F3 Knoxville

The Return to the Gloom

THE SCENE: Thought it was gonna rain – it didn’t. 60s and feeling good. Ruckers finishing up, men gathering up and catching up at the top parking lot used for Asylum Saturday Qs because the normal morning A) lot and parking lot were taped off.


In full disclosure – there was a lot of rust needed to be shaken off by the Q this morning so the disclaimer was basically non-existent…..caught it when we finished, so that’s what counts right?……..

Welcomed the men BACK to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith

    • Dang it’s good to be back

This is going to look a little different than we’re probably used to – but we’re going to adapt and make it work.




  • SSH: 10×4 IC
  • Rockette: 10×4 IC
  • Imperial Walker: 10×4 IC
  • Merkins: 10×4 IC
  • Cherry-Picker: 7×4 IC
  • 3 burpees on your own


Split the PAX into 2 groups of 7 – 1 with Steam and the other with Charmin for 2 different workout locations to be safe. Workouts/exercises written in chalk for both teams

  1. 10 for 10 + 4 Corners + Pyramid 10 for 10

[ 10 for 10 ]

    • 10 light-posts from top parking lot going down to normal AO parking lot 
    • Every light-post = 10 reps of an exercise
      • Merkins
      • Squats
      • Dry Docks
      • LBCs
      • Imperial Walkers
      • Plank-Jacks
      • Burpees
      • American Hammers
      • SSHs
      • Iron Mikes

[ 4 Corners ]

    • 4 corners of normal AO parking lot
    • C1 = 25 incline merkins
    • C2 = 25 squats
    • C3 = 25 line-hops
    • C4 = 25 merkins

[ Pyramid 10 for 10 ]

    • Going back up the same way we came down except:
      • Every light = # of reps that the light is + the previous light’s exercises and reps
        • For light 1 = 1 SSH
        • For light 2 = 1 SSH + 2 Plank Jacks
        • For light 3 = 1 SSH + 2 Plank Jacks + 3 Burpees
        • So and so forth until you get back to the top and end with 10 merkins (start point)

( Both teams get 30 seconds to breathe and recover —> switch missions/workout locations)

  1. Ping Pong + Fab 5 Crosswalk
    • Parking lot just to the left of the Saturday Morning AO parking lot

[ Ping Pong ]

    • Cash-In = 25 SSHs (1 count)
    • Run to 1st light post in the small parking lot
      • 25 incline merkins on curb
    • Duck Walk to 2nd light post in the small parking lot
      • 25 squats (1 count)
    • Bernie Sanders to 3rd lightpost in the small parking lot
      • 25 dips on the curb
    • Bear Crawl to 4th light post in the small parking lot
      • 25 flutter kicks  (4 count)

[ The Fab 5 ]

  • 5 cross-walk lines:
    • 1st = 10 merkins
    • 2nd = 20 squats
    • 3rd = 30 Dry Docks
    • 4th = 40 flutter kicks (2 count)
    • 5th = 50 SSHs (1 count)
  • Run to the middle of the parking lot
    • 5 merkins — straight into 5 dry docks — straight back into 5 merkins — straight into 5 dry docks
  • Cash-Out: 25 SSHs (4 count)

(both groups finish about the same time and recover in the starting parking lot)

  • 2 teams of 7 split up – 1 team in 1 corner of the lot and the other in the opposite corner of the lot
  • 2 teams take turn calling out/leading an exercise for 25 reps either on a 1 count or 4 count — then sprinting to the next corner = around the world
  • 1 around the world later — Q calls to circle up – time to end strong
    • 10×4 flutter kicks
    • 15×4 SSHs


Did the count off/name-o-rama from an extended distance

14 PAX – No FNGs


“Entertain the idea that there’s a possibility that what you’re going through is not about you.”



Luke 22:31-32

“”Simon, Simon, behold, Satan demanded to have you, that he might sift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned again, strengthen your brothers.””

We have been shaken up, we are being shaken up, and we will continue to be shaken up by an enemy who seeks to exhaust us. The devil knows he can’t win, he can’t destroy us or our faith, but he can work tirelessly to exhaust us in our faith, our relationships, our work, our calling and our purpose. But in the process of being shaken up and sifted – we start to let go of things, start to let things fall off that maybe we didn’t realize were on us – start to become more refined and attuned to being men after God’s own heart. 

Entertain the fact that there’s a possibility of what you’re going through is not about you. What if you’re going through this (fill in the bank of something you’re going through) so that you can gain and renew your strength and in turn help someone else through something. Maybe what you’re going through right now has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with how it’s shaping and refining you to further step into kingdom roles as a HIM.

Don’t run or try to fight being shaken by the enemy! Embrace it as a way to test and strengthen yourselves and your faith as HIM so that when the time comes – your strength will be divinely utilized for someone else.

