F3 Knoxville

Pyramids, Laps and Q101

37 and clear

Welcome, disclaimer and explanation of day (workout + Q insights)



  • SSH x25 4ctIC
  • Tempo Squats x15 4ct IC
  • Tempo Merkins x15 4ct IC
  • Line up on curb and then run to far curb and back, stopping in the middle for three Burpees
  • Reverse Lunges x12 4ct IC
  • Run to far curb and back, stopping in the middle for three Burpees
  • BAC Fwd x10 4ct IC
  • BAC Bkwd x10 4ct IC
  • Run to far curb and back, stopping in the middle for three Burpees

Mosey to the parking lot next to the playground partner up with Battle Buddy


Pyramid of Pain
Each man will complete the following:

  • Complete exercise 1 then run around the parking lot
  • Complete exercise 1 and 2 then run around the parking lot. Continue until you get to 4 exercises
  • Upon completion of all 4 exercises continue but take on exercise off each round starting with 1 (then 2, 3 and so on).

Exercises (x20 of each):

  1. Narrow Squats
  2. Diamond Merkins
  3. 4ct Flutter Kicks
  4. Tuck Jumps

Mosey to SP


Merkin Hill
Run up and down hill doing 3 times performing 5 burpees at the top each time


Box Cutters 20x 4ct IC
Side Crunches 20x each side IC
American Hammers 15x 4ct IC


Number off and Name-O-Rama – 26 PAX, 2 FNGs – Big Apple, The Dab


“Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”
Philippians 2:3-4

Leading a F3 Workout

  • KEY: Most important thing: It’s Not About You!
    • Your #1 job as Q is the safety of the PAX.
    • Men have shown up early and are trusting you to challenge them and keep them reasonably safe.
  • PLANNING: Plan the work then work the plan
    • Not just the exercise, but the explanations, transitions and your BOM
      • Explanations and transitions can make or break a workout!
    • Think through the following when planning your exercises:
      • Weather (not just the day of, but the days before)
      • Amount of daylight
      • Size of the PAX (make thing scalable)
      • Fitness levels in the PAX
    • Equipment needs
      • Cones, light sticks, CMUs, etc.
  • ELEMENTS: Basic ingredients of a well-balanced workout
    • Strength
      • Push, pull, core and leg
      • Goal: tax each of the four major muscle groups
    • Cardio
      • Sprints and distance
      • Goal: elevate the heart rate and maintain the elevated state with periodic rests
  • PRACTICE: You play like you practice
    • Make sure YOU can do the exercises properly
    • If you can, walk through the workout at the AO
  • EXECUTION: Get after it and have some fun!
    • Talk up the morning on GroupMe. Let the PAX know you are excited to lead them.
    • Show up early!
    • Be energetic (you don’t have to be Richard Simmons, but be vocal and upbeat)
    • Always wear a watch
      • This seems small…it isn’t. The cadence creates a very real synergy for the group.
      • Proper cadence is:
        • “The Next Exercise is ______________________”
          • Clear and concise command
          • PAX repeat exercise name to demonstrate understanding
        • “Starting Position … Move”
          • “Starting Position” is the information
          • “Move” is the command
          • Pause between info and command, to assist with understanding
        • “In Cadence … Exercise”
          • “In cadence” is the information
            • Not all exercises are in cadence
            • PAX repeat back “in cadence” to demonstrate understanding
        • “Exercise” is the command
          • Signals PAX it is time to begin
          • Pause between info and command, to assist with understanding
        • “1, 2, 3” then PAX calls rep
          • Your cadence MUST match the called exercise
          • Not all exercises are performed at the same cadence
          • Your count matches the body movement
          • PAX call the rep number in place of “4”
        • Change your voice inflexion on last rep
          • Signals to the PAX that we are ending
          • Important to keeping morale and order
        • “Recover”
          • At the end of the called exercise you call “Recover”
          • Important command to let everyone know we are finished
  • INTANGIBLES: The secret sauce
    • During the workout, engage the PAX
      • Have PAX count off for rest times
      • Use men’s F3 names
      • Laugh, remember…this is supposed to be hard, but it’s also supposed to be fun.
    • If you can’t do it, don’t Q it.
      • This doesn’t mean you have to be the strongest and fastest, just that you can execute the exercise properly
    • Lead from the front with an eye on the back
      • The PAX come expecting to be led. There should be no doubt that you are leading.  You should be visible and vocal, but that DOES NOT mean everything revolves around you or that you need to the all-star of the morning.
        • Have others do 10 counts for breathers
        • Tell someone where you’re heading and have them lead the PAX
        • Have someone else lead the PAX to Cash Out
    • NEVER leave a man behind
      • This is important when moving around the AO. If the PAX gets stretched out we lose cohesion.
      • When on a mosey, if you feel the PAX stretching out, circle back (i.e. wagon wheel) or stop and do a few reps of an exercise (i.e. SSH, Merkins, etc.)

