F3 Knoxville

Anti fragile

THE SCENE: 70s n dry , very dry

Plank hold , merkins , plank hold , Peter Parker’s while giving disclaimer. Bombshelter men do work , even during the disclaimer!

Jog the grinder and back , 10 squats IC , jog again and back, 20 imp walkers IC, jog again and back , imp squat walkers



Mosey next to the playground for DORACIDES,

  • 100 bodybuilders
  • 200 monkey humpers (4ct!)
  • 300 big boys
  • Once done , burpee dans until the 6 finishes
  • w Doracides , p1 is doing exercise while p2 suicides 3 cones w burpees at each cone . 1st cone-1 burp, 2nd cone -2 burps , 3rd cone -3 burps , rum back and switch

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17 pax

Black swan is a Crazy unexpected disastrous event

What are we:

1. Fragile

2. resilient and survive

3. anti-fragile , be durable and thrive 

Thriving  in the chaos of the unpredictable. 

Let’s strive to be anti fragile ! That does not mean we go beat our chests and become tough guys, so to speak. It means we should prepare / practice to thrive in daily life. Could be a Q you have coming up or that business proposal or family life , etc…  the point is that if we are prepared and fit to thrive in our situation , what ever it may be, we will be able to adapt in a positive way to anything unpredictable.
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Home Run Hill


25 SSH
10 IC Merkins
10 Little Baby Arm Circles (10 each way)
Warm up jog to Elementary School Follow The Leader Style (Butt kicks, high knees, Side Shuffle, karaoke, Bernie Sanders)
Counting up to 10, start with 1 rep of:

  • Hand release merkins, run down hill
  • Iron Mike to Squat, run to pull-up bars
  • Pull-up, run to swings
  • In Cadence legs in swing while planking, run back to start
  • Rinse and repeat with 2 reps, 3, reps, etc.

Run to Wax Job hill for 11s

Side crunch on the top, side lunge on the bottom, Bear Crawl down, Bernie up

Flutter Kick, Banana/Plank
Use the TAGS on right-side to record PAX (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURSELF) in attendance. Be sure to select the AO in CATEGORY above TAGS and then delete these notes!
Matthew 6:25-34 , take a note of where you’re starting from. Start from seeking the kingdom and trusting God. You don’t have to do all the stuff you’re worried about to earn favor. Do it because you are already in His kingdom.
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Dirty Dancing

THE SCENE: About 72° and dry, perfect weather for some dancing! 17 PAX total, 1 FNG (Wake Up)


  • Little Baby Arm Circles (10)
  • Reverse LBAC (10)
  • Cherry Pickers (10)
  • Booty Bounce Pops (10)
    • In a squat position, knees go out(1), in(2), out(3) and then lift right leg(1), Knees go out(1), in(2), out(3), then lift left leg(2) etc…

Setup on the Grinder in a Dora Style workout. Stuck with the dirty dancing theme and listened to the soundtrack during the workout. 3 sets of exercises per round with 2 rounds. Ran a small lap between rounds all completed with a partner. Wrote in chalk at the starting line what the exercises were and how many reps per exercise. Partners had to complete the total amount of reps combined before moving to next exercise.

Round 1:

  • 100 Dry Docks – Lunges to the end of the Grinder and run back
  • 150 V Ups – Crab walk to end of the Grinder and run back
  • 200 Jump and Tucks – Dirty Dancing Crawl to the end of the Grinder with CMU and carry back
    • Dirty Dancing Crawl – Push CMU on ground while listening to Dirty Dancing Soundtrack

Run to road and back around

Round 2:

  • 100 Merkins – Farmer Carry 2 CMUs to end of the Grinder and back
  • 150 Rise and Shines – Karaoke to the end of the Grinder and back
    • Rise and Shine – Similar to put it on the shelf. Take a CMU and make it act like a sunrise and sunset.
      • Single count from one side to the other
      • Also acted as if you were lifting your dance partner as they jumped into your arms
  • 200 Big Boys – Sprint to end of the Grinder and run back

Alphabet Mary (A-Z) and Finish on a Superman hold ~45sec
Recently I have been thinking about relationships, both with my wife and with my friends. I once heard some of the best relationship advice I think is out there. “Don’t keep score on favors, just do nice things for each other because you care about them.” My wife is in graduate school currently and she gets tired and exhausted by the end of the day like most of us. Even when we both are sitting on the couch, if she asked if I can get up and get her something, I don’t hesitate. I don’t really know what it is like to be in graduate school but I do know it takes a toll on her. Even tho I am tired too, I care about her enough to jump off the couch and get what she asked. I don’t keep count on how many times this happens because I don’t do it to have her do it for me later. I know she cares about be that when I am having a bad day, she will do the same.

