F3 Knoxville

Quarter Pounder +++

[ Welcome/Disclaimer ]

  • Welcome to F3: Fitness – Fellowship – Faith
  • Name is Steam and I’m stoked to be your Q this morning – we have a great morning ahead of us
  • Any FNGs?
  • Couple things before we begin:
    • I’m not a professional
  • You’re here on your own volition – and I want to phrase that a different way too – you’re here on purpose, meaning both not by accident and we also have a purpose this morning – to sharpen some iron.
    • And if you need to modify anything we do this morning feel free to do it – I don’t know any injuries you may or may not have.

[ Warm-O-Rama ]

  • SSH: 20 x 4
  • Rockette: 20 x 4
  • Squat: 15 x 1
  • Merkin: 15 x 1
  • Imperial Walker: 10 x 1
  • Cherry-Picker: 10 x 1

[ The Thang ]

(Mosey to WFP Track)

(1) Quarter Pounder

    • 25 merkins
      • Take a lap
    • 25 squats
      • Take a lap
    • 25 Mountain Climbers
      • Take a lap
    • 25 BBSs
      • Take a lap
    • Recover after your 4th lap here – crush some flutter kicks until the 6 is up
      • 25×4

(10 count)

(Mosey to Parking Lot before Neyland Drive)

(2) Quarter Pounder with Cheese (Rock)

    • Grab a rock from the pile
    • Middle of the parking lot: 25 rock get-ups
      • Rock on ground — deadlift — squat — chest press — deadlift rock down = 1
    • Mosey/walk to the Left end of the parking lot island with your rock
      • 25 Curls (1 count)
    • Run back a round to the start
    • Rinse and Repeat
      • 2nd Evolution: Each PAX executes 5 Rock Get-Ups
      • All PAX executes 5 Rock Get-Ups together
        • Walk to Left end of parking lot with rocks
      • Ring of Fire Curls with Rock + 1 merkin in between
        • Going in a circle, 1 PAX calls out the curl rep —> every PAX executes 1 merkin —> ring of fire style up to 25 reps
    • Replace rocks

(20 count)

(Mosey R on Neyland Drive to big parking lot by Neyland)

(Mosey to the top of the lot by way of stairs)

(3) The Neyland Pass + Feels Like ‘98

    • PAX pause before going under Neyland
      • Execute 10 down/up incline merkins on rail
    • PAX mosey down under Neyland
      • Every Gate sign (8) = 5 squats (1-count)
    • After Gate 8 —> PAX mosey in front of gate gazing on the field
      • Q leads Flutter-Kicks on a 4 count in 2 groupings of 30 + 1 grouping of 38 = 98 reps of Flutter Kicks (‘98 may be gone but never forgotten)

(20 count)

(Mosey up from under Neyland via stairs – Bear Crawl up last 3 rows)

(American Indian Run at the top to an outlook overlooking WFP)

(Mosey down below engineering buildings down by stream separating the university + WFP)

    • PAX circles up by the right in front of the stream and executes 20 SSHs on a 4 count)
    • PRE-BOM: “Leadership should cause disruption”
      • Q encourages men to think about that on the mosey home

(PAX links up in 2 man teams —> Battle Buddy American Indian Run back to AO)

[ Mary ]

(1) Quarter Pounder

    • 25 x 4 Flutter Kicks
    • 25 Lower LBCs
    • 25 x 4 American Hammers
    • 25 x 4 flutter kicks

[ COT ]

  • # off —> 6 
  • Name o Rama
  • FNGs
    • Jon Connor “Livestrong” Davis
  • BOM

[ QSource by David “Dredd” Redding ]

I recently received a copy of “QSource” by Dredd in the mail and it is PACKED with leadership strategies and tactics and ideologies that HIM are called to. Definitely worth the read and felt like this was something I wanted to share in my BOM, probably because I needed to hear it the most (typical of Q BOMs right??). So here are some instrumental passages taken out of the first chapter of QSource.

”Because it induces movement, leadership causes Disruption.”

