F3 Knoxville

Naturday 5K

THE SCENE: Clear and cool 35 degrees

25 SSH, 10 Cherry Pickers, 20 Seal Claps, 20 OH Claps, 20 Nolan Ryans, 10 tempo squats
THA-THANG:Partner up so no man left behind (do not leave each other)

Every quarter mile you stop and look at the card provided to you to tell you what to do.

  • 0.25 miles– 25 MKNS
  • 0.50 mi. — 50 Bonnie Blairs
  • 0.75 mi. — 75 Apollo Ohnos
  • 1.00 mi– 100 calf raises
  • 1.25 mi– 125 plank jacks
  • 1.50 mi– 150 SSH’s
  • 1.75 mi– 175 Freddy Mercuries
  • 2.00 mi- 200 Nolan Ryans
  • 2.25 mi  225 Imperial Walkers
  • 2.50 mi– 250 Squats
  • 2.75 mi– 275 Mtn Climbers
  • 3.00 mi– 300 OH Claps

No time for the Mary
Natty, Chaucer, Herbie, Manilow, A-Rod, Fast n Easy, Hamm, Simmons, Belding
You be You-  The act of doing what one believes is the right decision, being oneself.  Spend more time being what yand who you want to be than working about what others try to make you.  This doesn’t mean relax, but work hard to form the best “You” so HE is proud.
The Men worked hard today so they all were rewarded with a Natty Daddy and then surprised with free coffee from Switchgrass, thanks Switchy!
Prayers for the Cookeville area victims of the tornado, prayers for Lifetouch and his healing, prayers for Manilow and his MRI results and also for Fast N Easy’s wife’s co-worker who just had a double mastectomy.

Home Again

THE SCENE: 42 degrees F, 60% humidity, light drizzle at the end

SSH, Arm circles, Merkins, Low plank, Cherry pickers

Two workout areas set up about 40 ft apart.

Start by doing the following 7 exercises.

Merkins x12, Peter Parkers x12, WWII Sit-ups x12, Inverted Pull-ups x12, Dry Docks x12, Step Ups x12/leg, Dips x24

Lunge to the second station and perform the following 7 exercises with a CMU.

Bent Rows x12, Curls x12, Upright Rows x12, Thrusters x12, Triceps Extension x12, Lawn Mowers x12/arm, Russian Swings x12

Run 1/3 mile on the AO trail stopping midway to perform 3 burpees.  Return to AO, lunge 40 feet, and repeat sequence until “Recover” is called.

Flutter kicks, Box cutters, LBC’s
12 HIMS, no FNGs

The BOM centered around the 4 points of this article with hopes that each HIM will read, absorb, and dwell on the entire piece.


It used to be easier to be a “decent” person. It was easier to come to the end of a life imperfectly lived, in which mistakes were made and convictions shifted through different phases, without being labeled a bad human being. We used to be allowed to think wrong things until we figured out better ways to think. It used to be permissible to say the wrong thing, to do something stupid, to hold a belief that was different from our neighbor’s, without being written off as hopeless, vile, or worthless.

These days, something as benign as leaving a shopping cart in a parking lot or putting a dog in the backyard is enough to make Americans despise each other. It seems that the era of general agreement about what makes a person “good” is over. Can we expect to see funeral crowds dwindling because, in our ultra-sensitivity, in our refusal to see beyond a careless word or deed, in our determination that any belief that contradicts our own is indecent, we will no longer allow people to be honored for the good that God accomplished through their imperfect lives? Are vitriol and mistrust the new languages of humanity in this nation?

It appears so.

How can people who live in the same country have such different and clearly defined ideas of what makes a person “good” or what makes a life worthy of honor? How is it possible that even two people who both claim to be applying Scripture can be so oppositely situated on moral issues?

And, maybe more importantly, what are my responsibilities as a follower of Christ in a time when decency seems completely arbitrary? What are the social standards that “good” people adhere to? Who decides? And how much should I care?

I can’t control how people think, how they speak, or what they think of me. But, there are a few things that I can remember that will make me a better and more God-honoring participant in the culture.

1. No one is good. (Romans 3:10)

The whole concept of “good” people is a secular one. The Bible clearly tells us that we are all bad, much worse than we care to admit.  Maybe it’s time to stop being so shocked when people prove that we are all the sinners that God tells us we are. Goodness is a fruit of the spirit, not a righteousness scale-tipper. If there is any good in me, it is from God alone, and not something that I should try to take credit for.

2. The Bible is my authority, not the culture. (1 Thessalonians 2:13)

I shouldn’t get my instructions about how to live a godly life from politicians or movie stars or bloggers. If I am living according to Scripture, I will see the world differently, and that means I will sometimes be misunderstood and considered prudish, judgmental, out of touch, and irrelevant, even by some in the church. I have to learn to be okay with that. Biblical convictions shouldn’t hinge on the approval or disapproval of those who don’t share my worldview.

3. I should live to please God above all. (Galatians 1:10)

As much as I would love to come to the end of my life and hope that people have good things to say about me, my aim is to please God and obey Him, even if it costs me the good opinions of some. Not everyone I know will appreciate or respect my viewpoint, especially given the current hatred of certain biblical ideals. Am I willing to be labeled by the world so that I can hear “Well done, good and faithful servant” from my Lord?

