F3 Knoxville

Be Peculiar

THE SCENE: low 30s on this fine April morning.

20 SSH, 15 Moroccan night club, 10 tempo Merkins, 10 tempo squats, 15 Imperial walkers, 5 cherry pickers
Indian run to the coupon pile. Circuit workout prepared by YHC.

  • 20 overhead presses and run up the stairs
  • 10 pull-ups or as many as you can with bar hang or modification as needed
  • Mosey around the corner to the Sophomore
  • 20 merkins and run to the corner diagonal from present location
  • 20 squats
  • Mosey back toward the coupon pile but stop at the intersection
  • 10 burpees and mosey to the corner of the maintenance building
  • 20, 2-ct flutter kicks

15 Hello Dolly, 20 side crunches (total), 10 pistol crunches (total), protractor
11 took on this “pain and simple workout” (See what I did there?)😜
I Pet. 2:9-10 NASB

“But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a hold nation, a people for God’s own possession, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of the darkness into His marvelous light; for you once were not a people, but now you are the people of God; you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.”

The King James renders “a people of God’s own possession” as “a peculiar people”. We are set apart and different because we belong to God. Therefore, what should be look like? Should we act differently than those who are not God’s possession? The Bible teaches that we should be different. Think about how you behave around people who are not believers. Can they tell that you act differently? That you have a higher moral standard? If there is nothing about how we present ourselves to the world that looks different, then we have some work to do. We should stand out in a crowd in the way that we act. This is my challenge. Ask yourself this, “Do the people around me know that I am a follower of Christ by the way I act? If the answer is “no”, then work on making changes to make yourself “peculiar”.

Be Ruthless

THE SCENE:   High 50s and calm.

  • LBAC F/B
  • Seal jacks
  • Projectivator
  • Squat baby pumps
  • Merkin baby pumps
  • Hillbilly mountain climbers


Mosey to the guardrail.

  • 20 dips + 15 derkins + 10 split squats left. Bear crawl to the curb, crawl bear back.
  • 20 dips + 15 derkins + 10 split squats right. Bear crawl to the curb, crawl bear back.

Mosey to Jucomanjaro.  Grab a block.

First, do all exercises and run to Cone 1 and back.

Each successive round, drop the highest rep exercise – and run one cone farther

Exercises were;

  • 40 Tricep extensions
  • 35 Goblet squats
  • 30 Curls
  • 25 Rows
  • 20 Derkins
  • 15 Thrusters
  • 10 CMU swings
  • 5 Blockees


Round 1:  40 + 35 + 30 + 25 + 20 + 15 + 10 + 5 + Run to Cone 1

Round 2:  35 + 30 + 25 + 20 + 15 + 10 + 5 + Run to Cone 2


Round 8:  5 burpee jumpovers + Run to Cone 8



Sprints – winner leads 10-ct of core exercise

Jail break!


15 of the best men that I know

What is something baby Moses and baby Jesus had in common?  In two incidents separated by more than a thousand years, they each survived the mass murder of their contemporaries.  In both cases, a paranoid monarch degreed shortly after their birth that all male babies be slaughtered.  Those in power were fearful of losing that power.  Pharaoh saw that the Israelites were growing in number and decided to cull their population to preserve his reign.  Likewise, after being told that a mighty king had just been born but not yet identified, Herod had all the baby boys killed to protect his throne.

Their strategy was coldblooded and cruel…  Why did they have babies killed?  Because they knew this to be true – that if you can kill something in its infancy, then it never grows to maturity.  It is far easier to snuff something out when it is tiny, because it is more vulnerable.  If that ruthless tactic can be used for evil, then it can be used for good.  Brothers, I want us to steal this strategy away from our enemy and use it to fight our battles.  Every day, we war against sin and temptation.  But what if we could kill them as babies, so that they never grow up to destroy us?   

