F3 Knoxville

Leaders Eat Last

THE SCENE: 92 and full of sunshine

15x Side Straddle Hops, 10x Imperial Walkers, 5x Cherry Pickers, A little bit of this, little bit of that, 10x Rockettes


Four Corners

CORNER ONE:  Round 1: 25X CMU Curls, Round 2: 25X CMU Bench Press, Round 3: 20x of Both

CORNER TWO:  Round 1: 20X Freddy Mercury’s (4-count), Round 2: 20X Rocky Balboas, Round 3: 10x of Both

CORNER THREE:  Round 1: 25X CMU Good Mornings, Round 2: 25X CMU Rows, Round 3: 20x of Both

CORNER FOUR:  Round 1: 20X Box Cutters, Round 2: 20X LBCs, Round 3: 10x of Both

With COVID rules, we can’t share CMUs.  So…you get to take it with you.

Mosey to the winding hill. At light pole #1, 10x incline Big Boys, at light pole #2, 10x decline Merkins, alternate to the top, rinse and repeat

Mosey towards the AO. 10x bear crawl, 10x lunges, rise and repeat, empty the tank sprint to the bat box.


Freddy Mercury’s,H ello Dollies, American Hammers, Plank


Obviously the world has a lot of things going on these days.  A lot of bad things.  A lot of the things people want to see changed.  But, a lot of people want to just snap their fingers and have it all fixed. They want to go to bed one night in a world full of problems, then wake up the next morning with all those problems solved.

This got me thinking about leading during troubled times and one of my favorite books, “Leaders Eat Last”, by Simon Sinek.  In his book he writes:

“Good leadership is like exercise.  We do not see any improvement to our bodies with day-to-day comparisons.  In fact, if we only compare the way our bodies look on a given day to how it looked on the previous day we would think our efforts had been wasted.  It’s only when we compare pictures of ourselves over a period of weeks or months that we can see a stark difference.  The impact of leadership is best judged over time.”

This resonates with me right now.  Because right now the world needs SUSTAINED leadership.  Not quick fix leadership.  Not a few leaders focusing on the next news cycle.  Not a few leaders saying, “Look what I did”   Right now we need millions of leaders.  Leaders who are more concerned with making an impact than they are with making headlines.  Leaders who are focused on making a difference and improving the lives of our fellow human beings.

Sometimes we all want to see a more immediate impact from our efforts.  But, sometimes that’s just not the timeline the world is on.  More often than not we’re part of the timeline where we’re pushing a giant boulder up a mountain.  It’s actually rare to be the one who pushes it over the top.  With it being unlikely that we will get any recognition for our efforts it becomes imperative to remember why we are pushing that boulder up that mountain.

And, to remember that when results come slowly that we cannot give up.  That our efforts have not been wasted.  And, that our leadership is best judged over time.  We have to remember why we are serving as leaders.  We have to remember it’s all to make the world a better place for our fellow human beings.

“Leadership is not a license to do less.  It’s a responsibility to do more.  Leadership takes work.  It takes time and energy.  The effects are not always easily measured and they are not always immediate.  But, leadership is always a commitment to human beings.”  ~ Simon Sinek

Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
GROW School / Q101 at AsylumPM Thursday.  CSAUP on Saturday.  Title9’s last post before leaving to Oregon will be July 21st.  We plan to set an AsylumPM attendance record for him.

Slow to Judge, Quick to Listen

THE SCENE: Windy, temp about 70 degrees

20 Side Straddle Hops.  10 Pinto Twists.  40 Grady Corns.  10 Windmills.  10 Tempo Squats.  Little of This and That.

Mosey to northeast corner of Admin Bldg.  From Cone 1 we will run to Cone 2 atend of sidewalk.  From Cone 2, bear crawl to the Cone 3 positioned at sidewalk going to steps of admin bldg.  At Cone 4, on steps do 40 Shin Lifts and 40 Bench Dips.  Then run back on sidewalk to Cone 5 on street.  At Cone 5 do 20 Merkins.  Then Bernie to Cone 6 by stop sign.  At that cone, do 20 Big Boys.  Then go back to Cone 1.  Rinse and repeat two more times.

Mosey on roadway and through parking lot to CMU pile.  Each man takes CMU.  Do 25 each of the following exercises but also sprint to end of parking lot and back after each exercise.  Here are the exercises:

  • Overhead presses
  • Curls
  • Squats
  • Rows

Mosey on grass past dugouts to bottom of Cardiac Hill.  We will go up hill stopping at corners and benches to do exercises.  Here are the exercises:

  • Corner 1:  20 American Hammers (four count)
  • Corner 2:  20 Hello Dollies (four count)
  • Corner 3:  20 Decline Merkins
  • Benches:  20 Bench Dips

Mosey to shady area by northeastern corner of Admin Bldg.  We will do 20 Flutter Kicks and 20 Bicycle Kicks.

