F3 Knoxville

Kracken at the Tracken

THE SCENE: Gloomy but warm at the Tracken

50 side straddle hops, since Moses asked for it

Tommy Boys OYO – Swing arms back and forth (fat guy in a little coat)

Little Baby Arm Circles forward and backward

Insert information about the workout.

  • Moseyed to the Tracken (track)
  • Began a Kracken, 8 stations, do 50 of the exercise listed, run a lap, pass the exercise you did and start over on the next one.


  • 50 Merkins
  • 50 Squats
  • 50 WW2 set-ups
  • 50 Burpees
  • 50 Iron Mikes
  • 50 Monkey Humpers
  • 50 Mountain Climbers
  • 50 Bobby Hurleys

Some Flutter Kicks LBCs to finish it out.

Just expressed gratitude for F3 and all it has done for me, at the beatdown and out in the real world.  I will truly miss this group and will drop in every chance I get.

Napster is moving, last day and Q, tomorrow at the Bomb Shelter

Lighting the Arsenal’s Cannons

THE SCENE: Low/Mid 30’s with some sunshine
This is F3, Stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith
It is a FREE workout
I am not a professional
You are here on your own volition
I have no knowledge of any injuries or your fitness considerations
It is your individual responsibility to be safe and to modify exercises if you need to, we all do it

  • SSH – 15 (IC)
  • LBAC – F/B – 10 (IC)
  • Air Squat – 10 (IC)
  • Merkin – 10 (IC)
  • BBS – 10 (IC)

Active Warm-O-Rama – Ring of Fire:

  • While Pax are still in circle have everyone alternating between plank and Al-Gore. 1 Pax will run to the center of the circle and burnie back. Once they return to the plank position the next Pax member goes. Rinse and repeat until all Pax have run to the center and back.

** Have Pax number off by 1s and 2s. 1s will go with Drifter to the Baseball Field and 2s will go with Moses to the Football Field.


Baseball Field: Bleacher Work
5 Minute AMRAP:

  • Step-ups – 10 each leg
  • Incline Merkins – 10 (4ct)
  • Dips – 10 (4ct)
  • Step-ups – 10 each leg
  • Decline Merkins – 10 (4ct)
  • Dips – 10 (4ct)

Mosey to Outfield:

  • Suicides – 30 seconds
  • LBC – 20 (4ct)
  • Suicides – 30 Seconds
  • BBS – 10 (4ct)

Rinse & repeat until other group is done

Football Field Work

Place cones at 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards. Pax will run to first cone, complete the exercise and run back. Then run to the 2nd cone complete the exercise, run back. 3rd cone exercise, run back. 4th cone exercise, run back. Rinse and repeat.
5 Minute AMRAP

Circuit 1: Legs

  • 1st cone 10 lunges in place
  • 2nd cone 5 burpees
  • 3rd cone 10 squats
  • 4th cone 5 burpees

Circuit 2: Abs

  • 1st cone 10 BBS
  • 2nd cone 10 American Hammers (count only one side)
  • 3rd cone 10 Hello Dolly (single count)
  • 4th cone 30 LBC

Suicides on cones 1-4 until 15 minutes is up.

Q2 and Q1 Groups flap jack and repeat circuits.

Merge Groups and mosey to Shovel Flag and present the flag

The shovel flag is one of the classic symbols of F3. No matter where you are within F3 Nation, the Shovel Flag is the one true physical link that connects us all. Just like we leave no man where we find them, the Shovel Flag is portable so that it can be carried forward and shared with others.

This shovel flag represents Respect: respect for country, respect for those who hae served and currently serve to protect our freedoms, and respect for the other AO’s across F3 Nation where similar flags are planted ever week

It represents Hard Work: it bears witness to the blood, sweat, and tears of the men of F3 who gather together at some obscene early hour to get better physically while finding new mental limits. Men getting stronger, fit, and conditioned to handle life’s challenges – most of which are not physical at all – Hard Work

This flag also represents the lives of men being changed. Men are moving from being passive participants in life, to being present. Present in our families, present in our places of work and worship, and present in our communities.

Mosey to SP (Smuggler leading the way carrying the flag)


We returned with a little extra time to spare so we decided to push through a few more variations of Merkins!

  • Regular Merkin 10(IC)
  • Wide Merkin 10(IC)
  • Dimond Merkin 5(IC)
  • 6” Crunch 10(IC)
  • Gas Pumps 15(OYO)
  • Ankle Touches 20(IC)
  • LBC for time!

