F3 Knoxville

Better Than Money

THE SCENE: Almost 80 and humid.

20 Side Straddle Hops, 10 Lunges each leg, 10 Windmills, 8 Cherry Pickers, 7 Forward Baby Arm Circles, 5 Forward Wide Arm Circles, 7 Backward Baby Arm Circles, 5 Backward Wide Arm Circles
Mosey to driveway that goes to northeastern corner of Admin Bldg.  We will divide into teams of two men each to do Doras.  While one partner runs to end of driveway, does ten merkins, and runs back the other partner will be doing the exercises.  Then partners switch places. The exercises will be done with a set of bricks that will be available.  These are the exercises the partners will do as a team:

  • 100 Overhead Presses
  • 100 Curls
  • 100 Tricepts
  • 100 Rows with bricks at sides
  • 100 Punches where both hands = 1
  • 1000 Upward Wings
  • 100 Downward Wings
  • 100 Outward Wings

Mosey to grass area that is marked with lines at ball field closest to flag.  20 Hello Dollies.  We will then do sprints from one sideline to other on marked field.  We will do six sprints.  Then 20 more Hello Dollies.  Then six more sprints.  Then football toss where each man must do an out and each man must throw a pass.  Any missed balls or bad tosses equating to a missed ball equals two burpees for the entire squad.  All men not throwing or passing will do Big Boy Sit-ups.

Mosey to Pavilion that is close to flag.  We will do 30’s starting with 5 bench dips and 25 picnic table pull-ups, then going up and down in increments of five until we end up with 25 bench dips and 5 picnic table pull-ups.

Mosey to bottom of mini cardiac hill.  Sprint up cardiac to AO.

25 Box Cutters.  10 Shoulder Taps, each shoulder.
11 men with two FNGs:  Pigsticker (Mark McKeen) and Party Pooper (Shaun Wynne)

Loving Us Back

Let’s face it, commercials work because we love the products that commercials sell.  We love nice things and we love entertainment.  One thing those of us in modern society love is technology.  We spend a significant amount of time on our cell phones.  We love our computers and our Flat Screen Televisions.  We often ignore other things around us because we are so consumed.  I remember a television commercial where a family was in a majestic nature spot – I think it may have been the Grand Canyon.  The family notices a large TV screen on a cliff overlooking the majestic canyon.  The TV screen the family sees is showing the same scene that they can observe via the view of the canyon.  They are fascinated with the TV shot and look at the TV rather than the natural view.  The idea of the commercial was to show how amazing the particular company’s television was, that it could create a picture so much like the real thing.  But, I couldn’t help but laugh at the social commentary that the commercial makers probably didn’t mean to imply.  Here was a family in the middle of the Grand Canyon and they would rather look at the TV screen than the real thing!

We are also consumed with entertainment.  People spend thousands of dollars to take their families to Disney each year.  Ocean liners offer the best of vacation cruises.  Hotels offer us all the luxuries money can buy.

And, speaking of money, we are consumed with that.  Money Magazine annually ranks the best places to live for your dollar in the United States.  We push on in our careers hoping for greater salaries so that we can buy bigger houses and get more “things.”  A favorite past-time of many is to go to malls to buy “things” or go online to buy “things.”

I am certainly guilty.  I find myself looking at homes in neighborhoods more costly than I can afford, wishing I could live in THAT house.  I was making fun of the TV Commercial of the nature scene above.  I may not be consumed with televisions but I am consumed with Nature Gear.  I love looking at camping gear, dreaming of getting a newer tent, the greatest pair of hiking boots, the most comfortable sleeping bag.

We love technology, products, entertainment and money.  The problem is that these things don’t love us back.  They are what they are and they can be nice and great to have.  But do these things build us up?  Can we talk to them to obtain better understanding?  Do they form relationships with us?  Do they have our back in times of trouble?  Do they lead us to be better men?  Do our products and money love us?

We need to invest in relationships, men.   People love us back.  And when we give our time to others, we get rewards back that fill us up in ways that products cannot.  Our relationship with God is the most important.  Thanks you, Lord, that you love us back.

I am thankful that I have friends like those of you in F3.  I have brothers that love me back.  I have brothers that share something that is more than words can describe.  I have relationships with men that have my six.  That raise me to a higher standard.  That push me to be the best that I can be.  That lead me to more than money can buy.  That bring me closer to the Glory of God.

And another thing – what we have in F3 doesn’t cost money.  It is Free 99!!

Prayers for Junk’s wife, for Pinto and Mr. Jinxy’s health, for Mayberry, and for Mr. Rogers and his family.

Coffeeteria at Panera with Pluto who joined us for the BOM.

