F3 Knoxville

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THE SCENE: Humid, 72 degrees

Side Straddle Hops, baby arm circles (forward and backward), Mountian climbers

double Indian run to the “animal trail:

We started at a light post at the bottom of the “loop Parking lot.” At every other pole there was an exercise written in chalk. These exercises were done down and back.

  • Bear Crawl
  • Bunny Hop
  • Crab Walk
  • Frog Jumps
  • Lunges
  • Duck Walk

We moseyed to the Pavillion for Burpee Sprint Ladders

1 burpee – sprint down and back, 2 burpees – sprint down and back. etc. for 3 rounds. 45 sec., 1 min., 1:30.

Circled up in the pavilion for 7 x 3. We did 2 rounds of 6 exercises. The exercises were grouped together in pairs. seven reps of each exercise were completed back to back to back, as many reps as you could complete in 45 seconds with 15 seconds for rest.

  • Star Jumps, Jump Squats
  • Mountain Climber (4 count ), High Knees (4 count)
  • Jump Lunges, Side Kick outs

Roxanne by the Police – push up at Roxanne, half burpee at “put on the red light”

Surrenders: 4, 30-second rounds of 2 excercises. Move 1: Pax started on all fours. Hands directly under sholders. Knees at a 90-degree angle 2 inches off the ground. this was held for 30 seconds. Move 2: the Same position except hands was directly out from shoulders pushing against a wall. This was held for 30 seconds as well.

Boat Canoe, Cross Crawl

As created creatures of the LORD, we are dependent. Dependent on life, breath, food, abilities, and talents. Let us know be deceived into thinking that the very things we are dependent on the Lord for creating independence in us.

Highway 45

THE SCENE: Beautiful weather

  • SSH
  • Tempo Squats
  • Baby Arm Circles (Forward/Reverse)
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Merkins

Went down to the oval parking lot – 9 light poles total on the perimeter of the oval. 1 Lap for each of the following exercises, stopping at each light pole and doing 5 reps of the exercise (total of 45 reps each lap):

  1. Burpees
  2. Flutter Kicks (4 ct)
  3. Diamond Merkins
  4. Jump Squats
  5. Mountain Climbers (4 ct)
  6. Star Jacks
  7. Wide Merkins
  8. Hello Dollies (4 ct)
  9. Carolina Dry Docks
  10. Victory lap for the ones who finished

Back up to the AO for bear crawls across the parking lot, stopping at each line to do 1 Merkin. Back across the parking lot with lunges, stopping at each line to do 1 squat. Then, reverse lunges across the parking lot with bear crawls on the way back.

Just enough time for one set of American Hammers

27 HIMs – no FNGs


Make the most of the day you’re given. It’s easy to look ahead to the next weekend, next vacation, next milestone, etc., but God has given us today. Today is a gift – be intentional with it.

Circuit Work

THE SCENE: No rain but humid

  • SSH
  • Tempo Squats
  • Baby Arm Circles (Forward/Reverse)
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Merkins

Circuit with 6 stops – 2 exercises at each stop; first lap is 15 reps of each exercise, then decrease by 1 each lap (14, 13, 12…..)

  1. Iron Mikes (4 ct) / Big Boy Sit Ups
  2. Flutter Kicks (4 ct) / Supermans
  3. Merkins / Jump Squats
  4. Derkins / American Hammers (4 ct)
  5. Bench Rows / Tricep Dips
  6. Overhead Press / Bicep Curls (w/ the CMUs)

38 HIMs including 1 FNG – Welcome ‘Goober’


Crucifixion Love is the love that Christ showed us. He loved us even though we didn’t deserve it. His Love for us was not predicated on us first loving Him.

Reciprocation Love is loving someone because they’ve first loved us or loving someone with an expectation of something in return. Examples: 1) I’m going to unload the dishwasher so that my wife will notice and that will hopefully lead to sex later on tonight. 2) I’m going to help out with the kids this morning so that my wife will let me go golfing next weekend (and if she says ‘no’, I’ll remind her of how helpful I was with the kids the other day). 3) Or maybe it’s simply that you’re hanging out with someone or being friendly towards them because you’re expecting something in return – you hope to close a business deal, be seen in a certain crowd, you want them to approve of you, etc….

Although we’ll constantly fall short of it in our fleshly bodies, we are called to love others with crucifixion love. Love others even when they don’t deserve it. Love others with no expectation of anything in return.

Little baby mosey

THE SCENE: 55 and clear

Stretch OYO
Mosey around the park.

Mosey to the soccer field and do wind sprints.

Mosey around the park some more.

Not applicable

We were working on just breathing…

We welcomed back Doublewide who we haven’t seen in awhile.  So much so that he grew a beard and no one recognized him.  I mean like serious mountain man meets hipster beard.
Hardship Hill this weekend, there is still time to sign up.

With Friends like these….

The Scene: The Asylum

Clear, 32 degrees but we got warm quick.

Intro and disclaimer

Warm up: SSHX20, 5 burpees, 10 lunges, 15 Merkins, 20 squats

The Thang:
Fun with friends (two 40ish lb logs, 2 50lb sand filled tubes, 4 CMUs )
Count off to 4 teams
Team members take turns carrying logs, pipes and CMUs, (they can never touch the ground.)
Mosey along trail towards Everest.
Stopping at cones (5) to do:
5 burpees
10 lunges per leg
15 Merkins
20 squats

At Everest:
Climb to top of Everest to the road adding “injured” men to each team they have to carry up
At top, all do flutters till 6 catches

Continue mosey going east down road back to AO
Set down logs and CMUs at Cone 1

At AO: Start with teams at each station and do exercise for 90secs. Run to next station.
1) 10 CMU, pipe or Log presses (may share log) and 10 squats…repeat
2) sprint suicides down Bernie back
3) toe touch Merkins x10 & BBS x20 repeat
4) bear crawls to circle (40 yards) and back then flutter kicks
5) inch worms to cone and back
6) bunny hops back and forth repeat
7) plank jacks x20, Bobby Hurley’s x20 repeat
Line up on curb for an all out sprint down and back long ways. Circle up.

Flutter kick until several audible groans are heard then add 10 more, Boat- canoe with “rowing” And Plank leg lifts

COT and Name o Rama

Waffle house, G6, earwax, Franke, Leonardo, double wide, bluebird, Snitch, mogul, pusher, cat gut, rainbow, abacus, Flanders, proton, would shack, QVC, walkabout, Rusty, QuickBooks, worm,  Pfeiffer, belding, Bonnie, Frenchy, dimples, plunger, cheatsheet, Coolio, detention, butterfly, Fabio, Gibler, porcelain, Doubtfire, Charman, compost, Cap’n Crunch, Umbro, tank

First line in a great book called A Purpose Driven Life is….
Its not about you.
Quit being the center of your universe.
Stop thinking what do I want, what do I need, what can I get out of this.
Today’s society is all about me.

This week think about how you are putting yourself in front of others. Your wife…your kids….your neighbor.
Change where you are in line.

Moleskin:  it was a little chaotic today, at first but the teams showed good teamwork by sharing the load on the mosey. It’s always a blessing for me to come out to the asylum and spend time with this crew. Great job today by all, sorry about the phone glitches and throwing the BOM out of order.