F3 Knoxville

7 Come 11

THE SCENE: 58 degrees with partly cloudy night skies.

SSH x20, Imperial Squat Walkers x10,  Overhead Clap x20, Cherry Pickers x12

Skip across parking lot and proceed to Waxjob Hill.
7’s on Waxjob Hill – Burpees to WWII Sit ups, run down – bear crawl up.

1/2 mile Indian run.  Front man carries 40# sandbag, man from back takes sandbag performs 3 squats while rest of group performs 3 WWII sit ups. The pack then catches up to front man to continue transfer routine.

11’s on the Grinder – Running the length of the Grinder (Had to modify due to CMUs being removed from the Bomb Shelter)

Three set of 11’s consisting of:

  • 2 Rocking Chairs ⇒ 20 Dips (increase/decrease by 2 at each end)
  • 1 Burpee ⇒ 10 Dry Docks
  • 2 Decline Merkins ⇒ 20 WWII Sit Ups (increase/decrease by 2 at each end)

In all three sets the 11’s were stopped before completion to move to the next one as time was running out.

Flutter kicks x10, wide flutter kicks x10, box cutters x10, LBC’s x40, box cutters x10, LBC’s to cash out.
Total of 10 battle hardened HIM’s.

Last time I reminisced about the last 10 years.  It was 10 years I was able to experience and Staff Sgt. Jason Dahlke was not.  He was killed in action while service in Afghanistan during 2009.  Today I want to talk about one of the major lessons I learned since that time.

I have always been “right.” Since I’m right either everyone agrees with me or they are wrong.  I got into some family trouble several years ago because of my “I’m right” attitude and it really caused some problems.  There were deep wounds and healing was not overnight.  It was a gradual process, took a lot of work, and a message to self hit me hard. Thankfully, the storm has been weathered and family relations are better than ever.

Life is not about being right all the time.  Sometimes (maybe most of the time) it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is listening to the other person(s) and picking the right battles.  It reminds me of my faith.  There are definitely essentials to the faith, but others are not. It seems to be the non-essentials that cause the problems in Christianity.  The division into denominations has mostly been the results of differences over non-essentials, the man made religion.  We should concentrate on the one place where Christians all come together – at the foot of the Cross.

Ashley’s beloved dog may be near the end and will be a hard loss after so many years.
3rd F is March 30th at The Outlook, 716 20th St, Knoxville, TN 37916.  All area AOs will converge at the Asylum that morning before heading over to the 3rd F at 8:30 am.

10 Years After

  1. THE SCENE:   34 degrees with calm winds

    Windmills x20, Overhead hand claps x20; Side scissor jumps x20; Cherry pickers x12.

Jog, karaoke, jog, skip across parking lot.

Indian run to Mt. Crumpit.

Phase 1.

7’s on Mt. Crumpit starting with 1 BBS at the bottom and 6 burpees at top.

Ascents were run, Bernie, run, run, Bernie, run.

Indian run back to AO

Phase 2.

Consisted of 4 Cell Blocks in a square pattern – each corner is 50 feet apart.

Starting at Alpha Block perform the first exercise.  Move to Bravo Block as directed and perform first exercise.  Continue to Charlie Block and Delta Block before returning to Alpha Block to perform exercise #2.  Continue until time is exhausted.


  1. CMU Swings                   OH Carry
  2. Merkins                         Lunge
  3. SSH (4 ct)                       Inch worm
  4. Release merkins              Crab crawl


  1. Mtn Climbers (4 ct)           Bear Crawl
  2. CMU goblet squat             OH carry
  3. Dry docks                       Lunge
  4. Flutter kicks (4 ct)             Inch worm


  1. Plank Jacks (4 ct)             Crab Crawl
  2. Box Cutters                    Bear Crawl
  3. CMU clean/press             OH Carry
  4. Squat Jumps                  Lunge


  1. WWII Sit-ups                    Inch worm
  2. Shoulder taps (4 ct)          Crab Crawl
  3. Dips w/CMU                   Bear Crawl
  4. CMU Curls                      OH Carry


Box cutters x20, Flutter kicks x20, ABC’s to cash out.

15 HIM’s, no FNG’s
I heard a song a few days ago by the band, Ten Years After.  The song didn’t get me to thinking.  It was the groups name.  I thought back to ten years ago (2009) – give or take a few months.  Memorable in many ways.  I remembered finding my wife, Julie, on the floor, blue in color. I remembered my stroke and heart surgery and the few warning signs I had a few weeks earlier.  I remembered Staff Sgt Jason Dalhke, 1st Battalion Ranger Regiment.  He was Emily’s and Travis’ (daughter and son-in-law) best friend.  Julie and I made full recoveries.  Jason was killed in action at the age of 29 in the mountains of Afghanistan.

I have been given the gift of the last ten years, as have Julie.  Jason, for whatever reasons God has, didn’t get to experience them.

