F3 Knoxville


THE SCENE: nice clear day 40 degrees about

  • Side straddle hops (IC) 4ct
  • Squats (IC) 4ct
  • Hand release merkins
  • Cherry pickers
  • Wind mills


  • At dip station, half the line does dips while the while other half does 20 merkins
  • Reach the stage and discuss stations. Break into stations and complete task. Once done Bernie up hill do 5 burpees and forward slow run down to next station.
    • Station 1, big boys (20 – OYO)
    • Station 2, merkin, dry docks, diamond (10 each – OYO)
    • Station 3, Box jumps (15 – OYO)
    • Station 4, Body builders (15 – OYO)
    • Station 5, Kettle bell (20 – OYO)
    • Station 6, Triceps (30 – OYO)
    • Station 7, Biceps (10), single arm 10 each, OYO)
    • Station 8, LBC (25 – OYO)

Sprints in parking lot. Forward sprint, slow walk backward walk to starting line and call out exercise (player choice). We did this 7 times


Crotch Rocket, Samaritan, Erector, Salad Boy, Wax Job, Snaggletooth, Chaco

At the Memorial at commemorative walk: Thinking beyond yourself: people working at secret city during wartime efforts saved many American lives. The thought was how to save your sons, daughters, neighbors and countrymen. In doing so, many lost their lives. Not our countrymen, but citizens of the world and children of God. At the Friendship bell, we talked about making amends for the atrocities that each country bestowed to the other. The challenge this week was to think about how we can continue this lesson by thinking beyond ourselves to not just our families and neighbors, but to the citizens of the world.

prayer for Salad Boy’s mother

The Project Launch

THE SCENE: a balmy low 50s.  Perfect!
15 SSH, 15 Moroccan night club, 15 mountain climber, 10 tempo merkin, 15 Freddie Mercury, 10 windmill
Mosey to the playground.  Perform 10 pull-ups and 20 merkins at the playground.  Run to the opposite side of the amphitheater and do 20 derkins and 20 dips.  Repeat once.  For round 2, perform 10 pull-ups and 20 squats at the playground and then 10 box jumps and 20 lunges (10 each leg).

Mosey to the track and football field.  On the field, assemble on the goal-line for a modified version of Bear-way-to-Heaven.

  • bear crawl to the 10 and do 10 burpees, mosey back to goal-line
  • bear crawl to the 30 and do 8 burpees, mosey back to goal-line
  • bear crawl to the 50 and do 6 burpees, mosey back to goal-line
  • bear crawl to the 30 and do 8 burpees, mosey back to goal-line
  • bear crawl to the 10 and do 10 burpees, mosey back to goal-line

Next, perform 20 squats at the goal-line and sprint to the 50 and do 20 merkins and sprint back to the goal-line. Then, do 20 sumo squats at the goal-line and sprint to the opposite goal-line and do 20 diamond merkins and sprint back to the goal-line.

No time today, but we did get in some Hello Dolly before leaving the field so we could catch our breath.
8 PAX today to launch The Project
I had a bit of a rough weekend.  There is a lot on my mind right now:  upcoming Professional Engineering exam, projects at the house, and constant job of trying to be a better father.  Teaching our children and the other young ones around us is more than just instruction.  It is also teaching by example.  I sometimes find myself being very negative about some of the things I do especially if I mess-up.  I accuse myself of being inadequate to put it nicely. I remember my father doing similar things when I was a kid and it makes me think about the example I am setting for my children.  We need to be sure we are living the lives that we want our children to lead one day.
Thanks for the support from the JUCO HIMs this morning!
CSAUP coming up this Saturday!



Usual for me


Cherry Pickers IC

T Squat IC

T Merkin IC

OYO Stretching
Insert information about the workout.

  • Mosey over to (Sophomore hill?) along the way we got some good livin in via flutter kicks
  • DORA action (100 burpees, 200 merkins, 300 squats)
  • Some more flutter kick and IC work in the parking lot next to sophomore hill
  • Some suicide action a lil down the ways as well

Actually did Mary at the AO this time


The highlight was Cheatsheet leading us in some IC Merkins…. those got me good


A short quote from The Brothers Karamazov from Dmitri

“… I mean that’s where the trouble lies, for all the world is an enigma! And whenever I’ve occasion to wallow in the very deepest ignominy of lust (and that’s all I’ve occasion to do), I’ve always read that poem about Ceres and man. Has it set me on the right road again? Never! Because I’m a Karamazov! Because if I throw myself into the abyss I do it straight, head first and heels last, and am even glad that I’ve fallen in such a degrading posture and consider it flattering to myself.”