How do you spell B*E*A*T*D*O*W*N?

THE SCENE: Cool, low humidity, most beautiful sunrise in Knoxville

25-4ct. SSH, Cherry pickers, Moroccan nightclubs, Baby arm circles forward and back.

Mosey to trail

B: Burpees – Route 66 style

E: Everest on Everest up to stump (see Exicon for description of exercises), run up rest of Everest to road.

Mosey to Pier behind KUB substation

A: ATM – 1 round

T: Tammy Wynette

D: Dying cockroach (2 sets, 10-4 ct.)

O: Obama (8 rounds for 8 years)

Mosey to main lawn.

W: Wilt Chamberlain

Mosey to parking by restrooms

N: Newtons Cradle (10 – 4 ct., 3 rounds)

Run up small hill to AO

Crawdad led box cutters, Gus led shoulder blasters until time.

Remember that God is greater than our fears, insecurities, and what we understand.  Too often we put Him in a box that we comprehend, but He is so much more.  The relationship is similar to what we have with children where they have a very limited and sometimes skewed perspective of the world.  That is how we are to God.

Isaiah 55:8-9


Be There


Cloudy with a chance of burpees.  No rain.  Around 70ish degrees or so.


I’m still not an expert, so it’s still free and the usual disclaimers.


SSH x 20, baby arm circles forward x 20, baby arm circles backward x 20, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, tempo squats x 10, tempo merkins x 10, cherry pickers x 5.

That was going to be it as I had just mentioned to Preacher (who was back from AZ) that we would not do burpees because they are not a warm-up, but Cheat Sheet arrived at that time, so we did 5 burpees OYO.

PAX counted off – 24 HIMS, so, when we do reps, we will do 24 of them.


Mosey to Everest via the long, windy path with all of the light posts (not sure if it has a name).  Pass a light post, do a burpee.

Carolina dry docks x 24 at the bottom of Everest

Run up to the first tree, do 24 squats

Run back to the bottom of Everest, do 24 merkins and then hold plank until the six arrives and finishes the merkins

Rinse and repeat, this time running to the second tree up Everest and back

Rinse and repeat, this time running to the tree at the top of Everest and back

Back at the bottom of Everest, we were on the wrong side of Everest, so we had to run all the way to the top of Everest to the area formerly-known-as the rock pile (we skipped the exercises on this trip)

Mosey to the monument for some family that gave a lot of money where the normally-wonderful view of the sunrise was dampened by clouds, but it did not affect the 24 American hammers that we did on a 4-count

Mosey to the CMU pile and battle-buddied up

One person runs across the parking lot, down the hill, around the Pavilon (counter-clockwise), stops at the picnic tables in the Pavilon, does 24 pull-me-up rows on the tables, and returns to the CMU pile

The other person does Mr. Spectaculars using the CMU until his battle buddy returns

Switch out and repeat – each person ended up doing each exercise at least twice

Mosey to the Cloud and find a bench

Derkins x 24

Dips x 24

Box jumps (or step ups) x 24

Only had time for one round of those before holding a plank until the six finished

While planking, right arm up, right leg up, down, left arm up, left leg up, down

Mosey to the AO


Proton led the PAX through some flutter kicks while the Q grabbed his phone, and Proton didn’t stop until 30 (on the 4-count) for some reason (after all of those reps of 24, you would think he would have gotten it, but Proton loves exercise so much, he probably just wanted to do those extra 6 reps)

Q returned and led the PAX through box cutters x 30 and hello Dollys x 30 (both on the 4-count) since Proton went to 30

Finished out with boat/canoes until time expired (some PAX mumbled that the workout went over, but it was 8:00 by the Q’s watch, which is the only time that matters – and it matched the time on the Q’s cell phone, for what it’s worth)


We started with 24 and ended with 25.  Assfault completed a Flyin EH on someone he knew along the way, so we were able to welcome Real Chill.  Another FNG started with us and ended with us – welcome Caitlyn.  Tank, the dog, also joined us.

Nacho and Jumbo were also there, but they did not have tags that showed up, so there are only 23 tags, but there were 25 HIMs.


Caedmon’s Call had a song out in the 90s called Center Aisle that was about the writer’s first experience at a funeral, which happened to be the funeral of his friend’s sister who had committed suicide.  It is a good song, check it out if you haven’t already.  This line from the song has always stuck with me: “There aren’t words to say/Words aren’t remembered/But presence is.”

