F3 Knoxville

Monday at Big Ball – Hightower (The Capitol) on Q

Hightower (The Capitol) On Q


Couple of Rickie Bobby Laps around field, then circled up to stretch & continue warm-up.

30 cadence count SSH, Hill Billies, Good morning, Baby arm circles forward & reverse, downward dog and cobra stretches, ending with Mountain Climbers.


  • Explained the Sept 11 stair climb challenge, 110 stories which was the height of World Trade Center tower.
  • Mosey over to World Fair steps for partner BOMBS.
  • Partner 1 runs to top is steps, does 2 Burpees, then runs back down. While partner 2 does exercises.
    • Overhead arm claps
    • Merkins
    • Big Boy sit-ups
    • Squats
  • Each pair performs 150 reps of each, while partners trade off running steps/burpees.
    Active recovery of wall sits, while passing ruck back & forth twice.
    Finally jog back to fountain area to start Mary.


Explained to group to Ring of Fire Mary, each PAX select their own Core exercise then led the group.


Pfeiffer, Drivethru, PDA, Swanson, Hellbender, Jenner, Postman, Petey, Bilco
& HT


Grateful for F3 for what it’s provided to my life. I joined with F3 in Churham, NC, then we moved up to DC in early 2018. At that point F3 did not exist in DC, but there was a small group trying to get it started. Once I joined that group, I had instant friends for support. F3 became live in DC the summer of 2018, and we now have 9 AOs running 7 days a week.

If you’re ever traveling up in DC or northern VA, please hit me up. Would love for you guys to post with us, before Covid we’d have weekly DR PAX posting from all over the country.

Very grateful to post with you guys, to learn more about Knoxville and to see the sunrise over downtown. Truly Amazing, very grateful.

Pfeiffer ended with a group prayer.


Turn Up the Volume

THE SCENE: Perfect morning. High 70s

1. Shoulder circuit (no rest):
– 15 manly arm rotations forward + backward
– 15 Moroccan night clubs
– 15 shoulder taps
– 15 OH claps
– 15 shoulder taps
– 15 Moroccan’s
– 15 manly arm rotations backward + forward
2. ATM’s
3. Cobra Merkins
4. Little bit of…
5. Tempo Squats

Mosey to rock pile by L&N and grab paver coupon

Head toward amphitheater, but while walking:

  • 25 curls, 25 OH tricep extensions, 25 OH presses, 10 walking lunges
  • 20, 20, 20, 10
  • 15, 15, 15, 10
  • 10, 10, 10, 10
  • 5, 5, 5

Volume circuit on stage:

  • 50 curls, 50 OH triceps, 50 OH presses, 50 merkins, run stairs, 50 inverted rows
  • 40, 40, 40, 40, stairs, 40
  • 30, 30, 30, 30, stairs, 30
  • 20, 20, 20, 20, stairs, 20
  • 10, 10, 10, 10, stairs, 10

Additional final set of 10 curls, 10 tris, 10 presses, 10 burpees, stairs, 10 rows while waiting on others to finish

Mosey back to AO to return rock

Simple and painful

No time. Finished right at 6:15
11 PAX. No FNGs
Echoed Pfeiffer’s word from Saturday. Don’t be a scumbag. Be a great person and don’t surround yourself with negative people.
Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.


THE SCENE: Insert info about the weather, etc.


  • Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith
  • My name is Steam and I’ll be your Q this morning
  • Thanks for being out here this rainy morning
  • Few things before we begin:
    • I’m not a professional
    • You’re here on your own volition – you’re here on purpose.
    • I don’t know any injuries you may or may not have, so if you need to modify anything we do this morning feel free to do so BUT PUSH YOURSELVES AND THE MEN AROUND YOU. They deserve it and so do you.
    • Any FNGs?


  • SSH: 30 x 1
    • Merkin: 15 x 1
    • Squat: 15 x 1
  • SSH: 30 x 1
    • Rockette: 15 x 1
    • Imperial Walkers: 15 x 1
  • SSH: 30 x 1


(Not Raining – WFP Amphitheater)

[ Downgrade ]

  • Run to top of Amp
    • 30 Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups
  • Run around to the stage
    • 25 incline merkins
  • Run to top of Amp
    • 20 Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups
  • Run around to the stage
    • 15 incline merkins
  • Run to top of Amp
    • 10 Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups
  • Run around to stage
    • 5 incline merkins
  • Recover on stage

***Starts pouring outside***

[ 30 On/10 off ]

  • 30 down/up incline merkins on the stage
    • 10 seconds of rest
  • Rinse & Repeat 3x

(Mosey out in the rain underneath the bridge)

[ It Pays To Be A Winner Part 1 ]

  • 2 teams against each of the 2 walls under the bridge
  • Teams bear crawl to the ruck in the middle – execute 1 burpee – bear crawl back
  • Rinse and repeat adding 1 burpee every time until you complete 5 burpees
  • 1st team done picks the exercise the losing team does in the rain
    • 30 Big Boy Sit-Ups in the rain (both teams do it)

