F3 Knoxville

Short Circuit

THE SCENE: Thick and Humid 71 degrees at circle up

As always 25 SSH on 4CT then 10 Windmills on 4ct, baseline jog down 10 tempo merkin, jog back 10 tempo squat, jog back baby arm circle forward x8, finish up with jog back down baby arm circle reverse x8
Mosey to middle parking lot perform 5 rounds of

Round 1- Fake Burpees x10 run down and back

Round 2- Fake Burpeesx10, Merkin x25  run down and back

Round 3- Fake Burpee x10, Merkin x25, Lunge x50 run down and back

Round 4- Fake Burpee x10, Merkin x25, Lunge x50, Big Boys x100 run down and back

Round 5- Fake Burpee x10, Merkin x25, Lunge x50, Big Boys x100, Squats x150 run down and back

Mosey to pavilion

3 rounds of 20 table row/20 dips

Mosey to the bottom of little everest- Bernie up/5 monkey humpers at top

Back to AO




Finished out with 25 Freddy Mercury on 4ct and LBC AMRAP for final minute…

Matthew 22:37

You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and all your mind.  This is the first and greatest commandment.  A second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself.

Don’t over complicate what we are here to do.  Christ lays it out for us in Matthew.  In all that is going on and all the craziness Christ asks us just to love.  Love our neighbor as ourselves.  This simple task will go so much further than we ever thought it would to initiating change.


How to Kraken a CMU

THE SCENE: Muggy with a capital “M”

SSH (4 ct IC) x 25; BAC (4ct IC -forward and reverse) x 10; OH Claps (4 ct IC) x 10; This and that; Tempo squats (IC) x 15.
This morning, we battle the Kraken with CMUs.  So, grab your CMU and make your way to one of 8 stations.  Complete the exercise at the station and then do a lap around the AO parking lot, past your last station to the next.  Each station’s exercise has a high rep or low rep choice.  You are free to pick either option.  You must carry your CMU on your lap around, alternating carry as follows:

Westbound:  Overhead carry (Cusak carry);

Southbound: Farmer carry, right hand

East bound: Tray carry out front;

Northbound: Farmer carry, left hand.

The stations are as follows (incl. rep choices):

  • Overhead press (25/40);
  • Froggy Crunches, 4 ct (15/25);
  • Curls (25/40);
  • Kettle Bell swings (25/40);
  • CMU Merkins (25/40);
  • Flutter Kicks w/ CMU held up (25/40);
  • Blockies (10/20); and
  • Goblet Squats (20/30).

I think we had enough time for everybody to complete one circuit. Very little mumblechatter today.  I’m guessing this was because the Pax was disappointed in how easy it was.  I’ll ramp it up next time.
25s of Reverse Lunges and BBS, running Baby Everest in between.  Cut it short to gather at the top and watch a beautiful sunrise for a moment.

On this day in 1954, Elvis made his debut on local Memphis radio with “That’s Alright Mama.”  It is a reminder to me that big things start small.  We don’t need to focus on some great challenge or goal all at once.  God gives the ability do great things by simply taking that small first step.  ” I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20).  The smallest seeds planted with faith still produce huge trees.  Let’s keep striving, regardless of how small our efforts seem.  They will bear fruit.
Prayers offered today for Snag’s father and continued healing and recovery.  Prayers offered also to Snitch’s 2.0, Ava for a quick recovery from her accident, so that she won’t have any complications, and praises that it wasn’t more serious.  Also, we enjoyed quite the sunrise this morning with a beautiful rainbow.
Don’t forget “Off the Chain” CSAUP at the Dog Pound on the 18th.  Sign up!

Back to Cardiac

THE SCENE: Foggy and around 60 degrees at circle up

Start with 25 SSH on 4CT, Thai Fighters L and R 10x4CT, Tempo Merkin x10, Cherry Pickers x8, Windmills x10 4ct
Grab a CMU and head to Cardiac.

At top of Cardiac-20 Curl, 20 OH Press, 20 Lawn Mower, 20 Block Merkin

At middle of Cardiac-20 Freddy Mercury, 20 Frog Crunch, 20 Heel Touch, 20 LBC

At bottom of Cardiac-20 Squat, 20 Alt Lunge, 20 Monkey Humpers, 20 Skaters

Back to top, rinse and repeat.

Back to AO. Out of time

Remember, we are all going to go through difficult stuff in life and it may not make sense.  We might want to bail.  Remember that Christ is with us through it.  Our life here is fleeting and we are “temporary residents”.  Heaven is our reward.



Official Transcript

Snitch: CMCMUs?

Doublewide: MRNOTCMUs.

Honeydew: OSAR

Humpty: MRCMUs2

Otis: CMCurls?



F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Full F3 Disclaimer given along with COVID19 restrictions
  Merkins(IC), Squats(IC), Plank Jacks(IC), Cherry Pickers(IC)
JUCO RECON:  Divide up into three teams of 5.  Each team will attempt to complete all three Missions (one at a time) located at three different areas on campus, rotating counterclockwise to the next mission after completion of the previous one. Teams will separately run to each, staying on pavement at all times (grass medians are lava).  Why? Because each time the team makes a turn and changes direction (even the slighter ones), the team does 15 Merkins, 15 Squats, 15 Plank Jacks. If any team member inadvertently tries to cross a median to avoid a turn, it’s 10 Burpees for the team and back to the pavement.

  • Mission 1: Large East Parking Lot by Duck Pond- Bernie all the way across and all the way back
  • Mission 2: Coupon Pile at Loading Dock – 100 Curls, 100 Tri Extensions
  • Mission 3: Sophomore Hill – Bear Crawl all the way up hill, Crawl Bear all the way down opposite side (this was awful)

Flutter Kicks (IC)(x25), LBCs (IC)(x25).
15 Strong
Scripture states that God is Love.  Scripture states Love embraces Patience, Kindness, Truth, Resilience, Faith, Hope, Endurance, and Perseverance. On the other hand, Scripture states Love resists, stands against, and is opposed to Envy, Boasting, Arrogance, Rudeness, Selfishness, Anger, Resentment, and Wrongdoing.  Do you practice the above attributes that are embraced by Love?  Over the past few months, we have all had extra time perhaps to meditate on what really matters in life, what we place our trust and hope in.  For me, all of my hope – the only true hope I believe we have in this world – is Jesus.  It is all about Him for me.  He means more than family, more than my personal health and fitness.  Just Him, Jesus.
It was great to be back out at JUCO with these men.  Snaggletooth wanted me to name the workout, “THAT SUCKED.”  I felt the above title was more appropriate.
Booster on Q Wednesday.