    • “….and when you have turned again, strengthen your brothers.”
    • As He renews your strength and faith and guides you through life – don’t let it just become stagnant —> internalize and externalize that to strengthen a brother/sister/those around you. Sounds pretty similar to “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” IT’S TRUE.

Last thing: As you walk through whatever you’re walking through and go through whatever you’re going through, entertaining the idea that this may have nothing to do with you, also entertain the idea that you, as a High Impact Man, are walking/going through this for a purpose – for such a time as this. 


  • F3 Dad’s Camp coming up later this year – reach out to Gibbler for more info
  • F3 Hike coming up on Saturday, May 16th – look at the event in the main F3 GroupMe – reach out to Steam or Abscess for more info
  • F3 Morristown Launch is BACK ON: Saturday, June 6 – more info to come
  • Prayer Requests
    • Those who are out of a job and/or looking for a job
    • Lillydipper and his family
    • BlueBird’s son – interview today
    • Pac Man’s sister/family – walking through the loss of a loved one
    • Health & Safety of our region and families


THE SCENE: 50 and cloudy

  • SSH x 36
  • Baby arm circle 10
  • 12 burpees
  • Baby arm circle 10
  • 12 burpees
  • Imperial walkers
  • 12 burpees


Stop 1, 3 rounds rounds

  • 12 Froggy Squats
  • 12 BBS’s or LBC’s 4 count
  • 12 Hand Release mericans

Stop 2, 3 rounds rounds

  • 12 Froggy Squats
  • 12 BBS’s or LBC’s 4 count
  • 12 Hand Release mericans

Stop 3,

36 dips

Stop 4, 3 rounds rounds

  • 12 Froggy Squats
  • 12 BBS’s or LBC’s 4 count
  • 12 dry docks

Stop 5, 3 rounds rounds

  • 12 Froggy Squats
  • 12 BBS’s or LBC’s 4 count
  • 12 dry docks



Moby (boat/canoe)When you hear bring sally up do boat, bring sally down do canoe


20/20: God’s Vision For My Life: Day 25 • Devotional


If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I would spend six sharpening my axe.

~ Abraham Lincoln

Raise the roof


Cold and dry (snow clouds brewing overhead)


Did it.


4ct SSH IC x 20; 4ct Tie Fighters IC x 11 (balance the force); 4ct Monkey Humpers x 11; 4ct Grady Corns x 20; Michael Phelps (to loosen up the shoulders for the pain to come); Great mumble chatter… for now.


Inspired by the monthly challenge… CMU Thrust-o-rama = 50 Thrusters OYO/lap around AO/rinse and repeat 3 times; Jump Squats and LBC’s while waiting for 6 (much huffing and puffing ensued/became quiet)

Mosey down to lower parking lot for some Group Therapy… 4ct Merkins IC x 10 (led by @Code Brown) at first corner; mosey to next corner together and completed 4ct Hello Dollies x 10 (led by @Rainbow); mosey to next corner together and completed 4ct SSH x 10 (led by @Fabio); mosey to next corner together and completed 10 Burpees OYO; mosey to cloud together and completed trifecta of 20 x Big Boys/20 x LBC’s/20 x Flutter Kicks; mosey over to Pav-a-lon together and completed combo of 20 x Jump Ups/Step Ups and 10 x Table Rows; Bear Crawled our way together up the hill leading to AO from Pav-a-lon; completed a couple laps around AO with 21-man Indian Run (made certain to put @Cat Gut near the front behind QIC to keep a reasonable starting pace) – @Coolio showing the PAX the perfect “Fox-trot”; circled up at AO for some MARY


Cooled it down with 4ct Hello Dollies x 50-something (led by @Coolio); a healthy dose of Boat Canoes (led by @Cat Gut); 4ct SSH x 20 (led by QIC); knocked out 4 Jack Webbs; and finished with a handful of Cherry Pickers and Groin Stretches


21 HIMs got it done!


Shared scripture that QIC has been meditating on recently in pursuit of “cleaning up my act” by living more intentional in my spiritual life, my emotional/social life, with respect to my physical health, and my financial health. Shared Psalm 127:1 and spoke about the importance of recognizing the Lord must build our “house” or we labor in vain; Reminder we each have various “houses” that we are building – our home life (house), work life (house), church life (house), and private/secret life (house).  Important to inspect these houses and be sure the Lord is the master builder and foundation.

