F3 Knoxville


THE SCENE: 52* and clear, slightly cool start but the sweat is coming
Led by Swanson
SSH x25 IC
Little of this and a little of that
Windmills x10 IC
Tempo squat x 15 IC
Tempo merkin x15 IC
8 Counts x5 IC
THA-THANG: Led by Abort
Gather keys and phones and mosey out of start point over to amphitheater.  Assemble at the stage for 11s’s big brother, 25’s.  Same concept as 11s except increase/decrease by 5 reps.  Start at the stage and do 20 feet elevated crunches (legs straight out and 6″ off the ground, hands on head and crunch), run up the stairs to the top and do 5 pull ups/inverted rows on rails.  Return to the bottom for 15 crunches/10 rows, etc. working up and down in count.

Mosey to pedestrian bridge south of amphitheater for Welsh Dragons (thanks Filter).  Take 4 bear crawl steps, do 1 merkin, 1 two-count shoulder tap.  Take 4 bear crawl steps, do 2 merkins, 2 two-count shoulder taps.  Increase reps every 4 steps, I think we got to 7 or 8 reps of each depending on how big your bear feet are.

Return to start line for Galway Hookers.  Same scenario as before but exercises are different.  Take 4 lunge steps, do 1 super-squat (deep squat, then calf raise after coming up).  Take 4 lunge steps, do 2 super-squats.  Increase reps every 4 steps.  Exercise extended further because people decided to take giant lunge steps.  Again we made it to about 8 reps.

Led by Swanson

Short mosey to round pull off near convention center. Everyone spreads out and finds a column barrier to start out with.
– First round: Pistol squats on left leg x10, bear crawl to center, pistol squats on right leg x10, then bear crawl back to outside and hold
– Second round: Incline merkins x10, bear crawl to center, decline merkins x10, bear crawl back to outside and hold
– Third round: Lunge to center, dips x20, lunge back to outside and hold

Short mosey over to the base of the Big Ball for Swanson pyramid.  Each round you multiply the exercise times the round you’re on (never math in public..).  Exercises done at Big Ball, middle landing of stairs, and top of stairs.

  • Pulls ups x1 on Big Ball
  • Big boy sit ups x3 on middle landing of stairs
  • Merkins x5 at top of stairs

So round one you do 1 pull up, 3 sit ups, 5 merkins and run back down.  Round two you do 2 pull ups, 6 sit ups, 10 merkins. Etc. etc. up to round 5.

Mosey back to start point.

MARY: Led by Abort
Flutter kicks x25 IC (mixed tempo)
Boat/canoe and variations for 90 seconds
13 Strong: G6, Cheesesteak, 2×2, Gesundheit, Swanson, Reverb, Frank, 3Peat, Singlet, Sneaky Pete, Mulligan, Steam, Abort
Gesundheit spoke about getting out and being consistent with F3 and his physical job, and how they have helped with his overall energy level and his outlook.  I seconded that.  I’ve had issues getting up especially on Mondays.  I got up Monday and didn’t on Tuesday this week.  That extra hour or two of sleep seems like a great idea until you miss a workout.  I almost always regret sleeping in, and I never regret actually coming to F3. AYE!!
Hardship Hill OCR this weekend, still time to register or volunteer.

Big Ball Holiday Lights Tour

THE SCENE: 39 degrees + windy with plenty of Christmas lights to warm the heart

SSH, Merkins, Imperial Walkers, BBS.

  • Mosey down to WFP waterfall bridge to bear crawl across / plank when done
  • Mosey to base of Big Ball stairs
    • 15 BBS at base level
    • 15 Merkins at middle level
    • 15 BBS at top level / plank when done
  • Mosey to Henley St. pedestrian bridge
    • Monkey Drill (modified) across
    • Al Gore at the corner
  • Mosey to Market Square
    • Partners pair up – one runs a lap around the square enjoying the holiday lights while the other does the thing – repeat as necessary
    • 200 Merkins (or until 2 laps are completed by both partners – then next exercise)
    • 200 LBCs (or until 2 laps are completed by both partners – then next exercise)
    • 200 Imperial Walkers (or until 2 laps are completed by both partners)
    • Plank


  • Mosey back to pedestrian bridge – mini Bear Crawl across the middle portion
  • Mosey to top of Big Ball stairs
    • 15 Burpees OYO at top level
    • 10 Merkins OYO at middle level
    • 10 BBS OYO at bottom level / plank when done
  • Mosey back to AO

Quote from Pat Summitt’s “Definite Dozen” – Discipline yourself so no one else has to.