In Genesis chapter 4, we find Adam and Eve’s sons after they have each made sacrifices to God.  When God favors Abel’s offering instead of his, Cain becomes envious and bloodthirsty.  God meets him in that moment and says, “…watch out, because sin is crouching at the door, ready to pounce on you! You must master it before it masters you.” (Genesis 4:7, The Voice translation).  That imagery of sin… crouching…pouncing…makes me think of a lion getting low in the grass so that his prey either does not see him – or if they do, they think he is just a harmless little thingPounce, you’re dead.

Is there baby sin crouching in your life?  So small that you cannot see it unless you’re really looking… Whimsically tiny and apparently harmless… A little anger?  A little jealousy?  A little lust?  A little arrogance?  Each of these, when it is all grown up, can bring RUIN to a manBe ruthless and KILL that vulnerable baby sin before it grows up and is far harder to kill.

One example from my life:  During a season, I was consumed by a lust for images of fake women.  Mercifully, I’m not fighting that particular battle this week, this month, this year… But here’s something that I’ve just recently noticed.  Every time I open Facebook on my phone, I see fitness videos and pictures.  Three times out of four there’s a woman working out in see-through yoga pants, or a sports bra, or – I kid you not – when I was preparing for this, I opened Facebook and the very first video that popped up was a woman working out in a thong bikini (what kind of person works out in a thong?!).  Baby lust.  Baby sin.  Facebook, “stop showing me crap from this group…”.  It’s such a ridiculous little thing – but I had to snuff it out before that baby lust grew up and enslaved me (again).

God, help me to hate all sin in my life with a righteous and passionate hatred.

Search out the baby sin in your life.  While it is little and vulnerable, KILL IT.  

“You must master it before it masters you.”  Genesis 4:7


Prayers for JJ’s family, for Josh’s family, and for Andrew’s family.

Hat tip to Levi Lusko


Rise and Grind

THE SCENE: 50ish and dry…

Good morning! You gentlemen are here for F3. That stands for fitness, fellowship, & Faith. This is a free workout. You are here on your own volition. I do not know your injuries. Modify if necessary. Modification does not always mean backing down if something is too easy, I encourage you to add on. Covid guidelines make sure you maintaining 6 feet of space and we will not be sharing equipment. Let’s get started!


Side straddle hop in cadence  20

Cherry Pickers

10 tempo merkins

Arm rotations thumbs up in cadence

Reverse thumbs down in cadence

10 Windmills in cadence

Side straddle hop in cadence

Mosey to Hard Knox parking lot

  • Grab 2 rocks you can hold for man-makers
  • Line up on curb for Shaun T’s – step up, knee to opposite elbow,

Step down, backward lunge and reach to curb.

  • Burpee leap frogs from one curb to the other
  • Flutter kicks in cadence x 25
  • Mosey across the street to JuConte
  • Sprint to the hill
    5 burpees at each tree 🌳 on the way up
    5 squats at each tree 🌳 on the way down
    Burnie back to the start
    20 American Hammers
  • Mosey back to Hard  Knox
  • Cardio Island: Karaokes, High Knees, high heels, skip, side to side low, walking lunges
  • Butt Dial FaceTime Mom
  • Flutter kicks in cadence
  • Mucho Chesto: Diamond, Regular, Wide, and Staggered  10x each
  • Freddy Mercury in cadence
  • Mosey back to the flag


Walking Lunges

Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!

I finished reading the Bible for the first time in my life back in February. This is probably not a feat for you guys… It took me a little more than 2 years to finish a 1 year plan.  But I did it! I’ve always been around the Bible and I’ve read bits and pieces, here and there. I made a lot of attempts to read it cover to cover, and I would fizzle somewhere after the creation… If you struggle like I did, I highly recommend a Bible reading plan. Honestly, I’m excited to read it again.

Recently Guardrail did the same Q he had done previously (admittedly I was at Rush), but I caught the message and how he tied it to the importance of repetition.

Then we were challenged not to pray the same prayers or at least not just walk through the motions. This is important also. We need to expand our reach and God’s love is infinite.

I pray everyday. Some prayers are repetition. These are the prayers I’m good at. So the reps I’ve put in, make it come natural.