Grinders and Circuits

51 and clear but wet


Welcome & Disclaimer


SSH x30 (IC)
Imperial Squat Walkers x15 (IC)
Merkins x15 (IC)
4ct Side Lunges x15(IC)
Dive Bombers x15 (IC)
BAC Fwd x12 (IC)
BAC Bkwd x12 (IC)

Mosey to the curb.


Partner up with Battle Buddy.  Battle Buddy lunges to the first cone, then sprints to 2 second cone, does 2 reps of the exercise while Battel Buddy 2 is jumping air rope.  Switch.

Each round increase by 2 reps until each man does a total of 8 reps.  Three rounds:

  • Rd 1 = Diamond Merkins
  • Rd 2 = Squat Jumps
  • Rd 3 = Dry Docks

Mosey to pavilion area and circle up around the flag pole.


Circuit Corners
Divide up and head to 4 Stations.  Compete AMRAP in 15 min.

  • S1: 15 Burpees / 20 Reverse Pickle Pounders
  • S2: 20 Superman Swims/ 20 4ct Flutter Kicks
  • S3: 10 Chin-ups / 25 Prisoner Squats
  • S4: 25 Derkins / 20 Let Me Ups

Mosey back to SP and circle up


American Hammers  x20 (IC)
Merkins x10 OYO
4ct Box Cutters x20 (IC)
Merkins x10 OYO
Right Side Crunches x15 (IC)
Left Side Crunches x15 (IC)
Merkins x10 OYO


Number off and Name-O-Rama – 27 PAX



Trials and Wall Sits – One and the Same

THE SCENE: Extra gloomy – 40 degrees with dense fog


  • SSH IC x 25
  • Tempo Squats IC x 10
  • Cherry Pickers IC x 10
  • Baby Arm Circles IC (forward & reverse) x 13
  • Merkins IC x 10


Mosey to the pavalon for a little bench work. Grab a battle buddy – one partner does wall sits while the other does the following 2 exercises on the bench:

  • Bench Rows (12 reps)
  • Tricep Dips (12 reps)

When the partner on the bench finishes his reps of both exercises, switch (partner 1 does the bench exercises and partner 2 does wall sits). Total of 5 sets each. After that, same thing but switch up the exercises on the bench:

  • Derkins (10 reps)
  • Box Jumps (10 reps)

Total of 5 sets each. Once completed, one more round with Bulgarian Squats – 10 reps each leg and 5 sets total again.

Mosey over to the parking lot next to the playground for a set of 11’s – Merkins at one end and Jump Squats at the other end.


Just enough time for 20 Flutter Kicks IC, 12 Supermans IC, a little plank work, and Cap’n Crunch finishing it off with some ATM’s

22 strong – no FNG’s


James 1: 2 – 4 “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

AMRAP at the Asylum

THE SCENE: Nice and cool at about 44°F.