Show up.  Hopefully, we can also say the right things and do the right things, too, but we can’t if we don’t show up first.  And, if we can’t say and do the right thing that will make everything better, then at least we can be there, which is important, both in bad times and good times.  There are moments in people’s lives that they will remember who was there and who was not, e.g., funerals and weddings, and often times we would rather not be there because it makes us uncomfortable or it is too much of a hassle or whatever.  But that doesn’t matter.  What matters is this: should we be there for that person for that moment in his/her life?  (I’m not talking about the times that you cannot because of work, family, or other commitments – I’m not suggesting that we, as humans, can be everywhere and do everything.  I’m talking about the times that you can, but you just don’t.)

The Bible has a lot of references to God’s presence in our lives, e.g., Matthew 18:20, Matthew 28:20, and John 14:18, and Jesus is the manifestation of God’s presence.  Let God be present in your life and then be there for your wives/girlfriends (as long as you don’t have both at the same time), be there for your kids, be there for your parents, be there for your other family members, and be there for your friends.

Your presence will be remembered.  Your absence may not be forgotten.


Props to Archie for posting after being up since Friday morning.  And, he took the message to heart and attended a wedding the same day that he thought about missing.  How about that?  That is either good timing or bad timing.  Part of me wants to apologize to Archie since he probably needed to sleep.  

Good to see Preacher again as always. 

Abscess took a lot of photos and videos. 

Still praying for Junk’s wife. 

Someone said something about something that was coming up, but I can’t remember what it was now.  It might have been about the IronPax Challenge and/or Truckin to the Pound on 9/14.  I do know that there is a 2.0 event coming up on 9/22, but I did not say that then.

Two Deion Sanders Equals a Ronnie Lott

THE SCENE: Beautiful East TN morning, not too hot, not too much humidity (we could breathe and weren’t swimming).

42 SSH IC, 21 baby arm circles forward IC, 21 baby arm circles backward IC, 42 merkins OYO, 42-second squat

Mosey to the weekday A.M. parking lot via the dragon’s tail – pass a light post, do a burpee.

Workout stations in all four corners of the parking lot – CMU curls, CDDs, burpees, and squats.  Do 40 reps of the exercise and run to the center and do 2 round-the-clock merkins.  Run up mini-cardiac/mini-Everest and back down to the next station.  Do 40 reps of the exercise, run to the middle and do 2 RTC merkins, Bernie up the hill, and run back down.  Repeat until all stations are done, alternating between running up the hill and Bernie-ing up the hill.

Bear crawl to the flag pole next to the Pavillon.  Circuit with 4 stations of exercises, 10 reps each, and 2 burpees at the flag pole.  The exercises were: box jumps in the play area (aka the Cloud), pull-me-ups (table rows) in the Pavillon, pull ups in the dugouts (or where ever a pull up could be found, e.g., a tree branch), calf raises on the stairs (10 each leg), plus the aforementioned burpees x 2 at the flagpole.  Ran the circuit until the Q called time.

Bear crawl back to the parking lot to do four more stations of exercises, this time CMU triceps extensions, merkins, lunges, and a PAX choice (hello Dollys).  Due to time, do 20 reps of the exercise, run to the center and do 1 8-count Bodybuilder (basically a burpee with a plank jack added in for good measure), and then run to the next station and repeat.  We left out the runs up the hill in between stations to make sure we had time for Mary.

Cash-out sprint up the hill to get to Mary.


The Q was out of breath trying to chase Edit up the hill, so Crawdad led the PAX through 21 box cutters on a 4 count.  Then, the PAX did 42 LBCs OYO.  Ended with a 42-second plank right on time.

16 total PAX.  High Heels left early to meet the cable guy, but he conveniently reappeared at Panera for Coffeteria.  Veggie was there, but his tag was not in the system.  One FNG who was visiting Goober from Indiana (Goober has brought a lot of his friends to F3, either Goober likes us or hates his friends).  He was named Brown Bag.  Unfortunately, the Q forgot to get his contact info, so hopefully Goober can provide it.

My birthday was the day before.  Try to guess how old I am.  Talked about Ecclesiastes – my favorite book in the Bible.  Read it for yourself.  Here’s my summary: bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people, but do what is right regardless because that is what God wants.  Talked about time because the most famous part of Ecclesiastes is the passage on time, just ask the Byrds.  Time is my enemy.  There is never enough of it, it goes by too fast, and you can’t get it back once it is gone.  It goes by faster and faster as the milestones of life pile up.  Talked about my dad and him being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease when I was in high school and how that affected him physically and me mentally as I watched the disease progress over the years.  He died in 2017 at the age of 79.  I was 40.  No one knows how much they have left or what they have left.  But we all know what we can do today.  When I am tired or want to be lazy, I think of my dad and other people who cannot do what we do in F3.  One day, I won’t be able to do it either, for whatever reason (injury, age, disease, death).  So, I do it now.  I get up and do it for my dad and those who can’t and for the me one day who won’t be able to do it either.  That way, when I can’t, I can at least say and know that I did.  When I could, I did, and I did until I couldn’t.  No waste.  No regrets.  Carpe diem.
Prayed specifically for Junk’s wife, Crawdad’s wife, and Thunderstruck’s mom.  General prayers of thanks for the precious time that we have, for the ability to make the most of it and to build a foundation of better living for our family and friends and to make great memories that last a lifetime even as the time passes, and for the peace to let time go and to accept the next season (as Ecclesiastes calls it) of life when it comes.
Convergence at Big Ball coming up in a couple of weeks followed by the third F at Redeemer.

