F3 Knoxville

Suicides and Bacon

THE SCENE: 45* and rainy (sort of), somehow the rain stopped just long enough for the workout

Mosey to the parking lot in front of Maple Street Biscuit Company

100xSSH, 10xTempo Merkins, 10xTempo Squats

Suicide ladder performed on the full length of the parking lot (approx. 100 yards)

Perform 5 merkins on one end of the parking lot and 5 Bobby Hurleys on the opposite end. Add 5 reps for every round completed. The PAX performed 6 rounds finishing with 30 reps of each exercise.

DORA 123:

  • 100xBBS
  • 200xChair Dips
  • 300xSquats

Exercises were performed by one HIM while the other ran down to some coupons to perform either 10 sandbag slams or 10 kettlebell swings.

After DORA we performed AYG sprints down and back in the parking lot. We almost lost the PAX when the smell of Maple Street’s bacon hit us during the sprints. Note to avoid that area of the AO in the future to avoid casualties.

20xImperial Walkers

9 HIMS and no FNGs

This last week I was out of town for work for the first time since my daughter was born and left my wife to fend for herself with the two kids. It was nice getting a small break from the chaos of having two little ones, but I quickly found myself missing the whole crew. It was a good reminder to cherish the time we get with our loved ones. It’s easy to come home from work exhausted and neglect family time, but as High Impact Men, we need to make an effort to fully utilize this time to encourage and uplift our families. 

Shoutout to Bagger for pre-rucking solo. I fartsacked and paid the price with my shame. Bagger’s last workout before moving to Atlanta is this coming Monday. Let’s make sure to send him off right!

Bring books for the Wesley House next week.

March to Golgotha

THE SCENE: Low 40’s with a little drizzle for shizzle.

SSHs, LBAC(F), LBAC(B), Tempo Squats, Mountain Climbers
PAX were instructed to choose from a cornucopia of albatrosses to carry throughout the workout: we had an assortment of CMUs, Kettle Bells, Dumbbells, Wood Logs, and Sand Bags.  Once everyone had a “friend,” the fun began:

  • Slowsy to brick parking lot by the strip center, perform 25 weighted squats, put down the weight and run to opposite side of parking lot, perform 2 double burpees, run back and pick weight back up.
  • We continued this cycle of activity, making our way to the summit of Jucomanjaro for 5 double Burpees (Slowsy with weight, perform exercise, run to next stopping point for burpees, run back to get weight, rinse and repeat).
  • Exercises Performed at the various stops: Squats (x25), Merkins (x25), Monkey Humpers (x25), Push Press (x25), Rows (x25), Smurf Jacks (x25).
  • Carry Weight Back to AO

Cashed out with 4ct Flutter Kicks (x50).
14 strong.

Q shared a history lesson at top of Jucomanjaro – the cross carried by Christ to Golgotha (place of crucifixion) weighed about 300lbs in totality, with the cross beam (the piece he most likely carried himself up the hill) weighing about 100lbs (according to most historians).  The distance He traveled to Golgotha was 2,000 feet and this path is currently a place for Christian pilgrimage.  It just so happens that 2,000 feet equates to 666 yards (the biblical number for Satan), demonstrating God’s perfect plan and Jesus’ overcoming of Satan at the Cross.  Pretty amazing.

If you want to know how much God loves you, you don’t have to look any further than the Cross. One of the things that keeps us from accepting God’s love and becoming more like him is pride.  Pride is the root source of all or most sin.  Q shared one practical way to battle pride: pray for others.  Looking back at your prayer life, what percentage of prayers would you estimate were about you (Lord, give me wisdom, Lord – protect me and my family, Lord – help me get this promotion, etc.)?  The Lord knows what you need.  Focus your prayer life on praying for others.  This is a great starting point for winning the battle against pride, turning from ourselves and focusing on others (like Christ).
Special thanks to Booster, Bartman, Doubtfire, Spotter, and anyone else who brought some weight to the party.  Extra Credit to Pre-Ruck/Run Crew – Spotter, Waxjob, Doubtfire, Bagger, Erector, and Archie


The 7 of Diamonds

THE SCENE: breezy mid 40’s

20 SSH, 15 mountain climbers, 10 tempo merkins, 15 imperial walkers, 10 windmills, 15 Moroccan night club
We played the 7 of diamonds this morning and won big! We started with a mosey and formed a line for an Indian run and found a nice “diamond-shaped” parking lot. Here’s the 7 of diamonds.  Do each exercise at each corner of the diamond.  All exercises are in increments of 7.

