F3 Knoxville

High Fidelity

THE SCENE: Clear and Comfortable

Baby Arm Circles Forward and Backward x10 IC
4 Rounds of 26 reps (Civilian Cadence Count) of: Merkins , Flutters (13 x 4 IC), Squats, Mt Climbers. Inidian Run by the PAX around the track in between each round.

Sandbag Carry:

-Each member of the PAX had their turn carrying an 80# sandbag around the parking lot loop by the “splash pad” while one person carried it the other PAX members held 10 second squat then did 10 reps of squats/monkey humpers sprinted to the other end of the parking lot and held variations of plank for 10 seconds followed by 10 merkins.

PAX went to playground and did dead hangs for 30 seconds, followed by 13, 4 ct American Hammers IC, dead hangs for 40 seconds followed by 13, 4 ct Hello Dolly IC, finished up by a 42 second dead hang (In honor of Belding) and 13 BBS OYO

ATM cash out and boat/canoe
Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!
Start your week off right by attacking the day with fidelity. Do not slack off to begin the week. This Monday is a precious gift from our Lord.
Remember our city and our own prayer requests and needs of our brothers.
Hardship Hill

Feeling Gumpish!

THE SCENE: Dark and splendid!

19 SSH’s
This workout was all about getting distance!  Every exercise was performed moving forward 20 yards then medium sprint around the track, those that arrived back quickly would go back to get the 6!

☆ Bear Crawls

☆ Baby Arm Circle

☆ Imperial Walkers

☆ Broad Jumps

☆ High Skips

☆ Duck Walk

☆ Backwards sprint

☆ Butt Kickers

☆ High Knees

After completing our 5k, we all had fun at the playground.  We split into 2 groups.  Group 1 Crab Walked around the playground while Group 2 did Pullups, BBS, or Stepups OYO.  Then switched, we completed 2 rounds!

20 LBC OYO, then roll over to high plank and hold for 20, then low plank for 20, then 10 Merkins. 2 rounds as well!
Also had Schnitzel visiting from Hilton Head!

Life is constantly moving forward and continually speeding up.  Make sure to do your best to slow down and make memories.  I have been overwhelmed with work and have not made time for my family & friends like I should.  However, I needed to work until dark on Tuesday and instead dropped everything and took the family to the TN Baseball game.  I knew deep down later in life I would not regret getting those extra 4 hours of work in, but I knew that I would regret not making wonderful memories with my family…
I must say it is a small world after all!  Too cool that Schnitzel was at my Q.  Last Summer, I was on vacation in Hilton Head and worked out with F3 there on a Saturday and was invited to the 2nd F on the following Sunday.  Their 2nd F was taking 5 or 6 boats to a sand bar with family and friends gathered for some phenomenal fellowship.  This is where I met Schnitzel and his son as we talked on the boat ride over and on the way back.  He had let me dig into his cooler of wings too!  Get out there and make memories!
We prayed for Knoxville and its youth, we also prayed for a high school and college friend that was missing for 24hours that suffers from Huntington’s disease.  He has been located and is ok!  Thank you for the prayers!

Millennial’s Can’t Jump Rope

THE SCENE: 60’s & clear


Quicker than normal…running late!

SSH x 20  with increasing speed

8 stations set up in front of the outhouse.  2 minutes at each station then rotate to the next.  The jump rope station was in the middle so, naturally, we used that as the catalyst to “encourage” (pronounced: make fun of) the person jumping rope!  All this while Lynyrd Skynyrd played blissfully in the background….good times.

  1. Curls (30, 25, 20 dumbbells)
  2. Squats (60 sandbag)
  3. Calf Raises (40 sandbag)
  4. Kettlebell swings (35, 40 bells)
  5. American Hammers (assortment of plates…can’t remember exact weights)
  6. Mr Spectacular (15 dumbbells or 30lb ruck plates)
  7. Overhead Press (20 ruck plate x 2)
  8. Jump Rope


8 strong.  Tank, Shooter, Wall Ball, Cavalier, Wagon Wheel, Doubtfire, Slugger, Bartman

Talked about yesterday’s TN House vote on the governor’s school voucher program and the impact it’s having on Rep. Zachary.   Used this scenario as a reminder to the PAX of the importance of the decisions we make and the impact they have on our surroundings.

