F3 Knoxville

The Power of Three

68 and Muggy

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer

– SSH 25x (IC)
– Side Lunges 10x each leg(IC)
– Burpees x10 OYO
– Dive Bombers 15x (IC)
– Arm Circles Forward 15x (IC)
– Arm Circles Backward 15x (IC)
– Burpees x10 OYO

Divide into 3 groups and mosey with your group to the specified area…
– Group 1: w/Woodshack to flag pole / pavilion area
– Group 2: w/Pfiffer to hill near parking lot
– Group 3: w/me (Cap’n Crunch) stay in parking lot

Group 1
Circuit Circus
Divide up and head to 5 Stations (in the pavilion area).  PAX perform the prescribed exercises at the station and then move clockwise to the next station.  Continue rotating until time is up.
– S1: 10 Burpees & 20 Reverse Pickle Pounders
– S2: 15 Superman Swims &20 4ct Flutter Kicks
– S3: 10 Chin-ups & 20 Prisoner Squats
– S4: LCS Shuttle (Lunge to 1st cone, Bear Crawl back to 2nd cone, Sprint to 3rdcone and back)
– S5: 20 Derkins & 20 Let Me Ups

When relieved by Group 3, gather together and mosey to the hill.

Group 2
CMU Back Blaster
Get with a Battle Buddy.  Battle Buddy 1 runs to top of hill, does 3 burpees then back down.  Battle Buddy 2 does 1 of 3 exercises while Battle Buddy 1 is running.  When Battle Buddy 1 gets back they switch.  Do rotate through the three exercises and repeat until time ends.

– CMU Press
– CMU Swing
– CMU Bent Over Rows

When you see Group 3 move, gather together and mosey to parking lot.

Group 3
Partner with Battle Buddy of similar fitness level. There are six drills, each has an exercise to be completed on the spot and an exercise involving shuttle run of some type.  One Battle Buddy from each pair completes a shuttle while the other Battle Buddy completes the exercise on the spot. As soon as the shuttle is completed, tag your Battle Buddy and swap exercises.

Each drill will be 1:45 with 20 seconds rest in between each set.

Drill Shuttle Exercise Exercise at the Cone
1 Sprint x2 Diamond Merkins
2 Bear Crawl Star Jumps
3 Lunges Burpees
4 Sprint x2 Carolina Dry Docks
5 Bear crawl Squat Jumps
6 Lunges Burpees

When time is up, gather together and mosey to flag pole/pavilion area to relieve Group 1.

Groups rotate until time is up

Number off & Name-O-Rama

The opposite of manhood isn’t womanhood, it’s boyhood!  Our goal as HIMs is to always be moving forward own the road of maturity (RFP).  What F3 has taught me is that growth (physical, relational and spiritual) comes through challenge, consistency and comradery.

  • Physical: Take your DRP (Daily Red Pill)
    • Challenge – Get up and get out in the gloom!
    • Consistency – Daily
    • Comradery – the PAX
  • Relational: No lone ranger
    • Challenge – Reject passivity and engage with family, friends, co-workers and neighbors
    • Consistency – Daily
    • Comradery – the PAX
  • Spiritual: Luke 9:23, “And he said to all, ‘If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.’”
    • Challenge – Obedience and faithfulness
    • Consistency – Daily
    • Comradery – the PAX and Jesus himself (“follow me”)

This morning we had a special guest from a local news affiliate.  He came to do an online piece on F3.  He asked if I thought I could get a good sized group out on a Wednesday morning at 5:30am…61 PAX including 3 FNGs answered with a resounding “HELL YEA!”  For me, this sums up F3 Knoxville.  Over the pas 18 months this PAX has set the bar and then surpassed it when it comes to heart, passion, and dedication.  They work hard, play hard and always have each other’s six.  There is absolutely no questions…I’m a better man for being a part of this PAX, and Knoxville is a better city due to what these men are doing in each other.

Scruffy Little Mosey on the river


  • Side Straddle Hops IC to 25
  • Slow Tempo Squats IC to 20
  • Merkins IC to 10 (4 – count)
  • Mountain Climbers 20 each leg OYO
  • Burpees 10 OYO

The Thang

  • 11’s – Dips/Box Jumps
  • Mosey to Henley St and Cumberland Ave: 10 Merkins OYO
  • Mosey to Pedestrian Bridge over Neyland Drive: Lunges across bridge
  • 7’s – Inclined/Declined Merkin
  • Mary:
    • Flutter Kicks IC to 20
    • Hello Dolly’s IC to 20
    • Big Boy Sit-Ups 20 OYO
    • American Hammers IC to 20
    • Leg Lifts IC to 20
  • 20 Carolina Dry Docks OYO
  • Mosey to AO – Stop twice on way for 10 merkins
  • Count-Off
  • Name-O-Rama


  • “The most secure prisons are those we construct for ourselves.”
  • Rarely do we think about the constraints we place on our own lives. Everything we are afraid to try is a limitation to what we can become. Fear and anxiety keep us from trying new things. Looking back throughout our lives we can see many broken promises to ourselves. Often, we use excuses (not smart enough/not strong enough/ not enough time/etc.) to justify these broken promises. We pay too much attention to words – others and our own – and not enough to the action that defines us.

