F3 Knoxville

eleven PAX doing elevens

THE SCENE: 45* – getting back to nice weather

Tempo lunge x10 IC
Merkins x10 IC
Windmills x8 IC
Burpees x5 OYO
SSH x20 IC

Mosey out of start point to amphitheater.  Assemble in front of stage for some super sets.  Do first three exercises in a row, OYO, with no rest in between.  Plank on stage and wait for everyone to finish.  Then back to the front of the stage for the next three exercises.  As quickly as possibly OYO and plank waiting for everyone to finish.

  • Left leg step ups x11
  • Right leg step ups x11
  • Box jumps x11

Plank and wait for everyone to finish, then straight into:

  • Derkins x11
  • Dips x11
  • Merkins x11

Plank and wait until last man finished.  Back at it and repeat all six exercises in the same fashion.  Recover and 10 count.  No mosey to the next routine, stay at the amphitheater stage for Super 11’s (11 seems to be the number of the day).  Perform 11 BBSU’s, run the stairs to the top, perform 11 pull ups on rails.  Return to the bottom and go from 10 to 1 reps on both exercises.  When finished, plank it up on the stage. Recover and 10 count.

Mosey back past the start point to the front of L&N Stem Academy.  Everyone grab a rock (or two if they want some fun).  Rock exercises as follows:

  • Curls x30 and rest with rock pressed overhead
  • Squats x30 with rock pressed overhead
  • Curls x30 and rest with rock pressed again overhead
  • Arms straight out, rock lifts x30
  • Overhead press x30
  • Curls x30
  • Situps x30 with rock pressed overhead

Mosey back to start point.

Had about three minutes left upon arrival, and Q only had one thing left to do.  Boat/Canoe.  After a few iterations of plain holds, 5 on 4 count flutter kicks while in canoe, then 5 on a 4 count OH claps in canoe.  A few more iterations of regular holds.  30 seconds left Q told PAX all we had was 30 seconds, and to hold canoe for that long or until they had to drop.
11 Strong, including one flying headlock who departed early: Mark (FEH), Swanson, G6, Bareback, Cowbell, The Voice, Rousey, Half Caf, Amazon, Pfeiffer, Abort
I’ve kind of had a recurring theme in my word, which is struggling with failure.  Constantly worrying about failing at my job, failing as a friend, failing as a future spouse and father.  Then I read things that say if you’re not failing at something then you’re not trying hard enough or trying new things and that failure is the best way to learn.  So failure is always there, be it good or bad.  However I came across a quote which really struck me, so I decided to share it.  From Francis Chan:


surf and turf ruck

THE SCENE: 52* and rainy, great day to build some character

Gear inspection and move out, no warm up here.  Gear included: all ruckers with rucks at challenge weight + water, one 60 pound sandbag (Irene), one 80 pound sandbag (Black Betty).  Ruck up and move to Emerald Youth soccer fields.

Quick warm up there:
Tempo squats
BAC forward
Chinooks (or Sudokus)

Workout began with pushup and situp test from APFT/Heavy PT test.  Partner up and hold each other’s feet, then fist on the ground for pushups while partner performs 2 minutes max pushups and 2 minutes max situps.  PAX to try to remember and see how they improve after 2 month winter challenge from Charity Challenges.

Next was to dine on some surf and turf, stolen from Brickyard workout A-Rod posted last week.

  • 100 yard bear crawl
  • Take a break with 5 rounds of Amazon complex with 60 pound sandbag
  • 100 yard crab walk (this was funnnn)
  • Another break with 5 more rounds of Amazon complex (burpee over bag, strict curl, clean, squat, press toss to next man)

Ruck up and move back towards start point.

Once back at start point for false finish, take sandbags off shoulders and hold them in front for some extra distance carries.  Basically walking and kicking the sandbag while smoking already toasty shoulders.  Trade out sandbags at even intervals.

No time for Mary, which was nice since it was soaking wet (though we already were too).

4 weirdos: Swanson, Pfeiffer, Amazon, Abort

Get started and see how far you go

THE SCENE: 30* but little wind, ready to go

Even/odd static stretches for 20 count: middle, left, right
BAC forward and reverse
Tempo lunge
Mosey out of SP and over to the amphitheater, stopping in front of the stage.

  • 10 Bulgarian split squats (10 each leg)
  • Sprint the stairs, mosey back down to the stage
  • 10 calf raises on stairs

Repeato with 15 reps

Mosey further to the parking lot behind the Min Kao building on UT campus for Charles Bronson.  Three cones set up, with 5 exercises at first cone.  Perform exercise, sprint to second cone, bear crawl to the third cone, mosey back and move to next exercise.  Repeat for each exercise.

