F3 Knoxville

Butter Biscuit

THE SCENE: Cool and Clear

Side Straddle Hop (20), High Knees – 1 Minute, Mtn Climbers (20), Squats (20), Groiners (10)

The Butter Biscuit (PT & Run) [1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 3X, 2X, 1X] (.25) Mile Lap

Single Count PT

  • 50 Side Straddle Hop
  • 40 High Knees
  • 30 Mtn Climbers
  • 20 Squats
  • 10 Groiners

Something new from Pinocchio…Thanks,  Box Cutters, LBC’s to cash out

15 HIM’s tackled the Butter Biscuit; Butterfingers, Henhouse, Neighbor, Snorkel, KY, Hammy, Graceland, Espy, Goldfinger, Sake, Pinocchio, Dreamer, Drifter, Moses, Cable Guy

I have gained more than friends over the last two years with F3.  Through constant sacrifice and suffering I have found brothers within this circle of men.  I’ve have learned so much from each of you.  Your strength, compassion, and generosity have change my life.  Thank You!

Proverbs 17:17

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

Proverbs 27:17

As iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another.


Not an Octopus

THE SCENE: Low 50s and clear

5 squats

Jog grinder

5 pull-ups

Jog grinder

5 merkins

Jog grinder

5 step ups per leg

Jog grinder

Kraken on the rocks.


  1. Thrusters x 20
  2. Decline merkins x 20
  3. Swings x 20
  4. Goblet squats x 20
  5. Curls x 20
  6. Tricep extensions x 20
  7. Burpees x 20
  8. Lawnmowers x 20 per arm


CMU up flutters x 20 IC

CMU chest presses x 20

Isometric CMU hold 20 second count

Repeated 5 times for 100 of each
14 men of the sea lay waste to the mighty creature

Repeat from last week at RAW. Wanted my BS boys to hear this.

6 exercises to improve mental toughness:

  1. Get rid of extrinsic motivators – no music, no training partner. Suffer in silence alone
  2. Develop good habits – Mentally tough people are more consistent than you. They create habits and relentlessly stick to them
  3. Learn to ignore things you cannot control – Stoicism is the ability to endure pain and hardship without display of fellings and without complaint
  4. Ruck – put a heavy pack on and go walk for hours.
  5. Farmer carry – pick up some heavy shit and go for a mile walk.
  6. Hang – grab and pullup bar, a tree branch or some playground equipment and start a timer. Work up to 60 seconds.

Hardship Hill this Saturday. No Bomb Shelter workout scheduled. Come support us by drinking beer and eating grilled meats!


THE SCENE: Clear skies, 51 degrees F, 90% humidity

SSH, Glute marches, Baby arm circles (forward/backward), Imperial squat walkers.

Length of grinder jog, Bernie, skip, and karaoke.
Partner up.  #1 overhead CMU carry toward Mt. Crumpit by way of the fountain.  #2 does 5, WWII sit-ups, runs to catch #2 and overhead carries CMU while #1 does 5, WWII sit-ups.  Continue to alternate until reaching the base of Mt. Crumpit.

At Mt. Crumpit #1 run up to back side of tree, performs 3 burpees, and runs down to pick up where #2 left off on the following exercise reps.

100 CMU Squat thrusts

200 Derkins

300 OH CMU Flutter kicks (single count)

200 One arm dead lifts (alternate arms after 10x)

150 Curls

200 Bent rows

200 Dips

When time requires, return to AO with OH CMU carry/WWII sit-ups described above.

Glute marches, Box cutters, LBCs.

8 HIMs.

Today we spent time on “voliltion.”  What got me thinking about it was a photo on social media that I saved a few years ago.  It was a picture of the football field with Army and Navy playing.  The caption said something about it being the only game that day where every player on that field was willing to die for me and my freedom.  I also thought of my son-in-law, Travis.  During one of his 8 tours of duty he received the Bronze Star for Valor because he chose to live by the Ranger creed to leave no man behind, put himself in harms way, and drag his wounded teammate to safety.  Sua Sponte!  I mentioned one of the last scenes of the movie, Saving Private Ryan, when Captain John Miller (a Ranger) tells Private Ryan to “earn this.”  This disappointed many Army Rangers because they believe that a Ranger would not say something like that.  Rangers don’t expect their service to be “earned”, there service is their own volition.  Sua Sponte!

