F3 Knoxville

Sun Rise Saturday

THE SCENE:  Chilly but it didn’t take long to warm up.
SSH x 25, BACF x 15, BACB x 15, SSH x 15, Imperial Squat walker x 15, Cherry picker x 10, Hand release merkins x8

It only 3.  Start at the top of the serpentine path and runs down. 3 reps at every light pole and lung after the last pole to the end.

  • Merkins
    • Run back to the top of the hill stopping every 4th light pole to complete 2 burpees
  • Big Boy Sit-Ups
    • Run back to the top of the hill stopping every 4th light pole to complete 2 burpees
  • Froggy Squats
    • Run back to the top of the hill stopping every 4th light pole to complete 2 burpees

Pickets Charge – Run to the top and touch the Asylum.

10 Burpees on your own

She Hate Me Escalator – increasing Burps and Merkins each set by 5 up to 20

  • 20 Lunges
  • 10 Burps
  • 10 Merkins


Dips and Burpees

Take the hill, Mosey back
50 Flutter Kicks

This loop is looking familiar

THE SCENE: Low 40’s and clear

  • 2 laps around the parking lot
  • SSH IC x 20
  • Tempo Squats IC x 10
  • Baby Arm Circles (Forward/Reverse) IC x 12
  • Cherry Pickers IC x 10
  • Merkins IC x 10


Moseyed to the oval parking lot for some laps. 4 stops along each loop, each with an assigned exercise. Complete 20 reps of each exercise, then run to the next stop.

Lap 1:

  1. Merkins
  2. Wide Merkins
  3. Narrow Merkins
  4. Carolina Dry Docks

Lap 2:

  1. Squats
  2. Lunges
  3. Jump Squats
  4. Iron Mikes

Lap 3:

  1. Flutter Kicks (4 ct)
  2. American Hammers (4 ct)
  3. Hello Dollies (4 ct)
  4. LBC’s

Rinse and repeat. We managed 9 total laps, so completed each of the exercises 3 times.

No time for Mary

25 HIMs including 3 FNG’s; welcome to Burgundy, Scrum, and Flo


It seems like the last few weeks have been filled with story after story of tragic accidents and loss of life. It’s easy to get caught up in our own lives and worry about the “stresses of tomorrow” – discounting the blessings of today by worrying about what we may face tomorrow. However, we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. Worrying about tomorrow doesn’t take away those troubles; it simply steals the joy from today.

I’m terrible about taking today for granted and worrying about what tomorrow may bring. It’s usually when I’m confronted with a story about tragic loss of life that makes me momentarily realize how precious today really is. I use the word “momentarily” because it typically lasts for a day or so and then I’m right back to worrying about tomorrow.

Let’s celebrate the blessings of today.

Earn the Stargazers!

THE SCENE: Started out clear and bright, but clouds and fog moved in to keep us cool.

SSH x25 IC
Cherry Pickers x8 IC
SSH x5 more just for Crawdad, who rolled up late…
Crabettes (Like Rockettes, but from crab position) x20 IC
Cossack Squats x20 IC
Mountain Climbers x10 IC
Walk toes forward as far as possible toward planche position for 10 more IC
Walk toes backward until abs are fully engaged, 10 more IC

Mosey toward the base of Everest, stopping about halfway for 15 Inchworm Merkins OYO

At the base of Everest, 10x Travoltas each side

Promised everyone 30s of Stargazers after an AYG charge up Everest. If you can breathe when you get there, you didn’t push hard enough…
30s count is OYO, then flutters until everyone has had their 30s.

Everyone grab a CMU-equivalent coupon (1 per person) and partner up.
Coupons go in a line about 10 yards away. Entire group goal is to move all coupons to a line about 70 yards away.
One partner runs to the nearest coupon, does 3 Burpee Broad Jumps with coupon to advance, then mosey back to switch with partner.
Stationary partner alternates between squats and crabettes after each trip.

Once all coupons are across the line, everyone grab one and mosey partway down Everest, line up across the hill for Tombstone Toss.
Everyone toss coupon as far up the hill as possible. Bunny hop to your coupon, pick it up, and continue hopping until you reach the furthest one. Once everyone has arrived at the furthest one, toss again.

When everyone has reached the top of the hill, put away coupons and 10 Hand Release Merkins OYO.

Mosey back toward the AO, stopping at the corner for a 30/30/30 of merkins, big boys, and squats.

