F3 Knoxville

Don’t Look Back In Anger (I Heard You Say)

THE SCENE: Warm, humid, no rain, lots of mayflies

SSH x 40 (4 ct)

Burpees x 3

Mosey to flag pole

Do these exercises, 43 reps each

Box jumps


Decline Merkins

Big boy sit-ups




Then, bear crawl to south gate of the loop and run around the loop back to the flag pole

Drop the top exercise and do the others and repeat the bear-crawl/running lap

Rinse and repeat until complete or out of time (we ran out of time)

Mosey back to the AO

We only had about a minute or so for Mary, so we held planks until time.
10 total PAX

Subset of divisiveness (which I talked about at the Asylum on Saturday) is cancel culture.

Cancel culture is contrary to Christian beliefs and the lessons that the Bible teaches.

It is also against the old adage that we teach our kids – your mistakes do not define you, and this one from church – love the sinner, not the sin.

The Bible is full of examples of how a person is not defined by his worst traits, deeds, or words, but here is one.  Saul was not a good man – he persecuted Christians among other things.  Jesus blinds him, converts him, and turns Saul into Paul, who was a great man.  Paul did a lot of good work, is a pillar of Christianity, and is traditionally attributed with writing 13 of the 27 books of the New Testament.

Where would Christianity be without Paul?

In today’s cancel climate, Paul would be canceled because of Saul and with him a lot of the New Testament.  Let that sink in.

“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”  Ephesians 4:32

My favorite band is Oasis, who had a song titled “Don’t Look Back in Anger.”  That’s good advice from a band that was drunk and high for most of the 90s.  No need to cancel good music because of bad behavior.  Otherwise, we would not have any good music.

Prayers for Training Wheels and his son traveling out west (look out for Title IX), Mrs. Lillydipper, and Mrs. Choir Boy
Mend House clothing drive, La-Z-Boy celebrity Q on Wednesday

Mr. Spectacular and the Victory Lap

THE SCENE: 71 and muggy but we did not get mugged! Saw a Fox on the Ruck!

Everything based on OCHO! Team OCHO won the HHH 10 hr race so why not celebrate it with reps of 8!

SSH x 8 iC

Rockettes x8 IC in a circle with Tank calling the cadence

Squats x 8 IC

Merkins x8 IC

Shoulder taps x8 ic

Mr. Spectacular x8 OYO . Mr. Spectacular is easy if you do one, but do LOTS and LOTS of them and they suck!. Put the CMU on the ground, feet on either side of the CMU, bend over and put your hand son the ground in front of your feet, walk your hands out until you are in the push up/plank position, do a MERKIN and walk your hands back to your feet, pick up the CMU and do a thruster. repeat that about 100 times and let me know how you feel, spectacular! Not……..

  • Partner up  and make a victory lap to the Matterhorn. Partner one Farmer Scurries(run or fast walk) with 2 CMU while P2 stays behind and does 8 merkins and 8 squat jumps. Once done P2 runs to catch P1. P1 hands off CMUs to P2 and P2 takes off while P1 stays back for 8 merkins and 8 sq jumps. You get it? Do this all the way to the Base camp of Matterhorn.
  • We had 28 so we stayed with our partner. P1 ran halfway up Matter horn and does 8 Big boys(incline) while P2 stays at the bottom and does 8 Mr. spectaculars. Switch out when P1 runs back. P1 now does Mr. Spectacular and P2 runs up and does 8 big boys
  • We do this with the goal of running up the matterhorn 8 times…imagine that, 8 times!
  • Well, due to time, I think we ran up the hill 5 times. Some may have ran 6 and some may have run 4. Either way, we kept moving and NO ONE stopped! Way to work men!
  • You all are Spectacular!
  • Partner up and complete the victory lap back to the AO. Again with P1 cmu farmer scurry and P2 does exercises. then run to catch and switch up….

