F3 Knoxville

Spacing is important

THE SCENE: Humid but cooler

Rocketts, cherry pickers, Merkins
Run around Course (roughly 1/8 mile)  stopping at cones (6) to do exercise. Change exercise after each lap. Exercises were:

  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 plank jacks
  • 5 burpees
  • 30 dry docks

Mosey to lower lot and do side lunges with jumping 180 from one end to the other.

Mosey back up top to do another lap of 1/2 20 4-Ct LBCs and 1/2 20 4ct flutters
No time for that mess

Get to Know the Taste of Love (pulled from a MS devotion)

God, seeing what was happening on Earth, sends, as an act of love, His Son on a rescue mission to stop further deformation and to renew our likeness to God. Jesus Christ came to Earth to save people, to show us God’s love, and to show us how we should live to please God. He presents us our destiny and shows how this destiny will be fulfilled.

Christ came to this world because the Father wanted to be reconciled with humanity. God the Father wanted to fix the relationship we have with Him. He gave us the example of love. He wants us to trust Him and come to Him with no fear or dread.

The passage from the Gospel of Luke shows the picture of God that is dearest to me. This story shows God who is not a heartless judge, but a loving father. He is the Father that can feel sadness, joy, and who can be deeply moved. I can imagine how happy the father in this story was when he finally met his younger son! He was full of emotions! Before this meeting, the father was probably worried sick. He was wondering what was going on with his son. There were no mobile phones, so the son couldn’t call or text: “Hi dad! I’m in Jerusalem. Things are going great.” There was no Facebook or messenger (I know it’s hard to believe). There were no highways that could be used to travel quickly and visit your family. However, there was continuing uncertainty. That is why, when the father saw the son (even though the son looked nothing like the kid he used to be), he was delirious with joy! The moment he saw his son, he didn’t wait for his son to come to him. Instead, he ran toward the son and embraced him. The son, probably with tears in his eyes said: “Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.” And what does the father do? He gives him presents! He doesn’t reproach his son; he is just happy that his son is safe. He accepts him back and forgets everything that has happened.

It’s exactly the same with you! It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, it doesn’t matter how dirty you feel. God loves you! You have the gift of God’s love. Do you know it?

I believe the cone were too clustered when you do 60 Merkins in 20yds. Dry docks were not fun either.

Man Down

THE SCENE: Balmy 72 degrees

  • 20 x Imperial Walker IC
  • 15 x Tempo Merkin IC
  • 20 x American Hammer (4ct.) IC
  • 20 x Overhead Clamp IC (except I-Beam, who was deliberately out of cadence)

PAX counted off 1-4 and split into groups of 4 people each. One PAX from each group was designated “injured” and had to be carried by the remaining three. PAX rotate as needed while we headed for the Pav-A-Lon. We paused for 20 Iron Mikes (4 ct. OYO) while some of the folks rested their shoulders.

Once at the Pav-A-Lon, each PAX drew two cards from the card. The number designated the rep count and the suit designated the exercise as follows:

  • Hearts = Pull-ups
  • Clubs = Burpees
  • Spades = Dips
  • Diamonds = Diamond Merkins

Face cards = 10 and Aces = 11.

Between rounds PAX moseyed to the top of the hill and bear crawled back down.

We broke back into groups and carried our injured teammates back to the AO.

We cashed out with two rounds of ATMs!

Two FNGs today – good work guys!
I shared a story with the PAX of a college senior that was seeking guidance because she was stressed about decisions others were making for her. We talked about the importance of remembering that we are grown-ups that are not only capable of, but responsible for, our own decisions. It’s easy to get complacent and let others lead, but there comes a time when you need to step up and do your own thing.
TAP to the Junk clan – we missed you out there today, brother!
Truckin’ to the Pound coming up in September.

“Moist” at the Dog Pound

THE SCENE: “Moist”


10 Penalty Burpees (compliments of La-Z-Boy)

SSH x 20

LBAC x 20

Moroccan Nightclub x 20

Rockettes x 10

Mosey over to docks.

Ascending Curb Crawl

  • Feet on curb, do one derkin.
  • Bear Crawl across road to other curb
  • Do two derkins.
  • Bear Crawl back across road.
  • Etc… until 10 derkins.
  • Do it all over again with Lunges and Squats

7 of Diamonds

  • 4 corners around small loop
  • 1st lap = 7 burpees at each corner
  • 2nd lap = 14 flutter kicks (4 ct) at each corner
  • 3rd lap = 21 merkins at each corner
  • 4th lap = 28 squats at each corner
  • Started descending back down until out of time

Indian Run back to AO.


Never Cross Dolly x 20

Some leg kicks x 10 each leg

Captain Thor x 4



2 Corinthians 12:15 — “I will most gladly spend and be spent for your souls.”

It’s good and right to spend ourselves to serve others.  To use our talents, gifts, energy, strength… to serve others and lay down our lives is why all those things were given to us.    We were not given those gifts to serve ourselves or exalt ourselves.  What a joy it is to be able to lay down our lives for —  our wife, children, employer, employees, family members, etc… What we have today is to be used for the good of others and not ourselves.

Rabid Foxes are after Tank

THE SCENE: Nice summer morning

Rockettes, Merkins, shoulder burners and stretching
Mosey long way around track and up to the splash pad parking lot for some Kraken. Do exercise and qty then run lap around perimeter. (50yds) after completing 4 exercises do 2 laps, after completing a full round run down to the playground and touch something.

1) 25 Merkins
2) 10 burpees
3) 30 squats
4) 20 OH press 35lbs 20 curls
5) CMU Farmers carry to center and back x2
6) bear crawl to center and back
7) SSH X30 (4-count)
8) 50 LBCs

After a while do Bernie Sanders around the perimeter.

about halfway into it, we took a break and ran 5 25yd sprints to get the body out of routine.

Ran down to lower lot and did one merkin at each parking line (15?)

American Flag inspired me to do 50 flutter kicks
5 pax
God gives us our lives to make a difference. Although we I think we’re not worthy, he has created us to do great things. Example of a bar of iron not costing much in its simplest form, but when it is changed into paper clips, surgical needles,  Spring is for watches, that little bit of iron is priceless. Challenge yourself daily to take what God gave you and use it for building his kingdom.  Prayers for our wives and friends going through cancer
I (Tank) Found out that a simple fox looking at me coupled with a light going off makes me freak out. I thought he was coming after me!, Also depending on the context, “run down to the playground and touch something” can get you in a lot of trouble.
Coffeeteria on Thursday at the dog pound

Mid week battle

THE SCENE: nice..not too hot not too cold

Run a lap. Arm circle, reverse arm circles, cherry pickers then mosey to the splash pad
Large circuit. All stations 30 reps except burpees which are 10 reps. Run a lap after each exercise then continue to the next.

Stations are as follows

  • Burpees
  • 60# sandbag clean
  • Big boy sit ups
  • Decline merkins
  • Trx band knees to chest
  • Lunges
  • CMU presses
  • Dips

Then while 1 person is running the other 2 people do synchronized merkins. When the person running gets back switch out and next person runs. The new pair continue with the synchronized merkins. Continue this pattern until 50 Merkins are complete. Follow this same pattern but change exercise to air squats. Stop at 100 air squats.

Mosey for one lap back to the AO

30 big boy sit ups on a 4 count in cadence, 30 mountain climbers on a 4 count in cadence

A goal is just a dream with a timeline.
As men we must make the choice to delay satisfaction. The main difference between a boy and a man is a man develops a plan, sticks with and continues to press on when challenged. Doing what sucks in the moment can sometimes be what is best for the future you.
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