F3 Knoxville

Who left this pole here?

27 degrees and clear

Welcome and Disclaimer

Side-Straddle Hop x 20 – IC – (Zygote)
Alternating Shoulder Taps x15 – IC – (Pickle)
Forward Arm Circles x15 – IC – (Zygote)
Backward Arm Circles x15 – IC – (Zygote)
Imperial Walkers x10 – IC – Pickle

Mosey to baseball field and pavilion.  Count off in 1s and 2s,  Group 1 with Pickle & Group 2 with Zygote

Joe and The Pavilion
Group 1 – Joe Hendrix Stair Loop – Group on each set of stairs
Group 2 – Pavilion Leg Session – Step up jumps, Single Leg Control Squat, Wall Sit
(8 Min then switch)

DORA’s and Log PT
Station 1: K2
Group 1 mosey to K2 (Name I am giving to that hill).  Each person get 1 coupon on the way there – Pick a battle buddy.  Alternate doing the following exercise with reps adding up between battle Buddies:
– 150 Curls with hill runs
– 100 Thrusters (Squat and Press)or standard curls with hill run
– 75 Tricep extensions with hill runs

Group 1 will leave the coupons there and Group 2 will return them

Station 2: Parking Lot
Group 2 mosey to parking lot.  Break into groups of 3 and get a pole.  1 pole = 1 unit…everyone must work together – Teamwork.

Exercise sequence (Keep the pole off the ground at all times!)
1st Stop – Alternating Shoulder Pole Press x 20 – Lunge to 2nd Stop
2nd Stop – Pole Curls x 30 – Walk Pole to 3rd Stop
3rd Stop – Pole above the head squats x 20 – Lunge to 4th Stop
4th Stop – Pole crunches x 30 – Walk Pole back to the start and repeat until time is up

Group 1 and 2 switch!

Begin and finish with Pickle Pounders!!

Count off and Name-o-Rama

Each day we talk about what it looks like to be a HIM (High Impact Man) to our wives, fiancés, girlfriends, kids, family and coworkers. Even more so, being a HIM completely changes our stature as men and the way we live our lives. When thinking about becoming a better HIM each day I wanted to be reminded of who we are as men. The scripture was Romans 5: 6-10, with the focus being on this: “ While we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly…While we were still sinners, Christ died for us…”

As men, we have to remember who the true HIM is in our lives. We are weak sinners who have an incredible god. Through his blood we can go out each day and become better HIMs in his name. This weekend focus on the true HIM and there you will find your strength.
– Zygote

– Pickle

The PAX woke up hungry and ready to devour any task ahead. Energy was great as we ran K2 and played in the lumberyard. This PAX is something else!

Zygote and Pickle