OG Style…

THE SCENE 60 and clear at the BB for the collaborative “OG” Workout

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer

– SSH x12 IC
– Squats x12 IC
– Michael Phelps x20 OYO
– Arm Circles Forward x6 IC
– Arm Circles Backward x6 IC
– BBS x12 IC

Mosey to the big ball for Station 1 of the OG collaboration workout
-Joe Hendrix up two flights of stairs
-Merkins x20-OYO
-Squat Jumps x20-OYO

Mosey to Station 2: (Market Square)
– DORAS with a battle buddy (sprint to end of Square, return, and alternate) in the form of B.O.M.B.S increasing by reps of 40
– 40 Burpees
– 80 Overhead Claps
– 120 Merkins
– 160 BBS and Squats (80 a piece)
Flutter Kicks IC
American Hammers IC

Mosey back to World’s Fair
Grab Battle Buddy and wheelbarrow across last half of infield to the water fountains

Number off and Name-O-Rama

1 Cor. 9:24-27
Points to reflect on:
1.) Be self-disciplined and run for the eternal prize
2.) We do not have to run this race alone.  We have Jesus Christ as our savior and He also gives us each other.  We are here for our brothers to run this race and be leaders in our homes, work, etc.  In society it is being pushed to be individualistic but an OG is there to have his brother’s six at all times and help each other.

Keep Moving…

THE SCENE 58 and clear

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer

– SSH x30 IC
– Windmill Merkins x10 IC
– Narrow Squats x20 IC
– Arm Circles Forward x15 IC
– Arm Circles Backward x15 IC
– Imperial Walkers x15 IC

Mosey to bottom of hill between the parking lot and the baseball field

Strength Sprints
Starting at the bottom of the hill…
– 20 Prisoner Squats
– Run to top of hill, do x15 4ct Mountain Climbers
– Burpee broad jump to the first cone, do x15 CMU Presses
– Alligator Crawl to second cone, do x15 Diamond Merkins
– Lunge to third cone, do x10 Jump Squats
– Run back to start

Rinse and repeat, AMRAP in 10 min

Mosey to pavilion and grab a Battle Buddy

Bench Work
3 Rounds, each round 2.5 min with 30 second break between rounds.  Battle Buddy 1 performs Exercise 1 while Battle Buddy 2 performs Exercise 2, then switch.  Rinse and repeat until time runs out.
– Rd 1: Exercise 1 = Step Ups x15/leg; Exercise 2 = Bench Dips
– Rd 2: Exercise 1 = Bulgarian Split Squats x10/leg; Exercise 2 = Let Me Ups
– Rd 3: Exercise 2 = Side Step Ups x10/leg; Exercise 2 = Decline Carolina Dry Docks

Mosey to bottom of hill near parking lot

Hill Sprints
At the bottom x10 Superman Swims
At the top x10 Jump Squats

Rinse and repeat x4

Mosey to SP and circle up for MARY

Flutter Kicks x25 IC on 4ct
Side Crunches x25 IC each side
Hello Dollys – x25

Number off and Name-O-Rama

“I have two types of problems, urgent and important.  Urgent are never important, and important are never urgent.” – Dwight Eisenhower

“Put first things first and we get second things thrown in: put second things first and we lose both first and second things.” – C. S. Lewis

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” – Jesus (Matthew 6:33)

Points to reflect on:
1.) Are you clear on what things are “important” and what things are “urgent” in your life?
2.) Where are you sacrificing the “important” for the “urgent?”

Another beautiful East Tennessee fall morning!  The PAX was quite but determined this morning.  We kept moving, worked hard and got better.  Can’t get much better than that!

Manic Monday

THE SCENE 70 and clear

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Side Straddle Hop x 20
The Gator
Michael Phelps
Carolina Dry-dock x 15 (4 count)
Ground touch squats x 15

Mosey to stairs

Bunny Hill
Bunny hop up stairs x 5
Calf raises—-left foot x 30, right foot x 30, both feet x 30.

Mosey to dugout

Bat Cave
Pull-ups x 10
Ground touch squats x 10.

Mosey to pavilion break into 2 groups

Super Sets
Group 1 pull-ups under picnic table while group 2 does wall seat for 30 seconds, then groups switch.

Mosey to hill next to cardiac behind baseball outfield

10 merkins on top and 1 ground touch squat at bottom

Mossey to cardiac

13 Light Posts
5 burpees at each post; run forward to first post, then backwards to next and continue alternating—-total 65 burpees. At top of cardiac abs until all are on top of hill. Then derkins on benches to failure x2.

Mossey to top of hill above AO, crisscross under and through chained posts to bottom of hill.

Hello Dolly’s x 50 (4 count)

Number off and Name-O-Rama

I am reading a book called “14 Habits of Highly Effective Disciples”. The first habit is Bible study. We will not become strong and mature Christians by accident. We must have a disciplined study of the Bible to know God’s will and allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives. We must do our part and meet God halfway——just like our fitness, we will not become fit without showing up to the workouts. The second habit is Confession. When we sin, we must ask for forgiveness to restore fellowship with God. It is important to understand the difference between relationship and fellowship. Once we become a Christian and slave of Jesus Christ, we are sons of God. Jesus died for our past, present and future sins. Our relationship is secure—-that will never change. Fellowship on the other hand, is broken when we sin. We must ask for forgiveness to restore the lost fellowship with God. 1 John 1:9” If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness”—–this is one of the great promises of the Bible. There are sins of Commission and sins of Omission. Several years ago I was given a tool which presents scripture and questions to reveal sin in your life. I challenged to PAX to take 30 minutes sometime this week to go through these scriptures and questions and allow the Holy Spirit to convict them of sin so that they may confess sins and restore complete fellowship with God. It humbles me every time I use this tool to confess my many sins to our great God, who loves us with great passion and wants complete fellowship with us.