F3 Knoxville

Natty Ass Kickers

THE SCENE: Sally Sprinkles in the 70’s

5 Good Morning Abbies, 20 Chinooks IC (B), Cherry Pickers with Back Clap (not slap) IC, 10 (B) Alabama Ass kickers IC
We grabbed our coupons and mozied to the track (the long way) taking two stops along the way to do Bicep Curls w/CMU x 30, mozy…OH Press with CMU x 20, then to the track

Ass Kickers

  • 15 squat thrusters, set CMU down and do 15 8 ct. Man Makers alternating to each side of CMU with a sideway hop.  Follow by running a lap around the track
  • 12 squat thrusters, set CMU down and do 12 8 ct. Man Makers alternating to each side of CMU with a sideway hop.  Follow by side shuffle 200 yds on football field
  • 9 squat thrusters, set CMU down and do 9 8 ct. Man Makers alternating to each side of CMU with a sideway hop.  Follow by Bernies 200 yds on football field
  • 6 squat thrusters, set CMU down and do 6 8 ct. Man Makers alternating to each side of CMU with a sideway hop.  Follow by karaoke’s 200 yds on football field
  • 3 squat thrusters, set CMU down and do 3 8 ct. Man Makers alternating to each side of CMU with a sideway hop.  Follow by sprint 200 yds on football field  (funny how most of them did not look like they were sprinting)
  • Early finishers performed OH Claps x 25 IC, Morrocan Night Clubs x 20 IC
  • Mozy back to AO with 2 stops along the way….5 CMU SQTS…mozy to Lifehouse….20 Upright Rows w/ CMU
  • Once arrived at AO, line up for some fun CMU Crab Walkers (quite challenging, and kicking the CMU proved catastrophic for Fast-n-Easy, as his crumbled into 5 pieces adding 20 more MM’s for the lad.  We all enjoyed watching the scene and then Lunged w/ CMU’s back to the AO

Freddy Mercuries x 5 IC

My age caused me to forget to do the last 4 MM’s….

We all finished with an Ice Cold Natty Light to pound
Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!
Insert the WORD here.
Discussion about perseverance….use F3 as an example to achieving what you thought you couldn’t.  Push through the riff raff and get er dun
A-Rod back to Idaho

Build-A-Blocks Play Date

THE SCENE: Mod humidity, clear and warm

25 SSH IC, Toy Soldiers x 10 IC, Donkey Whips x 10 IC, (B) Hip Circles on all 4’s x 10 (B) IC, Tempo SQTS IC x 10, OH Claps x 25 IC, Seal Claps x 25 IC
Mosey w/ CMU’s around the lot to the cones.  Perform Constructed Ex as follows:

  • 25 Hand release squats with CMU–> lunge to next cone
  • 25 UR Rows–> lunge to next cone
  • 25 Curls–> lunge to next cone
  • 25 (B) Trunk Rotation w/ CMU
  • 25 OH Press w/ CMU
  • Combine all previous exercises as one in order x 25
  • Leave CMU and do a lap back to it
  • Repeato in reverse except only do 5 reps of the combo and 25 each of the rest, lunging b/w cones w/ CMU in tow
  • Perform Cherry Pickers until last HIM has done 5
  • Perform another lap around p-lot
  • Crab walk to AO
  • lap back to CMU and walk it back to AO
  • MARY:

Star Gazer x 1 (for Tractor who used two brick instead of his CMU), Supermans x 10 IC, Press Ups x 10, Alternating single arm raises in plank position IC x 10, Flutter kicks x 30, Freddy Mercuries x 20, Crab Reachers x 10 IC, Boat-Canoe x 3
Suave, Biohazard, Tractor, Oscar, Fast-n-Easy, A-Rod, Mr. Wedgie, Herbie, & Natty all made it with proper attitudes!
talked about planting the seed, inspired from Armstrong (from Arizona) who is currently in Bend, OR planting the F3 seed. Check out 1 Cor 3: 6-9
Pray for A-Rod on his trek to Idaho as well as all the teachers, students, admins, and families that must deal with the challenges presented by Covid-19
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Tour de Brickyard

