F3 Knoxville

No Denial

THE SCENE: Sunny and hot, 95 degrees

20 Side Straddle Hops, 10 Burpees, Plank Lifts, 10 Rockettes, 10 Cherry Pickers, 10 Baby Arm Circles Forward and 10 Backward
Mosey to parking lot that is across the street from Northern Ball field Entrance Parking Lot.  We will be going to the four corners of each parking lot by the following methods and doing the following exercises

  • Corner 1:  20 Squat Jumps (Round 1), 20 Star Jumps (Round 2) then Bernie Sanders to Corner 2
  • Corner 2:  20 American Hammers four count (Round 1), 20 Bicycle Kicks four count (Round 2) then bear crawl to Corner 3
  • Corner 3:  20 Plank Jacks (Round 1), 20 Iron Mikes four count (Round 2) then sprint to Corner 4.
  • Corner 4:  20 Merkins (Round 1), 20 Carolina Dry Docks (Round 2) then lunge to Corner 1

Mosey to Serpentine Sidewalk.  We will do nickel, dime, quarters to the bottom of Cardiac Hill (run one light and do five of exercise, run two lights and do ten of exercise, run five lights and do 25 of exercise) with the following exercises:

  • Big Boy Sit Ups
  • Diamond Merkins
  • Imperial Walkers

At Cardiac Hill:  We will run up the hill, stopping to do the following exercises at the following locations:

  • Turn 1:  20 Hello Dollies (four count)
  • Turn 2:  20 Flutter Kicks (four count)
  • Turn 3:  20 Decline Merkins
  • Benches:  20 Bench Dips

Mosey on perimeter trail then go south at road that heads towards Admin Bldg.  Stop by stop sign at northeast corner of Admin Bldg.  We will do 20 Behind Back Scissor Kicks

Mosey to AO.


Rocky Balboas

Eight men, no FNG’s.

Take The Time to Process Pain

As a psychologist, I see many people refuse to examine painful events in their lives.  Something painful has occurred in their lives that created trauma for them.  They try to AVOID thinking of the situation at all costs.  For example, the person may have lost a loved one and they try not to think of the death of that loved one or even the life of the loved one because it leads to sorrow and tears.  A person may avoid thinking of a past dangerous situation (e.g, surviving an automobile or plane accident) because it brings up fear, worry, or pain in terms of seeing someone injured or killed).  A person may avoid thinking of past abuse because to think of it is so painful and they rather put the abuse off in a closet.  For a little while, the strategy may work.  But for most of us, the painfulness of the past event seeps through the cracks and continues to impact us.  We want to hide from the pain but the pain comes back to haunt us in nightmares, flashbacks, nervousness, jumpiness, and general unrest.  This is why a major strategy of working with someone who has suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is to get the person to share their past traumatic experience.  The person may feel worse at first but by continuing to talk about the event, by continuing to process it (in psychology we call this working through), the person finally gains some control over the pain.  They realize that life can hand us some terrible stuff but that the terrible stuff we experienced is over and it probably won’t occur again, especially if we take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen.  The abused child is no longer a child, the auto accident victim realizes he can drive his car with a pretty high degree of safety, the war veteran is no longer at war.

Life is not a fully rosy picture.  Bad things happen.  Some people want to look at the world through rose colored glasses.  They may not see the pain going on around them until it hits them straight in the face.  But life also has much to offer and be awed by, much beauty, despite the ugliness.  If we see and process both, we are generally going to be better off for it.  And, we are in a better position to help our fellow human beings.  We can laugh with them but can also cry with them, join them when they are hurting, and give them a loving hand to reach out to.

Peter Gabriel wrote a beautiful song (called “Red Rain”) that deals with the issue of pain.  At the start of this largely metaphysical and symbolic song, the protagonist can’t see or hear the pain that others experience and denies the pain.  It is later, when he lets his defenses down, that the “Red Rain” surrounds him.  Putting his trust in something higher than himself, he can no longer deny the pain around him.  And through this, as if in an epiphany, he is bathed by the rain as if in a pool or red wine, as if in a red sea.

