F3 Knoxville

Bears and Bricks

THE SCENE: 72* and humid, basically no wind

Imperial walkers x10
Monkey humpers x10
Calf raises x10
Shoulder taps in plank x10
Four count merkins (hand release) x10
Mosey short half lap around the World’s Fair lawn and back to the sidewalk adjacent to the convention center.  Five cones set up in a line, spaced 12-15 yards apart for Bear With Me.  Bear crawl between cones, knock out exercises at each cone.  Recover mosey back to start and plank waiting on the six.

  • 20 pickle pounders
  • 20 merkins
  • 20 squats
  • 20 Carolina dry docks
  • 20 flutter kicks

Rinse and repeat for two rounds.  On the third round, Q called an audible: lunge walk between cones and cut reps in half.

Quick 10 count and mosey towards L&N.  Everyone grab a nice brick (really big stone paver) from L&N and jog it over to the war memorial.  Routine was supposed to be descending ladder, running through entire list of exercises, then repeating taking off the bottom exercise.  We only got through two rounds, but they sucked enough.  After each round, we ran the parking lot, up the stairs and back. Exercises as follows (sit ups and merkins without stones):

  • 40 curls
  • 35 sit ups
  • 30 merkins
  • 25 goblet squats
  • 20 front raises
  • 15 Lion kings
  • 10 Mr. Spectacular

Again, got through two rounds.  Which was painful enough after Amazon’s Saturday boulder beatdown.  I’ll definitely come back to this stone workout and run it from the beginning.

We did two rounds of 10 curls and 10 overhead tricep extensions, dropped our pavers off where we got them, and moseyed back to the SP for Mary.
Sit ups x15
Flutters x10
6 strong: Bilko, Slim Shady, Drive Thru, Postman, Passport, Abort
We always have discussions about being High Impact Men in F3.  At times, I’ve struggled with what that looks like for me and how I can have any impact, let alone high impact.  I came across a quote that made me think about the impact my F3 brothers have had on me, most of which were probably unaware because they were simply being themselves. Quote reads: “The awakened man has stepped away from living a life ruled by his mind and ego-self and is consciously connected to his heart.  He is not embarrassed to reveal his true colors.  He is redefining age-old beliefs of what a real man is, and by his example, calling other men to wipe the sleep from their eyes.”

These men that I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by in the gloom have unknowingly caused me to wipe the sleep from my eyes.  They have shown me small things and large which I have picked up, either consciously or not, which have improved my life and my relationships with people in my life.  My hope, and my way of having high impact, is to take the things they have shown me and pass them along to others. Aye!

Learning From Others

THE SCENE: Perfect: lower 60’s, started off a bit foggy then ended up clear and sunny

SSH x 20, Arm Circles x 15 forwards and backwards, Tempo Squats x 5 slowly, Tempo Merkins x 5 slowly
Numbered off into two teams, each of the following exercises was treated as a team competition

  • Round 1: Each team raced across the event lawn, but our mode of transportation was Monkey Jumpers (3 Monkey Humpers followed by a Broad Jump). First team fully across would have won, but we got kicked off the grass so we called it a tie.
  • Round 2: moseyed over to the other event lawn with the new patio. This time we did 11’s as teams, but with a few twists. Between each exercise was 11 steps of Bear Crawl Toe Taps going forward or Crawl Bear Toe Taps going backward. The exercises were Burpees and Single Leg Merkins. So the first set was 1 Burpee, 11 steps of Bear Crawls with toe taps each step, 10 Single Leg Merkins, then 11 steps of Crawl Bears with toe taps each step. Team One won this one.
  • Round 3: Still at the other event field, we paired off within our teams for Doras, first team for all pairs to finish wins. Exercises were 100 x Single Leg Burpees, 200 x Star Jumps, and 300 x Big Boy Sit Ups while one partner runs up the pathway and touches the far light post and runs back. We had to call it for time, but Team One was the closest to finishing and won on a technicality.


I mentioned at the start of the workout that I didn’t come up with this, and that it was actually a workout I hopped in on with one of the AO’s in Nashville a few weeks ago while visiting family. Building off of Swanson’s encouragement to seek out and be willing to receive accountability, I encouraged us to couple that with seeking to also learn from others, both here and from outside sources or people outside of our normal circles. Like I had mentioned, I learned this workout from another AO and would never have thought of it on my own, and I tend to pay attention to others’ Q’s and take note of what I like and incorporate them into my own workouts. Supposedly Einstein is quoted saying that when we stop learning is when we start dying, so let’s go out of our way to learn from one another and not become complacent with what we know

Reverse Suicides (Stage Hand Co-Q)

THE SCENE: Lower 60’s and foggy, ended up sunny and warm by the end

SSH, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, This and That, Stagehand’s new groin stretch, Quad stretches
Moseyed around to the front of the conference center by passing the amphitheater and crossing the bridge. At the conference center we had 4 cones set up about 10 yards a part with a total of about 50-60 yards from start point to last cone. We did five rounds of reverse suicides, meaning 1st set we ran to the furthest cone and did an exercise and ran back, then 2nd set we ran to the furthest cone and then the second furthest cone and then ran back. We did this until each cone was hit, each of which had different exercises