Interesting note, apparently there is a suggestion in the text that the name Karamazov is associated with another surname which translates to “black smear”

Dmitri is one of three brothers in the story who is a scoundrel that makes trouble constantly. This quote is a good summary of the conversation he has with his brother Alyosha. What struck me about this conversation and this quote particularly is the nature of Dmitri’s reaction to his realization that there are undesirable parts of him (perhaps necessarily so given it being suggested that he is born with them… I am sure there is plenty to be said of the symbolism here) More practically, I must ask myself what is my reaction to my confrontation with the pathological parts of my personality. I decided to share one with the group.


I have a complex relationship with both of my parents. Although there is little explicit conflict (arguing, overt petty actions taken, passive aggresiveness etc), if I am being honest with myself, there is some degree of resentment. The causes and the degree to which I bear it, I am not sure. What I do know is that I am responsible for this and cannot ignore it or accept it (like Dmitri). It is something to be recognized and wrestled with.


Side note: Chaco recommended Steinbeck’s East of Eden after the Q. I highly recommend it to everyone. It is a great read.


Partners Make You Better

THE SCENE: 30 degrees and clear skies! Great morning for a workout!

SSH (IC) x 15, Moroccan Night Clubs (IC) x 10, Windmill (IC) x 10, Cherry Pickers (IC) x 10, Flutter Kicks (IC) x 10, Hand Release Merkins (OYO) x 10


Mosey to center of campus and partner up.  Starting with Dora 1-2-3 with 100 – Derkins, 200 – LBCs and 300 – Squats.  PAX not performing exercise will make 1 lap around the circle and trade with partner on return.  When your group is finished go into a plank or People’s Chair on the wall until all groups finished.

People’s Chair as a group for 1 minute after everyone is finished

More Partner Fun (All sets will be done by each PAX 3 times)

20 Incline Merkins with other partner doing Big Boys until Merkins are finished

20 Dips with other partner doing Flutter Kicks until Dips are finished

20 Shoulder Taps with other partner doing LBCs until Shoulder Taps are finished

5 Burpees with other partner holding a plank until Burpees are finished

When your group is finished go into a plank, Al Gore or People’s Chair on the wall until all groups finished.

Mosey back towards AO


Imperial Walkers (IC) x 10, Tempo Squats (IC) x 10, Freddie Mercury’s (IC) x 10

16 HIMs got after this morning! Bonus points to the 6 PreRuckers Vagabond, Doubtfire, Spotter, Erector and Judge Judy!
There are obstacles/issues in life that you may not be able to face alone.  In my circumstance, I had a major weight issue.  I am not nor have I ever been a small guy.  However, about 9 years ago I got up to 335 lbs.  Being 6’ tall, I was severely overweight and at 25 headed down a bad path.  With the support of my wife, I was able to lose 100 lbs over about 2 years.  She kept me motivated to work out, meal planned and meal prepped for me.  Without her, I would never been able to get where I am today.  We all faces issues/demons in our lives.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help whether it is from your spouse, family, friends or your F3 brothers.


Hardship Hill registration is live now

CMU Squared


The goal was to have a elevated sustained heart rate, which we achieved by almost zero transition time..  Gotta keep moving cause it be cooooooolllllldddd!!!!!


5 rounds of 10 SSH + 1 Burpee
25 High Knees
25 Side Lunges
15 Travoltas
20 Rainbow drops


14 seconds to get two hand size rocks.   This next set is the basis of the CMU² workout but when we get to it we’ll add distance, reps and more weight.

  1. Burpee
  2. American Hammers
  3. Big Boys
  4. Merkins
  5. Curls
  6. Push Press
  7. Squats
  8. Flutter Kicks
  9. Bicycles
  10. Mountain Climbers


Indian run with (zombie run, baby arm circles, crab walk, bear crawl, and single burpees).  Indian run to the Mulch piles.


3 Sprints over mulch piles

3 Sprints across sand volley ball court

4 Bleacher rounds with alternating high knee and lunging.

ok, we warm yet?


Each him grab a CMU and run it around the cement hill and put the CMU down in what will be his stack of ten CMUs (in the end).  As they stack the CMU do the exercise of the round that you are on with the following rep count.

2 Burpees

American Hammers

Big Boys

16 Merkins

25 Curls

36 Push Press

49 Squats

64 Flutter Kicks (single count)

81 Bicycles (single count)

100 Mountain Climbers (single count)

All exercises were to be completed with a CMU in hands

Do two rounds of the burpee machine ( https://www.f3knoxville.com/the-burpee-machine/ )

The challenge to Love your enemies is extreme and impossible in our own strength — Ask for strength from the Lord and he will give it!

I apologize for going long and not being able to form sentences – Had TOTAL workout brain and was babbling along like a crazy person.