F3 Knoxville

Slow to Judge, Quick to Listen

THE SCENE: Windy, temp about 70 degrees

20 Side Straddle Hops.  10 Pinto Twists.  40 Grady Corns.  10 Windmills.  10 Tempo Squats.  Little of This and That.

Mosey to northeast corner of Admin Bldg.  From Cone 1 we will run to Cone 2 atend of sidewalk.  From Cone 2, bear crawl to the Cone 3 positioned at sidewalk going to steps of admin bldg.  At Cone 4, on steps do 40 Shin Lifts and 40 Bench Dips.  Then run back on sidewalk to Cone 5 on street.  At Cone 5 do 20 Merkins.  Then Bernie to Cone 6 by stop sign.  At that cone, do 20 Big Boys.  Then go back to Cone 1.  Rinse and repeat two more times.

Mosey on roadway and through parking lot to CMU pile.  Each man takes CMU.  Do 25 each of the following exercises but also sprint to end of parking lot and back after each exercise.  Here are the exercises:

  • Overhead presses
  • Curls
  • Squats
  • Rows

Mosey on grass past dugouts to bottom of Cardiac Hill.  We will go up hill stopping at corners and benches to do exercises.  Here are the exercises:

  • Corner 1:  20 American Hammers (four count)
  • Corner 2:  20 Hello Dollies (four count)
  • Corner 3:  20 Decline Merkins
  • Benches:  20 Bench Dips

Mosey to shady area by northeastern corner of Admin Bldg.  We will do 20 Flutter Kicks and 20 Bicycle Kicks.

Mosey to AO.

26 men that included four FNGs:  Sparty (Tony Burkhart), Hermes (Mason Burkhart), Orphan Annie (Dylan Berry) and a Flying EH, Couch Potato (Reginald Williams).
Slow to Judge and Quick to Listen

Our current society is very quick to judge.  A politician makes a statement and the other party immediately attacks it, often taking the statement completely out of context.  Even news stations, which are supposed to give us the truth, are quick to judge.  CNN quickly pounces upon anything Trump says.  Fox News is sure to badmouth Biden.  It is difficult for any public figure to say anything without being judged.  Athletes are considered anti-American for taking the knee during the Pledge of Allegiance or racist for saying they will not join others in taking the knee.  We ourselves tend to blame the “other side” for the “state of affairs” whether that state be the declining economy, the coronavirus numbers, or good ol traffic on the way to our jobs.  We join with friends who are similar in opinion to us so that we can find support and comfort in our criticism of the other side.

The problem is, where does this get us?  How do parties resolve anything when they are so sure to attack and so unlikely to listen?  We cannot give an inch to reasonable comments from the other side because we feel that, in doing so, we would somehow admit that we are wrong.  Well, maybe WE are a little wrong.  Maybe THEY are a little right.  But we refuse to even look to see.  And we lose love and grace in the process.

Doubtfire gave a great message several weeks ago about Forgiveness. He said we need to learn to forgive even if we dislike what the other person has done.  Jesus talked about turning the other cheek to our enemies.  I get the idea that Jesus would also say we should be willing to listen to our enemies.  What do they have to say?  Is there anything reasonable in what they are saying.  And, if it doesn’t seem reasonable, what has happened in that person’s life that leads to their perspective?

Maybe it is too personal to look at the behavior of another human.  Let’s look at the behavior of an animal, a dog. Some of you may have read the book “White Fang” by Jack London.  In the book, a man meets up with a dog that is vicious toward humans.  People have used and abused the dog.  The dog, indeed, is mean.  The man finds the dog when it has been so badly mistreated that it is near to death.  He feeds the dog, talks kindly to it.  He cannot initially get close to the dog because the dog would attack him.  But he slowly, after many weeks, gets closer and finally, touches the dog.  The dog initially reacts with a biting move.  The man is patient.  Many days later he tries again.  The dog growls a low growl while the man keeps his hand there.  The dog both dislikes the touch but also thinks it good.  And as he learns to love the man, he learns to cherish the touch.  The dog gradually changes.  And, because of the love that the man shows him, he finally sees the man as his “Love God.”  An incredible bond forms between the man and this dog that once hated humans.  And, toward the end of the book, the dog saves the lives of the man and his family.

We must learn to listen to others, even our enemies.  We must learn to be quick to listen and slow to judge.  We must hold our tongue with others.  Try to see the perspective of the other.  Maybe there is some truth in what they say, particularly if you see things from their perspective.  You don’t have to fully agree.  But you may find some commonality.  You may find that the “enemy” has hopes, hurts, and dreams just like you.  As Sting once said in a song he wrote, “Maybe the Russians love their children too.”


Prayers for Crispr’s coworker and her husband.  Her husband has a terminal illness and will likely die soon.  Prayer of praise for the birth of Crispr’s niece.  Prayers for family member of Swimmies and Octomom as she has been in labor for over 24 hours and their is concern for the baby.  Prayers for David, a friend of Brick, Sparty and Hermes.  David’s son has been diagnosed with Melanoma.  Prayers for Pusher and his family, particularly his father as the one year anniversary of the death of Pusher’s mother will be this Friday.  Prayer of praise for Title 9 who has been coping with angst regarding an upcoming move to Oregon.  After reporting this last week he has had a sense of calm come over him.