Shooter and Wagon Wheel somehow managed to break 2 jump ropes today…clearly millennials struggle in this area.  Shooter eventually resorted to air jumping, with fancy tricks!

Hardship hill coming up.   Sign up for a team.

Wallz ‘n’ Crawlz

THE SCENE: Warm enough that it’s not cold, but also cool enough that it’s not hot. Clear enough that it’s not cloudy.

SSH x25 IC
Cherry Pickers x8 IC
Travoltas x10 each side
Mtn Parkers x15 IC
AGT (AKA Failure to Launch) xLucky7
Crabettes x15 IC

Grab a handful of cones and mosey to the main quad.
One hand and one leg up on the wall, 20x merkins OYO.
Mosey to the covered entry, bear crawl down the stairs, then mosey around up the ramp and back to the wall.
Other hand and other leg up on the wall, 20x more merkins OYO
Repeat mosey

Now that everyone is familiar with the running portion, partner up for Dora-style:
50 8-Count Body Builders
100 6″ LBCs
150 Star Jacks
Running partner hops over the wall slalom style between about 6 cones set up on the wall, then bear crawl the stairs and back
Plank for the 6 when reps complete

Mosey to the back of the maintenance building for Rock the Block Merkins:
Plank up on 2 landscape CMUs. Follow Q instructions on rocking the block to rest on various faces, with a merkin after each rock.
30 CMU curls
30 CMU Tri-ext
20 CMU Squats

Mosey back to the AO, stopping about halfway for 20x BBS OYO

Got a little time for the old gal.
30x Flutter Kicks IC
20x LBCs IC
15x Side Crunch each side IC

13 PAX for the beatdown proper, plus a few more snagged some ruckin’ miles and made it to the AO just in time for the word
John 21
So, everyone knows today is the day after Easter. What did the disciples do after the resurrection? Kinda looks like they just sat around waiting for Jesus to show up and tell them what to do. In the meantime, I guess they got bored because Peter said, “Hey, I’m going fishing”. He did something. Something good, something positive, and it sound like he put his heart into it. BUT, as soon as he realized the Lord was the one calling from the shore, he dropped the good thing he was doing, stripped off anything that would hinder, and went hard after Jesus. If you’re not sure what to do, what you’re being called to, be patient, do good, and do it with all your heart as to the Lord. But don’t get so caught up in doing that you miss His call when it comes!
What a morning… 12 PAX for the Elevation Challenge, 13 for the beatdown! Three weirdos killed the ruck so bad, they had time to finish a yoga routine, then get all cold and stiff before the beatdown…
Abridged – Thursday May 9th – Proceeds to OEW. Come out and support wounded veterans!

Baptism: What Are You Waiting 4?


SSH x 10, Cherry Pickers x 10, Burpees x 10
This was a 4 Corners (C1,2,3,4) Jubilee, using three different parking lots

  • Parking Lot 1: Merkins C1x50, C2x40, C3x30, C4x20 – brutal
  • Parking Lot 2: Squats C1x50, C2x40, C3x30, C4x20
  • Parking Lot 3: Tricep Extensions C1x50, C2x40, C3x30, C4x20. While half were doing triceps, other half did curls using the bars then groups switched
  • Parking Lot 2: Monkey Humpers C1x50, C2x40, C3x30, C4x20

4 Corner Abs @Parking Lot 1:  C1 Mountain Climbers x50, C2 Hello Dollies x 50, C3 6inch LBCs x 50,  C4 Pickle Pounders x 50.  Repeat at reps of x40 (most made it to C3 before time ran out).

Today was my earthly birthday but I wanted to share what was on my mind, my spiritual birthday, the day I was baptized, November 14, 2010. My earthly birthday doesnt even compare in importance.  I came to Christ late in life, a result of a string of different events, having a Godly wife, surrounding myself with Godly men and mentors, and reading the Gospel. I know Chrostians who have never been baptized, usually they claim it doesn’t save (true, faith does), they just have never gotten around to it, or ask why it matters.  i shared two crucial reasons why baptism is really importantt and does matter: 1) Jesus commands it in Matthew 28 (need I say more?) and 2) it is a symbol of our unity with him in his death and resurrection, a public profession that you are on his team.  if you are a believer and have never been baptized, what are you waiting for?
Some guys really got into the pickle pounders.  Disturbing.
Real Men meeting later with Captain Crunch