Just do nice things for others because you care about them and because you are a nice person. Don’t do things for others so they will do things for you later. DON’T KEEP SCORE!! IT’S NOT A GAME TO WIN!!
Keep Moses in your prayers on Saturday that him and his soon to be wife have a beautiful, stress-free wedding

Let’s Make a (Bad) Deal

THE SCENE: Still way too warm for late September, daggummit!

SSH x26 IC
TN Rocking Chair x15 IC
Asphalt Kissers x10 IC
Imperial Squat Walkers x15 IC
LBAC fwd and back x15 IC
OHC x20 IC

Wouldn’t be CMUesday without CMUs! Head over and grab one.

Each corner of the parking lot has 3 cards. One has a number of reps on each side. One has an exercise on each side. One has a traveling exercise on each side.
Only one side of the card is visible… Content of the other side is unknown.
PAX take turns choosing for each card to take what’s face up, or make a deal and switch to the unknown side…

Station 1:
Tricep Extensions/(Squat Thrust), 30/(45), Crawl Bear/(Inchworm Merkins)
Choices: Kept the Tri’s, Snitch switched the reps to 45 (groans all around), traded Crawl Bear for Inchworm Merkins (pushing CMU ahead)!

Station 2:
CMU Big Boys/(CMU Merkins), 30/(60), Twist Lunge/(CMU-icide)
Choices: Kept the reps and the exercise, but flipped over Twist Lunge to reveal the CMU-icide (suicide with CMU carry)

Station 3:
On the Shelf/(One-hand OHP), 30/(20), Pregnant Crab/(Blockee Broad Jump)
Choices: Kept On the Shelf, missed a reprieve by keeping the 30 reps. Nobody liked the Pregnant Crab idea… Until we found out what was on the other side.

Station 4:
Burpee Hop-Over/(8-Count Blocky Builder), 25/(10), CMU-icide/(Bunny Hop)
This one was the spirit-breaker. After the Blockee Broad Jumps, nobody wanted to touch the Burpees. But we ended up with the 8-Count Blocky Builders instead! 25 showing… Nobody brave enough to make the deal that would have cut the reps to 10. Let’s knock ’em out! Everyone happy to run the CMU-icide, so Bunny Hops remained hidden.

One lap completed! Time for another lap, this time with the excercise/rep combos that were NOT chosen last time:

Station 1:
Squat Thrust revealed. Only 30 since we did 45 last round… Snitch gets apologies from the PAX. Interminable Crawl Bear dragging the CMU.

Station 2:
Merkins on the CMU – 60 of ’em! That’s a lot… If you need a breather, take a mosey down the parking lot and back.

Had to call time halfway through Station 2… Back to the pile with the CMUs

Flutter kicks x30 IC.
Cash out with LBCs OYO until time.
11 strong this morning. Welcome to Frat Boy from F3 Fort Mill!
Isaiah 1:18
“Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord:

though your sins are like scarlet,

they shall be as white as snow;

though they are red like crimson,

they shall become like wool.”

Most of the deals I offered today kinda sucked. Some just worse than others. And you didn’t know what you were going to get. God lays it all out there. Here’s His deal: Trade your sins for His righteousness through Christ!

Pray for Helga’s family as he heads off to “play army” for a month!
Brolympics coming in November!

Bottle Up and Explode

Ooo THE SCENE: Not too bad out.

High knees
OH claps
Mosey w/ CMUs to the Educator.
Under construction so we audibled to the field across the street.
Suicide the cones then run the loop back in between rounds.
5 rounds of 20 reps each.
CMU up flutters x 20
13 brothers
Asking for help is ok. Emotionally as men we may bottle up our feeling because if we ask for help we think there is something wrong with us. Just like we need help from our brothers out here to get better physically we need to rely on our brothers and significant people in our lives to get better emotionally.