An Evening on Route 66

95 degrees and humid

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Side Saddle Hop         ICx15
Imperial Walkers         ICx15
Squat                          ICx15
Calf raises                   ICx15

Mosey to Saturday’s AO spot

Route 66
Burpees (66)
Merkins (66)
Squats (66)
StarJacks (66)

Mosey to baseball fields

Batman Burpees:

3 burpees, followed by pullups until failure, followed by 15 LBC’s
(rinse and repeat 3x)

Mosey to AO

Hello Dolly      led by Proton

Number off and Name-O-Rama

1 John 3:16  “By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers.”

P-nut prayed us out.

The temps were hot but the spirits were high.  Great day of work by the PAX

Eye of the Tiger

62 and Clear

Welcome and Disclaimer

Side Startle Hop x25 IC
Chinook Squats x20 IC
Little baby arm circles Front x15 and back x15 IC
Mountain Climbers x20 IC
Ranger Merkins x20 IC
Run around the parking x2

Line up along the curb

Burp and Merk
Begin a traditional burpee with a single merkin at the bottom, then back to start. Run to second line for a second burpee with two merkins, then back to start.  Continue to increase merkins by 1 with each line to the 10th line (should do 10 merkins).  Then come down subtracting one merkin for each line all the way to 1.  Total merkins = 100

Count off in 3s then mosey to flag pole.

Bermuda Triangle
Group 1 – 10 pull-ups in the dugout
Run from dugout to short walls near playground
Group 2 -10 step-ups at the short walls
Run from playground to covered area
Group 3 – 10 rows and 10 merkins
Run from covered area to dugout

Rinse and repeat x4

Mosey to bottom of Cardiac Hill

Cardiac Merkin Circuit
Bottom = 20 Ranger Merkins
1st curve = 20 Diamond Merkins
2nd curve = 20 Wide Merkins
Top = 20 Derkins on a bench

Star Fish Crunch x 10 IC
Flutter Kicks x 25 IC
Peter Parkers X 20 IC
Merkins X 20 IC

Number off & Name-O-Rama

Do not be Anxious – Matthew 8:25-34

I have been challenged recently with some uncertainty about what I am going to do when I grow up.

And as I have been going through these I have realized that much of what I have been about achieving and experiencing and measuring my worth based on that.

And as with many of us I have struggled to trust Gods timing.   I think we have all be programed by the world to want answers now when that may not necessarily be God’s timing.   I have been prayerful and seeking his truths about this but I often find myself falling back into the same old desires and habits.   It should be easy right? God says to trust him so I should. I think our desire is to want the easy button.

Now tell me that one more time again God. What is the recipe?   I read a book, the bible, or hear a great sermon, or list to Captain and P-Nut. I want to be that and put it into action but still fall back into the same traps of wanting to accumulate more

Cool morning morning at the Asylum provided a great setting for the PAX work hard.  Spirits were high as always and we ended with group prayer for several PAX members.  Cap’n Crunch also announced that there will be devotions on biblical manhood on Wednesday mornings for those interested.

Simple but Effective

43 and clear

Intro and Disclaimer

Side Straddle Hops x20 IC
Cherry Pickers x15 IC
Frontward Arm Circles x10 IC
Backwards Arm Circles x11 IC

Four Square of DOOM
Split up into 4 groups and complete all workouts around the square by descending from 15 reps to 1
Corner 1: Squats
Corner 2: American Hammers
Corner 3: Merkins
Corner 4: CMU shoulder press

Run the hill then repeat until finished

Cardiac Hill
Run the Hill x 2

Mosey back to the parking lot

Count-off and Name-O-Rama

Psalms 56:3-4
Trust in God. Do not fear.

The PAX brought the heat this morning!! Everyone showed up ready to get better and everyone worked together to accomplish the beat down. Way to go men!

Gone In 60 Seconds…

45 degrees and foggy

Welcome and Disclaimer given by P-nut

Side saddle hops ICx20
Imperial Walkers ICx15
Squats ICx12
Forward arm circles ICx10
Reverse arm circles ICx10
Merkins ICx15
Burpees OYOx4

Gone in 60 seconds sequence
Military-style Merkins OYO for 60 seconds
Weighted squats OYO for 60 seconds
1 lap around parking lot

Weighted curls OYO for 60 seconds
Lateral jumps OYO for 60 seconds
1 lap around parking lot

Merkins OYO for 60 seconds
Weighted lunges for 60 seconds
1 lap around parking lot

Overhead press with coupons OYO for 60 seconds
Mountain climbers OYO for 60 seconds

Drive it like you stole it…
Formed 7 groups.  One member ran with a cinder block across the parking lot, completed a burpee, then returned the cinder block to the next in line. After passing off the concrete block, the runner then sprinted up the hill behind the parking lot before returning to the line.  All PAX not running did squats, crunches, mountain climbers and Al Gores while waiting to run.

Rinse and repeat 2x.

ABS: Dealer’s Choice
BBSU- High Heels
Bicycles- Quickbooks
Boat/Canoe- Ratchet

Name-O-Rama: 39 brave souls, including 10 FNG’s.

P-nut reminded everyone that time is a precious commodity. Think about the power of 60 seconds and what you can do for someone in a minute. In one minute you can call or text a friend that’s struggling, call your parents and thank them for bringing you life, read a book to your child/niece/nephew. Most importantly, we can spend a minute in prayer for someone in need.

P-nut prayed us out.

The PAX came to work on this post-Easter Monday. Lots of spirited mumblechatter.