F3 Knoxville

Labor Day P-Exam

THE SCENE: 66 and clear skies

SSH x25 IC 4CT

BAC – x10 IC 4CT (keep arms up)

Seal Claps – x10 IC 4CT (keep arms up)

OHC – x10 IC 4CT

Cherry Pickers – x10 IC 4CT

Tempo Merkins – x10 IC

Slowsy around the park. Buddy carry 40lb sandbag along the way. Head to church lot.

P*EXAM (skipped the second E for time and let’s be serious…)

  • P – Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees (PCMBs) – Burpee. 3 merkins at bottom. Knees to chest between each burpee. x10
  • E – Elevens – 10 merkins at the bottom. 1 squat at the top. Carry 40lb sandy at least 1 full lap during the exercise.
  • X – X-factor – 20x on your 6. Make an X with your body. Right hand to left foot. Left hand to right foot. Repeat.
  • A – ABS – American Hammers, Flutters, BBS 50/ea 2CT where necessary.
  • M – Merk-o-rama – PAX circle up in plank position. Each does 1 pushup around the circle. Add 1 rep each time. PAX does pushup, next PAX does same, until everyone does it. Repeat until you hit 5 reps.
  • Mary – name your exercise

Vertigo, Chaucer, Magic Mic, Herbie, Duggar, Filter
“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest; we have to be more disciplined than the rest”. Warren Buffett.

Iron Sharpens Iron

THE SCENE: Overcast, 71°F, Feels like 72°F, Humidity 92%, Wind 3mph from NNE

  • SSH 20x IC
  • Imperial Squat Walkers 20x IC
  • LBAC 15x IC Forward & Reverse
  • Overhead Claps 20x IC
  • Little of this, little of that, some of these and som of those


  • Mosey to the back lot
  • Find a battle buddy
  • 4 rounds
    • 50 squats
    • 40 BBS
    • 30 Merkins
    • 20 iron Mike’s
    • 10 burpees
    • Run around the parking lot
  • Mosey to the front
  • Brickyard bear crawl with battle buddy
    • P1 Al Gore while P2 bear crawls to the opposite curb completes 5 merkins and returns, flap jack
  • 11s
    • Flutter kicks
    • Hammers


  • Box Cutters 20x IC
  • Boat/Canoe till time

FNG – Chuckie

Proverbs 27:17
 iron sharpens iron,

So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

As men we need to be pushed and challenged by other men. Each of us is iron, but that does not mean each of us is the same. You cannot sharpen a sword with another sword, you must sharpen a sword with a file. There are many times in our lives where we need to be the sword, being sharpened by the men around us, but we will also need to be the file to sharpen our brothers as needed. This process is not just physical, it includes mental and emotional aspects as well. At our AOs we all have different skills and abilities, we need to be willing to use those to lift up our brothers when needed, push and pull them along, and even be confrontive and abrasive as necessary to equip our brothers to be the leaders they need to be.


As I take the AO Q over from A-Rod, I think over the past year and 8 months since I started attending F3 at the Brickyard. I am not the same man I was when I started. I am stronger physically yes, but also mentally and emotionally. I am willing to step into the hard leadership situations as a direct result of Qing a group of men in the gloom. I never thought a post on Facebook would change my life as it has, I am grateful that A-Rod took the chance to start the AO at Brickyard. He is a true HIM that has definitely impacted the men of Powell in a positive way.

IronPax Challenge 2019 – September workouts
Truckin to the Pound – Sept. 14

Heavy Stuff and Many Reps

THE SCENE: Clear, 71°F, Feels like 72°F, Humidity 90%, Wind 0mph from NE

  • SSH IC 20x
  • Tempo Squats IC 20x
  • LBAC IC 10x ED


Mosey to the Methodist Church Parking lot to where the ‘toys’ are waiting.

8 Stations, 20x reps unless otherwise indicated

  1. Tire Pull – stretch rope out, pull tire across parking lot. Return to start position, pull tire back.
  2. Curls – 2 12-15lbs sandbags for curls
  3. Flutter Kicks 4ct
  4. Goblet squat with CMU
  5. Merkins
  6. Overhead press with CMU
  7. Deadlift with 60lbs sandbag
  8. Burpees

Repeat until Q calls time. (All PAX completed at least 3 rounds)


  • Freddie Mercury IC 20x
  • BBS 20x OYO


Webster’s dictionary defines Intentional as done by intention or design INTENDED.

As men participating in the 1st F of F3, we have an intentionality of waking up and going to a workout in the gloom. This is not always an easy thing to do, but it makes us better men. I have been a part of F3 for 1 year and 8 months. In that time I have done many things that I never thought I would be capable of, but it all starts with intentions.

  • I intentionally set my clothes and shoes out the night before a workout.
  • I intentionally set my alarm (sometimes multiple).
  • I intentionally eat better.
  • I intentionally drink more water.