  • 1st Round: Cone 1 – Merkins x 10, Cone 2 – Big Boys x 10, Cone 3 – Plank Shoulder Taps x 10 (4 count), Cone 4 – Lunges x 10 (each leg, 20 total)
  • 2nd Round: Cone 1 – American Hammers x 10 (2 count), Cone 2 – Carolina Dry Docks x 10, Cone 3 – Squats x 10, Cone 4 – Burpees x 10
  • 3rd Round: Cone 1 – Overhead Claps x 10 (4 count), Cone 2 – Flutterkicks x 10 (4 count), Cone 3 – Cobra Merkins x 10, Cone 4 – Little Baby Crunches x 10
  • 4th Round: Cone 1 – Edward Scissor Legs x 10 (4 count), Cone 2 – Hand Release Merkins x 10, Cone 3 – Freddie Mercury x 10 (4 count), Cone 4 – Walkout Merkins x 10
  • 5th Round: Asked each of the guys what their favorite exercise was and assigned each to a cone, we came up with: Cone 1 – Oblique Crunches x 10 (each side, 20 total), Cone 2 – Merkins x 10, Cone 3 – Broad Jumps x 10, Cone 4 – Squats x 10

Finished this quicker than expected, so we moseyed over to the amphitheater to do 11’s for the remainder of the time. Body Builders at the bottom, Pull Ups/Inverted Rows at the top

Talked about how recently I’ve been reading a bit about the importance of how we use our time, but have been hearing about opposite ends of the spectrum. On one hand we have so much grabbing our attention and demanding our time that we need to relearn how to not be preoccupied, or even how to be content with boredom. While on the other hand, our time is valuable, it was bought with the blood of Christ and our days are numbered, there’s nothing we can do to earn or win back more time. So I encouraged us to be thinking through where in our lives should we dial back our usage of time and be more present to whats in front of us, rather than needing to constantly be working or distracted, and also where in our lives should we rethink how to make more of the time we give to things, acknowledging that our time is valuable

F3 Morristown official launch is two weeks from today I believe

7’s and 11’s

THE SCENE: Perfect – Upper 50’s, clear skies

SSH x 15, Arm Circles x 10 forwards and backwards, Shoulder Taps x 10, Michael Phelps, Tempo Squats x 10, Cherry Pickers x 5

  • Sunsphere: 11’s – Pull ups at the bottom on the Sunsphere and Edward Scissor Legs at the top of the stairs
  • Bridge over Cumberland: 7’s – Big Boy Sit Ups at the start of the bridge, bear crawl across, Sumo Squats at the end of the bridge, bear crawl back
  • Parking Lot: 11’s – Merkins at one end of lot, Carolina Dry Docks at the other end
  • Field by the Fountains: Partnered up, one partner started bear crawling across field while the other did 5 body builders then ran and caught up to bear crawler. After catching up, swap roles

Talked about how in Jeremiah 29 God tells the Israelites, before being taken into slavery by the Babylonians, to build houses, plant gardens, eat of their fruit, get married, and pray on behalf of the city you’re being taken to. So essentially, instead of sitting around and waiting for liberation, God told His people to live well in captivity while also looking forward to freedom. With this quarantine I’ve done the exact opposite. I’ve sat around and moped and waited until things get better rather than tried to make the most of the season the Lord has us in. So my encouragement for us this morning was, even though we’re transitioning back to normal slowly, to be thinking of how we can live well right now in quarantine rather than sit around and just wait for things to be better


THE SCENE:  A balmy and crisp 37.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER(Explained Importance of Qing, common anxieties and tips on how to overcome them, discussed mistakes Q has made and the importance of making adjustments ) Free, Voluntary, Q not a professional, here at own risk, know limitations – modify if needed.

WARM-O-RAMA: (Explained Calling Exercises and Cadence) SSH (IC)x20, Imperial Walkers (IC)x15, Tempo Squats (IC)x15, Tempo Merkins (IC)x10, Mountain Climbers (IC)x15, Flutter Kicks (IC)x25, 8ct Body Builders (IC)x7.

THA-THANG: Mosey to lower parking lot…..

4 Corners: (40,30,20,10) of Merkins, then Squats.  Mosey to Playground parking lot:

Quarter Pounder (4 cones separated by comfortable distance, Cone 1-25 Merkins, Cone 2-50 Squats, Cone 3-75 Mountain Climbers, Cone 4-100 SSH). Run back to start after each completed cone.  Mosey to bathroom parking lot….

Totem Pole: 10 Burpees, 9 OHC, 8 Merkins, 7 Mountain Climbers, 6 Squat Jumps, 5 8ct Body Builders, 4 Diamond Merkins, 3 Calve Raises, 2 SSH, 1 Good Morning – Perform all exercises then run to other side of lot and back, knocking off the top exercise each round. Mosey to Dragon’s Tail……

1 Burpee at each light pole as we mosey up the hill back to shovel flag.

Dealer’s Choice: Had a few of the PAX who have not Q’d yet call the exercises and cadence. They did awesome!

37 Strong to include FNG “Twilight.”

Talked about two actions/traits that helped early Christians overtake the Roman Empire against insurmountable odds:
1) Love – they demonstrated a type of love that had never been seen before in Roman society. They loved sacrificially. They loved the unloveable. It was strange and did not make sense to the largely unbelieving Roman populous. Unbelievers took notice and were attracted to it, adding to the numbers of believers.
2) Generosity – They gave sacrificially to the poor and outcast with joy in their hearts, people who were marginalized by Roman society. Again, unbelievers noticed, were amazed, and added to the Christian population.

How can you cultivate this type of Love and Generosity in your own life?

When we all go home today, you will be surrounded by a different “PAX”: your wife, your kids, your friends, coworkers, etc. Step up and be their “Q”, leading virtuously. Let what we learned out here today transition and have an impact in our daily lives outside of F3. That’s what F3 is about!
There was a lot of discussion and “teaching” by the Q.  I hope the men that showed benefited from my efforts.  It was a blessing to lead today.  Grow School afterwards was awesome: Abscess talked leadership and more Q101 while Steam showed his tech skills and showed everyone how to post a BB, add FNGs, etc.
Dog Pound Pull-Up Bar Install immediately after.