4. As far as it depends on me, I should live at peace with everyone. (Romans 12:8)

It is possible to live a quiet life and still stand on biblical truth. Sometimes we are called to be quiet and sometimes we are called to be voices crying out in the wilderness, but we are never called to be cruel.

It’s easy to get caught up in the desire to please people. It’s difficult to be THAT person–the one who is saying unpopular things and holding to unpopular beliefs. Yet, didn’t Jesus tell us that we would have trouble in this world? Didn’t He promise that this faith would bring division? For a long time American Christians coasted along, enjoying a culture that said decent human beings lived according to the Bible. Things are different now. Now we will be called wicked for believing God’s good commands. We will be called good if we reject parts of Scripture that conflict with the culture. I guess the question we all have to ask ourselves is this: are we willing to accept the label “bad human” for the sake of the gospel, knowing that living to please the Lord is choosing to be despised by the world?

“And you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.” Mark 13:13

Several fighting cancer including Snorkel’s father-in-law, Fin’s co-worker, and Dreamer’s dad.  Praying for Chaucer’s mom in her personal battle.
Insert information about upcoming events, 2nd or 3rd F opportunities, and any other announcements.

Climb the Ladder / Brickwall

THE SCENE: Rainy as all get out

Large arm circles 20 seconds each side, rotate torso 20 seconds (B), waist / trunk circles 20 sec, leg swings 20 sec (B). lunge drops 20 sec (B), boxer shuffle 20 sec, SSH
Increasing intervals of time (10, 20, 40, 50 sec active) followed by 15 sec rest doing a boxer shuffle:

  • L single leg burpee
  • R single leg burpee
  • side lunge pops L
  • side lunge pops R
  • mtn climber get ups
  • squat jacks
  • push up jacks
  • high knees
  • Repeat each full round increasing active intervals by 10 sec

LBC;s, Freddy Mercury’s, Flutter kicks, Hello Dolly’s
Natty, Herbie, Fast n Easy, soy sauce, Hamm, Chaucer, Tractor, Belding, Simmons, A-Rod
go with the flow, don’t sweat the small stuff
I can’t remember I was getting sick at this point
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Blue Light Special

THE SCENE: Cold and clear 34 degrees

SSH x 25 IC, Windmills x 10 IC, Cherry Pickers x 12 IC, Imperial Squat Walkers x 12 IC, Grady Corns x 12 IC, T-Plank Arm Circles x 10 IC bi-directional bilaterally
THA-THANG: Partner Up

  • P1 does MKNS while P2 runs to “intelligibly” get a coupon from rock pile (then switch roles)
  • Mosey to Bank and P1 runs a lap w/ coupon  while P2 squats w/ coupon until P1 returns & switch until 200
  • P1 performs triceps raises w/ coupon while P2 runs lap, switch until 100
  • P1 performs BBS while P2 runs lap, continue until 150
  • Run to rock pile with 5-0 assistance crossing road “the Blue Light Special”
  •  Return / run to AO

flutters x 20 IC, box cutters x 20 IC, Bruce Lees x 10 IC, 30 MKNS SC, 3 Burpees
15 rock toting men: Natty, Simmons, Tuba, Chaucer, Herbie, Fast-n-Easy, Stickers, Fob, Biohazard, Wilson, Mr. Wedgie, Hamm, Tractor, and Belding
A few quotes:  “I always thought it was me against the world and then one day I realized it was just me against me,” Every next level of your life will demand a different you,” Everyone wants a powerful woman until you start dating her and realize you have to step your shit up.”  Basically, know that it is you against you until you devote yourself to those relationships, especially one with God.  As we did today, “partner Up,” because you’re never really alone.
Pray for Biohazard’s old mentor Connie who is now in hospice.
convergence at Truck stop next week, otherwise Hamm on Q for Brickyard

Labor Day P-Exam

THE SCENE: 66 and clear skies

SSH x25 IC 4CT

BAC – x10 IC 4CT (keep arms up)

Seal Claps – x10 IC 4CT (keep arms up)

OHC – x10 IC 4CT

Cherry Pickers – x10 IC 4CT

Tempo Merkins – x10 IC

Slowsy around the park. Buddy carry 40lb sandbag along the way. Head to church lot.

P*EXAM (skipped the second E for time and let’s be serious…)

  • P – Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees (PCMBs) – Burpee. 3 merkins at bottom. Knees to chest between each burpee. x10
  • E – Elevens – 10 merkins at the bottom. 1 squat at the top. Carry 40lb sandy at least 1 full lap during the exercise.
  • X – X-factor – 20x on your 6. Make an X with your body. Right hand to left foot. Left hand to right foot. Repeat.
  • A – ABS – American Hammers, Flutters, BBS 50/ea 2CT where necessary.
  • M – Merk-o-rama – PAX circle up in plank position. Each does 1 pushup around the circle. Add 1 rep each time. PAX does pushup, next PAX does same, until everyone does it. Repeat until you hit 5 reps.
  • Mary – name your exercise

Vertigo, Chaucer, Magic Mic, Herbie, Duggar, Filter
“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest; we have to be more disciplined than the rest”. Warren Buffett.