Just under 5 mins left for mary…

LBC x8 ic

Flutters x8 ic

Dollies x 8 IC

Proton Parkers x8 IC

Box cutters x8 IC

Plank the last 20 seconds

28 MR> SPECTACULARS where on hand for the Celebration of Team Ocho! 2 FNG, Fax and Flashback, welcome!
HIM ( High Impact man) or as Detention puts it. Humble Invest Mental. The acronym that I love and used it on TANK. he exuded ALL three this past weekend and really, the past several months, planning for the Hardship Hill event. Tank put himself last and his HUMBLE disposition was apparent(by the way, I know Tank pretty well and he is a SMARTASS too, LOL!!). He INVESTED himself for the sole purpose of raising money for OEW by dedicating a tone of time and effort into the Hardship Hill race. With the stresses of putting on such an event, he showed MENTAL toughness through out and never waivered on his attitude. Not to say deep down(like all of us) he was stressing a little, but he NEVER burdened anybody with his stresses about the event. He was always positive. Truly a HIM and I am proud to call him my F3 brotha but more importantly , my friend!
Don’t be like Tank, be your self but take the “HIM” and apply it to your everyday actions. I know I need to! Love you guys!
ANNOUNCEMENTS:Tank, when the hell is the next one!? LOL!

#Let’s Get Rocked!

The Scene – 65 degreesish

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer

Merkins 4ct IC x 10
Some of This/Some of That
Tempo Squat IC x 10
SSH IC x 25

(Ascending Burpees – Start with 1 and add one between every exercise.

The Thang
Pick up a couple of handheld Pee Rock’s or full on boulders (Ratchet)
Indian Run to Kory Hill & Grab a Battle Buddy

Circuit 1 – 5 min
Partner A – High Rows
Partner B – Runs Hill and performs 10 Manmakers run back and switch w/ partner

(Continuing Ascending Burpees)

Circuit 2
Partner A – Overhead Presses
Partner B – Runs Hill & performs 15 Squats – switch w/ partner

Circuit 3
Partner A – Squat Jumps
Partner B – Smurf Jacks x20

Indian Run to base of Matterhorn – Cont. Burpees
Indian Run back to AO – Pax took the opportunity to Indian Run Drag Race back

Mosey to Tennis Court
Descending Burpees then Wall Crawl (10 Burpees – Wall Crawl, 9 Burpees – Wall Crawl, etc.)

Saved by the Bell

Count-Off & Name-O-Rama

GRIT is persevering over difficulties for an extended amount of time. GRIT is when Purpose meets action. Every #HIM out here has GRIT and we need to remember how far we’ve come before getting lost in constant improvement.

Challenging workout today, loved to see the PAX audible their own Drag Race Indian Run back to the AO.

The Importance of Fatherhood

The Scene: 68 and gloomy!

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer

– Side Straddle Hop x 25
– Imperial Squat Walkers X 20
– Arm Circles x 16 each way
– Merkins x 10

Mosey Lower Parking Lot – Partner up in 3’s

Blockee Burp and Merk up to 10 – 1 Burpee with CMU increasing the push-ups every time up to 10. In cadence

Parking Lot Sprints – 5 Sets each
– Partner 1 – Rows
– Partner 2 – Curls
– Partner 3 – Running

Blockee Burp and Merk up to 10 – Burpee with CMU increasing the push-ups every time up to 10. In cadence

4 Corner Escalator – 10 burpees, 20 Squat Jumps, 30 merkins, 40 squats
– 10 reps, run to next corner, 10 reps+20 reps next exercise, run, 10, 20, 30 reps, run, 10, 20, 30, 40 reps, run to start. Back down escalator: 40, 30, 20, 10, run, 30, 20, 10, run, 20, 10, run, 10.

Aiken Legs – CMU on side for box jumps
– Done in succession with no rest — 20 Squats, 20 Box Jumps, 20 Mary Catherine Lunges (10 each leg), 20 Reverse Lunges (10 each leg forward).

– Flutter kicks x 25
– Sun dial x 20

With Father’s day this past week what comes to mind when you think of the word father?

Whether the answers are positive or not, one thing was clear: fathers have a tremendous impact on their children.

It has been said that children grow up with the desire to either be like, or be nothing like, their father.

With so much at stake, how can we ensure that we become good fathers?

The Bible has a lot to say on the matter. God calls himself father. Some of our best lessons on how to be a good father come from observing God interact with His children throughout Scripture.

The Genesis account of creation begins with God speaking the universe into existence. It then goes on to chronicle His conversations with mankind, starting with Adam and continuing on through angels, dreams, and prophets. In later Scriptures we learn that God also spoke through his Son, Jesus, and through the Holy Spirit.

If we are to father like the Father, then we must learn to communicate—frequently.

This can be difficult for us as men. The pressures of work and our various responsibilities often leave us drained. By the time we get home we often don’t want to talk. We may say little to our wives and even less to our children. We just want to find a quiet place to unwind.

