F3 Knoxville

always have choices

THE SCENE: 31* and clear, definitely welcome when the forecast was mid-20s

Sumo Squat x10 IC
SSH x10 IC
Wide merkins x10 IC
SSH x10 IC
Shoulder taps x10 IC
Mosey out of start point to base of the big ball.  Lots of chalk on the ground, two rounds of exercises each with a separate cash in.  Perform cash in exercise before each listed exercise, perform listed exercise, then have the choice to run the big ball stairs up and down twice, or run to the amphitheater stage and back one.  One option is shorter but stairs, the other option is longer distance but flat.  Repeat cash in and move to next exercise in the list and take your choice again. Round One cash in exercise is 10 merkins, exercises as follows:

  • 25 Iron Mikes (left/right 1)
  • 25 Big boy sit ups
  • 25 Overhead claps on 4-ct
  • 25 Calf raises on stairs on 4-ct
  • 10 Eight count body builders

Ab exercises until everyone finishes Round 1. Round 2 is very similar, except the finishing exercise you can run the stairs twice, run to the stage, or you can do 10 pull ups on the Big Ball.  Same format, cash in, perform exercise from the list, run or pull ups.  Cash in exercise is 10 big boy sit ups, exercises as follows:

  • 15 Jump squats
  • 15 Shoulder taps in plank on 4-ct
  • 20 Carolina dry docks
  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Sit up ups

Mosey back to start point.

No time for Mary, fortunately got some core work during workout.
Lucky 7 at the BB: G6, Cowbell, Rousey, Passport, Midas, Swanson, Abort
Today’s Q was all about choices.  You always have a choice, you may not think you do or you may not like the choices, but you always have them.  Sometimes people want to remove choices so they can blame circumstances, but that isn’t always the case.  Two quotes about choices:

“If you choose not to decide, still a choice has been made” – Rush
“Attitude is a choice.  Happiness is a choice.  Giving is a choice.  Respect is a choice.  Whatever choice you make, makes you.  Choose wisely.”

Go forth through the day and try to realize you have more control over more things than you want to believe.  Use that to better yourself and those around you by choosing to live with love and patience, kindness and virtue.
Continue prayers for Passport and his back injury, hoping he can avoid surgery; prayers for the Fugate family who lost their son in an auto accident; prayers for our ROTC folks who shared the field with us this morning; prayers for our man SOOT as he prepares to deploy to Kuwait

Read me like a book


  • Imperial walker x10
  • Bat wing
    • BAC forward x20
    • BAC reverse x20
    • OH Claps x20
  • Tempo squat x10
  • 4 count merkin x10
  • SSH


Ascending curb crawl 1-13. Bear crawl from one curb to the other, do 1 merkin. Bear crawl back to the original side, 2 merkins. Continue up to 13 merkins.
Decision time: 5 exercises at 5 different places, PAX choose rep count of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. PAX choose the reps before knowing the exercise, and once they’ve used a number they can’t use it again.
  • Star jumps @ Big Ball (50)
  • Sit ups @ stage (40)
  • Burpees @ fountain (10)
  • Curls with rocks @ L&N (30)
  • SSH @ South end of park (20)

PAX read me like a book, burpees only 10 reps. G6 called it before we ever got there too.

20 sprints. Do 20 of exercise, sprint to the other end of the road and continue reps of said exercise until everyone has made it. Call a new exercise and repeat.
  • Diamond merkins
  • Squats
  • Sit ups
  • Wide merkins
  • Plank jacks
  • Burpees (10)

Flutter kicks x20
Sit ups x20
Box cutters 10
10 Strong (get to keep my beard): G6, Reverb, The Voice, Amazon, Rousey, Passport, Cowbell, Duggar, Swanson, Abort
The Einstellung Effect: the negative aspect of having experience.  We all usually think having experience and even success somewhere is a good thing, and it is.  However, this effect describes the type of confirmation bias that arises from having success at something: you might not consider other options which might be even better or more beneficial.  Challenge to myself and other PAX to not only try to get better at things which they struggle with, but also occasionally take a look at things you do well, and consider that you might have another option.  My personal challenge is to try to find a way to love my family and friends in a better way. AYE!!
Continue to pray for Passport and that hopefully he can avoid another back surgery, for G6’s son Rick who still has a fever following his operation, and for Swanson and his wife and family.

The Stairs to Mordor

THE SCENE: Mid-30s. Cloudy. No sign of Orcs.

