F3 Knoxville

Wet 66


BAC x10 IC
Little bit of…
Sumo Shoulders x10 IC
Tempo Squats x10 IC
Monkey Humpers x10 IC
Tempo Merks x10 IC
5 Bodybuilders IC

Gave choice of wet or dry workout. PAX chose wet.

Shoulder shredder (100 OH claps IC)

PAX mosey to top of cardiac.

Rd1: Each light pole going down cardiac. Route 66 – 8ct Bodybuilders. Run back up. Rabbits sweep everyone.

Rd2:Each light pole going down cardiac. Route 66 – Crab Cakes 4ct. Run back up. Rabbits sweep everyone.

PAX mosey to bottom of hill by AO

Alternating movements up the hill:
1) Crawl bear for 6 steps
2) Bear crawl for 12 steps
Continue until reaching top

Recovery jog back down to AO

Shoulder shredder (100 OH claps 4ct)
1.5 min of Boat/Canoe with slight variations (flutters, OH claps, row the boat, etc)

Gave everyone a choice of the wet route or the dry route at the start of the workout. Told everyone the seemingly “easier” dry route would’ve consisted of 120 bodybuilders, 120 squat jumps, 120 flutter kicks, and 120 lunges. Choosing the apparent easier path doesn’t always end up easier in the long run.

Pinto brought up the idea to rename Candy Corns to The Grady Pitsticks in honor of Quickrete. Lilydipper will reach out to Cap’n to see if we can get it changed in the Lexicon.
2nd F lunch today at Babalu at noon.

Making The Holiday Family Rounds

THE SCENE: Clear, 40 degrees. Christmas lights all around

No FNG’s, You know your body, you’re here on your own, modify if need be.

Jameis Winston Kicks 10; Mountain Climbers 10; Rikki Tikki Tavi 10, SSH 15, Baby Arm Circles 10, Chinooks 10

Mosey to Krutch Park while crossing pedestrian bridge performed lunges across it. Once at Krutch Park start out on left side of Market Street, Shoulder Taps 10x 4 ct, run down Market St to Union Ave for Mountain Climbers 10x 4 ct, cross the street for Merkins 10 OYO, run back down Market Street for Rikki Tikki Tavis 10x 4ct. Lap 2: Big Boys 10x, American Hammers 10x 4 ct, LBC 10 OYO, Oprah Winfrey’s 10x OYO. Lap 3:Squats 10 OYO; Lunges 10 OYO; Prisoner Squats 10 OYO; Monkey Humpers 10 OYO. Repeat Lap 1, then half of Lap 2. Mosey over and through the park. 1 minute plank, Olan Mills pause, mosey to parking garage. Wall sits while we each count off to 60. Mosey over to Big Ball stairs. Starting at top of stairs 10 merkins OYO, run to the bottom for 10 BBS, rinse and repeat. Mosey back to AO.

20 flutters, 20 Oprah Winfreys, 1 minute plank

12 HIM’s coming to kick Monday square in the teeth!
I named each corner of the lap we ran as family members. We went to each turn of the lap together, did the workout together. We fought to be present, stay together, enjoy, put in the work. I encourage everyone during the holiday’s to fight to be present, have a great attitude, change your perspective. This could be the last holiday with any of your family members so be present and make some good memories that can last a lifetime.



Impact and enunciate

THE SCENE: 41* which was nice and toasty in comparison to the last few days

Shoulder taps
Tempo lunge



Mosey out of the SP and toward the Big Ball.  Lots of chalk at the base of the stairs for the escalator.  Each exercise is 10 reps, picking up a new exercise each iteration through and running the stairs to the top of the Big Ball after completing each exercise.  Final iteration is 10 reps of all six exercises followed by the run to the top and back down for Mary.  Exercises as follows:

  • Imperial squat walkers
  • Merkins
  • Pickle pounders on 4-ct
  • Alternating shoulder taps on 4-ct
  • Crab cakes on 4-ct
  • Tricep dips

Short mosey up to the middle platform of the stairs beside big ball.  Circle up for contra burpees.  Start with normal burpee, then add a merkin each repetition until you reach 10 merkins at the bottom of the burpee.  Recover back down to the bottom of the big ball to pick up laundry.

Mosey across bridge and over to the amphitheater.  Line up across the front of the stage.
15 Bulgarian split squats (15 each leg), 15 wide merkins
15 jump squats, 15 Carolina dry docks
15 side step ups (15 each leg), 15 legs on stage sit ups and touch stage

Recover and mosey the long way around and up behind the amphitheater heading back to start point for Mary.