  • 7 burpees
  • 14 merkins
  • 21 squats
  • 28 SSH
  • 21 flutter kicks IC
  • 14 wide-arm merkins
  • 7 burpees

I had 2 rounds planned, but I didn’t think that we would get to the 2nd.  We got 7 diamond merkins at the corners and started on our way back.

  • 14 walking lunges at the beginning followed by a mosey for a little bit.
  • 21 mountain climbers and mosey to the F3 parking lot
  • 28 hello Dolly (single count)
  • jail break to the shovel flag
  • 21 crabets to finish off.

I guess you could call the crabets our Mary.
16 at JUCO this morning.  Great Friday crowd!
Be a servant leader.  John 13:13-16.  Jesus had just washed the disciples’ feet showing a great example of being a servant leader.  He humbled himself and became a servant to accomplish God’s will on this earth.  Look to His example and remember that being a leader is about serving others.  So, step up and take those leadership opportunities in front of you and serve!
Pre-ruck with Doubtfire, Judge Judy, and Spotter was a great way to start the day!  Thanks men.
CSAUP tomorrow!  If you have never done an event like this, I highly recommend it!  It is definitely an experience you will enjoy and not forget.

The monthly challenge is burpees OYO!  Get ’em done boys!

Blessed CMU

THE SCENE: 45 deg. Foggy but not soggy.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Welcome + No pro + Free + Injury Mindfulness
SSH + Windmills + Cherry Pickers +
Partner up for some tough-mudder exercises https://www.instagram.com/p/BtQpsB-lkCl/:

  • Reverse Lunge (Iron mikeish) & Leg Lifts
  • Merkins & Claps
  • Plank & reverse Lunge

Blessed CMUs:
Enroute to CMU pile and mulch pile: Bear Crawls, Crab walks, Side Straddles, Kereeoke, Bernie, Zombie mosey.
Grab CMU take to Mulch pile.

Teams of Three do these:

  • Run over three mulch mounds with CMU as a relay – as other team member does SSH
  • Run over three mulch mounds with CMU as a relay – as other team member does Big Boy situps
  • Run over three mulch mounds with CMU as a relay – as other team member does SQUATS

Over at Sand Volley ball court.
Right arm CMU carry sprint Heisman Football Run across court.
Left arm CMU carry sprint Heisman Football Run across court.
Right arm CMU carry sprint Heisman Football Run across court.
Left arm CMU carry sprint Heisman Football Run across court.

Carry CMU to Soccer field.
100 Sprint from Goal to Goal on soccer field without CMU. 2X.

Back to AO.

For this song  Lyrics https://www.google.com/search?q=david+crowder+I%27m+blessed+lyrics&oq=david+crowder+I%27m+blessed+lyrics&aqs=chrome..69i57.8416j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Stay in a plank the whole song.
When he says “My God is able” put right arm to sky and back to plank.
When he says “My God is good” put left arm to sky and back to plank.
When he says Blessed or blessing do a merkin.
When he says The days of the week, cycle through Freddy Mercuruies ending with a High Leg lift to the Sky on “All day Sunday”.

13 HIMS.
In being at a funeral this past week, death was constantly on my mind. Be sure to count every breath and heart beat as a blessing. Rest assured they are numbered.

Congrats on The Oak Ridge Men getting a brand new AO up and running tomorrow!!! Can’t wait !! It’s gonna be awesome!


Chaco & Rocket Co-Q

THE SCENE: a good day to feel some pain…

  • Side straddle hops (IC) 4ct
  • Squats (IC) 4ct
  • Hand release merkins
  • Cherry pickers
  • Some other fun stuff…


Rocket on the Q

Mosey in 2 lines to the back of campus r of people(3 stops before maintenance building)

  • Indian line formation
    • Station 1, burpee (10 – OYO)
    • Station 2, big boys (20 – OYO)
    • Station 3, merkins (20 – IC)

At the maintenance building

  • 11s at the stairs (squat jumps – Carolina dry docks)


Concentration game. Break into two groups, each group picks two cards. If they match to one exercise and sprint to end of parking lot and back to repeat. If cards don’t match, do both exercises.



10 V-ups 4ct then sprint

10 baby crunches (4ct) then sprint

10 box cutters (4ct) then sprint

10 Flutter kick (4ct) then sprint


5K, Bagger, Booster, Cable Boy, Chaco, Doubtfire, Dreamer, Erector, Judge Judy, Kenjo, Rocket, Snaggletooth, Spotter, Sweeper,


don’t stress about parts of like you can’t control. take that time and energy and apply it to things that you can control.


  • Bring snacks for the Wesley House
  • Oak Ridge AO starts in February