Red rain is coming down
Red rain
Red rain is pouring down
Pouring down all over me
I am standing up at the water's edge in my dream
I cannot make a single sound as you scream
It can't be that cold, the ground is still warm to touch
We touch, this place is so quiet, sensing that storm
Red rain is coming down
Red rain
Red rain is pouring down
Pouring down all over me
Well I've seen them buried in a sheltered place in this town
They tell you that this rain can sting, and look down
There is no blood around, see no sign of pain
Hay ay ay no pain
Seeing no red at all, see no rain
Red rain is coming down
Red rain
Red rain is pouring down
Pouring down all over me
Red rain
Putting the pressure on much harder now
To return again and again
Just let the red rain splash you
Let the rain fall on your skin
I come to you defenses down
With the trust of a child
Red rain is coming down
Red rain
Red rain is pouring down
Pouring down all over me

And I can't watch any more
No more denial
It's so hard to lay down in all of this

Red rain coming down
Red rain
Red rain is pouring down
I'm bathing in
Red rain coming down
Red rain is falling down
Red rain is coming down all over me
I'm begging you

Red rain coming down
Red rain coming down
Red rain coming down
Red rain coming down

Over me in the red red sea
Over me
Over me
Red rain

Prayers for Junk’s mother, for Crawdad’s wife, for Thunderstruck’s mother and for High-Heel’s mother.
3rd F upcoming on August 10.

Heavy Things I Cannot See

THE SCENE: Upper 50s with a light breeze a.k.a freakin’ gorgeous

10 burpees OYO

9 burpees OYO

8 burpees OYO

7 burpees OYO

6 burpees OYO

5 burpees OYO

4 burpees OYO

3 burpees OYO

2 burpees OYO

10 burpees OYO

The PAX caught on to this quickly and whined consistently, but once you start Shock & Awe you can’t let off the throttle!
I requested the PAX bring some heavy things to play with today and they delivered a variety of coupons including medicine balls, a cannonball, some sandbags, dumbbells, and CMUs. We assembled into a straight(ish) line with every other PAX holding a coupon.

The PAX moseyed along until the poor soul carrying the 60# sandbag went silent. We then stopped to swap up who was carrying coupons. Each time we stopped to pass coupons we performed 40 reps of merkins, squats, dry docks, or star jacks at the Q’s discretion.

This continued until we reached the staircases. We dropped our coupons and Crawl Beared up the steps and then ran to the top. Once the 6 arrived, we bear crawled back down (including the steps, thanks to Mayberry’s good example) and picked up our coupons to continue towards the Pa-va-lon.

Inside the Pa-va-lon we performed 3 sets of the following

  • 10 x pull-ups
  • 15 x box jumps
  • 20 x dips
  • 25 x derkins

We picked up our coupons from here and rolled back to the AO with a few coupon swaps and then rocked a set of Shoulder Blasters for good measure.


I really regret we didn’t have time to shred our core. Guess I’ll make up for this on the next Q…



“The IMPACT (for good or bad) that a man has on his children cannot be underestimated

The quality of a man’s relationship with his children defines the quality of their relationships with everyone else for the rest of their lives. If he is absent, they will be distrustful. If he is capricious, they will be unjust. If he is cold, they will be withdrawn. But, if he is present, just and warm the HIM will have imprinted upon his children’s hearts a template of relational success upon which they can rely throughout their lives. They will in turn pass it on to their Shorties. In this way, the IMPACT is infinite.”

I discussed these words with the PAX and highlighted how important this relationship is. We often take the blessings of our 2.0s for granted amongst the stress and anxiety that comes with them, but it’s impossible overvalue how critical our relationship with our kids (and with our fathers, for that matter) really is.

Lot’s of new faces from the Aslyum and one PAX from Chicagoland. Thanks for trekking out to the Dog Pound, gents! Also, Shooter is welcome for the Phish reference in the title.

