F3 Knoxville

Side of Backen please

THE SCENE: Low 50s , great weather !



Bac x 10 each way ic

tempo squats x10 ic

lunge around the world x 4

tempo merkin x 10

alternating superman x 20 ic

KRAKEN with a side of BACKEN

  • 8 cones spread out over .37 mile loop. Each cone has an exercise to do
  • Once you complete first cone exercise , pax line up and Indian run the loop and advance to the next cone and do that exercise
  • pax stayed together and Indian ran each lap.
  • Every time you run by the playground , pull off to the side and do 5 pull ups at the playground
  • Total of 40 pull ups were completed
  • Exercises were , merkins, LBC, lunges , dry docks, power T flutters ,alternating Superman’s , monkey humpers, bodybuilders
  • total of 8 laps, 2.5 miles

Side tri ride x 5 each side

not so lazy boys then while being lazy , we changed the channel and watched 007, James. Bond
12 pax crushed it !

I have read this before but always good to share . And, thanks to Cap’n Crunch for sharing this with me !

“A band of brothers, in the sense that we use the words in this book, is not a meeting, a club, a therapy group, or a self-help society. It is the group of men we do life with. It is the team of brothers committed with us to the cause of great manhood. It is the band of men with whom we build a manly culture of inspiration and achievement.” – Stephen Mansfield, “Building Your Band of Brothers”

As we start new AOs , let’s band together like brothers and spread the love and be the leaders we were meant to be.
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Ranger Beatdown

THE SCENE: 59 degrees F with plentiful rain
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER  Hammy did the welcome and disclaimer before turning it over to Spook (Travis Elkins) for the Ranger Beatdown.

10 thoracic spine rotations/side
10 scap pushups
10 pushups
Plank rotations
Inch worms
10 bend and reach
10 Windmills
10 Squats
10 Side lunges
10 Walking knee hug
10 Walking glute stretch
10 Quad stretch with RDL
10 side step overs/leg
10 yards worlds greatest stretch (forward lunge w/side rotation, hamstring stretch, hip flexor stretch)
75 yard jog warmup


3 sets (15 mins)
⁃       1x Leg Blaster = 20x air squats +
20x in-place lunges (10x each leg) +
20x jumping lunges (10x each leg) +
10x squat jumps

⁃       Inchworm alligator clapping push-up x 5
⁃       Single leg RDL 10/leg

3 sets 
⁃       Pull-up ladder 5-1 x 3
⁃       Pike pushup ladder 5-1 x 3

Anaerobic conditioning (10 mins)
⁃       Run 75 meters and walk back

3 sets
⁃       Curls 21s w/block
⁃       Tricep extensions w/block x 20
⁃       Dead Bug leg lifts w/block x 15

3 sets
⁃       Single arm rows w/block x 15/arm
⁃       Glute Marching x 15/leg
⁃       Side star plank leg raise x 10/leg

9 PAX, 1 guest Q (Spook – Travis Elkins), 1 FNG (Doghouse – Kevin Stephens)

1 Timothy 4:7-8Have nothing to do with irreverent, silly myths.  Rather train yourself for godliness, for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.

It is biblical that we should take care of our physical bodies and well being.  A strong body helps us to develop a strong mind.  F3 supports that aspect in the first F.  In the passage, the Apostle Paul, challenges that training in godliness of far greater value because it prepares us for the life to come, the everlasting life.  We should exercise the third F as it is of value in every way.  Holding ourselves accountable through the second F helps us progress in our third F.

Thanks to Travis Elkins for joining us and for the leadership gift he provided this morning.  Rangers Lead the Way!
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HHOCR warm up

THE SCENE: The Asylum, breezy and warm 71degrees

Took a mosey tour of the course
Pair I and do as many laps around course as possible until time is called.O do as many laps as possible in 45 minutes (took off a couple stations above for time)

#1 10 burpees
#2 Sprint up hill
#3 Mosey to the last benches and back
# 4 30 dry docks
#5 10 frog jumps
#6 squat walks (20 yards)
#7 20 shoulder taps merkins
#8 20 Lunges
#9 zig zag cone course
#10 Calf raises x30
#11 balance along curb run
#12 Bear crawl (20 yds)
#13 4 round the clock merkins

#14 5 clapping or hard release burpees

#15 20 box jumps
#16 Climb around rope obstacle
#17 5 inch worms
#18 20 rows on picnic tables
#19 CMU presses
#20 Side shuffle (30yds)

Flutters till everyone got back to AO., box cutters x26, planks with leg lifts, LBCs.

25 in attendance, rooney and mater there but not tagged in system
We talked about the Hardship Hill race and how it is important for us to serve our veterans and be a part of this great opportunity.

