F3 Knoxville

Sling shot

THE SCENE: Upper 40s , nice !!

Jog x2 , butt kicks x2, millineal run , angry millineal run, karaoke x2, merkins x10 , cherry pickers x6
Sling shot to crumpit

  • Partner up
  • P1 takes 2 CMUs , farmer carry and or run the greenway while p2 stays back and does , 20 Merkins 20 squats
  • P2 runs to catch P1, p1 does 20/20 while P2 takes off w the cmu .
  • RnR until we get to Crumpit
  • Dora at the base
  • P1 runs up crumpit around Christmas tree and back down . p1 is doing said exercises, switch places …
  • exercises were 100 cmu side to sides (oblique exercises ), 100 reverse baby crunches , 100 lbcs
  • sling shot back to AO via troll bridge

CMU chest presses / cmu LBCs until time was up
16 pax
Stay thirsty My friends ! Don’t let F3 be your new comfort zone. F3 should be a catalyst for opportunity to grow and get better at all aspects of your life
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Burpee Mania

THE SCENE:Feeling great

    • LBAC
    • Windmills
    • With a partner 4 min. AMRAP of each of the following set. 1 partner does 10 of the burpees while the other does the designated exercise. Keep rotating until the end of each 4 min.
      1. Regular Burpees-Upright row
      2. Blockies- Iron Mikes
      3. Broad Jump Burpee-Curls
      4. Box Jump Burpee-Mt. Climber
        1. Run to troll bridge, 2 burpees: Now do 5 of each burpee while partner does the other exercise
      5. Elevated Legs Burpee- Overhead Press
      6. Superman Burpee-Peter Parker
      7. One Leg Burpee-WW2 Sit Ups
    • MARY:
    • Captain America
    • Flutter Kicks

Matt 11:28: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Christ is the giver of rest: physical rest, mental rest and most of all spiritual rest because when we trust Him, we can rest before God the Father clothed in Christ’s righteousness

The Scene

a brisk morning at Bomb Shelter

Cherry Pickers in cadence
Today’s workout was inspired by the upcoming memorial of 9/11 and the stair climb taken by the first responders. A partner workout, with one partner performing step ups on park bench and the other performing a secondary exercise, switching every 20 reps  after 100 reps on step ups, the secondary exercise changed

  • Merkins
  • Big Boy Sit Ups
  • Plank
  • Rest

repeat as necessary for AMARAP during the beat down

No time

A few words on Welles Crowther, the man in the red bandana. We don’t have to be sign up for it to be heroes. Let us be heroes in whatever circumstances that presents us.

Crumpet Repeats

THE SCENE: Balmy 70 degrees

Side Straddle Hop

Cherry Pickers

Little baby arm circles

Grab a CMU and mosey to Mt Crumpet


  • 10 Burpees
  • Sprint up Crumpet
  • 25 CMU Bent Rows
  • Sprint up Crumpet
  • 25 CMU Tricep presses
  • Sprint up Crumpet
  • 25 CMU Curls
  • Sprint up Crumpet
  • 10 Imperial Squat Walkers
  • Sprint up Crumpet
  • Take a lap around the pond


  • Rinse and Repeat

1 minute flutter kick with CMU presses

8 pax including one FNG (Double Tap)

Talked about struggles and how they sharpen us. Shared the video “Good” from Jocko Willink.

Burbs 9-11

THE SCENE: 76* and muggy again
Warm up lap: take off through the park and head towards West Hills Elementary, stop in the lot for 11 reps each of merkins, squats, curls.  Continue ruck, make a left on Vanosdale, left onto Bennington, left onto Corteland, and left onto N Winston.  At every road intersection, stop for another round of 11 reps each of merkins, squats, and curls.  Total of 9 rounds by the time we make it back to parking lot.

Meaning: The breakdown of the first responders killed on September 11th as follows: 37 Port Authority officers, 23 NYPD, 8 EMTs, and 343 firefighters.
The Work: Farmer carry ruck in one hand and sandbag in the other hand the length of the parking lot and back to simulate first responders carrying gear into the fray.  Once back to start, pay homage to the first responders with the following exercises (carry down and back, do one exercise; down and back, move to next exercise):

  • 37 brickyard manmakers
  • 23 eight-count bodybuilders
  • 8 bear complex with sandbag
  • 343 flutter kicks

Flutters were done as a group ring of fire style until we reached 343.  Back to your feet, ruck and sandbags over to the base of the N Winston hill.

Meaning: We don’t have stairs, but we have a huge hill.  Also, going over the bridge mirrors FDNY ladder 118 crossing the Brooklyn bridge heading for the towers.  The six giants on that firetruck all perished on the day.
The Work: Carry the sandbags up the hill.  Once everyone makes it to the top and safely into the parking lot, we honor ladder 118 with 11 eight-count bodybuilders.  Sandbags back up and mosey back down the hill.  Quick set of 10 counts for everyone (me) to get their breaths, turn around and do it again for the second tower.  Again, at the top we honor ladder 118 with a set of 19 reps each of merkins, squats, and curls (brings our total of each on the day to 118 reps).  Mosey back down for Mary.

20 flutters
20 hammers
15 flutters

In NYC last year I visited the 9/11 memorial, and just taking it all in I leaned against the memorial.  After a minute I looked down and noticed the name my hand was on, Abraham Zelmanowitz.  I remembered the name just because of how odd it was at the time.  Later while walking through the museum, I came across this man’s story.  Abraham worked on the 27th floor of tower one of the WTC.  He very easily could have gotten out of the building after the planes hit, but his friend and coworker Ed Beyea was a quadriplegic.  With the elevators out of service, Abraham chose to stay with his friend until help arrived to get Ed down the stairs and out of the building.  Unfortunately that help never came, and they were both killed in the collapse of the tower.  The selflessness and heroism of that day can never be overstated, both in first responders and in stories such as these.  19 years ago we vowed to never forget, and I hope that promise is one that we keep.