  • 50 SSH on 4 count
  • 50 Merkins
  • 50 Burpees (yup)
  • 50 Big boy sit ups
  • 50 Jump squats

Mosey back to amphitheater, need to balance out the leg work with some upper body.  15 decline merkins, 15 regular merkins, 15 incline merkins all done in succession with no rest.

Mosey back to start point for Mary.

Flutter kicks
Heals to heaven
Feet elevated crunches
Boat canoe flutters led by Pfeiffer
10 Strong: Pfeiffer, Rusty, SiPad, Pullups, Amazon, Half Caff, Ivy, G6, Swanson, Abort
I’ve noticed on weekends that I am either extremely lazy or extremely productive, and usually nowhere in between.  I either just lay around and never get started doing anything or once I get started it just leads to staying busy.  The latter was yesterday, and it simply started with doing laundry early.  Then I painted something I had put off for months.  I fixed a broken section of fence that has needed attention for at least a month.  Cleaned up the utility room.  Found clothes to donate….I just encouraged men to get started with something and see how far it takes them to accomplish other things as well.

Keep Rick (G6’s son) and Blake (Scope’s father) in our prayers as they both have surgeries upcoming.
Hardship Hill teams need to form up soon!!

testing out the 1-2 step up

THE SCENE: 39* which was a heat wave after Monday and Tuesday

Gear inspection and quick warm up
  • BAC forward and reverse
  • Tempo squats
  • 8 count bodybuilders
Gear up and move out. Head to UT amphitheater by library. 4 PAX with rucks, two additional 60 pound sandbags. Rotate bags as needed until reaching amphitheater.
Two count of one arm ruck overhead squats, then step up to next level of amphitheater. Continue to the top.
2 derkin at each level, bear crawl going down (hence forth known as the controlled fall).
Two rounds, switch arm for ruck overhead going up. Same two count controlled fall going down. THIS WAS HARD.
Bucket list style, mule run. One man farmer carries both 60 bags about 20 yards and back. Upon return, next man takes turn and the group moves to next exercise.
  • Curls
  • Flutters
  • 8 counts
  • Thrusters
  • Sit ups
  • Overhead over and back
  • Merkins
  • Ruck OH squats

Went two rounds of this, bumping order. Ruck up and head back to start point, climbing stairs at The Hill and Pfeiffer finding another solid mountain to ruck up. (A Rod once said if you have a choice to go over or around a mountain, you always go over).

Cash out with Amazon complex. Burpee on top on sandbag -> strict curl -> clean -> squat -> press throw to next person in the circle. 5 reps for each man.

4 weirdos: Fast n Easy, Pfeiffer, Swanson, Abort

re-building bridges

THE SCENE: 45* and the rain held off

Shoulder taps IC
Six count squats IC
Peter Parkers IC
Bench step ups OYO
Mosey out of start point toward Big Ball, pass it up and stop just short of crossing Cumberland Avenue. Everyone on their 6 for big boy sit up ring of fire.  Everyone holds iron cross position, going around the circle one man does 5 BBSUs and resumes iron cross, moving to next person in circle.  Recover, and cross over Cumberland Avenue and mosey over to church parking lot beside Henley Street Bridge.

PAX instructed to grab a big rock and pair up, and after doing so have to choose someone else (pair up with someone you don’t usually pick).  Partner A duck walks with rock to cone, sets rock down and sprints to the end of the parking lot and back to their rock, and duck walks back to their partner.  Partner B performs as many reps as possible of the following exercises (does AMRAP and switches to next exercise after taking turn running):

  • Curls
  • Toes to knees (deadlift)
  • Overhead over and back
  • Bent over row

Recover and 10 count.  Short mosey to the incline parking lot just below church lot.  Spread out for round the clock exercises.  Starting at the 12 o’clock position (head uphill with feet downhill), perform 10 hand release merkins and 15 squats, then plank waiting for everyone else to finish the hour.  Turn and do 10/15 at the 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 positions.  Then start at midnight and turn back time, going backwards and doing another round.

Recover and 10 count. Another short mosey to the nice steep hill for Super 11’s.  Start at bottom of hill, run to the top and do 11 flutter kicks on 4 count, return to the bottom for 11 American hammers on 4 count.  Run to the top for 10 flutters, back down for 10 hammers.  Continue through routine until we’re all exhausted.

Recover and mosey back to start point.

Box cutters IC
Edward scissor legs IC
8 strong: Pfeiffer, Scope, Quarantine, Midas, Careless, Magic Mike, Reverb, Abort
Took the Q on this day because it was one of my best friend’s birthdays, who unfortunately I haven’t spoken to since last year on his birthday.  I have no idea why, but we don’t speak any more.  I could blame pride and stubbornness for this, but whatever the reason may be, it is not a trait of a HIM.  I encouraged the PAX to think of a relationship that has either been damaged, or even just fallen to the wayside and reach out to that person and see if you can reconnect.