P.S. Thanks to Sleepover for suggesting all the burpees.

Walking with God

THE SCENE: Insert info about the weather, etc.

20 Plank Jacks, 10 Cherry Pickers, 10 Windmills, 40 Above Head Hand Clappers (4 count), High Knees to end of parking lot, Butt Kickers back to start of parking lot.
Mosey on roadway toward gate entrance at Lyons Bend.  Stop on right side of road where walking trail hits road. 20 American Hammers.

Mosey to Cone that will be about 30 yards east on trail. We will do Route 66’s to cone that will be on trail east and then south on trail.  We will come back to starting cone after each Route 66.  We do four Route 66’s with the following exercises:

  • Mountain Climbers (4 count)
  • Merkins
  • Big Boys
  • Dive Bombers

Mosey west and cross roadway.  We will stop to do 20 more American Hammers.

Mosey on trail to bottom of Mt. Everest.  We will do the following exercises then run to summit of Mt. Everest and repeat the exercises.

  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 Merkins
  • 30 Squats
  • 40 Baby Crunches

Mosey to stop sign at northeastern corner of Admin bldg.  We will stop to do 20 Hello Dollies.

Mosey to Monument and then down the Dragon Fly to the shaded parking lot across the street from parking lot at entryway to Northern Ball Park.  We will have the following races across the parking lot with the man winning the most races getting a free breakfast from Lily:

  • Bear Crawl Race (small length of parking lot)
  • Hop Race (small length of parking lot)
  • Bernie Sanders Race (long length of parking lot)
  • Frisbee Accuracy Throw
  • Sprint Race (long length of parking lot)
  • If there is a tie between the winners (for example, five different men win the above events) then we will have a playoff with a Paddle Ball Accuracy Contest

Mosey to AO.

Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!

What Does A Walk With God Look Like?

Have you ever wondered what taking a walk with God would be like?  What would he want to talk about?  How often would he glance at you as you walked along a path?  What would it be like to have Him in your presence?  Would it be comforting?  Scary?  Terrifying?  Wonderful?  Would God be gazing at nature as He walked along with you?  What would you want to say to Him?  What would you want to ask Him?  What if he touched you?  What would that be like?

In the Bible, we read of those who are awestruck in the presence of God.  They fall to their knees before Him.  Yet we also read of God being the great Comforter, the great Physician, the rock upon which we can lean and rest.

The Bible teaches us that God is always with us.  He is omnipresent.  As we walk along in our journey of life, He is there.  So if He is truly there, why not talk to him?  Why not ask Him what He is thinking?  Why not talk to Him about both the beauty and ugliness you see in this world.  Why not ask Him for his strong and steady hand?  Why not lead on him like he is your father, your Heavenly father?

I got the idea for this message when I was listening to Careless (Shawn Slate) deliver a sermon at Redeemer Church of Knoxville.  He talked about taking walks with his wife.  He commented that he tends to walk with a fast pace, rushing ahead, wanting to hurry up and get to whatever the destination is.  His wife, meanwhile, walks much more slowly, not so rushed, wanting to gaze at the scenery, the world around her.  Careless said he has learned more about walking with God by walking with his wife.  He has learned to slow the pace, take time to see the beauty of God’s world, and also take time to talk to the woman he loves and married.

I want to spend more time walking with God.  I need to take the time to do that with a slower pace in mind.  I need to truly focus on Him better when doing so, actually think of Him being in my presence, truly there with me.  When I pray, I need to think of Him reaching out to touch me.  It may raise some hairs on my head but it will also bring me closer to Him.  That’s what He wants.  And, when I think about it, that’s what I want to.  Furthermore, isn’t that what YOU WANT?  Use your imagination if you have to at first.  Expand your thoughts, think of Him with you, walking beside you.  Slow your pace for a while and converse with God.

Prayers for Junk’s wife, for Thurnderstruck’s mother, for Crawdad’s wife, for Farva’s friend who died, and for Baby Smalls who was recently born.
Next 3rd F is August 10 at 8:30, Redeemer Church of Knoxville.