F3 Knoxville

Tabata Chest and Arms


Partly Cloudy, 70 ℉. Feels like 72 ℉. Humidity 100%. Wind 2.1 mi/h from NE.


  • 25 –  4 count SSH
  • Michael Phelps

Mosey to CMU pile stopping a couple times doing 5-6 burpees while waiting for the six.

First activities follow a Tabata timing structure. So, using a phone or second hand or an actual tabata application.

  1.  Tabata timing 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 4 minutes. CMU press while laying on ground. AMRAP each of the 20 second work periods.
  2. Mosey about 50 yards out and back.  Shake out the arms.
  3. Tabata timing 3 sets of 3 cycles, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest each cycle.  20 seconds rest in between sets. Each set consists of a cycle each of:
    1. Standard Shoulder Press
    2. Curls
    3. Overhead Tricep Extension
  4. Mosey about 50 yards out and back.  Shake out the arms.
  5. 10 tempo Merkins on CMU in cadence.  Really slow.
  6. 10 tempo curls with CMU in cadence.  Slowly.  Last 5 emphasizing the negative.
  7. Put up CMUs and Mosey to bleachers.
  8. Run to top of bleachers and back down followed by 25 Monkey Humpers. Rinse and Repeat until six has completed 3 sets.
  9. Up bleachers and down but now with 25 Squats.  Rinse/Repeat 3 times.
  10. Mosey back to AO stopping halfway, grabbing the curb to do 50 heal raises.

Jack Webbs to 10 and then a few ab exercises to handle last couple minutes. (American Hammers, Dolly Parton’s, Freddy Mercurys)

15 PAX


A Prayer for Submission to God’s Will
Lord God, my Refuge, I am frustrated and fed up with life right now. I need Your help. Remind me that You are sovereign and in control. Help me to let go and to trust You. I am sorry for trying to control every aspect of my life and I give over the driving seat to You. Keep me from feeling upset about things I cannot control and give me a new trust in Your promise to work everything for my good. Thank You that You love me. Amen.



1776 Speed Bumps + Tabata Burpee Wall

✔ THE SCENE: Hot, very hot.

✔ F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Free-non-pro-mens-covid-fitness-fellowship-faith-scale


  • SSH
  • Twisting Windmill Pickers
  • Tempo Merkins
  • Tempo Peter Parkers
  • Twisting Merkins

The Thang:

Indian Run + Burpee to Bus CMU Pile.

The Tabata Burpee Wall

In 50sec work +10sec rest Tabata intervals, build a CMU wall (4 CMU high) as long as you can in five minutes. Then tear it down for the next five minutes.  The CMU wall needs to be in the chalk outline.  When you cross over the cross bars of the Cross do one burpee on the way to stacking your CMU, and on the way out to getting a new CMU.

Indian Run to Softball CMU stack.  Get a CMU.

Visit each speed bump around campus doing the exercises marked in chalk at each speed bump.  The exercises are

  1. 17 Curls
  2. 76 LBCS
  3. 17 Push Press
  4. 76 Calf Raises
  5. 76 Merkins
  6. 76 Flutters
  7. 17 Lunges
  8. 76 A Hammers
  9. 17 Curls

MARY: No time for Mary


In Proverbs 4 I was shocked by verse 13 which says “Take hold of instruction; do not let go.
Guard her, for she is your life.”.  I exhort you men, do not let your mind go to mush.  Read books, pursue instruction, take courses, go back to school, gain wisdom, gain understanding.  Do not settle for the cultures mind trap of lazy endless media consumption.  God is calling you to sharpen not just our bodies but our minds.  Go forth and learn.

Hear, O sons, the instruction of a father,

And give attention that you may [a]gain understanding,
For I give you [b]sound teaching;
Do not abandon my [c]instruction.
When I was a son to my father,
Tender and the only son in the sight of my mother,
Then he taught me and said to me,
“Let your heart hold fast my words;
Keep my commandments and live;
Acquire wisdom! Acquire understanding!
Do not forget nor turn away from the words of my mouth.
“Do not forsake her, and she will guard you;
Love her, and she will watch over you.
“The [d]beginning of wisdom is: Acquire wisdom;
And with all your acquiring, get understanding.
“Prize her, and she will exalt you;
She will honor you if you embrace her.
“She will place on your head a garland of grace;
She will present you with a crown of beauty.”