    • Leadership wrenches people away from the place at which they were determined to to remain. It causes them to question the foundation of their belief that their status quo was desirable, and that stasis was in their best interest. It attacks the palpable (but false) sense of security that inertia provides.
    • Like the agitator in a washing machine, leadership dislodges things long embedded in people’s emotional fabric”
    • If a man calls himself a leaders but does not cause Disruption by initiating movement, then he is not practicing leadership. He might be doing something else, like managing or governing, but he is not leading.
    • A leader is a person who influences movement to advantage.

Takeaways to let marinate:

    • Leaders influence movement to advantage
    • Because it induces movement, leadership causes Disruption
    • A great Leader’s legacy is built on love.


    • What needs to be dislodged from your emotional fabric? What needs disruption in your life?
    • As HIM we are expected to lead – not just those we love, but lead ourselves as well. Lead BOTH yourself  and those you love to movement and the advantage.

Rain Plans

THE SCENE: Lower 70’s, started with a drizzle ended with a downpour

SSH, Arm Circles, Shoulder Taps, Tempo Squats, Rockettes
Went to the coupon pile by L&N and got ourselves a brick. Moseyed with our bricks over to the 11th street garage. Here we had 4 cones spaced out on the opposite end of the garage. We did suicides, running to the 1st cone and back, then to the 2nd cone and 1st cone and back, and so on til we hit all 4. Each cone had an exercise assigned to it.

  • Round 1 (with our rocks): Cone 1= 15 curls, 2= 15 tricep extensions, 3= 15 shoulder presses, 4= 15 goblet squats
  • Round 2 (without our rocks): Cone 1= 15 LBCs, 2= 15 Merkins, 3= 15 American Hammers (4ct.), 4= 15 Hand Release Merkins
  • Intermission: Took a break from suicides with 1 minute wall sits, 5 reps of slow merkins, then another minute of wall sits and 5 more reps of slow merkins
  • Rinse and Repeat: We did all the above one more time through

Ran back to under the bridge, did some flutterkicks and grasshoppers, ended with the word there and then took our rocks back

Mr. Wedgie talked about being a bit of an overplanner at the Quacken yesterday. I had been reading Proverbs earlier and one of my favorite verses that Wedgie reminded me of is “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps” (Prov. 16:9) I think this can often sound like “My plans are useless because at the end of the day God decides what happens”, but the accurate way to hear this is “my plans succeed because the Lord allows them to”. My campus ministry has made all sorts of plans to accommodate for the restrictions on campus in order for us to continue to minister to UT students, but at any point in the future we could be told to limit our numbers even more, to no longer meet on or near campus, or that we aren’t even allowed to come to campus at all. So right now we’ve been spending a lot of time praying about and reminding ourselves that our plans are worth pursuing, but that should our plans change we should be content and remember that the Lord is still sovereign. So I encouraged all of us to continue to put effort and thought into our plans, but to hold onto them open handed and be willing to see them change

Practice Makes Permanent: Big Ball Edition

THE SCENE: Sunny, clear, mid 70’s

SSH, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, This and That, Tempo Squats, Cherry Pickers
For the workout we did one minute of each of the following exercises, with a short break after each exercise. I encouraged all of us to spend that minute focused on performing each exercise with as close to perfect form as possible, not worrying about how many reps we got done. Better to do 10 perfect push ups than 20 half hearted ones here.

  • Amphitheater: 1 minute of: Burpees, Incline Merkins, Decline Merkins, Inverted Rows
  • Bridge: 1 minute of: Bear Crawl Toe Taps across the bridge
  • Parking Lot Rock Pile: 1 minute of: Curls, Shoulder Press, Tricep Extensions, then all three combined. Then after a short break, 1 minute of: Curls, Shoulder Press, Tricep Extensions
  • Ramp Up to Park: Everyone grabbed a partner that would push them, someone about the same speed as them. Then in pairs we did 10 merkins, 10 big boys, followed by a near-sprint run up the ramp
  • Parking Lot Near Church: 1 minute of: Squats, American Hammers, Lunges, LBCs
  • Bridge1 minute of: Bear Crawl Toe Taps and Big Boys
  • Amphitheater: 1 minute of : inverted rows, Decline Merkins, and Incline Merkins
  • Road Next To Event Lawn: Got back with our partners for 10 merkins, 10 big boys and a near-sprint run back to the AO