Recliner flutter kicks (not laid back completely)
Recliner Edward scissor-legs
12 strong including a visitor from Charlotte: Operation, G6, Singlet, SiPad, Careless, Swanson, Brooks, Amazon, Reverb, Cowbell, Red Writer, Abort
Impact is forcible contact to strong effect.  Thank the PAX for the impact they have all had on me recently, where I know I’ve taken small things from each of them and emulated to try to improve my character.

1st Official OTB Ruck Workout at B.B.

Cold. Clear. 30 degrees.

Explained the format of these workouts moving forward. 100% of these will be used for event prep.

  1. Dress as you would for an event. Test out your clothing that you want to wear (i.e. will these baselayers and a small windbreaker keep me warm during the event?, should I try out these new shoes?). Recommended to never wear shorts. Low crawls will occur on the reg.
  2. Pack like you would for an event. Should contain, at a minimum: reflectors, headlamp, 30# weight, full water bladder, ID (don’t worry about quitter’s cash :)) Pack extra weight than you usually do. The worst thing about training with only 30# weight is discovering that your ruck weighs ~48# at the start of an event.
  3. Sandbags and coupons will be present at EVERY workout. You can crush all the ruck PT and cardio that you want, but if you can’t carry heavy shit for long distances, you’re going to have a bad time at an event.
  4. Workouts will sometime consist of only carrying coupons for the entire duration of the workout. Other times there will be shorter distances covered with more sandbag and ruck PT.
  5. This is not an F3 workout. So instead of circling up like an F3 workout, we will line up in ranks & columns like the administrative phase of an event. The QIC will “inspect” rucks for minimum items listed above. This will get you used to unpacking and packing in a hurry. We may do some “dump it” and “pack it” days with time hacks.
  6. Like the Tough page, to Q one of these workouts, you will first have to have completed a Tough or higher event. Light only doesn’t count.

BAC x10 IC
SSH x15 IC
Squat x10 IC
Merkins x10 OYO

Coupons in tow: 80# sandbag, 60# sandbag

Ruck to the soccer fields and onto the turf. All workouts below with rucks on.

Phase 1:
Line up along the end line with sandbags. Partner up. Pick your poison (80# or 60#).
Partner A: Clean, squat, toss sandbag in front of you. Repeat & continue until end of penalty box (18 yds). Shoulder sandbag and run it back
Partner B: 5 Merkins, 10 Ruck Presses, 15 Front Squats R&R until partner returns
2 sets each

Phase 2:
Daisy chain 80# & 60# bags together.
2 people: bear crawl drag sandbag for 12 yards. Front carry it back
remaining team: 10 flutter kicks, 5 get ups (ruck in front). R&R until group returns
Swap out and repeat until every person completes the bear crawl twice

2 sets of Front, Back, Go for 45 seconds.

Phase 3:
Sandbags still daisy chained
2 people: low crawl drag for 12 yards. Farmer carry back
remaining team: 10 squats, 10 merkins. R&R until group returns
Swap out and repeat until every person completes the low crawl twice

1 set of Front, Back, Go

Phase 4:
Circle up. Sandbags are with random PAX.
Burpee, clean & shoulder the sandbag, toss it clockwise to the next person
Repeat until each person tossed the 80# 6 times

5- 8ct bodybuilders

Phase 5:
Partner Up. 3 people on the 80#. 2 people on the 60#
Burpee, curl, clean, squat, toss to next person
Repeat until each person performs 10 reps

PAX head back to AO

5- 8ct bodybuilders

“Leveling Up” our Fitness

THE SCENE: Cold, wet, and slippery

10x BAC IC

10x Chinooks IC

25x SSH IC

20x Imperial Walkers IC

x10 lunge, to instep, with rotation (5 each side)

x12 Merkins IC

x20 MTN Climbers IC

x15 Tempo Squat IC

x10 Burpees OYO


Mosey on over to the 11th street garage, started at the bottom and partner up! 3 exercises completed with partner.  One partner exercises while the other runs up one level, turns and runs back.

  • 300 Squats
  • 200 LBCs
  • 100 Merkins

Mosey up one level and a little variation on the BurpBack Mountain.  One PAX Devin Hesters halfway up a level of parking garage, runs back down to rest of crew at the bottom.  Alternate one PAX running at a time until all have Devin Hester and run back twice.  All non-running PAX do burpees until their turn is up for a Devin Hester

Watch what you eat in the broadest sense possible. Be mindful of what your consuming (reading, watching, etc) and who you are listening to… Jeremiah 3:15 & Proverbs 11:14