10 Hear, my son, and accept my sayings
And the years of your life will be many.
11 I have directed you in the way of wisdom;
I have led you in upright paths.
12 When you walk, your steps will not be impeded;
And if you run, you will not stumble.
13 Take hold of instruction; do not let go.
Guard her, for she is your life.
14 Do not enter the path of the wicked
And do not proceed in the way of evil men.
15 Avoid it, do not pass by it;
Turn away from it and pass on.
16 For they cannot sleep unless they do evil;
And [e]they are robbed of sleep unless they make someone stumble.
17 For they eat the bread of wickedness
And drink the wine of violence.
18 But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn,
That shines brighter and brighter until the full day.
19 The way of the wicked is like darkness;
They do not know over what they [f]stumble.

20 My son, give attention to my words;
Incline your ear to my sayings.
21 Do not let them depart from your sight;
Keep them in the midst of your heart.
22 For they are life to those who find them
And health to all [g]their body.
23 Watch over your heart with all diligence,
For from it flow the springs of life.
24 Put away from you a deceitful mouth
And put devious [h]speech far from you.
25 Let your eyes look directly ahead
And let your [i]gaze be fixed straight in front of you.
26 Watch the path of your feet
And all your ways will be established.
27 Do not turn to the right nor to the left;
Turn your foot from evil.


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Hub and Spoke

The Scene:

64 degrees and Glorious

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer:

Fitness, Fellowship, Faith, Free, Modify, Not Professional, Own Volition, Social Distance, Phone


6 4-count Cherry Pickers

10 4-count BAC Forward

10 4-count BAC Backwards

10 4-count SSH

6 curtsy lunges

10 tempo merkins

5 burpees OYO


Freestyle Mosey to the back parking lot (Q calls out different run variations such as karaoke, Bernie, mosey, tree touches, sign touches, manhole cover touches, etc.


7 broad jump to high knee back peddle

1 Mountain climber taps (2-count)

1 broad jump to high knee back peddle

7 mountain climbers taps (2-count)


Freestyle Mosey to hidden CMU pile pick up your new best friend and mosey to the lot by the bridge in All Saints Park. some CMU squats and presses we’re had on the way. 

Hub and Spoke workout 

Hub is 5 CMU Swings to Jump w/ weight (Modify w/ deadlift) then take CMU with you to each station

Spoke 1- 50 SSH


Spoke 2-50 Shoulder taps


Spoke 3-100 Freddy Mercury’s


Spoke 4- 25 Imperial Walkers


Spoke 5- 20 Curtsy Lunges (10 each leg)


Spoke 6- 25 Merkins

Everyone got 1 round

Finished with 5 CMU swings and presses as a group


Take CMU’s back to the pile with some squats and shoulder to shoulder presses along the way and mosey to the beginning of the Shamrock Road


Shamrock Road 

At every third shamrock on the ground different exercise is called out by different PAX for 15 reps working our way up the road to the AO parking lot. 

15 BBS

15 Monkey humpers

15 Pickle pounders

15 American hammers

15 Freddy Mercury’s 


No time


13 HIMs 


Remember to keep God at the center of your life (Hub), no matter where we go or who we interact with (Spokes) we need to make sure we consistently return to Him and keep Him at the center of everything. 



Leg Demolition Day

THE SCENE: Low 70’s and clear

Cherry Pickers, Windmills, LBAC x fwd/bck, Tempo Merkins, Tempo Squats

Starting at the entrance to the AO off of Fox Lonas:

Perform 20 squats, 20 merkins, and 20 BBS then lunge to the next speedbump. Once at the speedbump, sprint to the next one. Repeat till time was called. (3 full rounds)

Mosey to the CMU pile and grab a coupon.

On the grass football field, line up facing the small hill to the softball field. Perform the following sequence:

  • 10 CMU OHP
  • 10 CMU Squats
  • 10 CMU Thrusters
  • 10 CMU Swings
  • Bear crawl to the softball field fence and mosey back.

We completed five rounds of the above sequence.

Mosey down to the small parking lot across from the shovel flag lot.

Performed 11’s with Bobby Hurley’s on one end and Diamond Merkins on the other.

Called time before we finished.

Just enough time to knock out a handful of Imperial Walkers

17 HIMs with one FNG. Welcome Bekky!

At our church’s family retreat this last year one of the speakers discussed the differences in the needs of men and women, specifically as they relate to marriage. The top 5 emotional needs for men and women are very different and when we don’t take that into consideration in our marriages it is easy to neglect the needs of our spouses. Below are the top needs identified by the author of His Needs, Her Needs:

Become aware of each other’s needs and learn to meet them.

