F3 Knoxville

High Fidelity

THE SCENE: Clear and Comfortable

Baby Arm Circles Forward and Backward x10 IC
4 Rounds of 26 reps (Civilian Cadence Count) of: Merkins , Flutters (13 x 4 IC), Squats, Mt Climbers. Inidian Run by the PAX around the track in between each round.

Sandbag Carry:

-Each member of the PAX had their turn carrying an 80# sandbag around the parking lot loop by the “splash pad” while one person carried it the other PAX members held 10 second squat then did 10 reps of squats/monkey humpers sprinted to the other end of the parking lot and held variations of plank for 10 seconds followed by 10 merkins.

PAX went to playground and did dead hangs for 30 seconds, followed by 13, 4 ct American Hammers IC, dead hangs for 40 seconds followed by 13, 4 ct Hello Dolly IC, finished up by a 42 second dead hang (In honor of Belding) and 13 BBS OYO

ATM cash out and boat/canoe
Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!
Start your week off right by attacking the day with fidelity. Do not slack off to begin the week. This Monday is a precious gift from our Lord.
Remember our city and our own prayer requests and needs of our brothers.
Hardship Hill

Feeling Gumpish!

THE SCENE: Dark and splendid!

19 SSH’s
This workout was all about getting distance!  Every exercise was performed moving forward 20 yards then medium sprint around the track, those that arrived back quickly would go back to get the 6!

☆ Bear Crawls

☆ Baby Arm Circle

☆ Imperial Walkers

☆ Broad Jumps

☆ High Skips

☆ Duck Walk

☆ Backwards sprint

☆ Butt Kickers

☆ High Knees

After completing our 5k, we all had fun at the playground.  We split into 2 groups.  Group 1 Crab Walked around the playground while Group 2 did Pullups, BBS, or Stepups OYO.  Then switched, we completed 2 rounds!

20 LBC OYO, then roll over to high plank and hold for 20, then low plank for 20, then 10 Merkins. 2 rounds as well!
Also had Schnitzel visiting from Hilton Head!

Life is constantly moving forward and continually speeding up.  Make sure to do your best to slow down and make memories.  I have been overwhelmed with work and have not made time for my family & friends like I should.  However, I needed to work until dark on Tuesday and instead dropped everything and took the family to the TN Baseball game.  I knew deep down later in life I would not regret getting those extra 4 hours of work in, but I knew that I would regret not making wonderful memories with my family…
I must say it is a small world after all!  Too cool that Schnitzel was at my Q.  Last Summer, I was on vacation in Hilton Head and worked out with F3 there on a Saturday and was invited to the 2nd F on the following Sunday.  Their 2nd F was taking 5 or 6 boats to a sand bar with family and friends gathered for some phenomenal fellowship.  This is where I met Schnitzel and his son as we talked on the boat ride over and on the way back.  He had let me dig into his cooler of wings too!  Get out there and make memories!
We prayed for Knoxville and its youth, we also prayed for a high school and college friend that was missing for 24hours that suffers from Huntington’s disease.  He has been located and is ok!  Thank you for the prayers!


THE SCENE:  60s and almost too nice

Merkins x30, Air Squats x30, 6inch LBCs x30, Burpees x10, MCs x30, Merkins x30, SSH x30, Flutter Kicks x30,  Burpees x10, Monkey Humpers x30, Merkins x30, Smurf Jacks x30, Pickle Pounders x30, Burpees x10, Freddy M’s x30, Merkins x30, Jump Squats x30, Hello Dollies x30, Burpees x10, Merkins x25.

Once nice and loose, .mosey to soccer field for grinder.  PAX performed exercises at each end of field, running to and from continuously while one PAX performs farmer’s carry with two CMUs around entire field.  (Everyone got to do the carry once).  Exercises:

  • Hold Squat 10 sec, do 10 Squats
  • Run to other side
  • Hold 6inch Merkin 10 sec, do 10 Merkins
  • Run back to Start
  • (Repeat at 20 sec, 20 reps and 30 sec, 30 reps)
  • Start over at 10 sec, 10 reps when complete.

Mosey to Playground – find a place to hang.  Body Hang on bar x30 Sec, drop and perform Flutter kicks x30; Hang 30 sec, Hello Dollies x30; Hang 20 sec, MCs x30; Hang 20 sec.  Burpees x 21 for UNC Charlotte hero who gave his life to save others.
10 Strong
As men, we were created to work.  Since God tasked Adam to tend the Garden of Eden this has been our purpose.  Proverbs 24 reminds us of the pitfalls of laziness.  We can drum up all kinds of excuses as to why those dishes can wait or the laundry can hold off or why you just need a few more hours sleep.  Sleep is blessing, a gift from God but not something we should value so much we live for it, or idolize it. Work hard at everything you do!
HH and other get-togethers coming up. Stay tuned in to Groupme.