Mosey to AO.

26 men that included four FNGs:  Sparty (Tony Burkhart), Hermes (Mason Burkhart), Orphan Annie (Dylan Berry) and a Flying EH, Couch Potato (Reginald Williams).
Slow to Judge and Quick to Listen

Our current society is very quick to judge.  A politician makes a statement and the other party immediately attacks it, often taking the statement completely out of context.  Even news stations, which are supposed to give us the truth, are quick to judge.  CNN quickly pounces upon anything Trump says.  Fox News is sure to badmouth Biden.  It is difficult for any public figure to say anything without being judged.  Athletes are considered anti-American for taking the knee during the Pledge of Allegiance or racist for saying they will not join others in taking the knee.  We ourselves tend to blame the “other side” for the “state of affairs” whether that state be the declining economy, the coronavirus numbers, or good ol traffic on the way to our jobs.  We join with friends who are similar in opinion to us so that we can find support and comfort in our criticism of the other side.

The problem is, where does this get us?  How do parties resolve anything when they are so sure to attack and so unlikely to listen?  We cannot give an inch to reasonable comments from the other side because we feel that, in doing so, we would somehow admit that we are wrong.  Well, maybe WE are a little wrong.  Maybe THEY are a little right.  But we refuse to even look to see.  And we lose love and grace in the process.

Doubtfire gave a great message several weeks ago about Forgiveness. He said we need to learn to forgive even if we dislike what the other person has done.  Jesus talked about turning the other cheek to our enemies.  I get the idea that Jesus would also say we should be willing to listen to our enemies.  What do they have to say?  Is there anything reasonable in what they are saying.  And, if it doesn’t seem reasonable, what has happened in that person’s life that leads to their perspective?

Maybe it is too personal to look at the behavior of another human.  Let’s look at the behavior of an animal, a dog. Some of you may have read the book “White Fang” by Jack London.  In the book, a man meets up with a dog that is vicious toward humans.  People have used and abused the dog.  The dog, indeed, is mean.  The man finds the dog when it has been so badly mistreated that it is near to death.  He feeds the dog, talks kindly to it.  He cannot initially get close to the dog because the dog would attack him.  But he slowly, after many weeks, gets closer and finally, touches the dog.  The dog initially reacts with a biting move.  The man is patient.  Many days later he tries again.  The dog growls a low growl while the man keeps his hand there.  The dog both dislikes the touch but also thinks it good.  And as he learns to love the man, he learns to cherish the touch.  The dog gradually changes.  And, because of the love that the man shows him, he finally sees the man as his “Love God.”  An incredible bond forms between the man and this dog that once hated humans.  And, toward the end of the book, the dog saves the lives of the man and his family.

We must learn to listen to others, even our enemies.  We must learn to be quick to listen and slow to judge.  We must hold our tongue with others.  Try to see the perspective of the other.  Maybe there is some truth in what they say, particularly if you see things from their perspective.  You don’t have to fully agree.  But you may find some commonality.  You may find that the “enemy” has hopes, hurts, and dreams just like you.  As Sting once said in a song he wrote, “Maybe the Russians love their children too.”


Prayers for Crispr’s coworker and her husband.  Her husband has a terminal illness and will likely die soon.  Prayer of praise for the birth of Crispr’s niece.  Prayers for family member of Swimmies and Octomom as she has been in labor for over 24 hours and their is concern for the baby.  Prayers for David, a friend of Brick, Sparty and Hermes.  David’s son has been diagnosed with Melanoma.  Prayers for Pusher and his family, particularly his father as the one year anniversary of the death of Pusher’s mother will be this Friday.  Prayer of praise for Title 9 who has been coping with angst regarding an upcoming move to Oregon.  After reporting this last week he has had a sense of calm come over him.

The Return of the Big Dipper!

THE SCENE: Awesome evening.  Partly sunny, low 70s, not much breeze

Welcome to F3, Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. F3 is a free workout program designed to improve fitness, share some camaraderie, and foster male leadership in the community.  I’m Pele and I will be your Q today.  I am not a professional, and I do not know your fitness level or injury history.  Please push yourself, but modify the workout as necessary to avoid making any existing injuries worse.  The goal is to get better together!  Some additional COVID-19 considerations: keep your distance between you and other members of the PAX and any other folks that we pass during moseys, etc. to 6-10 feet.  We will be splitting up into groups smaller than 10 if necessary.  We need to set good examples and be good neighbors out here at this public park, especially with so many folks out and about.


