F3 Knoxville

CMU, CMMe… CM4always, That’s the Way It Should Be

THE SCENE: There was weather.  I think.  It might have felt a little cooler than recent, I forget.  Once we got going, sweat volume was unchanged.

SSH x25 IC
CherryPickers x9 IC
Imperial Squat Walkers x15 IC
Tempo Merkins x15 IC (reduce cadence speed after each 5)
Go get some CMUs and circle back up!
Round-the-Blocks merkins to the right, then to the left (11 each way)
Blockee Hop x5 OYO (demo exercise for later) – Burpee with hands on CMU, leave it on the ground and hop over.
Blocky Hurley x5 OYO (demo exercise for later) – Bobby Hurley holding CMU
Merky-Derky x5 OYO (demo exericse for later) – Merkin on block, bear crawl forward, derkin with feet on block, bear crawl back (that’s 1)

Mosey with blocks over to the Dragon and pair up in groups of 3.
One PAX up the hill (with CMU), one at bottom (with CMU) one in transition.
Do each exercise until relieved by PAX in transition. Advance to next exercise in list upon return.


Uphill: Bernie Sanders
Downhill: Bear Crawl

Top of the hill:
Overhead Press
Lawn Mower
Upright Row
Forward Press
Merky Derky

Bottom of the hill:
Step-up (onto vertical CMU)
Overhead Lunge
Calf Raise
Blocky Hurley
Blockee Hop
Lunge (back foot on block)

PAX complained about lack of preparation for Q by YHC – Grass on the hill had not been adequately dried off in advance, leading to somewhat slippery conditions.
Dagnabbit, outta time again.
11 PAX came out for this CMUesday!
This week marks the second anniversary of my first Q. I encourage everyone, if you’ve not tried it, take the plunge. It’s leadership, it’s service, and it’s fun!
The AO was a bit of a mess this morning due to someone firing off a bunch of fireworks in the parking lot. Thanks to everyone for hanging around afterward and cleaning it up!
Watch for info about 3rd F coming next month!

Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!

THE SCENE: Low 70’s, high humidity.  Easy to get the muscles warm.

SSH x 25 (4 ct); Imperial Squat Walkers x 15; mosey around the circuit for a preview of each station

Divide into 5 groups, 1 group per station as follows:

Station 1: Baby Cardiac.

Bernie up the hill.  3 burpees.  Back down.  3 burpees. Sprint up the hill.  3 burpees.  Back down.  Wagon wheel to pick up the 6 and finish together.  Mosey to Station 2 and bump that group on.

Station 2:  Brickyard Bearcrawl:  Bearcrawl across parking lot, 1 derkin with feet on curb.  Bearcrawl back, 2 derkins. Bearcrawl across again, 3 derkins.  Etc till you reach 10 derkins.  Then Flutters x 25 (4 ct).  Repeat till you’ve been bumped.

Station 3:  Doras in the opposite parking lot.  Partner up for 50 man makers, and then as many monkey humpers as you can get before you’re bumped.

Station 4:  The cloud for 11s of Box Jumps/ Dips and then BBS/CDD.  Rinse and repeat till bumped.

Station 5:  CMU station.  With 2 CMUs set up, dips to a sitting position and then back up.  At the highest point, touch head with one hand, then another dip.  Next up, touch head with other hand.  Do 20 of these, then 25 curls.  Rinse and repeat till bumped.

I believe everybody got through one circuit at every station.

Boat/Canoe for 4 minutes.

We focused on Lou Gehrig and the type of character demonstrated over a lifetime to feel like you are “the luckiest man on the face of the Earth” in the face of adversity like being diagnosed with ALS in the prime of your life.  It was inspired by listening to an F3 podcast about Crablegs (from the Raleigh area, not our own Crablegs) who has been diagnosed with ALS and is on a tour of the country visiting F3 AOs and MLB ballparks with his family, all while demonstrating the same strength of character we saw with the “Ironman” and his famous speech at Yankee Stadium.  Gehrig gave his famous speech on July 4, 1939.  He died less than 2 years later, June 2, 1941.  If you want to watch his speech some of his speech and the background , there’s a nice segment here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLoq_st_JEo

Thanks to Filter for following us around to get some great photos and his work on updating our website and social media.

