F3 Knoxville

Terror Tabatas

THE SCENE: 60* and rainy, but not a total washout

Quick jog to the bridge at 5:30 to get out of the rain
Squat and reach
Shoulder taps
Tempo merkins 5x each diamond, ranger, wide
This and that
Simple today.  Jog to the amphitheater, hop on stage for tabatas.  Ascending and descending in rounds, 40 seconds of work with 20 second break.  After each exercise is finished with the noted number of rounds, run a stair circuit.  Starting at stage right, run up the stairs and snake down and up until you reach stage left.  Move on to next exercise and increase/decrease the rounds.

  • Burpees – 2 rounds
  • Lunges – 3 rounds
  • Merkins – 4 rounds (can alternate incline/decline/hand release/whatever you want)
  • Flutter kicks – 5 rounds
  • Inverted rows on rails – 6 rounds (sucked)
  • LBCs – 3 rounds
  • Last round we only had three minutes, so we did one round each of squats, 8-count bodybuilders, and finished with jump squats

8 braved the rain: Livestrong, Java, Walrus, Postman, Swanson, Trowel, Magic Mic, Abort
“Open your mouth only if what you’re about to say is more beautiful than the silence.” This was directed internally much more than externally, had a quick listen to the rain and sounds of downtown (mostly nice, also a dumptruck)

Hardship Hill build day this Saturday at Swanson’s house.  OCR the following Saturday, some talk about teams and rucking.

The Amazing Race: Big Ball Edition (Soot Co-Q)

THE SCENE: Lower to Mid 60’s, partly cloudy. Couldn’t ask for better weather!

SSH, Arm Circles, Imperial Walkers, This and That, Tempo Squats
We divided everyone into two teams for an Amazing Race style workout. Each team was given a clue, then had to decide what landmark that clue was hinting at. If the team went to the right location, Soot or I would tell them the workout for that spot. The first team to hit each location and finish each workout won. A few bonus rules: bear crawl every bridge, 1 burpee at each landing or top of each staircase, and bernie up every hill. Each team went in opposite orders, I led one clockwise while Soot led the other counter-clockwise. Here are the clues, locations, and exercises:

  • “It rises in the morning, but never gets out of bed” – The Sunsphere – Here we did 7’s between the edge of the water and the base of the sunsphere with Smurf Jacks and Star Jacks
  • “Here you might enjoy a nice view of the river, but you won’t enjoy the dense new additions to your team” – The Rockpile – Here we did 30 reps of Thrusters, Tricep Extensions, Curls and Front Raises
  • “The crown jewel of UT’s campus. The hallowed high ground” – The Hill – Here we lined up at the flag pole and did flutterkicks while one at a time each of us bear crawled around the flag pole
  • “Floors of empty spaces” – 11th Street Garage – Here we did the following in all 4 corners of the garage: 15 reps of Merkins, Squats, LBCs, Mountain Climbers (2ct)
  • “It’s almost time for our show to end, so be sure to grab your seats” – The Amphitheater – Here we just did 50 inverted rows
  • “End our race with a world tour and a splash” – The AO – Here we did a kind of inverted Indian Run. While running in line around the fountain, the person in front would do burpees until the rest of the team caught up, then the next person would pick up where they left off and the first person would go to the end of the line. The first team to a total of 200 burpees won.

The race ended just before 8am with our team reaching 200 burpees while Soot’s team was only 3 burpees behind

Abort led us in an ATM cash out
Soot led the word talking about how he and I met his junior year of college when he went to visit a campus ministry that I work for called the Navigators. After meeting we got lunch a couple times and eventually started meeting on a weekly basis for discipleship. After graduating, Soot and I have maintained that relationship, although we no longer meet as often, and Soot has gone on to lead his own Bible study and invest in guys the same way I invested in him. Also, Soot was the guy who first got me to come out to F3. After a lot of tip toeing in the shallow end, I eventually became more involved with F3 here and have also brought a few other FNG’s in along the way.

We shared all this for a few reasons. One being the importance of relationships and community. Soot and I have maintained our relationship with one another even in busy seasons, when he was deployed in Kuwait, and now as he moves from CO to NC. The second being you never realize how far a simple invitation will go. I invited Soot to grab lunch, which led to a mentoring relationship, which led to Soot mentoring others as well. Soot invited me to a workout, which led to me being more involved here with Big Ball and the Quacken, which also led to me inviting others to workouts. These relationships we have and the invitations we extend to others are important, and we never know how far they’ll end up going.

Hardship Hill is coming up

IronPAX Week 1 at the Quacken

THE SCENE: Damp from a night of storms, lower 70’s

SSH, Arm Circles, Tempo Squats, static stretching
IronPAX Challenge Week 1 Workout

EMOM (called by app)- 3 burpees

3 Burpees (Begins Rd & EMOM timer)
50 Hand Release Release Merkins
100 Leg Raises
150 Jungle Boi Squats “2Spoonz Style”
200 Big Boy Sit-ups
250 Stationary Lunge Steps (ct ea leg as 1 rep)

yeah right
We’ve seen yet again another black man shot and protests rage, leading to a counter-protester being shot and killed. When I see these things happen my gut reaction is anger, and to want to drag people into the street and demand justice and accountability. Last week I read through James, which has a lot of things to say, apologetically, about those that are rich or in power and abuse their power. But what it says to believers isn’t to rage against them, but to be humble, mourn, and be unbiased and pray for those that need it. It reminded me of Matthew 9 that says when Jesus saw the masses He had compassion on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So my encouragement to the guys, especially myself, this morning was to consider compassion when reacting to these situations we seem to constantly be seeing in the news

Iron PAX Week 0 at the Quacken

THE SCENE: Upper 60’s, damp but not raining

Light static stretching while praying and giving Word (went in reverse today since I had to bail right at 6:15)
IronPAX Week 0 baby!