We work on our self-discipline by posting and working hard in the gloom while making ourselves and others better.
No prayer requests. Thanks to Hostage for joining us from Texas!
3rd F is this Saturday!

Sick WOD

THE SCENE: Low 40s I think

Run loop
Stop at pav for 20-1
Box squats
Ruck on chest sit-ups
Do 5 rounds then
Run loop
Repeat down to 1
5 HIMs

Sunrise at the Sunsphere

THE SCENE: Calm, cool morning


Kiss My Grits throughout the entire beatdown (5 8-count Merkins every time a PAX calls out another PAX with “Kiss My Grits”)

Lunges to the Big Ball


  • Big Ball Pull-ups
  • Burpees at the top of the stairs

Lunges back to AO

Partner Shoulder Presses and Lat Raises

Cobras and Overhead Arms Claps

‘Round the Fountains

  • Lunges, Bear Crawls, Crab Walks, Side Lunges

16 PAX
Thanks for letting me come back and lead a beatdown! Explore F3 outside of Knoxville if you get the chance. Learn something from other cities and try to leave some Knoxville flavor as well.

A few rounds in the octagon

THE SCENE: 48* and clear, perfect weather

High knees IC
BAC forward and reverse IC
Imperial squat walker IC
THA-THANG: Mosey out of the start point and towards L&N, opposite direction of the usual mosey.  Train horn gives the Q a good panic, as the route crosses the railroad tracks where cones and routine are set up.  Fortunately its just two engines which clear the tracks quickly and we continue our mosey into the Preacher lot.  Eight cones set up in a circle/octagon.  Exercises are mostly still on the cones, as follows:

  • Reverse flyes with rocks
  • Wide merkins
  • Squat jumps
  • American hammers on 4 count
  • Lion kings with CMU’s
  • Lunges on 2 count
  • 8 count bodybuilders
  • Heels to heaven

PAX split up to have groups of 2-3 at each cone.  16 reps of each exercise, then bear crawl to next cone moving in clockwise direction.  Once you arrive back at your original cone/exercise, run to the center of the octagon and plank it up (plank variations until all finish).  Q asks for someone to step into the middle and give one of their biggest fears.  Sneaky Pete steps up, and his fear is being misunderstood.  ALR.

Go back to original cone.  Repeat routine, this time only performing 8 reps of each exercise, and instead of bear crawling to next cone, run a lap around the octagon.  Again, plank in the middle when finished with routine and wait for the rest to finish.  Duggar steps up and admits one of his biggest fears is failure.  Which just happens to be QIC’s biggest fears, and would have been admitted at the end.  ALR. PAX grab cones and CMUs and begin mosey back to SP (dropping 4 CMUs just across the tracks for retrieval later).

Once back at SP, Q asks one more to tell a fear.  The Voice steps up and states letting someone down is his fear.  A.L.R.  Mary begins.

Edward scissorlegs x25 on 4 count.
5 sec rest
Edward scissorlegs x25 on 4 count (someone said take them to 100, so we did)
18 PAX Strong: Reverb, Swanson, Sneaky Pete, Petey, Operation, Filter, Sipad, Duggar, Midas, The Voice, Cowbell, Cheesesteak, Jenner, Crawdad, Passport, Careless, Scope, Abort
Fear.  We all have fears, and we have to deal with fear every day.  Fear isn’t necessarily bad, as fears of things have helped keep us alive up to this point in our lives.  However, constantly giving into fears makes us cowards.  Constantly ignoring fears would make us insane.  The key is to listen to our fears and decide whether to give into them or stand up and turn that fear or hardship into grace.
Mend House workout on Monday at 6.  Try to show up and support these men as they hopefully launch their own AO into F3.