-20 Side Straddle Hops (4-ct), IC, 10 Cherry Pickers (4-ct), IC, 10 Steve Earles (4-ct), IC, 10 Grady Corns (4-ct), IC.  We also scattered in 30 “Marine Burpees” (burpee minus the Merkin at the bottom) in honor of Mandolin’s 35th b-day.  The Q was getting tired during the dang warmup, so we stopped there but added 5 more during the workout to make 35.


We split into two groups to be in compliance with local health guidelines.  Mr. Jinxy was Q2.

  • Mosey to the Grinch’s Hill. Do 3 sets of 7s, going up the hill a different way for each (always run down the hill):
    • First 7s. BERNIE SANDERS up the hill
      • Mountain Climbers (4-ct)
      • Burpees
    • Second 7s. EL CAPITAN up the hill
      • Star Jumps
      • Smurf Jacks
    • Third 7s. BEAR CRAWL up the hill
      • BBS
      • American Hammer (4-ct)
  • Mosey to Perimeter Trail near Area 51. Nickel-dime-quarters (run 1 light, do 5 of the exercise, run 2 lights do 10, run 5 lights do 25), with Carolina Dry Docks as the exercise.
  • Mosey a little ways up the base of EVEREST to get off the trail and out of people’s way. Do 10 of each exercise, run up 1/3 of hill and back down, then 20 of each exercise, run up 2/3 of hill, then 30 of each exercise, then run to base of summit.
    • Exercises: Big Boy Situps, LBCs, Flutter Kicks (4-ct; switched to 2-ct for the last set)
  • At BASE OF SUMMIT do 10 of each exercise, and then TAKE THE HILL!
    • 10 x Burpees, Bobby Hurleys, and SSH

Q1 did X’s and O’s and Homer/Marge until Q2 finally decided to show up at the shovel flag.

18 HIMs, including Clooney (couldn’t tag) and FNG Duck Hunt, who is Mandolin’s 2.0.


Jesus said that following his death, “You will know the Holy Spirit. It will be in you, and I will be in you, and you will never be alone.”  The Bible also says that God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve wondered what the Holy Spirit looks like, and I’m still not 100% sure.  I thought it might look like a benevolent ghost, or a sparkling cloud with rainbows and unicorns or something that would fill you with wonder if you were to look upon it.

But these days, when it may appear that God is keeping His distance from us, I think the Holy Spirit looks a whole lot like the doctors that hold the hands of patients dying from the COVID-19 virus, who can’t have family members be with them during their final hours.  I think it looks like volunteers and loved ones who drive by and wave and hold pictures up at the windows to cheer up the residents of nursing homes.  Or parents who tirelessly help their children learn at home. Or people who contribute money or time to food pantries.  Or communities who gather outside and bang on pots at a certain time to congratulate the graduating high school class, like they did in my home town.  Or the local baker who baked a thousand cookies for the first responders at Beth Israel hospital in NYC.  At first glance, God and the Holy Spirit may seem to be distant from us these days.  But in truth, I think they are closer than ever.

“God will be with us, if we follow his commandment to love each other as Jesus loved us.” (John 13:34).

It was just awesome to have our fearless leader Lilydipper join us again.  We prayed for him and his wife, who is undergoing treatment for cancer.  Prayers also for 3 classmates of Abscess who passed away last week.  Prayers of thanks for Pusher’s anniversary, and Thunderstruck’s mother, who is ill but felt well enough to do a short hike to a waterfall on Mother’s Day. And Happy 35th, Manilow!

Some PAX are going to Morristown to assist with their launch on Saturday.  They will be leaving around 5:30 am. Contact Abscess or Steam for more details.


THE SCENE: 22 degrees… Not quite as windy as yesterday. Occasional snowflakes spotted. Not oversensitive millennials in the park (too early in the day for that). Actual flakes of snow from the sky.

40-something SSH IC (until the last tardy PAX joined the circle…)
10x Burpees OYO to get the blood pumping
15x TN Rocking Chair IC
10x Hindurkins IC
16x Cossack Squats IC
20x LBAC IC each way
20x Overhead Claps

Mosey toward Everest.
At the low stone retaining wall beside the upper parking lot, hop up and back down at each wall segment.

20 BBS at the intersection

Climb up and back down twice at the chest-high retaining wall

Arrive at the bottom of Everest.
Climb a mountain of reps first:
10x 4-count HR Merkins IC
20x Squat Jumps IC
40x LBCs
50x SSH IC

Run up Everest, with a little Bernie thrown in for good measure.