Recycled my word from a workout at the Quacken

I was reminded not too long ago of a coach I had in high school who would always say to us “Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” If we spend every workout doing rushed, poor-formed exercises then we’re only training ourselves to continue to do rushed, poor-formed exercises. That mentality applies to the rest of our lives as well. If we approach our families, marriages, churches, jobs, etc. with rushed, poor-formed actions we’re only cultivating flawed families, marriages, churches, jobs, etc. So not only in our workouts, but also in our lives as well, lets all focus on going through the entire motion, digging deep, taking the time to do things right, and training ourselves to do the right thing, since we know that practice makes permanent, not perfect.
Workday next Saturday, Swanson’s got the details. Welcome to Boss Hog.

Monday at Big Ball – Hightower (The Capitol) on Q

Hightower (The Capitol) On Q


Couple of Rickie Bobby Laps around field, then circled up to stretch & continue warm-up.

30 cadence count SSH, Hill Billies, Good morning, Baby arm circles forward & reverse, downward dog and cobra stretches, ending with Mountain Climbers.


  • Explained the Sept 11 stair climb challenge, 110 stories which was the height of World Trade Center tower.
  • Mosey over to World Fair steps for partner BOMBS.
  • Partner 1 runs to top is steps, does 2 Burpees, then runs back down. While partner 2 does exercises.
    • Overhead arm claps
    • Merkins
    • Big Boy sit-ups
    • Squats
  • Each pair performs 150 reps of each, while partners trade off running steps/burpees.
    Active recovery of wall sits, while passing ruck back & forth twice.
    Finally jog back to fountain area to start Mary.


Explained to group to Ring of Fire Mary, each PAX select their own Core exercise then led the group.


Pfeiffer, Drivethru, PDA, Swanson, Hellbender, Jenner, Postman, Petey, Bilco
& HT


Grateful for F3 for what it’s provided to my life. I joined with F3 in Churham, NC, then we moved up to DC in early 2018. At that point F3 did not exist in DC, but there was a small group trying to get it started. Once I joined that group, I had instant friends for support. F3 became live in DC the summer of 2018, and we now have 9 AOs running 7 days a week.

If you’re ever traveling up in DC or northern VA, please hit me up. Would love for you guys to post with us, before Covid we’d have weekly DR PAX posting from all over the country.

Very grateful to post with you guys, to learn more about Knoxville and to see the sunrise over downtown. Truly Amazing, very grateful.

Pfeiffer ended with a group prayer.


My Biceps Are Screaming

THE SCENE: Perfect morning. Low 80’s, low humidity. Stayed in the shade

1. Shoulder circuit (no rest):
– 15 manly arm rotations forward + backward
– 15 Moroccan night clubs
– 15 shoulder taps
– 15 OH claps
– 15 shoulder taps
– 15 Moroccan’s
– 15 manly arm rotations backward + forward
2. Cobra merkins
3. Little bit of…
4. Tempo Squats
5. Rockettes

Mosey past amphitheater and stop on pedestrian bridge over Cumberland

17 burpees, 13 3-pt situps
Crawl bear bridge
17 burpees, 13 3-pt situps
Bear crawl bridge
Calf raises (3 ways) 7-7-7

Mosey to rock pile parking lot beside river & grab large coupon

Biceps (3 ways) – 7-7-7 …. 3 sets
Shoulders (3 ways) – 7-7-7 …. 3 sets
Back (3 ways) – 7-7-7 … 3 sets
Combine all of it for 1 set of 7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7

Take coupon to 1 end of parking lot by river:

25 curls, sprint to other end 5 burpees, recovery jog back
20 curls, sprint, 4 burpees, recovery jog
5 curls, sprint, 1 burpee, recovery jog

Grab coupon again

13 thrusters (2 sets)
13 good mornings with rock finishing overhead

Return coupon. Mosey back to AO

No time….people were dying

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