  • 4 rounds of the following for time: 50 squats, 40 Big Boys, 30 Merkins, 20 Bonnie Blairs, 10 Burpees, 400 meter run

More static stretching to cool down

The return of the IronPAX Challenge had me reflecting on how difficult those workouts were. It also caused me to remember how much I struggled in workouts in general and how the challenge, as well as being more consistant, helped me become more comfortable with harder exercises. This also reminded me of something we talked about with my students last year. The Hebrew word Zakar as a verb means to remember, but as a noun it means man. So when Genesis explains that man is made in God’s image, there is a correlation between our identity as “zakar” (man) and our call to “zakar” (remember) God. I encouraged us to remember and reflect on where we’ve been and who we are, to remember God, and also to consider the IronPAX challenge because it will inevitably kick all our butts

Quarter Pounder +++

[ Welcome/Disclaimer ]

  • Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith
  • Name is Steam and I’m stoked to be your Q this morning – we have a great morning ahead of us
  • Any FNGs?
  • Couple things before we begin:
    • I’m not a professional
  • You’re here on your own volition – and I want to phrase that a different way too – you’re here on purpose, meaning both not by accident and we also have a purpose this morning – to sharpen some iron.
    • And if you need to modify anything we do this morning feel free to do it – I don’t know any injuries you may or may not have.

[ Warm-O-Rama ]

  • SSH: 20 x 4
  • Rockette: 20 x 4
  • Squat: 15 x 1
  • Merkin: 15 x 1
  • Imperial Walker: 10 x 1
  • Cherry-Picker: 10 x 1

[ The Thang ]

(Mosey to WFP Track)

(1) Quarter Pounder

    • 25 merkins
      • Take a lap
    • 25 squats
      • Take a lap
    • 25 Mountain Climbers
      • Take a lap
    • 25 BBSs
      • Take a lap
    • Recover after your 4th lap here – crush some flutter kicks until the 6 is up
      • 25×4

(10 count)

(Mosey to Parking Lot before Neyland Drive)

(2) Quarter Pounder with Cheese (Rock)

    • Grab a rock from the pile
    • Middle of the parking lot: 25 rock get-ups
      • Rock on ground — deadlift — squat — chest press — deadlift rock down = 1
    • Mosey/walk to the Left end of the parking lot island with your rock
      • 25 Curls (1 count)
    • Run back a round to the start
    • Rinse and Repeat
      • 2nd Evolution: Each PAX executes 5 Rock Get-Ups
      • All PAX executes 5 Rock Get-Ups together
        • Walk to Left end of parking lot with rocks
      • Ring of Fire Curls with Rock + 1 merkin in between
        • Going in a circle, 1 PAX calls out the curl rep —> every PAX executes 1 merkin —> ring of fire style up to 25 reps
    • Replace rocks

(20 count)

(Mosey R on Neyland Drive to big parking lot by Neyland)

(Mosey to the top of the lot by way of stairs)

(3) The Neyland Pass + Feels Like ‘98

    • PAX pause before going under Neyland
      • Execute 10 down/up incline merkins on rail
    • PAX mosey down under Neyland
      • Every Gate sign (8) = 5 squats (1-count)
    • After Gate 8 —> PAX mosey in front of gate gazing on the field
      • Q leads Flutter-Kicks on a 4 count in 2 groupings of 30 + 1 grouping of 38 = 98 reps of Flutter Kicks (‘98 may be gone but never forgotten)

(20 count)

(Mosey up from under Neyland via stairs – Bear Crawl up last 3 rows)

(American Indian Run at the top to an outlook overlooking WFP)

(Mosey down below engineering buildings down by stream separating the university + WFP)

    • PAX circles up by the right in front of the stream and executes 20 SSHs on a 4 count)
    • PRE-BOM: “Leadership should cause disruption”
      • Q encourages men to think about that on the mosey home

(PAX links up in 2 man teams —> Battle Buddy American Indian Run back to AO)

[ Mary ]

(1) Quarter Pounder

    • 25 x 4 Flutter Kicks
    • 25 Lower LBCs
    • 25 x 4 American Hammers
    • 25 x 4 flutter kicks

[ COT ]

  • # off —> 6 
  • Name o Rama
  • FNGs
    • Jon Connor “Livestrong” Davis
  • BOM

[ QSource by David “Dredd” Redding ]

I recently received a copy of “QSource” by Dredd in the mail and it is PACKED with leadership strategies and tactics and ideologies that HIM are called to. Definitely worth the read and felt like this was something I wanted to share in my BOM, probably because I needed to hear it the most (typical of Q BOMs right??). So here are some instrumental passages taken out of the first chapter of QSource.

”Because it induces movement, leadership causes Disruption.”

    • Leadership wrenches people away from the place at which they were determined to to remain. It causes them to question the foundation of their belief that their status quo was desirable, and that stasis was in their best interest. It attacks the palpable (but false) sense of security that inertia provides.
    • Like the agitator in a washing machine, leadership dislodges things long embedded in people’s emotional fabric”
    • If a man calls himself a leaders but does not cause Disruption by initiating movement, then he is not practicing leadership. He might be doing something else, like managing or governing, but he is not leading.
    • A leader is a person who influences movement to advantage.

Takeaways to let marinate:

    • Leaders influence movement to advantage
    • Because it induces movement, leadership causes Disruption
    • A great Leader’s legacy is built on love.


    • What needs to be dislodged from your emotional fabric? What needs disruption in your life?
    • As HIM we are expected to lead – not just those we love, but lead ourselves as well. Lead BOTH yourself  and those you love to movement and the advantage.