15 mountain climbers, 10 tempo merkins, 15 SSH, 10 windmill, 15 imperial Walker, 15 Moroccan night club
AMRAP style course

1st stop at the pavilion

  • 15 diamond merkins
  • 15 Carolina dry docks
  • 10 pullups

Next stop at base of cardiac hill

  • Bernie Sanders to first corner and complete 20 squats
  • Bernie Sanders to next corner and lunch walk to the base of the small hill.

Final stop back the shovel flag

  • 10 burpees
  • 15 Freddy Mercury (4 count)
  • 20 mountain climbers (4 count)


No time! YHC gave no instructions to gather back together and we got more separated then intended.
19 total today
The WORD came from James 4:1-10. It is difficult sometimes to be humble and keep our focus on God rather than worldly gain. “Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you.”
F3 Knoxville anniversary coming up November 3 and 4.

Dirty Dozen Dropping Sweat

THE SCENE: Sunny and humid, temps in 70’s.

20 Side Straddle Hops, 10 Burpees, 10 Windmills, 5 Burpees, 10 Cherry Pickers, Michael Phelps, Little of This and Little of That
Mosey to the driveway that heads to the northern wall of the admin bldg.  There will be bricks by a large tree near he drive way.  We will pair up in teams of two and do Doras.  While one partner works on the following exercises, the other partner will run with a set of bricks to the curb, do ten mini man makers, then run back and exchange the bricks with his partner who will do the same.  Here are the exercises each team will do:

  • 100 Big Boy Sit-ups
  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 Baby Crunches

Mosey to gate at the Lyons Bend entrance.  Take perimeter trail east.  Stop once at first light.  We will do 20 American Hammers in cadence.

Mosey east on perimeter trail to cone that will be located close to a large Mimosa tree.  We will do a Route 66 going eleven lights, stopping at each one.  We will do each of the following exercises starting with the first and doing it once at first light, twice at second, etc. until we do 11 of that exercise at 11th light.  Those who get there first will sweep others back to start and we will begin the next exercise.  Here are the exercises:

  • Squat jumps
  • Dive bombers
  • Imperial Walkers (four count)
  • Shoulder taps (tapping each shoulder counts as one)

Mosey to Playground

We will do bench jumps.  We will do ten, then rest for 20 seconds.  We will do five sets of ten with the 20 second break.

Mosey to Pavilion.  We will do 25 Picnic Table Pull-ups.  We will then do squat by wall for one minute.

Mosey to AO.

Plank Stretches.
12 men, no FNG’s.

The following message is not fully from me.  Rather, it stems from a conversation with a friend of mine named Tony Kuykendall.  Tony observed that in our age of social media, whether on Facebook, Group Me, Twitter, or whatever, we wonder how many people are following our messages.  We follow other’s messages by giving them the Like signal, coloring in a heart, showing a happy face, a thumbs up, or some other sign saying we listened and took notice.  We may follow peoples’ messages on social media each day.  My friend Tony observed that the Bible is certainly a form of social media.  It has been written and distributed socially so that people may read it and follow God.  Tony wondered how many times we actually follow God’s word each day.  Certainly, God wants us to “follow’ Him.

John 8:12 “Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’”

God wants us to follow Him because he knows that we need Him to live within the light.  When we follow Him, good things happen.  We move along in our lives and often miss out on the light.  We seek the light through our own means and often fail to listen to that higher power calling us.  Where is God calling you to follow?  What path does he want for you?  Where does God want to take you.  We can sense that there is something missing in our lives if we do it alone, something greater we need to fulfill us.  We get glimpses of something greater by showing up in the gloom each day to work out with our brothers in F3.   We didn’t want to listen to our crazy friends that rooked us into coming out here.  Yet, by coming we have found something special, something invigorating, something good for us.  In our busy lives we often don’t want to take the time to listen to God.  But if we do so, we find something special, something invigorating, something good for us.  It is that which we need.  So, listen, take time to focus on Him and what he is calling you to do.  Follow Him.

Hotspur and his family needs a prayer as his mother-in-law died recently.
F3 Knoxville Anniversary and Olympics on November 3.  Launching of F3 in Cleveland, TN on November 10.