48 Pax! Included (2) 2.0s and (1) FNG – Welcome ‘That Guy’

F3 has always been and will always be more than a workout.  We definitely want to push ourselves and each other physically, but we also want to grow relationally and spiritually.  The PAX is unique in many ways, But the one that is most important to remember is that we are not out here to compete against each other, but collaborate together to grow as husbands, fathers, sons, employees, employers, friends, and neighbors.  We are bound together under a high power for a greater purpose. And I pray that this group of men will continue to lead they way in setting the example for others.



Counting to 31 very slowly

THE SCENE: Cool but clear morning at the bombshelter


Warm up was integrated into the beatdown

Extended cadence count, warm up style of tempo exercises. Two moseys in between, with SSH in cadence at the church parking lot. Each exercise done for 31 reps, one for each year QIC has been alive.

  • Tempo Merkins
  • Tempo Squats
  • Tempo Curls
  • Tempo Rows
  • Tempo lunges (each leg with own count)
  • Tempo heel raises
  • Mosey to church parking lot and SSH IC
  • Tempo leg raises
  • Tempo side lunge
  • Tempo chest press
  • Mosey around fountain and back
  • Tempo Jimmy Hendrix

PAX took turns naming off exercises

Hello Dolly

Flutter kicks

17 including 1 2.0 and 1FNG. Welcome Tiger King

I have always been a competitive person. Some of this is my nature, but some has also been more of a vain attempt to appear more successful. Over the past few months I have been focusing on focusing more on what’s truly important and being a better man, husband, and father. My M told me of a quote a few days ago, paraphrased as such “gratitude is having enough of where you are, even if you are working for more” Work on being grateful while bettering yourself
Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Arsenal launch 3/6 at 7am. Be sure to follow Covid guidelines

Round the Fountain

  • THE SCENE: Brisk and breezy
  • SSH x20
  • LBAC, forward/reverse x10
  • Big Arm Circles
  • Tempo Squats IC
  • Tempo Merkins IC

THA-THANG:Mosey to the fountain for a Dora

  • 300 squats
  • 200 merkins
  • 100 V-ups
    • Partner runs up the hill and does 5 burpees
  • Before the next set, go the the fountain, feet on the wall, hands on the ground, partners “bear shuffle” until the meet each other on the other side
  • 300 Around the World Lunges
  • 200 BBS    (I don’t think anyone finished these)
  • 100 Diamond Merkins     (in theory)
    • Partner runs up hill and does 5 (4ct.) Monkey Humpers
  • Mosey Back to grinder and finish off time alternating between 10 BBS and 10 Diamond merkins

see above

Be willing to share the need for prayer in the COT after a workout. I resist even sharing simple requests because either I don’t think it’s important enough or I don’t like to show/admit a need.  It’s pride that keeps us from doing it, but its a privilege to pray for each other. When someone shares a prayer request, remember them and pray for them throughout the week!


Excited for the March 6 launch of the new AO- The Arsenal at Sandy Springs Park in Maryville! 7am kick-off

Racket on the Courts

THE SCENE: Warm, overcast, ground was a little damp.

20 SSH, 10 Merkin pumpers, 10 boxer jacks, warm up lap: butt kicks, high knees, side lunges, sprint, hold plank.
Part 1: tennis courts | 25 min

Start at baseline. Crab walk 1 court, 5 reps. Bear crawl 2nd court, 10 reps. Crab walk, 15. Bear crawl, 20. Run back to start.

  • Merkin pumpers all the way down
  • Then single count side lunge all the way down
  • Bear hops
  • Rinse and repeat

Indian run long lap back to grinder. 5 min

Part 2: grinder | 25 min

Now, do all exercises in a row. 5 reps, then 10, 15, 20. When you need a break, run to pull up bars and 2 pull ups. Be sure to fully extend your arms.

  • Up and over merkins single count
  • Iron squat leaps (Iron squat where you jump over the cmu)
  • CMU curl/overhead press
  • Rince and repeat after 20 reps (i.e. back to 5 reps)

20 ankle touches in cadence, 10 six inch crunches, 20 shoulder taps, 10 six inch crunches, 10 super man swims, 10 six inch crunches. Calf raises for time.
8 PAX including 1 2.0

You never know what someone is going through. There is still a lot of bad out in the world. And even when you look at someone, you don’t know what is going on inside for them. So reach out. Connect. Find that one small good thing you can do today, and do it. Maybe in March you can raise some awareness for the hurting people of the world. Do 100 reps of something every day, and show your willingness to reach out and connect with the hurting. Invite them in even if it makes your day a little harder. You might need them as much as they need you.


Arsenal Launch on Saturday March 6! Let’s keep the covid guidelines in mind to help any new folks feel good about coming.