These are all things that I do for the 1st F. But F3 is more than just fitness, we have Fellowship (2nd F) and Faith (3rd F). I will admit, I find myself struggling with being intentional with the 2nd F. I am naturally a loner. I like my time by myself. This is a problem. As I continue to accelerate my 1st F, I find that I need the 2nd F and 3rd F more and more. If I can surround myself with other HIMs that are accelerating, than I can join them and accelerate along side. It is the intentional aspect of joining others who are like minded and growing that will cause me to be better as well.

So I asked my F3 brothers this morning, what are you going to be intentional about in your life?


Month of September – IronPax Challenge – www.F3greenwood.com
Sept 6 – F3 Dads Run Amuck Camp – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/f3-dads-camp-runamuck-tickets-58879270483
Sept. 14 – CSAUP Truckin to the Pound
Sept. 22 – F3/Fia 2nd F and 2.0 Workout

finding the finish line

THE SCENE: Lower 60s and no humidity.  Can’t get better

Imperial walker x10 IC
Three count  merkins x10 IC
Squat and reach x10 IC
Seal claps x10 IC
OH claps x10 IC
Mosey out of start point, and out of the park making a left onto Hotel.  Once at the light with Broadway, hit the button for the crossing (which we just missed).  Knock out squats while we wait, then start merkins and the light changes. Hop up and cross over Broadway and run across the Exxon parking lot, making another left down Essary and stop in the Regions bank parking lot

Five exercises on the ground for the escalator.  Start with the first exercise, then run a lap around the bank hugging the outside curb.  Return, knock out first and second exercises and run another lap.  So on adding an exercise to the routine each time.  Exercises as follows:

  • Merkins x10
  • Flutter kicks x10
  • Sit up UPS x10
  • Lunges x10 (each leg)
  • Burpees x10

Once the lead group was close to finishing up, I would break out the hidden chalk and add another exercise.  Which meant going back through the list again to do the new last exercise.  Did this twice with actual exercises and then when everyone was rolling back in after the seventh round I made sure they saw me writing, but number eight was “Just kidding” – Exercises as follows:

  • Crawl bear the drive thru (arrow to arrow on the ground)
  • OH Claps x10
  • Just kidding

10 count recovery then mosey back the way we came.  Again stopping at Broadway and knocking out squats while we waited on the lot.  Someone suggested monkey humpers for the next time…

Mosey back to start point and run right through it and find a bench.  Ran short on time so only got to go through one round of 10 step ups and 10 dips.
Maiden voyage of ABsolution (8 ct exercise starting in front leaning rest: 1,2 feet to hands like a burpee and back; 3,4 down onto elbows like a Catalina wine mixer; 5,6 plank jack out and in; 7,8 back up on hands) x5 IC
Flutter kicks x25 IC
Cleve climbers x10 IC led by Swanson
9 Strong with 1 FNG!!!: Filter, Wilson, Swanson, Manilow, Pull a Part (FNG, double respect!), Herbie, Mr. Wedgie, Chaucer, Abort
Sometimes you think you’re about to cross the finish line, only to find out the line has moved and there is more work to be done.  It’s funny what when you that finish line comes into view, you feel like you’ve given all your effort because you know you’re about to be able to stop.  In my life, I may think because something is getting marked off the list (so to speak) and that I did something to the best of my abilities.  If I really think about it, I can always find more room for more work to be done or find something that could have been done better.
Chaucer with a job interview coming up, teachers and administrators of our schools as the new year begins, Mr. Wedgie’s friend Matt in his difficult decisions, Filter’s pastor’s daughter (can’t remember her name) and her health
Convergence at Big Ball and third F following on Saturday August 10.

Quarter Pounder @ Litton’s

THE SCENE: 68 degrees. Balmy. Clear.

SSH – x25 IC

Cherry Pickers – x11 IC

Tempo Squat – x11 IC

Annie’s – x7 IC each arm, each way

Moroccan Night Clubs – x20 IC 4CT

Quarter Pounder at Litton’s (modified)

Mosey to Lynnview by Litton’s. 4 stations- 1 at each light pole equidistant from one another up the hill. Do station 1. Run to 2 and back. Do stations 1 & 2. Run back to start. Do stations 1,2,3. Run back to start. Do stations 1-4. Run back to start.

  • 25 Merkins
  • 50 BBS
  • 75 Mountain Climbers 2CT
  • 100 SSH 1CT


Mosey to church parking lot. 4 stations, 1 in each corner. 25 each. Bear crawl between stations 2-3 and 4-1.

1) LBCs – x25

2) Squats – x25 (bear crawl to next)

3) Imperial Walkers – x25 2CT

4) Curb Jumps – x25 (bear crawl back to 1)

Repeat 2x til time.

Wilson led us in 20 flutters

Swanson led us in 20 hammers

Chaucer, Herbie, Wilson, Swanson, Filter
2 Timothy 1:7

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power, and love and self-control.”