Harness your spirit animal

THE SCENE: humid low 70s

10 cherry pickers in cadence

10 baby arm circles in cadence 10 reverse baby arm circles in cadence

Sloth crawl to parking lot then 10 supple hip squats

Bear crawl back with high knee lunges 10

Gorilla hops to end then mountain climbers 10  4 count cadence then jog back

3 rounds beat the clock 15 minutes

10 CMU press

10 inch-worms

10 lunges with CMU

20 spider merkins (10 per side)

20 side straddle hops single cadence

We made it in 7:32 seconds

3 Bears bear hug relay

3 people  bear hug carry a sandbag of differing weights  to end of parking lot and back while others are doing an exercise until all have completed their run carrying each bag

Hold my Bear:

4 rounds

Bear crawl with CMU pull throughs

10 CMU bearpies



50 Squat

25 LBCs

40 SQuat

20 LBCs

30 squat

15 LBCs

40 squat

20 LBCs

50 Squats

20 LBCs

Hands Assfault Cheatsheet lillydipper Pele Flashback Waffle House Husker
Be a wolf
Be a Lion

Take nothing for granted Set goals

Be a better person


Pyramid Scheme

THE SCENE: A nice reprieve from 2 days of rain with plenty of humidity to go around.


  • Side Straddle Hop x 20
  • 1 Burpee
  • Imperial Squat Walker x 15
  • 2 Burpee
  • Merkin x 10 (4 ct)
  • 3 Burpee
  • Baby Arm Circles x 15, Over head Clap x 10
  • 4 Burpee
  • TN Rocking Chair x 15


Mosey to the lower parking lot, See Skunk, Stop abruptly, fast mosey…

Pyramid Scheme.    Partner up with someone of similar speed.  Run in the opposite direction and every time you meet do 25 of the following exercises with the exception of burpees which are x 10

  • lap 1 merkins
  • lap 2 merkins, superman
  • lap 3 merkins, Superman, mtn climbers
  • lap 4 merkins, Superman, mtn climbers, Bobby Hurley
  • lap 5 merkins Superman mtn climbers, Bobby Hurley and burpees
  • lap 6 Superman, mtn climbers , Bobby Hurley’s , burpees
  • lap 7 mtn climbers , Bobby Hurley , burpees
  • lap 8 Bobby Hurley’s , burps
  • lap 9 burps
  • lap 10 victory lap

Mosey to the Cloud.

  • 7’s with Box jumps and Bulgarian squats

Mosey through the start point to the base of baby Everest….sike.  No, we are not going to circle up for mary.

  • Grinders x 3 
    • Sprint up the hill 2 burpees
    • Reverse up the hill 4 burpees
    • Sprint up the hill 6 burpees

MARY: Flutter kicks by 30, BBS x 20

Be Proactive in life not Reactive.   If you only react to the day you will be subject to the circumstances that come your way.   Working out in the am before the sun comes up ensures you will get it in.   We can proactive in our spiritual lives and relationships as well.   “Play the ball before the ball plays you”

Blockees Across the Grinder

THE SCENE: Overcast… gonna rain soon and hopefully wash away the puddles of sweat we’re about to make in this humidity.

0 Burpees OYO
2 Burpees OYO
8 Cherry Pickers IC
4 Burpees OYO
16 Cossack Squats IC
6 Bupbees OYO
15 Hindurkins IC
8 Burpees OYO
15 Tempo Squat IC
10 Burpees OYO

One good warmup lap down the park and back
Random Tabata – 4 rounds of 20s on, 10s off for each exercise rolled on the die:
Butt Kickers
6″ Plank
Iron Mikes
Squat Jumps
Iron Mikes again

Called time on the Tabata halfway through the second Iron Mikes… We need to get to the 2 minute drill:

One CMU per person on the line.
Grab a battle buddy
One PAX does the exercise called out on the timer until relieved.
Other PAX runs to the line of CMUs and does three Blockee Broad Jumps, then relieves partner.
Exercises (2 minutes each):
Box Cutters
Squat Jump
Monkey Humpers

Squeezed in about 12 4-ct American Hammers
15 PAX this morning
I’m serving on the worship team at church this Sunday, and one of the songs I’ve been practicing is a lively meditation on God’s faithfulness. The bridge repeats, “I will rest in Your promises. My confidence is your faithfulness.” He is faithful, and He has proven Himself in my life as I’m sure He has in yours. Remember His faithfulness in the past, and rest in his promises for tomorrow.

Pretty much the second time this week for the same beatdown… Figured it was good enough to repeat today since my legs were still feeling it from Monday.
Assfault and a few others are working on a CSAUP for Big Ball/Asylum… Keep an ear out for more details!