I gave an example of a African minister who was able to grow his church to huge numbers.  When American missionaries came to help they were astonished on how many people were coming to Christ through his church. They asked him how he was able to draw in so many people, he replied by saying that in America people study God‘s word and Bible studies at church and other areas, here they live in God’s word by serving others and people see that and want to be a part of a movement.  Then they study. We have it backwards here. We need to serve others and live for Christ not just study his Word.
This old man was paired up with a 16 yr old cross country athlete (Jenny) . Good motivation for me to keep going. I heard lots of encouragement this morning to others.

Captain spectacular visits the Asylum

THE SCENE: 56 and crisp with a shooting star during the workout!


SSH x20 ic

squats x 20 ic

merkins x10 ic

peter parkers x10 ic

  • 11’s at the end of the parking lot where the hill is that goes down to the ball field. At the bottom, start with 1 monkey humper (4 ct) Bernie up and do 10 big boys. Do this until the script is flipped. Total QUAD smoke fest!
  • Capri lap to loosen the quads up. Circle up, lock shoulder to shoulder in a circle with the pax and perform calf raises, straight, out, and in X 20 on the 4ct for each directions. Good ole calve smoke fest and with the pax resting on each other, it provides more resistance.
  • Capri lap again to loosen calves
  • Circle up with your CMU for CAPTAIN SPECTACULAR! 1:4 ratio of one inch worm merkin: 4 cmu goblet squats and 4 CMU overhead presses
  • Do this ratio up to 10 inch worm merkins: 40 cmu goblet squats and 40 cmu over head presses
  • TOTAL reps during captain spectacular is 55 inch worm merkins, 220 goblet squats and 220 over cmu overhead presses. A really good anaerobic workout I might add!

Boxcutter x20 ic

LBC x20 ic

not so lazy boys right into James bond poses

Captina thor up to 5 big boys : 20 American hammers
20 pax including one FNG , BOILED
You haven’t tested your limits until you try something you can’t do! The best day is today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not guaranteed.
I know…..simple BOM but it says so much in so little words! keep on keeping on and make every good day and great day!! AYE
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Alligator Crawls?

33 and breezy

Welcome & Disclaimer


SSH 4ct x25 IC
Dive Bombers x15 IC
Tempo Squats 4ct x15 IC
Line up on curb
Balboas 4ct x15 IC
85% to other curb and back
Merkins  x15 IC
Balboas 4ct x15 IC
85% to other curb and back
BAC Fwd 4ct x10 IC
BAC Bkwd 4ct x10 IC
Overhead Claps 4ct x10 IC
Balboas 4ct x15 IC
85% to other curb and back

Line up to mosey to adjacent parking lots.


Everyone starts at the orange cones and performs the following exercises.  Start at 6 reps for each exercise and each round add 2 reps until you get to 12, then come back down to 6 subtracting 2 reps each time.

Exercises and travel method to each cone:

  • Start: Burpee Broad Jumps to first yellow cone
  • Cone 1: Narrow Squats then run to 2nd cone
  • Cone 2: 4ct Mountain Climbers then alligator crawl to 3rd cone
  • Cone 3: Ranger Merkins then lunge to 4th cone
  • Cone 4: Iron Mikes then run around the parking lot to the start

Run around parking lot back to start

Mosey to Baby Hill


Hill Dock Squats
Start at the base of Baby Hill.
At the bottom of hill do x10 Dry Docks.
Run to the top of the hill.
At the top of hill do x10 Jump Squats.

Rinse and repeat x3

Mosey to SP and circle up.


Flutter kicks 4ct x25 IC
American Hammers 4ct x20 IC
Flutter kicks 4ct x20 IC
American Hammers 4ct x20 IC


Number off and Name-O-Rama – 22 PAX


Matthew 5:43-48
“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same?  And if you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

The word “perfect” doesn’t mean without error, it means mature.  Our lives are to be marked by daily growth.  Sometimes it will be slow and slight, sometimes large and loud, but either way we should be seeking to grow physically, mentally, relationally, and spiritually everyday.

The growth point in this passage is love, specifically loving those who don’t love us.  It’s easy to love those we like, but what we are called to as HIMs is to even love those who stand against us.  This does NOT mean we let people trample over us or take us off mission.  It means we relate in a way that is void of hate or anger.  How we live and relate is what sets us apart.  We live on mission for a purpose.

This week you will face “enemies.”  Some you will know personally, some you won’t.  Brothers, choose love!  I will warn you now, you can’t do it in your own strength.  The good news is you don’t have to.  When faced with a difficult situation, seek help from above.  Pray that God would grant you the love for others that he has for you.


Submitted by Cap’n Crunch