F3 Knoxville

re-building bridges

THE SCENE: 45* and the rain held off

Shoulder taps IC
Six count squats IC
Peter Parkers IC
Bench step ups OYO
Mosey out of start point toward Big Ball, pass it up and stop just short of crossing Cumberland Avenue. Everyone on their 6 for big boy sit up ring of fire.  Everyone holds iron cross position, going around the circle one man does 5 BBSUs and resumes iron cross, moving to next person in circle.  Recover, and cross over Cumberland Avenue and mosey over to church parking lot beside Henley Street Bridge.

PAX instructed to grab a big rock and pair up, and after doing so have to choose someone else (pair up with someone you don’t usually pick).  Partner A duck walks with rock to cone, sets rock down and sprints to the end of the parking lot and back to their rock, and duck walks back to their partner.  Partner B performs as many reps as possible of the following exercises (does AMRAP and switches to next exercise after taking turn running):

  • Curls
  • Toes to knees (deadlift)
  • Overhead over and back
  • Bent over row

Recover and 10 count.  Short mosey to the incline parking lot just below church lot.  Spread out for round the clock exercises.  Starting at the 12 o’clock position (head uphill with feet downhill), perform 10 hand release merkins and 15 squats, then plank waiting for everyone else to finish the hour.  Turn and do 10/15 at the 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 positions.  Then start at midnight and turn back time, going backwards and doing another round.

Recover and 10 count. Another short mosey to the nice steep hill for Super 11’s.  Start at bottom of hill, run to the top and do 11 flutter kicks on 4 count, return to the bottom for 11 American hammers on 4 count.  Run to the top for 10 flutters, back down for 10 hammers.  Continue through routine until we’re all exhausted.

Recover and mosey back to start point.

Box cutters IC
Edward scissor legs IC
8 strong: Pfeiffer, Scope, Quarantine, Midas, Careless, Magic Mike, Reverb, Abort
Took the Q on this day because it was one of my best friend’s birthdays, who unfortunately I haven’t spoken to since last year on his birthday.  I have no idea why, but we don’t speak any more.  I could blame pride and stubbornness for this, but whatever the reason may be, it is not a trait of a HIM.  I encouraged the PAX to think of a relationship that has either been damaged, or even just fallen to the wayside and reach out to that person and see if you can reconnect.

The Great “Big Ball” Ring of Fire

THE SCENE: Chilly, drizzling rain

Cherry pickers, Baby Arm circles, SSH, Hillbillies

  • Mosey to amplitheater for a dry spot for the ring of fire
    • Merkins (hold plank while each person individually does 5, then 4, and so on
    • Squats (hold Al Gore)
    • Cobras (hold plank)
  • 11’s (step ups / pull ups)
  • Mosey to parking garage (exercise at each level / run between levels)
    • Flutter kicks, battle buddy leg pushes?, American Hammers, ankle taps, repeat sequence as needed
  • Mosey back to amplitheater for a round of circle burps.
  • “Dan Taylor” under bridge.
  • Mosey back to AO.


Quote from “Spiritual Leadership” by Oswald Sanders.  “Leaders must draw the best out of people, and friendship does that far better than prolonged argument or mere logic.”

Just by being here you all tend to draw out the best in me.  If we want to influence others in any way, we need to cultivate relationships instead of just telling them what we thing they should do.  Friendships are the foundation of inspiring others to be better.
Pray for Jenners friend who lost a loved one recently.  Also pray for Cowbells family with their new baby.

Third F event Dec. 8, 8:30am.

Sunrise at the Sunsphere

THE SCENE: Calm, cool morning


Kiss My Grits throughout the entire beatdown (5 8-count Merkins every time a PAX calls out another PAX with “Kiss My Grits”)

Lunges to the Big Ball


  • Big Ball Pull-ups
  • Burpees at the top of the stairs

Lunges back to AO

Partner Shoulder Presses and Lat Raises

Cobras and Overhead Arms Claps

‘Round the Fountains

  • Lunges, Bear Crawls, Crab Walks, Side Lunges

16 PAX
Thanks for letting me come back and lead a beatdown! Explore F3 outside of Knoxville if you get the chance. Learn something from other cities and try to leave some Knoxville flavor as well.

Ups and downs in the garage

THE SCENE: 56 and rainy

Imperials walkers
Bat wings
Tempo lunge
THA-THANG: Mosey to 11th Street parking garage.  Circle up and perform three minutes of planks, alternating every fifteen seconds between high plank (merkin position) and low plank (on elbows).  Recover for ups and downs routine.

Perform exercise/number of reps written at same place on each level of parking garage.  Once exercise completed, run up to the next level for next exercise.  Going up exercises as follows:

  • Carolina dry docks x20
  • Ranger merkins x20
  • Hurpees x10 (hand release burpees)
  • Offset merkins x20 (one hand on curb, one on ground, either 10 each or swap hands each rep)
  • Wall worm (bear crawl sideways with feet elevated on parking garage wall, hands on ground)

Recover and 10 count.  Each spot coming up also had a down exercise, which we did the same just working back down.  Going down exercises as follows:

  • Burps x20 (low squat, kick feet out behind to merkin position and back, never stand up or do merkin)
  • Squat jumps x20
  • Plank jacks x20 on four count
  • Pistol squats x20 (10 each leg)
  • Burpees x10

Recover and 10 count.  Line up along parking garage wall.  Dirty hookups x10, then 20 sec wall sit.  Rinse and repeat these two exercises for three total rounds, increasing duration of wall sit time.  Recover and 10 count.

New routine, “It Pays to Be a Winner” – static hold or exercise performed until failure, winner gets to pick exercise and number of reps for the rest of the PAX, winner must lead the exercise but only has to do half the reps.

First iteration – plank position.  Winner was Magic Mike, exercise was reverse crunches
Second iteration – Al Gore.  Winner was Reverb, exercise was flutter kicks
Third iteration – jailbreak to other end of garage.  Winner was Reverb, exercise was BBSUs
Fourth iteration – jailbreak up ramp at Careless’s request.  Winner was Reverb, just mosey back down

Mosey back to start point for Mary.

High Dolly’s
Captain Thor
Fantastic Four: Magic Mike, Careless, Reverb, Abort

Upper Deck O Death

SSH X 15
4-count merkin x 5
4-count squat x 5
Mosey to Locust St garage
Run up stairs
Deck o death
Sprint parking lot, mosey back. Pull 1 card from each suit at a time. Repeat sprint and card pulls. Joker is bear crawl parking lot, mosey back. Face and Ace are 10.
♥️ clap merkins
♦️ jump squats
♠️ gas pumpers 4-count
♣️ decline dry docks
Run back down stairs and to AO.
8 HIMs
The fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.

When a person is able to accomplish or withstand a higher amount of effort than their original capabilities their endurance is increasing which to many personnel indicates progress.

We endure many hardships out here which builds or ability to do more next time. It works the same in all aspects of our lives. We endure the hardships that life throws our way with the help of friends and faith which enables us to withstand troubles and hard times down the road.
F3 Anniversary weekend has a lot of good stuff happening.