Q noticed the big ol’ stone block monument thing just sitting there, so 10 Derkins on the block

Mary started out with 10ct Stargazers, just because I’m nice…
30x flutter kicks IC (with a small rest as Crawdad attempted to avoid being run over…)
15x slutter kicks IC
15x side crunch IC (each side)
4x Row Your Boat (caused a bit of a scene since traffic is kinda picking up in the park by this point)
Everyone had to hop up and allow a vehicle to exit the parking lot. This presented a great opportunity for some Monkey Humpers (x15 4ct IC)
10x Shoulder Tap Merkins
About 30s of OYO SSH to finish out the hour.

13 strong this morning, including one FNG – Snoopy (Terry Hill)
Ephesians tells us to love our wives as Christ loved the Church and gave himself for her. The thing that first comes to mind when you hear this is how He died for us. As men, we like to think, “Yeah, I’d die for my wife.” However, Christ gave himself fully, not just on the cross, but daily as he lived on earth. He walked dusty, excrement filled roads, lived day and night with 12 of the most annoying, bad listening, etc. guys you can imagine. Did everything that sucks with no thought for himself, poured his life into them. Through each day, look for opportunities to give yourself in those kinds of ways.
I forgot about the Saturday relocation to the upper parking lot… Much appreciation for Hawk running down and getting me before time to start the beatdown! I had a great time working out with the Asylum PAX this morning. F3 Knoxville is full of HIMs – I would encourage everyone to be promis-Q-ous and make your way around to as many AOs as you can. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do them all in a single week!
Sendoff this morning for Soot (Daniel Anders) at the Overlook. Heading off to be stationed in Colorado Springs.

Monday’s Rock

THE SCENE: The gloom was in full effect – not too cold, not too hot, just right.

  • Welcome to F3: Fitness, Fellowship, & Faith. My name is Steam and I’ll be your Q this morning
  • I am not a professional – you are here on your own volition – which means I don’t know any injuries you may or may not have. So if you need to modify any of the exercises we do this morning – do it.
  • That being said: you’re not here for you, you’re here for them. Push yourself and those around you. 


SSH: 12×4 (in cadence)

Cherry-Picker: 8×4 (in cadence)

Squat: 12×4 (in cadence)

Merkin: 12×4 (in cadence)

SSH: 12×4 (in cadence)

Mosey to rock pile at the top of the OG Asylum and execute good PT

  • Every stop sign passed = 15×4 squats
    • Q chose 1 PAX member to lead each time
  • Every parking lot passed = 10 1-count merkins
    • Q chose 1 PAX member to lead each time
  • Mosey from AO to Rock Pile at OG Asylum
  • Rock Pile
    • battle buddies
    • 3 Rounds
      • R1
        • BB1: 25 chest presses & hold above head until relieved
        • BB2: sprint down to tree on right (.25/mile) & execute 5 squats –> sprint back and recover BB1
        • After both BBs complete 50 chest presses each = hold plank @ rock pile
      • Between R1 & R2: 20 SSHs led by called upon PAX member by Q
      • R2
        • BB1: 20 curls & hold in bent over row position until relieved
        • BB2: sprint down to tree on right (.25/mile) & execute 4 merkins –> sprint back and recover BB1
        • After both BBs complete 50 curls each = hold plank @ rock pile
    • Drop rocks –> 2 lines mosey
    • Peel = 2 men out front peel around and to the back of the PAX and call out for the next men to peel when they get back in formation (think reverse American Indian Run)
  • Pause at rock overlooking the new fields/river/mountains
    • Covered by fog/gloom
    • Q said mini-BOM: You can’t see it now but there are beautiful mountains in view and the river and the park when it is clear. But the gloom is preventing you to see this right now. Take this metaphor into your life. Do you trust Him that they’ll still be there when the gloom clears in your life? Even though you can’t physically see it right now, it’s there, more importantly, HE is there, do you trust that this week?
  • Mosey down to curved path leading into the parking lot across from AO
    • 7 light poles
    • With your battle buddy, alternate between BBS (battle buddy situps) & flutter kicks every light pole
    • On flutter kick poles –> Q appointed a member of PAX to lead the cadence
    • 10 BBSs/pole & 20 flutter kicks/pole
  • Back Home @ the AO
    • Motto cadence call led by QIC
  • 12 Man-Makers (8-count Merkins)

Heavy breathing
43 HIM came out and crushed the Monday gloom (2 FNGs included)
1) Know that you are fully equipped and capable of whatever mission the Lord tasks you with this week. Know your mission and that where he sends you this week, there you’ll be.