So here I was a few days ago, not thinking “why” but thinking “what.”  Not why me.  Rather, what have I done with the last 10 years.  Sure, I can remember successes, failures, mistakes, joy, … all kinds of things.  Did I earn those 10 years?  No way.  I don’t believe that’s how it works.  Rather it made me think about the things I need to learn from the past 10 or whatever number of years.  I need to take what I have learned and build on it for the future.  I challenge each of you to think about the last 10 years and to think of the personal progress made – and the personal miscues experienced.  Then think about the way you have been able to build upon the past – hopefully in a positive way.

I intend to get into some follow up BOM talks in my upcoming Q’s.  We’ll see how that goes.  Until then, remember that in many ways our future is built upon our past.  First, though, we have to learn from it.

Sake asked for prayer in an upcoming interview.
Habitat for Humanity work day for the Bomb Shelter is Saturday, March 9th.

Planks a Lot


High plank 20 sec
Low plank 20 sec
Shoulder taps 10 4-count
Mountain climbers 10 4-count
Plank jacks 10 4-count
Peter Parker’s 10 4-count
Mosey to the Educator
5 Burpees. Sprint up perform 1 set of 2 exercises mosey down and do 5 burpees. Sprint up and move on to next set.
Set 1:
High plank 30 sec
Low plank 30 sec
Set 2:
Shoulder taps 20 4-count
Mountain climbers 20 4-count
Set 3:
Plank jacks 20 4-count
Peter parkers 20 4-count
Set 4:
Plank walk curb
Negative Merkins 20
Bear crawl parking lot doing merkin on each line. Round 2: 2 Merkins.
LBCs 1 minute.
12 mighty men including Taser, whom I couldn’t tag.
This is the only light in my dark life right now. This is my escape. When I can forget about work and let my mind free. Fellowship and hard work with you fine men. Thank you guys for being here and contributing to that light.
Shoulders and core, bruh.
Habitat help on March 9, next Saturday.

Captain Spectacular!

THE SCENE: 32 and great

It was FINs birthday. he turned 26 so we did a Fins inspired warm up of :

F. ailure to launch . hold squat for 10 seconds, then jump. Rinse and repeat until you fail to lauch

I. mperial walkers x26 IC

N.ever cross dolly x26 IC. (iron cross while doing Dolly)

Side straddle hops IC x26

  • La La Leggy, (26 squats IC, 26 lunges each leg, 26 monkey humpers IC, 26×3 calf raises
  • 2 burps, run grinder, 10 big boys, 4 hurpees, run, 10 big boys, 6 bropees, run, 10 big boys, 8 body builders, run, 10 big boys, 10 broad jump burps, run 10 big boys. The run was running the grinder back and forth,each run about 70 meters.
  • Last but not least Captain spectaculars! consisting of a 1:4 ratio of doing Mr. Spectaculars
  • 1= walk hands out, do one merkin, walk hands back, pick up CMU and do 4 squats then 4 overhead presses.
  • 2= walk hands out, merkin, walk hands back out again, merkin, walk hands back , pick up CMU for 8 squats and 8 over head presses
  • GET IT? 1:4 ratio. Make it to 10:40 and you are feeling it!! over 55 walk out push ups, 220 CMU goblet squats, and 220 over head presses. Rep it out bruh!!

no time
16 pax became spectacular today!

“A band of brothers, in the sense that we use the words in this book, is not a meeting, a club, a therapy group, or a self-help society. It is the group of men we do life with. It is the team of brothers committed with us to the cause of great manhood. It is the band of men with whom we build a manly culture of inspiration and achievement.” – Stephen Mansfield, “Building Your Band of Brothers”

F3 is that, a band of brothers and so much more than a club, support group , etc..
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Mt. Suckmore Fun

THE SCENE: warm, wet, and muddy

SSH x20 IC
LB Arm Circles x12 each side IC
Tempo Squats x12
Cherry Pickers x10 IC


Each person grab a partner and one CMU between the two of you. Slingshot to Mt. Suckmore (partner 1 does 5 squats while partner 2 is running with the CMU. Partner 1 runs to catch up and they switch).

Partner 1 does bears and blocks up Mt. Suckmore and 3 burpee presses at the top, then goes back down and runs to the playground. When partner 1 gets back, partner 2 runs to Mt. Suckmore and does the same. Partner 2 does the following exercises at the playground until relieved by partner 1:

  • Burpee Pullup x5
  • Diamond Merkin x10
  • Squat Jump x15
  • Wide Merkin x20
  • Lunges x26 (13 each leg)
  • BBS x30

Continue repeating this until time, then we all ran back to the AO together.

Not much time left, but we did get in 18 boxcutters IC before 8.
8 men strong
I saw this on Facebook the other day and I think it says it all:

“Monday doesn’t suck. The weather doesn’t suck. Your job doesn’t suck. Your partner doesn’t suck. Your negative mindset sucks. Your lack of self-worth and self-love sucks. Stop complaining about what’s missing from your life and go manifest the crap out of your dreams.”