Deck Of Cards – Not stacked

THE SCENE:   70ish


25 SSH, 20 baby arm circles


Grab a CMU and head to the cloud. F3 deck of cards with a 4-5 man Indian sprint for jokers.  Face cards 25, A’s 100 and other cards the number + 10.  Mixture of Cardio, Abs, legs and chest.

With 6 minuets left PAX chose to pick out all the face cards(25’s and 100’s) and perform exercises(vs man makers for every card left.

Insert information about any additional post-THANG work (if applicable).
21 pax welcome Tinker from out of town
Find success in failure- example from 2 Timothy:  Paul and Barnabas took young Mark with them on a missionary trip, but he returned home before the end of the trip for reasons not revealed in Scripture.  Whatever Marks reasons, Paul apparently thought they were unjustified since he refused to take Mark along on a subsequent tips(Acts 15:38).

Did Mark fail at being a missionary? Judging from Paul’s response, it would appear he did.  While the New King James Version says Mark “departed” from Paul, the word probably is closer to deserted – a more negative connotation.  It’s probably reasonable to conclude that Mark did fail at being a missionary.

But did that make him a permanent failure?  Apparently not, for the same apostle Paul who was so disappointed in Mark counted him a valuable coworker in ministry later in his life.  This is a perfect example of how to succeed at failing; fall, get up, and continue on.  The next time you fail, make sure it is a temporary experience, not a permanent label.

Don’t get failing and failure confused.  Failing is nothing more than the back door to success.

F3 Dads Camp

Be Present

THE SCENE: Soggy but no rain, bit on the humid side 69degrees at circle up…

Start with SSHX30 on 4CT, Baby Arm circles front/back/and overhead claps x10 each, Windmills x10, Tempo Merkins x10, Jog down and back in parking lot then mosey…
Mosey to front entrance of Asylum alternating between bear crawls and crab walks by light pole to the base of everest.  11 Poles total.

At Everest perform 1min of exercise then sprint up to Tree and back.  Exercises consisted of Merkins, Overhead claps, Mountain climbers, SSH, Carolina DD’s, and Squats

Once completed summit Everest with 15 tempo squats at top

Mosey back to AO



Perform Captain Thor’s x26/Hello Dolly x20
7 HIM’s @qvc @snitch @crab-legs @music city @gibbler @hands
Shared article about a counselor from a Nursing home who shared what people at the latter part of their lives longed to go back and do.  What do they regret, if anything?  Almost all responded that they would go back to the time in their lives when they’re kids were home.  When life was crazy and uncertain.  Chaotic.  We always seem to be thinking about the next thing.  It is a challenge to stop and realize we are in a special spot in our lives.  To be present and in the moment.

Crazy 48s

THE SCENE: 70s… Wet and muggy! Not raining though.

SSH x25 IC
Tempo merkins x10 IC
Rockettes x15 IC
Tie Fighters x10 each way IC
Hindurkins x10 IC
Tempo CDD x10 IC

Insert information about the workout.
Start in the parking lot:
1 lap around the lot, 24 Merkins at each end for 48 total.

Mosey to the Watt Rd field:
1 lap, 12 Merkins and 12 Iron Mikes at each corner for 48 reps of each exercise.

Mosey back to field #1:
1 lap, 8 merkins, 8 Iron Mikes, 8 hand-release dry docks at each corner plus midfield for 48 reps

Mosey to the upper field:
1 lap, run in a figure 8 to make 8 stops
6 merkins, 6 Iron Mikes, 6 hand-release dry docks, and 6 8-count body builders at each stop for 48 reps

Sure doesn’t sound like much, but we’re outta time!

48x 4-ct Flutter Kicks IC
2 rounds Row your Boat
7 4-ct LBCs until time up!
12 PAX with one FNG knocked out a total of 356 Merkins and Dry Docks, according to Cornhole and Cosmo!
Today is my second F3versary… All of your HIMs have been a real encouragement to me, and I look forward to embracing the suck with you every time I post. I love you guys!
When I was planning this Q, I wasn’t sure about that last lap around the field… Only 6 reps? I was both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised at the sufficiency of suck provided by those 6 reps!
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.