We celebrated Christ this past week.  He chose to obey his Father on His own volition.  Yes, in His prayer in the garden He did ask if there was some other way to accomplish His mission but he always came back to say that He would do the will of His Father.  Jesus didn’t ask us to earn it.  He did it by choice so that our sins would be forgiven, we would be declared justified in God’s eyes, and redemption could be ours.  We don’t have to earn it.  We only need to repent, profess Christ, obey, and follow.  Not easy, but at least we know the way to everlasting joy and peace.

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Columbian neck tie mission complete

THE SCENE: 45, windy and crisp w a slight drizzle

Tempo squats x10

tempo merkins x10

proton Parker’s x10

jog the grinder a few times

imperial squat walkers x 23 ic
Mosey to the base of kiddie slope for Columbian neck tie

  • Run to the first cone run back to base and do 1 neck tie
  • Run to cone 2, run back to base for 2 neck ties
  • Continue until up to 20th cone , run back for 20 neck ties
  • Total of 220 Columbian neck ties and close to 4 miles of distance covered


14 pax
God will give you more than you can handle but he will be there to help you get through it.
At the halfway point during the workout, I  hit a wall, I went dark and thought to myself , this is too hard , I don’t know that I can complete all 20 cones… I knew that we had 20 cones but a few only saw 17-18 cones, which created some mumble chatter once they saw that there was more to do ! Seeing ALL THOSE cones lined up the hill really puts your mind in a place you don’t want to be. Knowing what we went through today , suffering through the workout, we or let’s say I found a way to get through and complete the planned workout. Last time we tried , we fell short of time. We fell short on official F3 time but were so close to completing the mission ! I really appreciate everyone staying a few minutes past so we could complete the workout! Everyone persevered through the workout ! Thank you and rest assure, we won’t need to do it again now that we finished what we started!

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Ranger Beatdown

THE SCENE: 59 degrees F with plentiful rain
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER  Hammy did the welcome and disclaimer before turning it over to Spook (Travis Elkins) for the Ranger Beatdown.

10 thoracic spine rotations/side
10 scap pushups
10 pushups
Plank rotations
Inch worms
10 bend and reach
10 Windmills
10 Squats
10 Side lunges
10 Walking knee hug
10 Walking glute stretch
10 Quad stretch with RDL
10 side step overs/leg
10 yards worlds greatest stretch (forward lunge w/side rotation, hamstring stretch, hip flexor stretch)
75 yard jog warmup


3 sets (15 mins)
⁃       1x Leg Blaster = 20x air squats +
20x in-place lunges (10x each leg) +
20x jumping lunges (10x each leg) +
10x squat jumps

⁃       Inchworm alligator clapping push-up x 5
⁃       Single leg RDL 10/leg

3 sets 
⁃       Pull-up ladder 5-1 x 3
⁃       Pike pushup ladder 5-1 x 3

Anaerobic conditioning (10 mins)
⁃       Run 75 meters and walk back

3 sets
⁃       Curls 21s w/block
⁃       Tricep extensions w/block x 20
⁃       Dead Bug leg lifts w/block x 15

3 sets
⁃       Single arm rows w/block x 15/arm
⁃       Glute Marching x 15/leg
⁃       Side star plank leg raise x 10/leg

9 PAX, 1 guest Q (Spook – Travis Elkins), 1 FNG (Doghouse – Kevin Stephens)

1 Timothy 4:7-8Have nothing to do with irreverent, silly myths.  Rather train yourself for godliness, for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.

It is biblical that we should take care of our physical bodies and well being.  A strong body helps us to develop a strong mind.  F3 supports that aspect in the first F.  In the passage, the Apostle Paul, challenges that training in godliness of far greater value because it prepares us for the life to come, the everlasting life.  We should exercise the third F as it is of value in every way.  Holding ourselves accountable through the second F helps us progress in our third F.

Thanks to Travis Elkins for joining us and for the leadership gift he provided this morning.  Rangers Lead the Way!
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