Side of Backen please

THE SCENE: Low 50s , great weather !



Bac x 10 each way ic

tempo squats x10 ic

lunge around the world x 4

tempo merkin x 10

alternating superman x 20 ic

KRAKEN with a side of BACKEN

  • 8 cones spread out over .37 mile loop. Each cone has an exercise to do
  • Once you complete first cone exercise , pax line up and Indian run the loop and advance to the next cone and do that exercise
  • pax stayed together and Indian ran each lap.
  • Every time you run by the playground , pull off to the side and do 5 pull ups at the playground
  • Total of 40 pull ups were completed
  • Exercises were , merkins, LBC, lunges , dry docks, power T flutters ,alternating Superman’s , monkey humpers, bodybuilders
  • total of 8 laps, 2.5 miles

Side tri ride x 5 each side

not so lazy boys then while being lazy , we changed the channel and watched 007, James. Bond
12 pax crushed it !

I have read this before but always good to share . And, thanks to Cap’n Crunch for sharing this with me !

“A band of brothers, in the sense that we use the words in this book, is not a meeting, a club, a therapy group, or a self-help society. It is the group of men we do life with. It is the team of brothers committed with us to the cause of great manhood. It is the band of men with whom we build a manly culture of inspiration and achievement.” – Stephen Mansfield, “Building Your Band of Brothers”

As we start new AOs , let’s band together like brothers and spread the love and be the leaders we were meant to be.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.


THE SCENE: Sunny and nice, temps in 50’s

20 Side Straddle Hops, 15 second squat, 15 Mountain Climbers, 30 second squat, 10 Windmills, 45 second squat, 10 Cherry Pickers, 60 second squat, Little of This and Little of That.  Split into three groups and Mosey to workout stations.  In each station we will work out for 15 minutes.  After workout out at the three stations we will meet back at AO.

STATION 1 (at parking lot near entrance of northern ball fields)
There will be bricks on ground at Corner 1 and CMU’s on ground at Corner 3.
We will circle the parking lot counter clockwise, stopping at each corner to do the listed exercises.  We will circle the lot three times, doing the series of exercises as we go.
  • Corner 1:  With brick in each hand do:  1. 25 Wings Out  2.  25 Wings Up  3.  25 Wings down.  Bernie Sanders to Cone 2 after each listed exercise.
  • Corner 2:  1.  20 Merkins  2.  20 Dive Bombers 3.  20 Carolina Drydocks.  Bear Crawl to Corner 3 after each exercise.
  • Corner 3:  With CMU do:  1.  25 Overhead Presses  2.  25 Curls  3.  25 Rows.  Sprint to Corner 4 after each exercise.
  • Corner 4:  1.  20 American Hammers (4 count)  2.  20 Box Cutters   3.  20 Flutter Kicks (4 count).  Lunge to Corner 1 after each exercise.

STATION 2 (on north side of parking lot with nice restroom and across street from northern ballfields)

Picket’s charge w 3 Burpees at every cone
Circle Burp: grab a baby and take turns leading cadence with curls until saying “Go” and do two Burpees all around circle, repeat w Triceps
Give and Take: choose a battle buddy, plank across from each other. Take turns taking bricks off CMU and replace until time is up bout 1-2 minutes.
Merkin Suicides: run to cone do 10 merkins suicide style

Station 3 (in parking lot by southern ball fields)

On one end you will do an exercise than run to the other end and continue that exercise until the Six arrives.  Modification is leave early on the run.

Strength and Conditioning Side:

Exercise 1     20 – Merkins

Exercise 2     20 – 4 Count Side Straddle Hop

Exercise 3     20 – Squats

Exercise 4     20 – Carolina Dry Docks

Exercise 5     5 – Burpees

Exercise 6     3 – Yoga – Plank – Downward Dog – Upward Dog You will need to call it out.

Ab Side:

Exercise 1     20 – IC 4 Count LBCs

Exercise 2     20 – IC Holly Dolly

Exercise 3     20 – IC Plank Jacks

Exercise 4     20 – On your own Shoulder taps  shoulder

Exercise 5     20 – On my Up – Big Boy Sit Ups

Exercise 6     20 – IC 4 Count – American Hammers IC

50 Baby Crunches, 25 Sit-ups
43 men with one FNG, Jeremy Cameron whom we dubbed “MIB”
We all must suffer.  That will be the theme of today’s 3rd F.  It helps to remain optimistic in the face of suffering.

Pfeiffer is gonna be a daddy this week!

3rd F at Outlook immediately following this workout!