Convergence and Q 101 on Sat, 2/29 at Asylum at 7am; Bring food and drink for Wesley House donations (next week last week to donate)

Raise the Flag

THE SCENE: Cool but definitely shorts weather. No rain #BlessUp


  • Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith
  • Name is Stean and I’ll be your QIC this morning – honored to do so
  • Any FNGs?
  • Knock out a few things before we begin
    • Contrary to popular belief I’m not a professional
    • You’re here on your own volition
    • You know your body better than anyone – if you need to modify anything we do this morning: DO IT.
    • However here’s my challenge to you for the next 45 minutes and the week:
    • When you’re tired and hurting and ready to throw the towel in, remember 2 things: someone is hurting more than you and is more tired than you are & the name of the game is one foot in front of the other. That’s how we get through the next 45 minutes and the next week.



  • SSH: 12×4 IC
  • Bend & Reach: 12×4 IC
  • Imperial Walker: 12×4 IC
    • 2 burpees on your own
  • Windmill: 12×4 IC
    • 2 burpees on your own
  • Baby Arm Circles: 11×4 forward & 11×4 backwards IC



(Mosey to Pavilion)

(Battle buddy up)

[Quarter Pounder]

***Steam showcases his impeccable taste in music – blasting motivational classic rock for all to hear***

  • Pav: 25 battle buddy sit-ups each with the other holding the feet
    • 1 lap around the AO and back to the Pav
  • Pav: 25 1-count battle-buddy merkins (Hand clap)
    • 1 lap around the AO and back to the Pav
  • Pav: Repeat the 1st – 25 BB sit-ups each with the other holding the feet
    • 1 lap around the AO and back to the Pav
  • Pav: Repeat the 2nd – 25 1-count BB merkins (Hand clap)
    • 1 lap around the AO and back to the Pav
  • Recover in the Pav – Wall Sit


[Quarter Pounder Round 2]

  • 4 sides of the table/bench in the Pav
    • Short sides = 25 chin-ups
    • Long side 1 = 25 incline merkins
    • Long side 2 = 25 dips
  • When PAX gets done with 1 side –> hold the squat
  • All PAX execute 12 4-count SSHs together in between each side of the table/bench

(12 count)

(Mosey to the playground)

(Walk to the arches of the playground – getting breathing back in control)

(PAX execute 12×4 squats while waiting on a rival tribe to finish running down the parking lot they’re headed to)

(PAX mosey’s across the street from the playground to the parking lot)


  • sprint down to far end of parking lot
    • Execute 25 squats
  • Sprint back to start point
    • Execute 25×4 down/up merkins
  • Sprint down to end of lot
    • Execute 25 calf raises
  • Sprint back to start point
    • Execute 25×4 SSHs

(12 count)

(PAX mosey to parking lot in front of AO)

(Battle buddy up)


  • Battle buddy teams sprint to the 3 grass buffers alongside the parking lot
  • Grass Buffer 1: 25 x 4 merkins
  • Grass Buffer 2: 25 x 4 squats
  • Grass Buffer 3: 25 x 4 SSHs

(ALL PAX mosey back towards the playground – Q makes the challenge for 1 of the PAX to lead 25 x 4 SSHs at each point of contact going back)

(PAX steps up to the plate and a new HIM leads each new round of 25×4 SSHs

(Mosey back to AO)


With “We Will Rock You” blaring – PAX execute American Hammers & Flutter Kicks to the beat

To end it, Q leads PAX in Motivators (2)


21 PAX – no FNGs


What flag will you raise this week?


  • What flag will you raise this week? Spoiler Alert – things aren’t going to go your way 100% of the time this week. If they do, that is awesome as well. However, the question has to be asked: “What flag will you raise this week when that happens?” A flag of gratitude and glory and blessing? What flag are you unconsciously raising as well?
  • Think about what flags you raise this week – when the going is good and the going is rough. Does the flag you raise make others want to help raise it with you? Is the flag you raise life-giving? Take the high ground this week – and raise the flag of honor and duty and courage and prayer and humility – in the spheres of influence that God has uniquely placed you in.
  • This is just the huddle – the game is out there. Go take the high ground.


Q101/GrowSchool Convergence THIS Saturday at the Asylum (2/29/2020)

  • 7am – 8am: Q101 led 2 of the F3 Knoxville TRUEbadours team (Judge Judy & Absces)
  • 8:10am – 9am (rough estimate): GrowSchool will take the place of coffeteria post-workout at the Chick-fil-A off Kingston Pike close to Lakeshore park (catty-corner from Panera where coffeteria normally is). The TRUEbadour team will lead a GrowSchool – a short time of leadership sharing and wisdom. Think of GrowSchool as an extended BOM/Leadership training.
  • Any questions/more info –> reach out to Steam or Abscess.

The Power of 3…On Monday.

THE SCENE: 40s, cold, dark, character-building.


  • Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith
  • My name is Steam & I’m honored to be your QIC this morning
  • Couple things:
    • I’ll have my phone, water, and a med kit in my ruck throughout the workout just so everyone is aware. If you need to put keys, wallet, or whatever in there, feel free to do it.
    • I’m not a professional (depends who you ask)
    • You’re here on your own volition – thank you for making the choice to be out here.
    • If you need to modify anything we do this morning – do it. BUT push yourself and the men around you. Some people didn’t wake up with breath in their lungs this morning but you did. You did. Make it count.
  • Name of the game this morning = The Power of 3

WARM-O-RAMA: (IC = In Cadence)

  • SSH (Side-Straddle Hop): 10 x 4 IC
  • Baby Arm Circles (Forward): 11 x 4 IC
  • Imperial Squat Walker: 12 x 4 IC
  • Merkin (Down/Up): 10
  • In Cadence Burpee: 5


(mosey to the flagpole down from the AO)

  1. Connect the Dots
  • 3 points of contact: Pavilion – FlagPole – Far Corner of AO
    • Pavilion = Bench pull-ups
    • FlagPole = Man-Makers
    • Far Corner of AO = Jump Squats
  • 3 rounds of this: starting with 3 reps at each point of contact – and increasing 3 reps at each point of contact for the next 2 rounds (3rd and final round = 9 reps at each point of contact)
  • Recover at the flag pole when you’re done –> Flutter Kicks

(Mosey to playground)

(Battle buddy it up)

  • BB1: Incline merkins on bench (3)
  • BB2: Decline merkins on curb outside playground (3)
  • Rinse & Repeat 3x –> adding 3 reps each time

(mosey to parking lot outside of playground)

  • Power of a Curb // Power of 3
    • 10 x 4 Rocky Balboas on the curb IC
    • 10 x 4 incline merkins IC
    • (sprint to a parking space about 20m away)
    • 10 (down/up) merkins
  • Rinse & Repeat 3x
    • HIM are expected to step up and lead. Why? Because you have what it takes. Even when you’re tired. Even when you’re sore. Even when you’re like “Why the hell did I choose to do this this morning?!”
    • Q chooses different members of PAX to lead the next 2 iterations of the Power of a Curb //Power of 3 –> be lead –> lead.

(Mosey to hill outside of AO parking lot)

  • 3 Tree Hill
    • 3 points of contact: Base of hill – middle of hill – top of hill
      • Base of hill = 10 iron mikes (5 each leg // 10 total)
      • Middle of hill = 10 star jacks (1-count)
      • Top of hill = 10 dry docks (1-count)
    • PAX executes 1st round of this – recovers at the base of the hill
    • Q challenges PAX – this IS NOT a dictatorship of the Q. The PAX , the men, honestly the individual decide what exercises to do, how hard to do it, or not to do it at all.
    • Q asks PAX if they want to continue, or do something else (Q did not have anything else planned but could have come up with something hard (Q hoped the men would stay in the fight for just 5 reps more) – adding 5 reps to each point of contact on the hill.
    • PAX voices they want to push/fight on for round 2. Let’s do this.
    • Recover at the Base of the hill.
    • PAX are GASSED. This is not an easy workout.
    • Q challenges the PAX again – makes the ask to kill round 3 together – adding 10 reps to each point of contact.
    • PAX are gassed but still in the fight. Respond to do round 3 on the hill.
    • Q identifies 3 PAX to lead at each point of contact.
    • PAX moves forward up this hill, not leaving anyone behind.
    • Recover at AO.


  • 3 Corners:
    • C1 = 25 x 4 Flutter Kicks
      • Karaoke to C2
    • C2 = 25 x 4 American Hammers (Q called them Boat rowers…made sense in my head lol, didn’t even think of American Hammers)
      • Reverse karaoke to C2
    • C3 = 25 x 4 LBCs
    • Converge in the middle of the parking lot
  • Q identifies 3 HIM to lead at 1 of the 3 corners – PAX choose which corner to go to
  • When each corner is done –> sprint back to the middle and hold the merkin plank –> All PAX execute 5 down/up merkins
  • Rinse & Repeat 3x (Q identifies 3 more PAX each time to lead a corner)


18 PAX – No FNGs


“Then David said to Solomon his son, “Be strong and courageous and do it. Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed, for the Lord God, even my God, is with you. He will not leave you or forsake you, until all the work for the service of the house of the Lord is finished.”” – 1 Chronicles 28:20 (ESV)


Knights of the 21st Century Men’s Ministry

This comes from a daily email I get from The Knights of the 21st Century (check it out ^^). Daily motivation and spiritual guidance for men wanting be men of impact, for their families, their work, and themselves. As a young man, I tend to forget to be strong and brave and have courage – both when and not when the odds are stacked up. I’ve included the email below, take a look and be encouraged men of impact!