THE SCENE: comfortable with mod humidity

5 Burpees, 5 Good morning Abbey’s, Plank Jacks x 20, SSH x 25, Tempo SQTS x 10, Moroccan Night Clubs x 20

Mosey to Rock Pile

Pick a rock and then do 5 Burpees, 10 Mkns, 15 Front Press with a twist with rock (B) x 15, 25 OH Press with rock

  • Mosey to Massage Parlor and do 10 Squats (basically to get the pokeys caught up)
  • Mosey to the Banks and do 15 Carolina Dry Docks
  • Mosey to Life house lot and do 25 Triceps ext oH, 25 Upright Rows, 25 OH press all with coupon thenleave coupon under sign
  • Mosey to back lot–do 5 Burpees
  • Mosey to Track and perform 25 calk raises on the stairs
  • Run 2 laps around the track
  • at finish perform 20 OH claps
  • Mosey back to lifehouse to p/u coupon
  • Bernie to next stop (where we park)
  • 25 Lunges w/ coupon–>25 BBS w/ coupon–> 25 curls w/ coupon
  • mosey to rock pile to return it and do 5 8CT Manmakers
  • return to AO (Simmons & Oscar sprinted)

Supermans x 10 IC, 10 Press Ups, 20 Gas Pumps IC, 15 Hello Dollies IC, 20 Flutters IC, 10 Grasshoppers IC, 20 Freddy Mercury IC, 1 Boat Canoe
7 awesome Dudes:  Simmons, Herbie, Oscar, Fast n Easy, Hamm, Tractor, Natty
Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody!
Prayers for Fast n Easy (currently Slow n Steady) to mend from Rona, TRactor having to let someone go- give him courage & compassion, and the Powell Church congregation in the loss of GW, their former pastor
Please join to help Tuba’s wife on Saturday as she moves without Tuba, while on one of his 7 jobs.

Speak Up Lead the conversation

THE SCENE: Super humid and sticky, but clear

Cherry Pickers x 10 IC, Windmills x 8 IC, Standing SLR’s x 5 (B) IC, Standing single leg circles FWD & BWD IC (B), Tempo Squats x 10.
Mosey to track

Run 400 meters and finish Lap 1 with: 15 Burpees, 15 BBS, 15 SQTS, Lap 2- 10 Burpees, 10 BBS, 10 SQTS, Lap 3- 5,5,5 of each

Finish with complete set of Bleachers stairs up and down and OYO exercise until group is through

Goal Line:

ROUND 1:  25 MKNS–> crabwalk 30 yds –> 50 OH Claps sprint backwards sprint to the goal line and finish with 5 8CT Manmakers

ROUND 2: 25 Jump SQTS–> Bear Crawl 30 yds–> 50 OH Press backwards sprint to the goal line and finish with 5 8CT Manmakers

ROUND 3:  26 SC Mtn Climbers–> Duck Walk 30 yds–> 50 SSH backwards sprint to the goal line and finish with 5 8CT Manmakers

Mosey back to AO

Gas Pumps x 20 IC, Crab Leg alt foot touches x 20 IC.
Natty, Hamm, Tractor, Oscar, Herbie, Suave, Biohazard
discussion about having the courage to speak up when remaining silent is not enough
Prayers for teachers, parents, students in school starts in the midst of pandemic, prayers for Tractor’s wife & her job search
Someone teach A-Rod how to tell time as well as warm up the old guys.

Be a Light

THE SCENE: A cool dry 70……NOT

Toy Soliders, Sprinklers, OHC, Little of this and that, Hammy stretch,

Mosey to FB Field

Double Quarter #er with Cheese

  • 25 Merkins then Bobby Hurleys
  • 50 squats then CDD
  • 75 MTN on the 4ct then ISW
  • 100 SSH then Air Presses
  • Planks and Flutters till 6 was up
  • Burpee Dans – increase Burpees until 50 yard line then decrease to the goal line
  • Flutters and Sucky Sit-ups

We did 41 HBD MM, then Australian Snow Angels followed by some side crunches


Be a Light – listen to the words of the song Be a Light by Thomas Rhett