F3 Knoxville

Ode to Coolio

THE SCENE: A balmy 70.  At least it wasn’t raining.

SSH x 20 (4 ct IC); 15 Moroccan Nightclubs (4ct IC); Imperial Squat Walkers x 10 (4 ct IC); 5 burpees

  • Mosey up toward the Colosseum, stop at the last Stop Sign for 25s – Merkins and 4ct LBCs
  • Keep moseying to the Colosseum for 25s of Dips and 4 ct Squats
  • Mosey down the other side all the way to the Elysium Fields for a Coolio special- high knees, with some drop and rolls in the wet grass.  Mosey to the other side of the field, then sprint back across
  • Mosey to the little chapel for 25s of Merkins and 4ct American Hammers
  • Mosey to the base of Cardiac and start the first part of 25s of CDDs and BBS
    • Bernie to the first turn, second part of the 25s,
    • Bear Crawl to the next turn, third part of the 25s,
    • Sprint to the top and finish the 25s
  • Just enough time to make it back to the AO for the COT

No time.

Love is hard:  From 1 Corinthians 4-8: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.”  Those are tough words to live up to, but as HIM, that is what we are called to do, and not just for those closest to us, for our family and friends, but for all.  We will fall short.  Keep striving.
Great to see Pac-Man back in action today.  I enjoyed the company guys.
We don’t have to split up if we have 12 now.

The Rockettes vs. The Five Wise Guys

THE SCENE: 35 degrees, dry and cloudy

SSH x 15, Baby Arm Circles x 15 forwards and 15 backwards, Shoulder Taps x 15, Rockettes x 10, Cherry Pickers x 5, some Michael Phelps and A Little of This and A Little of That

Then we broke off into 2 teams, which each chose a team captain and team name. Swanson led the Rockettes while Duggar led the Five Wise Guys.

Each exercise below was done as a team competition, whichever team won got to choose what exercise we did at the end.

  • Sunsphere: Everyone did an exercise at the bottom of the stairs while one person from each team raced to the top, did 5 reps of an exercise, and raced back down. 1st team done won, best 2 out of 3. Round 1) SSHs at the bottom and merkins at the top. Round 2) Al Gore at the bottom and Big Boy Situps at the top. The Rockettes won and decided on 25 Carolina Dry Docks.
  • Bridges over Cumberland: Everyone from both teams lined up and held a plank while one person from each team bearcrawled across. Once on the other side, the first man went back to a plank and called the next man from their team to cross. Once everyone from your team had crossed, your whole team bearcrawled back across together. 1st team back across won. The Five Wise Guys won and decided on 25 Hello Dollys in cadence.
  • Big Sloped Sidewalk: Everyone held a plank at the bottom while one man from each team raced to the top of the hill, did 5 burpees and raced back down. 1st team done won. The Five Guys won and decided on 25 Jump Squats.
  • Parking Lot with Rock Pile: Each team had there own rock and had 2 minutes to do as many reps of an exercise as a team. Best 2 out of 3. Round 1) Curls. Round 2) Overhead Presses. The Rockettes won and decided for some odd reason on 10 burpees in cadence
  • Parking Lot with Rocks again: Everyone held an Al Gore while one person from each team Bernied across the lot to their team’s rock, did 5 overhead presses and 5 curls, and ran back. 1st team to all finish the exercises won. The Five Wise Guys barely pulled off the win in a photo finish and decided on 15 4-point merkins.

Moseyed back to the AO and did some Ring of Fire with American Hammers to kill the last few minutes
Talked very briefly about our tendency to find a lot of misplaced pride and honor in the things we align ourselves with and how that can lead us to be blindly “all in” for something and/or to view others’ as our opposition or enemies. Be it in sports teams, politics, people we work with, or even our families and churches, we tend to want to see ourselves and our camps thrive and conquer and see our enemies fall and suffer. In this Advent season it’s interesting to reflect on the fact that God could have done that with the Messiah, but instead decided for Him to be born a baby, live a human life and die a humiliating death. God chose to demonstrate grace and humility in a way that most of us would have expected to see victory and glory. So I encouraged us all to reflect on the humility of God and to view others’ as more than just opposition or people who are different than us.
A big welcome back to both Knoxville(for the holidays) and the States for Soot

Truck Stop Convergence

THE SCENE: 40 and clear….perfect



  • Side Straddle Hop x 25
  • Tempo Merkins x 15
  • Tempo Squats x 15
  • Grady Corns x 31
  • Crabettes x 10