2) Don’t be afraid to Wagon-Wheel this week. I’m not good at it. My pride gets in the way. A key component of wagon-wheeling is dying to yourself and your own ambitions or work so that you can go back and bring those falling behind out of the gloom. Don’ the afraid to wagon-wheel this week – to be that voice of encouragement that circles back around to speak life into those that may have/are falling behind or that you’ve noticed need to be encouraged. When people see the F3 logo – that means something. The commitment to pursuing the Lord as HIM, as well as to each other is vital to the nature of F3.
G-6 gave me encouragement this morning before things got kicked off – I always get nervous about my BOM because I don’t want to word vomit or get in my own way of sharing what God’s put on my heart/letting my words be far and His words be here & clear. G-6 gave me encouragement that went something like: God will put on your heart what he wants you to say/communicate when the time comes. That is important. And meant a lot. Because that means that we don’t have to worry or stress about saying the right thing or focus on how we sound – God’s got it already taken care of and He will put on our hearts what he wants us to say. A prayer I’ve been working on (and off unfortunately) for some time has gone something like this and when I remember to say it – man it hits home.

Lord, give me eyes to see like you, ears to hear your truth, lips to speak life, hands and feet to go and serve where you call me, and a heart to love like you.

Kinda just puts it in perspective of how much we need God to come into our everyday being and let the Holy Spirit allow us to be purpose-driven High Impact Men in everything we say and do.

Prayer Request from G-6: Lunch $’s (Jay Cobble) father died last night – keep their family in your prayers please.

The Route 66 to Everest

THE SCENE: A warm, humid, and classic Knoxville, TN morning. Mid 70’s.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self.
SSH x20 IC
Cherry Pickers x 10 IC
BBS x 10 IC
Baby arm circles x 10 IC
This morning we took a few trips down Route 66.  PAX were instructed to partner up with someone that they did not know prior to joining F3.
The new park path beside where we park was the starting point for Route 66. Starting at given light pole, there were 10 more light poles up the hill. We started at light pole 1 and did 1 rep of an exercise..then ran to light pole 2 and did 2 reps..etc. until pole 11. Total reps for one circuit = 66.  PAX were also given a discussion assignment for each circuit in order to get to know their partner a little better.
Circuit 1:  Exercise = burpees; discussion = first car
Circuit 2:  Exercise =BBSU; discussion=favorite movie
Jog to different part of trail across parking lots at top of hill and did circuit’s 3 & 4 Route 66 style.
Circuit 3:  Exercise = jump squats; discussion = favorite local restaurant
Circuit 4:  Exercise = merkins; discussion = favorite vacation
After 4th circuit, PAX mosey to bottom of Everest. Sprint to the top of the hill to grab an infamous rock from the rock pile.
Few workouts with the rock (squats & shoulder press IC).
Mosey back to AO and finished with 1 set of starfish crunch abs IC while 6 caught up.
33 PAX (2 FNG): Pringle, Dugger, Big Mac, Worm, Cheat Sheet, Casper, Walkabout, Pac Man, Moneybags, Code Brown, Fabio, Cosmo, Carney, Cat Gut, Ribbed, Bunny, Hot Tub, Umbro, Compost, Dilbert, Repeat, Charmin, Quickbooks, Lights Out, Slim Shady, Possum, Enus, Pusher, Pluto, Guano, Gremlin (FNG), Flopper (FNG), Edit (QIC).
We talk an awful lot about being authentic, real, genuine, etc. But what does that look like? How do we take action in our every day routine of life and live that out with our neighbors, co-workers, friends, and spouse?
The answer is simple really. Take interest in those who around you. Talking with your battle buddy about your first car, favorite movie, restaurant, and vacation was no accident. Of all the conversations from Wednesday morning, why do I remember that Charmin’s first car was a ’83 Subaru 4 door hatchback, and Repeat’s favorite restaurant is Seasons?
When we change up things that are normal, like working out, sweating, breathing hard, not talking, and substitute it with genuine conversation, we remember. It’s novelty. It sticks out like a sore thumb!
Use that model for your every day conversations with the lady in the drive thru window, cashier at the gas station, waitress at lunch, your wife when you get home, your parents when they call you. Take interest in their interests. Instead of “how was your day?” how about.. “What was the most exciting thing that happened to you today?”
When we take interest, we invest in relationships, and life becomes that much more rich.
Prayers were requested and lifted up for Slide Rule’s mother passing and family. Please lift them up in this time of transition with peace, love, and comfort.
Make sure you add your miles to the July challenge! Rep it hard from the Asylum.