F3 Knoxville

Who’s on Q?

THE SCENE: Cool and Clear
WARM-O-RAMA: (By Dreamer!)

  • SSH’s x20
  • Cherry Pickers x10
  • LBAC’s Fwd/Rev
  • Tempo Merkins x 10

The Escalator

From the AO to the parking lot for the middle school baseball field and back to the AO (adding an exercise each 100 yards or so and then dropping one off on the way back)

    • 10 Burpees
    • 20 Star Jacks
    • 30 Merkins
    • 40 Squats

The Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese

Bernie there and run back to the start (10,25,50,75,100)

    • 10 Yards (Burpees) x10
    • 25 Yards (Merkins) x25
    • 50 Yards (Squats) x50
    • 75 Yards (Mtn. Climbers 4xCount) x75
    • 100 Yards (Big Boys) x100

Ab-kraken ( LBC’s, V-Up, BB’s, Flutters, LBC’s, V-Up, BB’s, Flutters)
Abscess, Backup, Butterfingers, Dreamer, Drifter, Fins, Hammy, Moses, Pinocchio, Proton, Snorkel, Woodshack,
Men spend their live in anticipations, in determining to be vastly happy at some period or other, when they have time.  But the present time has one advantage over every other: it is our own.      -Charles C. Colton
I’ve been working quite a bit lately and this Q sorta slipped my mind.  However, as with all of life’s unexpected moments we always have the choice of how we react.  What a great lesson we can all learn when we stop to listen, ask for help, and rely on our fellow HIM’s.  Thank you all for your help today and every day!  -Butterfingers 🙂

Mount Butterbilly

  • THE SCENE: Cool and Foggy (43 F)

    Short run and then (15 SSH’s, 10 Tempo Merkins, 5 or 6 Hillbilly’s, and 10 Cherry Pickers) in the crosswalk leading to Mount Butterbilly.
  • 11’s on Mount Butterbilly….(Burpees at the top and 2 count Mount Climbers at the bottom)….3ish miles of awful 🙁
  • Short run back to the grinder for some Tibata 30 seconds step up and 30 seconds of Merkins for 2 rounds each.

Ab-Kraken (Flutters 20, LBC’s 20, BBS 20, V-Ups 20) about 1.5 times around.
Eleven Enjoying some Rich Living at the Bomb Shelter!  Backup, Butterfingers, Cable Guy, Dreamer, Hammy, Moses, Pinocchio Sake, Snorkel, Tinman, Woodshack,
One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living.  We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon-instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.  -Dale Carnegie

One important source of unhappiness is the habit of putting off living to some fictional future date.  Men and women are constantly making themselves unhappy because in deferring their lives to the future they lose sight of the present and its golden opportunities for rich living.

-W. Beran Wolfe

Route to the Plateau of Pain

THE SCENE: Mid 40s. A little damp. Didn’t really start raining until the BOM.

High knee skips across parking lot and back
Butt kicks across parking lot and back
20 4-count hillbillies
Mosey around the fountain and back to road and stop at greenway by Crumpet.
Route 66:
Dry docks
Iron mikes 2-count
While waiting On the six, run up crumpet and back down for 20 4-count flutter kicks.
Mosey to Plateu of Pain
Colombian necktie
Start with run to nearest cone. Grab cone and run back for 20 burpee squats and decrease burps each time.
We run at the same time every round. In between BBS.
Sun salutation
Warrior 1
Sun salutation
Warrior 1 other side
Sun salutation
Warrior 1, 2
Sun salutation
Warrior 1, 2 other side
Sun salutation
Warrior 1, 2, Reverse Warrior
Sun salutation
Warrior 1, 2, Reverse Warrior other side
Sun salutation
Chair 30 seconds
Boat, single leg right, single leg left, boat
8 men put in the work.
Again, I gotta say – it’s all about attitude. A guy at my work spoiled my attitude and I let it ruin a day and half for me. I made a conscious decision to be positive (or not negative) and it completely turned things around for me. Just enter every situation, every new day, every greeting with positivity. Smile, great pleasantly, banish negative thoughts and you will feel so much better.

10 Years After

  1. THE SCENE:   34 degrees with calm winds

    Windmills x20, Overhead hand claps x20; Side scissor jumps x20; Cherry pickers x12.

Jog, karaoke, jog, skip across parking lot.

Indian run to Mt. Crumpit.

Phase 1.

7’s on Mt. Crumpit starting with 1 BBS at the bottom and 6 burpees at top.

Ascents were run, Bernie, run, run, Bernie, run.

Indian run back to AO

Phase 2.

Consisted of 4 Cell Blocks in a square pattern – each corner is 50 feet apart.

