F3 Knoxville

Remembering the Iron Pax Challenge

THE SCENE: warm and humid

Baby Arm Circles forwards and backwards

Overhead Claps

Cherry Pickers

Mosey to Watt Road

4 cones spaced about 25 yards apart.  Complete 4 rounds of:

Walking lunges to cone 1, 25 squats

Broad Jump to Cone 2, 25 merkins

Walking lunges to cone 3, 25 jump squats

Broad jump to cone 4, 25 wide merkins

Bernie to the beginning.


3 cones spaced about 10 yards apart.  Inch worm merkins between cones.  At each cone do;

10 burpees, 10 iron mikes, 10 BBS

Repeat 4 rounds

(This one became heavily modified due to time and other factors!)

Mosey back to AO
Gibbler lead us in flutter kicks and boat/canoe

FNG – Willy Wonka
Insert the WORD here.
Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Wallball returns!!!

THE SCENE: A nice spring morning, 50’s, not raining, EXCELLENT

20 merkins, 20 squats

COUPONS: 5 – 60 # sandbags, 1 – 90# sandbag, 2 lengths of rope or straps

Ruck with ALL coupons the long way around to Watt Rd. field.

Segment 1 – AO to first right turn on path.  Start with 20 merkins & 20 sandbag squats at AO; Shoulder carry sandbag to Segment 2 at right turn on Path

Segment 2 – 20 merkins & 20 sandbag squats; Front carry sandbag to segment 3 at corner of bathroom

Segment 3 – 20 merkins & 20 sandbag squats; farmer carry sandbag switching hands as needed to Watt Rd. field

At Watt Rd. Field – Sandbag Toss

Drop all coupons and rucks at the end line and get a battle buddy with 1 – 60# sandbag.

Round 1 – Battle Buddy 1 starts tossing the 60# sandbag down the field.  Battle Buddy 2 – runs a lap around the field (no ruck) when his lap takes him to the coupon pile, do 20 ruck curls then catch up to BB 1 and switch.  BB 2 begins his run at the switch, makes his lap, does his curls and catches up to BB 1.  Continue tossing sandbag the length of the field and back.

Audibled to running half laps of the field cause the tossing went too fast.

Round 2 – Rucks on.  Battle Buddy 1 sandbag tosses down the field.  Battle Buddy 2 does 10 ruck merkins, then bear crawl (ruck on) to catch BB 1.  Battle Buddy 2 starts tossing the sandbag while BB 1 does 10 ruck merkins, then bear crawls to catch up.  Repeat the switching and tossing until you go down the field and back.

If there is an odd # of PAX then the odd man can join a team or he can toss the sandbag 10 times, then do the exercise and continue tossing.


DORA’s – get a battle buddy.  Each team needs 2- 60# sandbags and a strap or rope.  Clip the 2 sandbags together and clip a rope to them for a pain train Dora.

BB 1 runs to end of strap, sits down and pulls the sandbags to him.  (think seated rows).  Complete 2 lengths of strap and run back to start and BB 2.

BB 2 completes the exercises until BB 1 returns.  Then they switch positions. Continue until all reps are completed.  No ruck required if running to the sandbags.

Cumulative counting for the exercises.  The exercises are:

  • 100 Lion kings – ruck or sandbag
  • 200 ruck curls
  • 300 ruck swings

If there is an odd # of PAX then the odd man can join a team or he can do the sandbag rope pulls, run back to start and do the exercises and switch when he sees fit.  Cut all reps in half.




THE SCENE: 37 degrees and cool

10 baby arm circles in cadence

10 reverse baby arm circles in cadence

10 cherry pickers in cadence

50 SSH in cadence

warm up mosey around the lot
Assfaults AO Assault- 6 stations- 1 minute work then 20 seconds to bear crawl to next station 4 rounds

  • Man makers
  • Burpee mountain climbers
  • Flutter kicks
  • Burpee with 2 merkins
  • Burpee
  • hello dolly

50 SSH in cadence

25 4 ct American hammers in cadence
21 no FNGs: Frenchie, Uncle Rico, Mailbox, Wax Job, Frosty, Butters, Repeat, Spotter, Hound Dog, Assfault, Pool Boy, Dart Gun, Wanderer, Commision, Kickflip, Guardrail, Survivor, Archie, Erector, Booster, Butterknife
Referenced the Q source regarding the meaning of IMPACT

Watch your step

THE SCENE: 34 degrees and clear with a cool looking moon above

warmup stuff

mosey to the woods for a little trail circuit around the 1mile Main line loop trail.