While this is understandable, we dare not stay silent too long. Our children need our input. A father’s words are powerful and can often define the course of a child’s entire life. A lack of words can leave our children lost and without direction. We must take care not to give our best words to our employers and leave our wives and children with our leftovers.

What was the last thing that you said to your children? Was it a command, an expression of disapproval, or a proclamation of your love and admiration? What if those words were the last that they ever heard you speak?

Pray that God gives you the wisdom to know which words your child needs to hear from you, and the courage to speak them.

The Power of Three

68 and Muggy

F3 Welcome & Disclaimer

– SSH 25x (IC)
– Side Lunges 10x each leg(IC)
– Burpees x10 OYO
– Dive Bombers 15x (IC)
– Arm Circles Forward 15x (IC)
– Arm Circles Backward 15x (IC)
– Burpees x10 OYO

Divide into 3 groups and mosey with your group to the specified area…
– Group 1: w/Woodshack to flag pole / pavilion area
– Group 2: w/Pfiffer to hill near parking lot
– Group 3: w/me (Cap’n Crunch) stay in parking lot

Group 1
Circuit Circus
Divide up and head to 5 Stations (in the pavilion area).  PAX perform the prescribed exercises at the station and then move clockwise to the next station.  Continue rotating until time is up.
– S1: 10 Burpees & 20 Reverse Pickle Pounders
– S2: 15 Superman Swims &20 4ct Flutter Kicks
– S3: 10 Chin-ups & 20 Prisoner Squats
– S4: LCS Shuttle (Lunge to 1st cone, Bear Crawl back to 2nd cone, Sprint to 3rdcone and back)
– S5: 20 Derkins & 20 Let Me Ups

When relieved by Group 3, gather together and mosey to the hill.

Group 2
CMU Back Blaster
Get with a Battle Buddy.  Battle Buddy 1 runs to top of hill, does 3 burpees then back down.  Battle Buddy 2 does 1 of 3 exercises while Battle Buddy 1 is running.  When Battle Buddy 1 gets back they switch.  Do rotate through the three exercises and repeat until time ends.

– CMU Press
– CMU Swing
– CMU Bent Over Rows

When you see Group 3 move, gather together and mosey to parking lot.

Group 3
Partner with Battle Buddy of similar fitness level. There are six drills, each has an exercise to be completed on the spot and an exercise involving shuttle run of some type.  One Battle Buddy from each pair completes a shuttle while the other Battle Buddy completes the exercise on the spot. As soon as the shuttle is completed, tag your Battle Buddy and swap exercises.

Each drill will be 1:45 with 20 seconds rest in between each set.

Drill Shuttle Exercise Exercise at the Cone
1 Sprint x2 Diamond Merkins
2 Bear Crawl Star Jumps
3 Lunges Burpees
4 Sprint x2 Carolina Dry Docks
5 Bear crawl Squat Jumps
6 Lunges Burpees

When time is up, gather together and mosey to flag pole/pavilion area to relieve Group 1.

Groups rotate until time is up

Number off & Name-O-Rama

The opposite of manhood isn’t womanhood, it’s boyhood!  Our goal as HIMs is to always be moving forward own the road of maturity (RFP).  What F3 has taught me is that growth (physical, relational and spiritual) comes through challenge, consistency and comradery.

  • Physical: Take your DRP (Daily Red Pill)
    • Challenge – Get up and get out in the gloom!
    • Consistency – Daily
    • Comradery – the PAX
  • Relational: No lone ranger
    • Challenge – Reject passivity and engage with family, friends, co-workers and neighbors
    • Consistency – Daily
    • Comradery – the PAX
  • Spiritual: Luke 9:23, “And he said to all, ‘If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.’”
    • Challenge – Obedience and faithfulness
    • Consistency – Daily
    • Comradery – the PAX and Jesus himself (“follow me”)

This morning we had a special guest from a local news affiliate.  He came to do an online piece on F3.  He asked if I thought I could get a good sized group out on a Wednesday morning at 5:30am…61 PAX including 3 FNGs answered with a resounding “HELL YEA!”  For me, this sums up F3 Knoxville.  Over the pas 18 months this PAX has set the bar and then surpassed it when it comes to heart, passion, and dedication.  They work hard, play hard and always have each other’s six.  There is absolutely no questions…I’m a better man for being a part of this PAX, and Knoxville is a better city due to what these men are doing in each other.