  • Men’s 5 most basic needs from his wife:
    • Sexual fulfillment
    • Recreational companionship
    • An attractive spouse
    • Domestic support
    • Admiration
  • Women’s 5 most basic needs from her husband:
    • Affection
    • Conversation
    • Openness and honesty
    • Financial security
    • Family commitment

Love seeing the growth out at Shamrock! Kudos to Mermaid for keeping the ball rolling and pushing the AO.
Dad Camp later this summer. CSAUP at Dog Pound in July.

Say Hello To My Little Friends

THE SCENE: Low 70’s & clear
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Normal disclaimer + Covid 19

Motivator from 5
High Knees
Cherry Pickers (SLOW)
Baby Arm Circles forward/backward x 10
Mosey to the abnormally large pile of CMU’s, and everyone was instructed to grab 2 each.  We farmer carried the blocks around campus while stopping to do exercises, all exercises included the use of at least one CMU.  The exercises included the following: Shrugs, curls, tri extensions, deep merkins pushing the chest below your hands while on the blocks, blockees, wall squats, squats, lunges, calf raises, dips, squat thrusters, big boy sit ups, hello dollies, flutter kicks, bent rows, and maybe a few more, but you get the gist.  After carrying those CMU’s everyone was exhausted and most forearms were shot.

No specific mary, as we made it back to the AO at 0615, but the flutter kicks in cadence to 40, with a cinder block over your head made up for the lack of mary at the end.
21 HIM’s would be the record in attendance for Shamrock.  We had 21 for an OTB before we became official.  Add tags for GI Jane & Curry.
Popovich, 71, said it’s up to white people to step up — “no matter what the consequences” — and help lead the charge for change.

I read the full article over the weekend, click the text above for a link to the full article.  The quote I shared this morning gave me lots to think about over the weekend.  Too many times in my life, I witnessed things and decided, that is not my fight, I am staying out of it.  Simple things like an off color joke at work, where it is easier to laugh, than the say that is wrong.  The inequality in the way women are treated, the way acquaintances talk down about others, whatever the example, and there are many, its easier to go with the flow.  With a little maturity, and a stronger backbone, I am tired of letting things go.  I still have to decide which battles I want to fight, but as a father, I want to set an example for my kids, I want to teach them to stand up to bullies, and to not be afraid to take a stand.

I shared two stories from last week.  One, where my Muslim neighbor called my black neighbor the N word.  Both kids are in 4th grade, and surely the aggressor didn’t understand the gravity of the use of that word in general, but especially in the current climate surrounding the protests that have risen up from the George Floyd murder.  In my mind, this wasn’t my fight, but I have to say, I love my neighbor.  He wasn’t home and I would want him to stand up for my daughter, so I went in search of the boy.  The boy and I have had a total of three of these conversations over the course of a couple of years, and I tried to explain, firmly, why his behavior was unacceptable.  Who knows what the future holds, but I anticipate having many more of these conversations in the future, by the way talking to the parents doesn’t help sadly, I have tried that too.  The point is, my kids saw me set the example of what is right and wrong, my neighbor saw that I had his back and was willing to defend his daughter, and this boy was reprimanded and held accountable to his actions.  I am not saying I was right, but I determined that being silent was the wrong action.

Later in the week, I had one co worker tell another coworker that she owed him a lap dance.  They have known each other a long time, and it was an obvious joke, but again, it isn’t right.  That was also something that for a myriad of reasons can not be ignored.  So, on a Friday afternoon, I had to call out a 60 year old man for being out of line.  As a leader, we have to set the example and call out those whose actions are reprehensible.  I am not the fun police, but sometimes that is the consequence.  Somethings just aren’t funny.

Being silent is being complicit.  If you witness these situations and do nothing, then like George Floyd’s death, the bystander police officers allowed a man to die by taking no action.  It is time that we as HIM’s stand up to injustice.  That doesn’t mean you have to go to rallies and protests, but simply taking a stand opposed to taking no action speaks volumes.

Galatians 3:28, NIV: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” …   We are all the same in the eyes of Jesus, and he lived that.  He was radical, in his appeal to Jews, Greeks, women, outcasts, the unclean, etc.  There was no demographic that was untouchable to Jesus.  If he is our example, then we need to follow him and be the voice of Jesus.  It is simply about loving others, let’s don’t over complicate things.  As Popovich says let’s lead the charge for change.

Pray for Nicole, Anchorman’s friend, Pray for Cheat sheet’s daughter Willow, and pray for the world.
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