I  joined Spotter’s monthly challenge to pray 10 minutes a day. This is taking me out of my comfort zone some days, but it’s allowing me to expand and grow as well.

Repetition, variety, and switching things up will all strengthen us. Mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Thank you gentlemen for challenging me! I have nothing but respect for you guys.

Sign up for a Q! We will help you. Design a workout, steal shamelessly from a back-blast… It doesn’t matter. We’re here to workout together, speak our hearts and minds, and thank God for allowing us to do so, before most people are rolling out of bed.


Escalator vs Stairs

THE SCENE: Warmish (relatively) and clear
Abe Vigoda x 7, Cherry Picker x 8, SSH x 20, Tempo Merkin x 10
Mosey back to the new parking lot in front of Sophomore Hill.

Escalator workout with the following exercises:

  • 10xBurpees
  • 20xBBS
  • 30xHand Release Merkins
  • 40xSquats

Start with just the 10 then run one lap, then do 10 and 20 and run a lap, continue until you’ve completed all 4 exercsies and 4 laps. For the laps the PAX had the option to pick their own distance with the shortest of the three options being .1 mile and the longest ~.25 mile. The goal was for each man to pick the lap distance that would keep them even with the rest of the PAX. Erector was so far ahead even using the longest lap that nobody had a chance. Should’ve added a 1 mile lap option.

Mosey over to the coupon pile and grab your coupon. Surprise JAILBREAK! halfway there.

More escalators, but this time with stairs! Perform the following in the same fashion as above.

  • 10xPicture Hangers
  • 20xTricep Extensions
  • 30xCurls
  • 40xRows

Run up to the pull-up bars for max pull-ups in between sets.

Recover back to the shovel flag.

Flutterkicks x 50
12 men riding the escalators at JUCO
March JUCO monthly challenge:

The challenge for March is to set aside a block of 10 minutes every day for prayer/meditation. If you would like to join the challenge, like the post in the JUCO slack page and I’ll add you to the JUCO monthly challenge channel.

Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Launch of the new AO “The Arsenal” is next Saturday at 7am in Maryville

Be That Man

THE SCENE: 39 and a little drizzly.  Perfect!
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Administered

  • Moroccan nightclub
  • Squats
  • Finkle swings
  • Seal jacks
  • Mosey to the small lot
  • 10x Mountain climbers then suicide – line 1, 2, then 3
  • 20x BBS then suicide – line 1, 2, then 3


Mosey to the big lot

Catch the RabbitEight lines spaced about 60’ from each other.  One PAX is the Rabbit – the rest of us are trying to catch him.  All PAX do an exercise then advance to the next line.  The Rabbit starts with a head start but has a disadvantage…  Any PAX that catch the rabbit advance at the same pace as the original rabbit….

Round 1:  PAX do 2 burpees then sprint.  Rabbit (starting at line 2) does 4 burpees then sprint.

Round 2:  PAX do 5 BBS then sprint.  Rabbit (starting at line 2) does 7 BBS then bernie.

Round 3: PAX do 8 bobby hurleys then sprint.  Rabbit (starting at line 3) bear crawls.


Racing Quarter PounderTwo Teams.  One team runs the QP forward – the other Team runs it backward.  Which team will finish first?

  • Sprint 25 yards, 25 Merkins, sprint back
  • Sprint 50 yards, 50 Squats, sprint back
  • Sprint 75 yards, 75 mountain climbers, sprint back
  • Sprint 100 yards, 100 SSH, sprint back

Mucho chesto

  • 10x diamond merkins
  • 10x merkins
  • 10x werkins
  • 10x staggered merkins L
  • 10x staggered merkins R

Railroad run back to the shovel flag



Jelly legs:  30 sec Al Gore, 30 squats, sprint…  Repeat

Another Mucho Chesto



13 Strong!



In anticipation of the upcoming holiday on Monday, I want to give you all something to think about over the weekend.  That’s right – Monday is…World Hippo Day!  Do you know there’s only two places in the world to see hippopotamuses is in the wild? One is Africa. The other is Columbia, South America.