  • Mosey to the concrete bleachers (Bartman)
    • 11’s on the hill – squat jumps at the bottom / carolina dry docks at the top
  • Mosey to the end of the soccer field (Waxjob)
    • 50% run across the field
    • 75% run back the other direction across the field
    • 100% run across the field 25 v-ups at the other end
    • 100% run back – 25 big boy situps at the other end
    • Tunnel of love
  • Mosey to the bottom soccer field (Bartman)
    • Kraken style run around 6 cones.  Start with 5 burpees, 5 merkins, 5 squats at the first cone, then increase by 5 reps after each lap around the cones.  When you get to the last cone you’ll be doing 30 burpees, 30 merkins, 30 squats.  Time ran out, had to cut this short.
  • String of pearls mosey back to the AO (Waxjob)
    • Monkey humpers facing the road
    • Freddie Mercury by the outhouse
    • Pledge of Allegiance by the flagpole

MARY:  (Waxjob)

  • Boat/canoe while singing row, row, row your boat

41 strong!   Snorkel, Waxjob, Brick, Mr. Jinxy, Driftwood, Woodshack, Kickflip, Drive Thru, Curveball, Herbie, Bagman, Mustard, Snitch, Swimmies, Full House, Choir Boy, Gibbler, Tweet-E, Swanson, Cosmo, MC Hammer, Tank, Face Plant, Manilow, Abscess, Cavalier, Poyo, Mermaid, Mailbox, Slag (FNG), Guardrail, Lillydipper, Pele, Butters, Frosty, Sparkler, Moses, Steam, Rosetta, Hammy, Bartman

2019 has been a tough year among our F3 brotherhood – we have dealt with illness, injury, death.  In light of that and also in light of the Christmas season I decided to share several scriptures of encouragement to remind us that GOD is ultimately in control and we can find our rest in him.

It’s always fun to have a big group together for a convergence workout – today was not different.   It was great to see many faces I hadn’t seen in a long time.

3rd F immediately after the workout at Two Rivers church

2.0 Black Friday Event

  • The Scene:
    • Overcast 50 degrees..perfect day for a workout at The Burbs!
  • Welcome/Disclaimer:
    •  Archie/Cheddar claimed they are not professionals, however we aren’t convinced..
  • Warm-a-rama
    •  Archie/Cheddar led the warm up.
      •  Cheddar sensed we were all a little sluggish from all the turkey, so it went like this:
        • Bur-pees
        • Squats
        • Merkins
        • Up Hil Leap Frog
  • Tha-Thang-FullHouse took over and led the way:
    •  Indian Run to the bridge. We frog jumped across the bridge and indian ran through the park to frog jump across the next bridge.
    • It was a free for all to the base of the hill…
    • Relay race up the hill with 2.0’s vs 1.0’s. Each partner runs twice!
      • 2.0’s grouped in 4’s while the dad’s were in 2’s
      • Dads handicapped with the Bernie
      • The 2.0’s were victorious!
    • Mosey on over to the Tennis Court
      • Partnered up and started at the practice wall.
      • One partner does a wall sit while the other partner bear crawled to the tennis net.
      • Repeat with Crab Walk
    • Regrouped at AO and headed to the open field with a Kickball
      • we played capture the ball. The Q punts the ball as far as they can..the PAX pursues. First to the ball gets to kick it next.
      • Each time we got the ball the 2.0 said their name and something they are thankful for.
      • Each 2.0 can only recover the ball once–allows everyone a chance.
    • Mosey back to AO-basketball court for some Suicides  Wind sprints or Ladders
  • Mary:
    • Flutter Kicks
    • Box Cutter
    •  LBCs
    • Planks
    • We finished up with a version of ring of fire. The kickball was passed around the circle. If you have the ball you do a burpee while the rest of the PAX follows the Q’s lead
      • FIrst Round was:
        • FLutter Kicks
        • Freddy Mercuries
        • LBC’s
        • Repeat
      • Second Round
        • Plank-left-center-right repeat until done.
  • Name-O-Rama
    • 18-(6-1.0s & 12-2.0s)
    • 2 FNK-s got names. We had T-rex(kick-flip) and Copperfield (erector)
  • COT
    • 1 Timothy 4:4-5
    • We talked about being thankful and specifically prayerfully thankful for all that god has created..
  • Moleskin
    • Look out for a new location and a 2.0 workout soon!a

Healing The Wounded

THE SCENE: Humid, temp in low 70’s.

