Hall on The Hill.  Routine is Sevens.

  • Start with 6 burpees at the bottom, run to the top of the hill, 1 jump squat.  Return to the bottom for 5 burpees etc. working through the Sevens routine.
  • Jackrabbits instructed to alternate between 15 merkins and 15 BBS at the top once completed.

Recover and 10 count.  PAX take a slow mosey down the stairs on the west side of the hill toward the University Center.  PAX instructed to find a battle buddy who they have never paired with before.  Partner A will start at the bottom of the stairs and sprint the stairs to the top, turn around and return.  Partner B does as many reps as possible of exercise one until Parter A returns.  Flapjack, Partner A does exercise one as many reps while Parter B runs.  Then move onto exercise two and continue through.  Exercises

  • Plank jacks
  • Superman swims
  • Table rows
  • Hand release merkins
  • Thrusters

Recover and 10 count.  Begin mosey back to AO

Floor wipers 6x IC

New exercise, Q tried to move too quickly.  We’ll get there haha
22 Strong: Preacher, Half Caff, Soot, Petey, Stagehand, Singlet, Pretzel, Bareback, Lactate, Swanson, Filter, G6, Waffle House, Careless, Quarantine, Cougar, Cowbell, Downhill, Threadcount, Bitcoin, Rousey, Abort
Don’t have a scarcity mentality, where you believe to get more you must take from others.  Have an abundance mentality: When people are genuinely happy at the successes of others, the pie gets bigger.

Hardship Hill OCR in two Saturdays.  A few spots still open, and if anyone would like to volunteer or knows anyone that might to get in touch with Tank or with me and I’ll get them to Tank.