The former Columbian drug lord, Pablo Escobar (not a HIM!), was killed by police almost 30 years ago.  With a net worth of around $30 billion, he was believed to be the seventh richest person in the world.  He used that wealth to buy houses, cars, islands, TWO submarines… He also started his own personal zoo, with elephants, rhinos, lions….and hippos.

In 1991, Escobar surrendered to authorities and the Columbian government seized all his assets and wealth.  They turned over his exotic animals to the Colombian Zoo, but there were four hippopotamuses they didn’t know what to do with because the zoo had no infrastructure for them.  So, authorities decided to just release them into the Magdalena River.

In Columbia, hippos have no natural predators.  There are no seasonal droughts, like there are in Africa.  There is an abundance of food.  Today, the hippo population is exploding in Columbia.  The conditions have been described as a “Hippo Heaven” and estimates suggest that there will be thousands of hippos in Columbia within a few decades.

As the seventh richest man in the world, Pablo Escobar had tremendous potential to impact his family and his community.  He could have done so much good with his wealth and talent!  But just 30-years after his death the lasting legacy of this man, who once lived like a king, is that he inadvertently created a Hippo Heaven.  That’s it.  That’s it?!?  What a ridiculous legacy!

So, here’s the question that I want you to reflect on this weekend;

What will be said of your life 30 years after you are dead?

That day is coming.  What will your children and grandchildren say about your memory?  Will it be something inadvertent and ridiculous…because you just let life happen?  Will they say nothing at all – because you lived an unremarkable existence?  Will they remember you in a way that you wish they would not?  Or, during the short time you have on earth, will you live with intentionality and have a passion to leave a great legacy?

For generations after you are gone, will they tell stories of your greatness and of how your life and faith was such a blessing to the family?

If you want to know how to leave a meaningful legacy, start by reading Psalm 112.  It tells us “the generation of the upright will be blessed” and “the righteous…will be remembered forever”.

Psalm 112 describes the characteristics of a memorable man, a man who will leave a legacy of greatness.

Read through this list, and reflect on each trait.  Ask yourself how this characterizes your life – or what, if anything, you will change starting today

The man who will leave a legacy of greatness…

  • He lives a righteous and blameless life (Psalm 112:4)
  • When others disappoint him or don’t meet his expectations, that man…gives them grace (Psalm 112:4).
  • When others wrong him, that man….shows mercy (Psalm 112:4).
  • With his time and money, that man….is generous (Psalm 112:5 and 9)
  • That man…loves justice (Psalm 112:5)
  • That man…is not afraid of the future because he trusts in the Lord (Psalm 112:7-8)
  • To those who are less fortunate than him, that man…shows compassion (Psalm 112:4)
  • That man…fears the Lord (Psalm 112:1)

That’s a description of a man that I would certainly tell stories about long after he were gone.

Be that man!  Be a little more like him today than you were yesterday!  Be that man!



Psalm 112 (ESV)

1  Praise the Lord! Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who greatly delights in his commandments!

2  His offspring will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.

3  Wealth and riches are in his house, and his righteousness endures forever.

4  Light dawns in the darkness for the upright; he is gracious, merciful, and righteous.

5  It is well with the man who deals generously and lends; who conducts his affairs with justice.

6  For the righteous will never be moved; he will be remembered forever.

7  He is not afraid of bad news; his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord.

8  His heart is steady; he will not be afraid, until he looks in triumph on his adversaries.

9  He has distributed freely; he has given to the poor; his righteousness endures forever; his horn is exalted in honor.

10  The wicked man sees it and is angry; he gnashes his teeth and melts away; the desire of the wicked will perish!


Read more in the F3 QSource, Q4 Leave Right

Hat tip to Levi Lusko for turning me onto the crazy story about Pablo Escobar’s hippos.

Read more about Pablo Escobar’s Hippos; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pablo_Escobar%27s_hippos or check out the National Geographic documentary, Cocaine Hippos.

Set your alarms Monday morning.  The Judge will be on Q!