stopping to do calf raises on worthwhile roots, lunges up the big hill and squat walks down the steep hills. At each trail junction we did the following. 1) 5 burpees, 10 squats, 15 Merkins. 2) same but add 20 dry docks, 3) add 25 lunges. 4) add 30 SSH

We finished in the woods earlier than I thought so we did some sprints x4, side shuffles and karaokes in the parking lot to finish up.
Flutter kicks and Freddy mercurys
14 pax attended
Stop complaining
As we entered the woods I felt I needed to tell people to be very careful on roots etc and don’t fall or twist an ankle. I fell immediately after saying it. They didn’t know that I am secretly training to be a stuntman and I meant to do it. Once in the woods there was a little troll that led the way. His name was something I couldn’t understand so he said just refer to me as the nightman. So I followed him and he led us up to the top of the hill where he asked for a troll toll. I offered up one of the PAX and the Nightman was delighted. Frosty…not so much. We could hear Frost’s screams as we moseyed further into the woods….Or so we thought. Coming up behind us at a furious pace was Frosty with a smile on his face. He defeated the Troll and was now wearing the Trolls killer looking shoes. They were pointy and had golden tassels on them. As we stood there admiring the new shoes that Frosty acquired, Tweet-E unceremoniously climbed one of the trees and started jumping from tree to tree shouting “do you think I do Peter Parker‘s just for fun. It’s training you numbskulls! If you did them correctly like I do, you could do this as well”. Bowflex pulled out his backpack full of Bowflexes and boomeranged  one at Tweet-E in mid air. He fell to the ground and landed in a perfect Peter Parker position. “It must’ve been the Zen Evo that gave you this ability to land so swiftly” quipped Bowflex as he caught the returning Bowflex and placed it in his backpack.
“We must move on as there are scary things in these woods” said Junk as he grabbed a squirrel off a tree limb and ate him whole. “Yes, we must move on, I have brownies baking at home and I don’t want them to burn” said Aladdin. La-z-boy, Ribbed, and Medic moaned “B-r-o-w-n-I-e-s” in unison. As we continued on our journey Cavalier mentioned that he was hungry and picked up a mushroom from the forest floor. “I wouldn’t eat that!” said Mayberry. Cavalier ignored the warning and took a bite giving some to Turtle. They both immediately grew wings and flew away. Perplexed at what we just witnessed we reluctantly moved on. We had made it to the end of the trail and somehow Biscuits sneaked by us along the way and was standing there with a basket. It was blossoming with beautiful big buttered biscuits. Proton exclaimed, “that is a big ole biscuit and took a nap in the parking lot using the giant biscuit as a pillow taking a small bite once and a while in his sleep.
6:15 had approached us quickly so it was off to work or for some of the Pax. Others stayed behind to have what they thought was coffee. Why would they assume a black liquid stored in a coffee pot is coffee? That’s on them, not me.
I hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures this morning. Till next time…drink more Ovaltine.


March Madness

THE SCENE: Cool, clear, and perfect

SSH, 4 ct x 20
Merkins, 4 ct x 10
Windmills, 4 ct x 10
30s stretching
Cherry Pickers x 5

Mosey around to lower field stopping for merkins, bbs, and Bobbey Hurleys

  • 5x each
  • 10x each
  • 15x each

Count off in 2s. Shuttle run competition, 1s vs 2s. 3 rounds.
Winning team each round does 5 burpees
Losing team does 10

Mosey to outhouse
20 each easy ups, squats, 4ct American Hammer

Mosey back to AO with merkins, bbs, and Bobbey Hurleys

  • 15x each
  • 10x each
  • 5x each

Agility dribbling:
Serpentine through cones, around the last, and pass to next PAX in line.

Shooting practice: Around the world
Each PAX shoots from a cone. 3 reps if missed. 2 if made.
Merkins, iron mikes, bbs, dry docks, calf raises
Backward overhead toss from free throw line: 1 burpee if missed, 0 if made

Relocate to the Junkyard for Mary and Coffeeteria

20 4ct hello dolly’s
20 4ct box cutters
Finish out with a round of Gotcha
7 in attendance
Be flexible and accommodating. We have to be ready and willing to adapt and change while standing firm in our faith. Christ and the disciples were always witnessing to diverse crowds. We are no different. We have to be willing to meet people where they are and change accordingly to maximize our effectiveness. Take today for example, we modified the Q and location to make sure we could include a PAX that was unable to post otherwise. Don’t be rigid and unmoving. Be flexible. Be accommodating. Meet people where they are. Share His love and joy.

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