20 Plank Jacks, Plank arm and leg raises, 10 Cherry Pickers, Michael Phelps, Little of This and That.

Mosey to Southern Ball Fields Parking Lot.  Do 20 Hello Dollies, four count.

Mosey to perimeter trail near the Pavilion of the south ball fields.  We will do Nickel, Dime, Quarters (run one light do five of exercise, run two lights do ten, run five lights and do 25 of exercise) all the way to the beginning of Cardiac Hill.  These will be the exercises we will go through:

  • Star Jumps
  • Merkins
  • Big Boy Sit-ups
  • Squat Jumps
  • Dive Bombers
  • Imperial Walkers (four count)

At Cardiac Hill we will run up the hill, stopping at each of the turns and finally at the benches to do the following exercises:

  • Turn 1:  20 American Hammers
  • Turn 2:  20 Flutter Kicks
  • Turn 3:  20 Decline Merkins
  • Benches:  Bench Dips
  • Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to parking lot where we keep CMUs.

We will go around the parking lot, stopping at each corner to do exercises.  We go around the parking lot four times, doing the following exercises at each corner:

  • Corner 1:  20 Carolina Dry Docks, 20 Shoulder Taps (both shoulders = 1), 20 Squats, 20 Diamond Merkins  (sprint to Corner 2)
  • Corner 2:  20 Mountain Climbers (four count), 20 Smurf Jacks, 20 Iron Mikes (four count) 10 Burpees (bear crawl to Corner 3)
  • Corner 3: (with CMUs) 20 Overhead Presses, 20 Curls, 20 Rows, 20 Coupon Swings (Bernie Sanders to Corner 4)
  • Corner 4:  20 Bicycle Kicks (four count), 20 Box Cutters, 30 Baby Crunches, 40 “Mississippi second count” Boat Canoe  (Lunge to Corner 1)

Mosey back to AO.

30 Baby Crunches
Ten Men, No FNGs.
As HIMs, we desire to help others.  But how to we handle people that are difficult to help?  Who resist or slap down our offers of assistance with “yes buts”, turning their backs to you, snide remarks, or an attitude that says either that “people aren’t no damn good” or “to hell with you and your advice.”  In my last message I talked about the need to resist the urge to strike back with caustic words; the need to be patient with such people; and, the need to stay Strong with them hanging in there with them.

One thing that can help you is to try to understand where the person is coming from.  These are often folks who have been hurt in their pasts.  Because of that, they lack trust in others and also lack trust in themselves to overcome difficulties.  There is a song by Nick Cave that, I believe, captures well how past painful experience can lead to a tragic attitude of “people ain’t no damn good.”  Ironically, the name of the song is “People Ain’t No Good.”  I don’t think this is Nick Cave’s stance on life although I am sure that, like all of us, he has certainly felt this way.  Rather, it is the stance of the narrator of the song.

Throughout the song, the refrain is “people they ain’t no good.”  Then we find out more about the narrator.  We find out how he married his love under cherry trees and under blossoms they made their vows.  We hear how the sun would stream on the sheets of their bed, how they were awoken by the morning bird, how they would buy Sunday newspapers but never read a single word due to their love for one another.

But, then we hear about how the winter stripped the blossoms of their love.  How like a fist, the difficulties hit them.  How his wife drew the curtains, made of wedding veils, on the narrator.  And, so the narrator cries, “to our love send a coffin of wood. . . to our love a valentine of blood. . . to our love let all the jilted lovers cry “that people just ain’t no good.”

Then, we hear how others may have tried to help this narrator but how he (and, this is the gut-wrenching tragedy of the story) bitterly turned down their help.  Here are the tragic lines about the people who tried to help him:

It ain’t that in their hearts they’re bad
They can comfort you, some even try
They nurse you when you’re ill of health
They bury you when you go and die
It ain’t that in their hearts they’re bad
They’d stick by you if they could
But that’s just bullshit baby
People just ain’t no good
Through the song, we come to understand the stance of the narrator.  It is a tragic stance but we have empathy for him because we can understand the reason for his pain.  Let us, as HIMs, be patient, be loving, be kind, be strong.  Work to understand those who turn away our attempts at love.  Help those who are bitter to learn that, although all of us screw up, some people are pretty damned good.

Prayer of thanks that Mr. Jinxy received good news from the cardiologist.
The REWARD at Panera!