(Mosey in the rain to the other side of the bridge)

  • 2 teams form up – 1 on the wall – 1 on the curb
  • Wall Team: 10 5 Second Squat Slaps
    • Drop down to a wall squat
    • hold for 5 seconds
    • slap the ground
    • back up = 1
  • Curb Team: 10 dips + rotating forearms
    • 10 dips
    • hold the dip position
    • rotate arms and palms from front to back until the other team is done
  • Rinse and Repeat 2x

(Mosey right out of from under the bridge to the water facing the WFP field

  • Men are on their backs on the concrete slab where the water is, head hanging over (water was low), feet extended
  • 30 x 4 flutter kicks in cadence

(Mosey back to the AO)


Double Quarter Pounder

  • 4 core Xs – all 25 reps on a 4 count
    • Flutter Kicks
    • LBCs
    • Cockroaches
    • Box Cutters
  • Finish off with 30 1-count SSHs and 2 good burpees from every man


13 PAX – No FNGs



  • “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke


Make It Count

THE SCENE: Cool, calm and collected

SSH IC x 20

Tempo Squats x 10

Manly Arm Circles IC x 10 forward and backwards

Tempo Merkins x 8

Tempo Lunges x 5 each side

Mountain Climbers IC x 10
1) Ran to get a coupon, then walking lunges x 50 yards (approx)

2) 20-15-10

  • Run a set of stairs at Big Ball
  • 20 Hand Release Merkins
  • 20 Squat Press with Coupon
  • 20 Mountain Jumpers
  • Run 2 sets of stairs at Big Ball
  • 15 Hand Release Merkins
  • 15 Squat Press with Coupon
  • 15 Mountain Jumpers
  • Run 3 sets of stairs at Big Ball
  • 10 Hand Release Merkins
  • 10 Squat Press with Coupon
  • 10 Mountain Jumpers

3) Make It Count

Broad Jump approx 25 yards and count how many jumps it takes.  That number is used for the circuit

  • Squat 3x your number
  • Squat Jump 2x your number
  • Step Jumps x your number
  • Run a lap


Told a little about my story of my volunteer trip to Guatemala to build schools in 2014.  The big thing I noticed was that the community there had very little.  Very little clean water, not much food, cramped living conditions, rundown classrooms, etc.  But what they did have was gratitude, smiles, kindness and community.  They made us volunteers feel appreciated.  Like we were rockstars.  They treated us like friends.  Over in the U.S. we often don’t have that.  We have complaining and fighting and negativity.  Remember all that you do have to be grateful for.  Be neighborly and be kind to people.  Smile and say hello.


THE SCENE: 55* dry and perfect

Tempo squats x10
Static stretches left/right/middle x20 secs each
Shoulder taps x15
Four count merkins (hand release) x12
SSH x10
Mosey out of the fountains toward the lots where we park, past The Foundry and across the railroad tracks to Preacher’s parking lot (The International).  Five cone set up, about 10 yards apart for reverse suicide ladder.  PAX line up across the parking lot, run to the furthest cone and perform exercise.  Run back to the start line.  PAX then run to the furthest cone, repeat that exercise, and add the next cone and exercise on the way back, eventually knocking out all 5 exercises.

  • Four count merkins (hand release) x10
  • Jump squats x10
  • Burpees x10
  • LBCs x20
  • SSH x30

Each PAX grabs two rocks from the pile right beside our starting point.  OYO, then hold both rocks overhead when finished.

  • Lateral raises x20
  • Curls x20
  • Up and outs x20

Sprint out to the furthest cone and return to your rocks for another round, this time 10 reps of each.  Return rocks and mosey back across railroad tracks to the parking lot across from The Foundry for Lt. Dan’s Revenge. Starting with 2 squats and 4 lunges, then run up the short hill and knock out 5 merkins, return back to bottom of hill.  Repeat, increasing to 4 squats 8 lunges, 6/12, 8/16, 10/20 all with 5 merkins at the top of the hill before running back.

Quick mosey back to start point

American hammers x20
Box cutters x10
10 strong: Passport, Steam, Swanson, Magic Mic, Cornhole, Petey (WELCOME BACK), G6, Half Dome, Postman, Abort
From Ozark, Jacob Snell: “Ill humor in the morning brings about a darkened day.”  I know that I have been struggling lately at work, and I really thing it is because I’ve not been able to work out as much.  When I get up, I have extra time and look at the news or social media, which is inevitably something negative.  I think it’s pretty obvious that it sets the wrong tone for the day and its hard to climb out of that hole dug so early.

But when I come and work out, I’m listening to people talk about doing things with their kids, or seeing faces for the first time in a while and without them knowing it, they have pointed me in the right direction for the day.  That positivity just in words, that goes along with having done some exercise, prevents a darkened day.
Morristown launch June 6th!