Starting at Alpha Block perform the first exercise.  Move to Bravo Block as directed and perform first exercise.  Continue to Charlie Block and Delta Block before returning to Alpha Block to perform exercise #2.  Continue until time is exhausted.


  1. CMU Swings                   OH Carry
  2. Merkins                         Lunge
  3. SSH (4 ct)                       Inch worm
  4. Release merkins              Crab crawl


  1. Mtn Climbers (4 ct)           Bear Crawl
  2. CMU goblet squat             OH carry
  3. Dry docks                       Lunge
  4. Flutter kicks (4 ct)             Inch worm


  1. Plank Jacks (4 ct)             Crab Crawl
  2. Box Cutters                    Bear Crawl
  3. CMU clean/press             OH Carry
  4. Squat Jumps                  Lunge


  1. WWII Sit-ups                    Inch worm
  2. Shoulder taps (4 ct)          Crab Crawl
  3. Dips w/CMU                   Bear Crawl
  4. CMU Curls                      OH Carry


Box cutters x20, Flutter kicks x20, ABC’s to cash out.

15 HIM’s, no FNG’s
I heard a song a few days ago by the band, Ten Years After.  The song didn’t get me to thinking.  It was the groups name.  I thought back to ten years ago (2009) – give or take a few months.  Memorable in many ways.  I remembered finding my wife, Julie, on the floor, blue in color. I remembered my stroke and heart surgery and the few warning signs I had a few weeks earlier.  I remembered Staff Sgt Jason Dalhke, 1st Battalion Ranger Regiment.  He was Emily’s and Travis’ (daughter and son-in-law) best friend.  Julie and I made full recoveries.  Jason was killed in action at the age of 29 in the mountains of Afghanistan.

I have been given the gift of the last ten years, as have Julie.  Jason, for whatever reasons God has, didn’t get to experience them.

So here I was a few days ago, not thinking “why” but thinking “what.”  Not why me.  Rather, what have I done with the last 10 years.  Sure, I can remember successes, failures, mistakes, joy, … all kinds of things.  Did I earn those 10 years?  No way.  I don’t believe that’s how it works.  Rather it made me think about the things I need to learn from the past 10 or whatever number of years.  I need to take what I have learned and build on it for the future.  I challenge each of you to think about the last 10 years and to think of the personal progress made – and the personal miscues experienced.  Then think about the way you have been able to build upon the past – hopefully in a positive way.

I intend to get into some follow up BOM talks in my upcoming Q’s.  We’ll see how that goes.  Until then, remember that in many ways our future is built upon our past.  First, though, we have to learn from it.

Sake asked for prayer in an upcoming interview.
Habitat for Humanity work day for the Bomb Shelter is Saturday, March 9th.

99 Problems but the rain ain’t one

THE SCENE: 50 and pouring rain

DORA warmup – partner farmer carries CMU’s to the bathrooms and back

  • SSH x100
  • Arm circles x150
  • BBS x200

99 Problems (99 reps of each exercise) – Run down to the troll bridge and back between each exercise. Exercises:

  • Merkins
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Curls
  • Mountain Climbers (4 count)
  • Flutter Kicks (4 count)
  • CMU OH Press
  • Step Ups
  • CMU Dead Lift
  • Shoulder Taps

Dr. W x10 IC
11 Men

Short version – Don’t spend your life chasing the small, incremental moments of happiness. Find the joy in what you naturally do every day in life.

“Happiness is an emotional response to an outcome. If I win, I will be happy, if I don’t I won’t. It’s an if-then, cause and effect, quid pro quo standard that we cannot sustain because we immediately raise it every time we attain it. See, happiness demands a certain outcome, it is result reliant and I say if happiness is what you’re after then you’re gonna be let down frequently and you’re gonna be unhappy much of your time. Joy though… Joy is a different thing, its something else. Joy is not a choice, it’s not a response to some result. It’s a constant. Joy is the feeling that we have from doing what we are fashioned to do no matter the outcome. See, joy is always in process it’s under construction. It is in constant approach alive and well in the doing of what we’re fashioned to do and enjoying. The easiest way to dissect success is through gratitude. Give thanks for that which we do have, for what is working. Appreciating the simple things we sometimes take for granted. We give thanks for these things and that gratitude reciprocates. Creating more to be thankful for.It’s really simple, and it works. I’m not saying be in denial of your failures. No, we can learn from them too. But only if we look at them constructively as a means to reveal what we are good at. What we can get better at, what we do succeed at. We don’t always do our best, and since we are the architects of our own lives, let’s study the habits, the practices, the routines that we have that lead to and feed our success, our joy, our honest pain, our laughter, our earned tears. Lets dissect that and give thanks for those things. No matter what you choose, do not let it jeopardize your soul.”

Habitat for Humanity project on 3/9.