Descend rep mountain:
50x 4-ct Mountain Climbers
40x Squats IC
30x Merkins OYO
20x Lunges each leg OYO
10x 8-ct Body Builders OYO

Head back down Everest. 20 BBS at the bottom

Mosey back to the AO, stopping once for 20 more BBS
40x Flutter Kicks IC
20x LBCs
20x American Hammer
15x Side Crunch (each side)

9 PAX today… No FNGs
Read from My Utmost for His Highest: https://utmost.org/called-by-god/

Normally a CMUesday would have been on the docket… But low 20s is a bit tough on the fingers to be gripping frozen concrete. Hopefully the more standard fare was sufficient for today…

Abscess Turning 50 Makes for a Tough Q

THE SCENE: 50s, calm, cool, collected

  • No FNGs


  • Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith
  • Name is Steam and I’ll be your Q IC this morning
  • 1) I’m not a professional (depends who you ask)
  • 2) You’re here on your own volition (unless someone is forcing you to be here – then come see me afterwards) – thank you for choosing to be here this morning
  • 3) Modify as you need BUT push yourself and the men around you – we came here to work, so let’s work.


In Honor of Abscess’s 50th:

  • SSH (Side-Straddle Hop): 50 x 4 in cadence
  • Baby Arm Circles: 25 x 4 forward & 25 x 4 backwards in cadence
  • Tempo Squat: 25 x 4 in cadence
  • Tempo Merkins: 25 x 4 in cadence


  • PAX moseys to playground outside AO
  • Battle buddies assemble

[ There & Back & Back Again ]

  • BB1: 25 incline merkins on a bench
  • BB2: run to pavilion and execute 25 step-ups/box jumps (GOOD FORM = Extending legs all the way up) + runs back to recover BB1
  • R & R – each BB executes both stations twice
  • Lady Warriors of FIA enter the playground – F3 migrates to the pavilion

[ The Power of 4 (sucks) ]

  • Each HIM finds a nice table under the pavilion
  • Short Side #1 = 25 pull-ups
  • Long Side #1 = 25 incline merkins
  • Short Side #2 = 25 pull-ups
  • Long Side #2 = 25 decline merkins
  • PAX wall-sits until 6 is up
    • From the wall-sit position: @Waxjob gives a 50 count
    • Q leads PAX in downward vertebrae stretch
      • 1 vertebrae at a time going down and touching the ground, and 1 vertebrae at a time coming back up
  • PAX moseys back to AO

[ 4 Corners // Asylum 200 ]

  • Corner 1 of AO parking lot = 25 down/up merkins as a group
    • Mosey to Corner 2
  • Corner 2 of AO parking lot = 25 down/up dry docks as a group
    • Mosey to corner 3
  • Corner 3 of AO parking lot = 25 up/down squats as a group
    • Mosey to corner 4
  • Corner 4 of AO parking lot = 25 half-burpees IC as a group
    • 4-count led by Q (no merkin)
    • 5 counts were initiated by Q after 10 reps or 15 – this was a freaking smoke session
  • PAX gets a breather
  • Rinse & Repeat 4 Corners but backwards
    • Bernie Sanders from corner to corner for 2nd round

[ PAX moseys back to playground ]

[ Quarter Pounder ]

  • 5 dips
  • 5 incline merkins on the bench
  • 5 decline merkins on the bench
  • 5 box jumps
  • 5 Big Boy Sit-Ups with legs on the bench

[ PAX moseys to curb right outside the playground ]

  • 50 Irish Tap Dancers in honor of Abscess’s 50th
    • 50 4 counts take longer than originally thought = character building fun

[ PAX moseys back to AO ]

[ Toe the Line ]

  • PAX do down & backs across AO parking lot
    • Skip-jumps down + 5 half burpees at the end – Skip-jumps back
    • Karaoke down + 5 half burpees at the end – karaoke down
    • Jog down + 25 x 4 calf raises
  • Circle it Up

10 PAX – No FNGs

“Faith – someone who has believed in another person // fundamental believing in another person”


(Matthew 8:5-13) – “Faith of a Centurion”


  • “If I believe really hard…Jesus will do this”
  • “I have to live in this moment believing in this person/people”

These are things I’ve told myself and maybe you have at some point too.

A challenge I’ve set for myself this week is what would it look like to have the faith of a muster seed // or faith like that of the centurion in Matthew 8.

Going back to “Faith – someone who has believed in another person // fundamental believing in another person” – for F3 for instance, I have faith that when I come out here, whether I’m leading or following, at least 1 HIM will be here in the gloom with me, pushing me to be a better version, and expecting me to do the same. I have faith in the Q to lead. I believe that. 

TPQs (Thought Provoking Questions)

  • Where do I lack the faith of a centurion?
  • What people/institutions/things do I fundamentally have faith in?
  • Who has faith in me?

Ties in with Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another” —> having faith in one another to Keep the Faith & Fight the Good Fight


  • Make sure Abscess knows you didn’t suffer in vain this morning. Welcome him gladly into the RESPECT club, and be sure to post THIS Saturday at the Asylum for his 50th birthday Q.

Iron. Sharpens. Iron.