SSH x25

Baby Arm Circles (up and down) x15 ea


Merkins x15 OYO
Frodo Run (modified Indian run) with the One Ring (a hula hoop) being held overhead by the PAX in front. Handoff as 6 makes his way up. Run from AO to top of the Stairs to Mordor (back side of the Hill along Estabrook Road up to Middle Drive).

Fly You Fools! – PAX were instructed that anytime they saw a car or anytime they felt like it to shout “Fly you fools!” and everyone would stop to do 10 overhead claps. This happened a few times to and from the AO.

Top of the Stairs to Mordor

  • Partner up for some Dora ladder – 1 partner works out at the top while 1 partner runs down the stairs and back up.
    • 150 LBC
    • 150 Merkins
    • 150 Mountain Climbers
    • 150 Squat Jumps
    • 75 Mountain Climbers
    • 75 Merkins
    • 75 LBCs (cut for time)

Frodo Run back to the AO with some Fly You Fools interspersed en route.

~15 burpees for ~1 minute to close it out.
Reverb, Dinger, Quarantine, The Voice, Cowbell, Passport, Sunshine, Scope, Filter
Quote from Gandalf in the Return of the King – “It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till. What weather they shall have is not ours to rule”.

Be good. Do good. Leave it better than you found it.


Rock piles and cathedrals

THE SCENE: 29 actual temp, 23 feels like temp. Shorts weather!

  • 6 count squat (not tempo)
  • 6 count shoulder tap
  • Merkins on 4 count
  • SSH (varied pace)


“Bro I’m cold” rule in effect for durarion – I call out person when I’m cold and we do 5 burpees. Person I call out must call six count cadence. They then nominate the next person when they’re cold – or want to be a jerk.

Mosey out of SP toward amphitheater. Stop at back part of amphitheater for 10 eight count merkins, 10 jump squats. Sprint the hill and hold squat waiting for the 6. Continue mosey to church parking lot for rock PT.
  • Curls x15
  • Thrusters x10
  • Offset merkins x10
  • 10 meter duck walk and back
  • Overhead squats x 10
  • Overhead press x15
  • Hammers x10 (4ct)
Escalator style. Between each iteration run and touch the church and come back. Pick up next exercise and work back through beginning with curls.
Mosey back to SP.


  • Iron cross IPTBAW. Last man standing picks next exercise and count, calls cadence but only does half the reps. Careless wins, calls out 30 Edward scissor-legs. Like a boss, does them all instead of stopping at 15.
  • Low plank on elbows IPTBAW. Run out of time with most PAX still holding, so we all win.

12 strong, 1 visitor from Charlotte and 1 first time baller from Dog Pound: Reverb, Amazon, Passport, Dingar, Brooks, Duggar, Filter, Careless, Cowbell, Swanson, JPEG, Abort
“A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.”  Go about your day viewing things not the way the are, but the could be if you applied impact to them.
Hardship Hill OCR coming up in May. I want us to have minimum one team, hopefully two. We also will be building an obstacle, details to follow.

Bomb Shelter can have Amy back

THE SCENE: High 30’s and clear – warmed up real quick!
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Yup still not a professional!
25 side straddle hop – 4 count/IC

15 Baby arm circles – forward/backward – 4 count/IC

20 Tempo Squats – 4 count/IC

10 Merkins – OYO

Mosey to Big ball

Lunge/Burpee – 4/4, 4/3, 4/2, 4/1, 4/2, 4/3, 4/4

and then Amy showed up!

50 Squats

  • 10 burpees

lap around convention center loop

40 BBS

  • 10 burpees

lap around convention center loop

30 lunges (Alternating)

  • 10 Burpees

Lap around Convention center loop

20 Merkins

  • 10 burpees

lap around convention center loop

10 bear crawls between enter and outer bollard post of convention enter loop

  • 10 burpees

lap around convention center loop

once complete, we went back up the ladder starting with bear crawls. we do half the reps on the exercises and kept the burpees and lap the same.

boat/canoe for about 45 seconds & that’s all she wrote


Persistence – Nelson Mandela was arrested before he could finish his law degree. He spent 36 of the 37 year he was in prison trying to complete his degree.  Despite many obstacle, he persisted an completed his degree month before he was released from prison after the fall of apartheid government.

This isn’t just another, “keep your resolution post”, this is a persistence post. there are opportunities everyday to give up; Don’t give up! we all want to at time, yet in those moments of weakness we need to press in to the goal or task. We also need to have men around us that can keep us accountable of those goals.
Image result for nelson mandela prison letters
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